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"Well, has your life on earth been comfortable during this time?" Xiaya asked. These days, Xiaya was absorbed in training. He had paid very little attention to these elf girls, only interacting with this Lafuli person.

"Thank you, Sir Xiaya, we're good," Lafuli said with a smile. Life on earth could be considered very comfortable, but it doesn't have the atmosphere like their homeworld. They have always been worried about their homeworld which was occupied by aliens.

Don't know what has happened to mother goddess and other sisters! Lafuli heaved a sigh. Their luck could be considered to be quite good as they met the powerful and kind Sir Xiaya. The other sisters may not have been so fortunate. Perhaps they had been sold away by other aliens.

Xiaya looked at the girl's delicate face and couldn't help but think of Xiling and Myers. I have been away for a while, and I still doesn't have any news of the last super dragon ball. Perhaps he should go back.

Gently patting the girl's head, Xiaya said: "Lafuli, you don't have to be too worried. I can go to your homeworld to take a look later when I have time and if necessary can lend a hand."

"Really? Thank you, Sir Xiaya." Lafuli's beautiful eyes suddenly lit up. Her bright and beautiful little face was flushed with excitement, instantly becoming lively.

"Mhm." Xiaya looked at her and lightly nodded.

"Oh, by the way, I'm going out somewhere, I'll leave this place to you. If any wild beast or human comes over, remember to guard against them."

Xiaya knows these girls strength. Their Battle Power of 70 and 80 was indeed very weak as far as those aliens were concerned. But, dealing with some wild animals and untrained earthlings should not be a problem. As long as Lafuli and others do not encounter martial artists, it should be enough to defend themselves.

"Rest assured, Sir Xiaya. Leave this place to us!"

Lafuli straightened out her chest and promised. It definitely couldn't be seen from her adorable appearance that she is the princess of a race.


Xiaya nodded and then immediately soared to the sky. After reaching 10,000 meters high in the sky, he suddenly accelerated in a direction. A beam of light broke through the air like an arrow and quickly became a small black shadow, disappearing into the horizon.

Looking at Sir Xiaya receding silhouette, Lafuli lifted up her white fists to encourage herself and then while happily humming a song, she went to find her sisters. Right now, she was feeling happy like never before.

The blue sky was clear, and snowy white clouds floated in the air which along with the changes in the wind changed into various shapes. Their transparent appearance was like delicious cotton candy.

"This Earth's martial artists are divided into opposing organizations because of different schools. Compared with Universe 7's Earth, although it is a bit more powerful, it was more practical and less natural. It is no wonder that Earthlings of Universe 6 became extinct in future because of war…"

Xiaya inwardly thought while flying.

The clear light wind brushed past his collar, producing rustling sounds. Several thin strands of hair blowing beside his ear were fluttering in the cool breeze. His brand-new white training suit drew a straight line because of the blowing wind.

"Well, Korin Tower is probably in this direction as there are several powerful auras in this direction. Is there also Korin Tower and Lookout on this earth?"

Xiaya inwardly thought, instantly accelerating his speed. A rapid flash suddenly burst out and like an arrow suddenly streaked across the sky. After a fleeting glimpse, Xiaya's figure appeared hundreds of kilometers away in the blink of an eye.

It was north pole glaciers covered with brilliant white snow. Cold water vapor mixed with piercing cold winds made everything look cold. There were lumps of ice hanging between mountains, rivers, and forests. His view was entirely covered with snow-white icicles. Under the sunlight's illumination, it looked like he had entered the world of ice and snow in children's fairy tales.

"It's really different from Sacred Land of Korin."

In Universe 7's Earth, Sacred Land of Korin was located in a vast plain of forest in the northern hemisphere, while this place was obviously the ice land in the North Pole. However, among the white snow-covered grotesque mountain peaks, Xiaya saw a towering pillar rise to the sky, disappearing after passing through the clouds.

"There is also a holy tower here, and there are several powerful auras above the tower." Xiaya grinned and quickly flew upwards following the tower.

It was an enormous tower similar to the Korin Tower but with few differences. The tower was shaped like a pentagonal cylinder with layers superimposed one above the other. The tower was about one meter wide. Each layer protruded out by 10-degree vertex angle. The protrusions form an arc-shaped groove inside. At every three or four meters distance, there would be a tube-shaped dividing line just like many large nuts stacked together. The tower was engraved with various strange cuneiform patterns and crooked mysterious characters.

"Similar to Korin Tower, but different in style." After roughly assessing, Xiaya followed upwards along the tower and in few seconds reached the top of the tower which was a quadrilateral cube.

Xiu, Xiaya stepped into the tower and found that there was a lean old man inside. It was the guardian of the Holy Tower, same as Korin! His battle power not strong, around 400!

"For a human, it's not bad." Xiaya inwardly thought.

"Mysterious young man, you are…"

Seeing Xiaya suddenly appear on top of the tower, the guardian of the Holy Tower was somewhat surprised. Still, when he saw the other person standing upright and unafraid, neither haughty nor humble, and faintly revealing the temperament of a leader between his forehead, he was curious regarding the other's origin.

"A top expert!"

The old guardian was shocked. Such a thought suddenly flashed in his heart. But, is it possible for there to be such a young expert in the world?

"You don't have to care about who I am, old man." Xiaya's expression was indifferent as he took out a senzu bean before throwing it out. "Do you have anything like this bean here?"

The Guardian saw the young man took out a bean out of thin air and the shocked expression on his face became even heavier. He quickly took the senzu bean and looked it over for a while before shaking his head. "I'm sorry, I have never seen this kind of bean before."

"There are no senzu beans here?"

Seeing that other party doesn't seem to be lying, Xiaya nodded his head. He found it embarrassing to take back the senzu bean, so he directly jumped out of the tower and flew upwards even higher towards Lookout. Perhaps, it may have something different there.

"You can have this senzu bean…"

An indistinct sound came from far away. Listening to it, the lean guardian hurriedly went to the edge of the tower and looked up, but he could no longer see the silhouette of that man.

"Who was that young man? Why did the Ki in my body faintly trembled when he was standing in front of me?" The guardian of the tower had a confused expression on his face while leaning on a cane but soon he sighed heavily.

Nowadays, the conflicts between the earth's Martial Artists have intensified, and it is possible that war will break out at any time. At this time, such a mysterious expert has suddenly appeared on the earth! Don't know if it is a blessing or a curse ah!

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