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Chapter 138

The lack of information caused Xiaya to be unable to come to a conclusion on what the identity of the mysterious person was!

Naturally, there were probably many powerful women in Universe 6, but not only does this woman knows that he was from Universe 7, but she was also able to easily seal his space-time ability .

This person’s identity in Universe 6 was probably not simple .

According to all this information, he can narrow down the range of people in his mind . Suddenly, a person’s data flashed through Xiaya’s mind causing him to furrow his eyebrows . “Could it be her? The Attendant of Universe 6’s God of Destruction – Angel Vados . Was that her voice just now?”

The strongest woman in Universe 6 was undoubtedly the God of Destruction’s attendant Angel Vados . Xiaya feels that his guess is pretty close because only she has the extraordinary ability to instantly move two planet-sized Super Dragon Balls . Not to mention the fact she easily sealed his space-time ability just like she said she would .

But on second thought, if that voice was really hers, then he was in for some serious trouble . Her identity was really special . She was Universe 7 Whis’ older sister, and could similarly also manipulate space time . She may seem harmless to both humans and animals, but her strength was unfathomable .

“I would never have imagined that an existence of her level would ever pay attention to me . ” Thinking of this, Xiaya could not help but gave a wry smile .

Normally, the beings who could reach the power levels of the Gods of Destruction like Beerus and Champa, or their attendants Whis and Vados, would pay very little attention to the universe .

They were simply aloof observers who were detached from the universe . Even if a galaxy was being destroyed, or dark forces were expanding, it would only seem like an opening cinematic shown in a game to them . Simply not worth mentioning .

With regards to people like them, as long as you weren’t unlucky enough to run into them, they would basically ignore your existence .

The most obvious gap between people and gods is that people are troubled with secular value judgement; judging things as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, good or bad . Gods on the other hand, treat all beings equally .

As the saying goes, “Children only see right and wrong, while adults only look at pros and cons . ” Heaven and earth are ruthless, treating myriad creatures as straw dogs . Neither good or evil, treating everyone on fairly; this is the realm of Gods .

For a god at the level of the God of Destructions, everyone’s right to die is equal! Well, at least for him…… . . whoever offends him has to die, with no exception .

Xiaya had been really cautious from the moment he entered Universe 6 . He was very low-key other than the time he destroyed the so-called “Universe King” . This was because he was afraid of attracting attention from people such as the Supreme Kai . In the end, he only managed to nab one Super Dragon Ball . Although he was not noticed by the Kais or Supreme Kais, he still attracted attention from Universe 6’s most powerful being .

What the hell!

Fortunately, Vados didn’t seem to have any malicious intentions towards him . This was something that he was quite glad about . If Vados wanted to harm him, he could do nothing to resist .

In actuality, Vados’ behavior just now revealed that she really didn’t mind that he was taking the Super Dragon Balls, but she just didn’t want him to take them easily . By moving the dragon balls and sealing his space-time ability, the difficulty level for him to accomplish his goal was increased . Xiaya expects that the next two Super Dragon Balls would not be easy to take away!

Of course, being tested by Vados was not a bad thing at all . At least he got the approval of the strongest person of Universe 6 to seek out the Super Dragon Balls . He was now a justified dragon ball seeker .

Even if he met the Kai or the Supreme Kai of Universe 6, he could straighten his back and speak boldly about his purpose of being here .

Now, I just have to figure out a way to get through this month . Its nearly impossible for him to look for a Super Dragon Ball when Instant Transmission could not be used, because such a far distance was daunting, and would cause anyone to despair .

But fortunately for him, he was prepared when he came here . He picked out a Hoi-Poi capsule from his bag, opened the lid, and threw it out .


A gust of smoke lingered in space, and was quickly dispersed by the vacuum . A small silver-gray ship appeared out of nowhere in the space .

“Fortunately, I brought this spaceship with me . Otherwise I would be drifting around  in the universe . ” He chuckled before hurriedly getting into the ship . He removed his oxygen equipment and took a deep breath of the ship generated oxygen . It felt completely different .

The spaceship was both small and exquisite . It’s frame was not big, only a few tens of meters in length . If he didn’t have the ship with him, it would certainly be difficult for him to survive the next month .

At this time, Xiaya could not help but curse inwardly . Did that Vados even consider the fact how an ordinary human could survive without food or drink, and last without oxygen for a month . I’m afraid that I would have suffocated to death long ago!

Uhhh… it was probable that she didn’t even consider a mortal’s life, as there were too many of them . They were likely just numbers in her eyes .

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Forget it! He shook his head and stopped thinking about it . It wasn’t like he could possibly go and argue with Vados . ’

“On the radar, their is only one dragon ball’s signal still there . Let’s head in that direction first!”

Deciding this, he inputted the command into the ship’s smart computer, enabling it to proceed in the direction of dragon ball’s location . A slight deviation in the dragon ball radar was actually a distance of several galaxies . If I am to use the ship to proceed in this direction, it would likely take me more than ten years to fly there .

Xiaya pnly wants to quickly pass the time . One month later, he would use Instant Transmission to travel there in one go .

… . .

15 galaxies away from Xiaya .

Universe 6, Milky Way Galaxy .

Artificial stars were linked together to form a series of giant formidable fortresses which had an impenetrable defense!

The majestic interstellar fortresses was both sinister and frightening, all built using a super-alloy, and were dotted all over with cannons everywhere on its surface . The thick black muzzles of the cannons were so large and powerful that with all of them combined, even aliens who had the battle power of tens of thousands didn’t dare to act rashly .

This was the interstellar trading market of the Universe Commerce Alliance!

The Universe Commerce Alliance was a super alliance that could be found throughout Universe 6 . Here, experts were many; each controlling a powerful Force .

The alliance was huge, and whether the forces were of justice or evil, they were all inextricably linked with it . Universe mercenaries could receive missions here . Justice organizations could purchase weapons here while evil forces could even sell planets .

In short, this was a super-force where fishes and dragons mixed together .

Wealth moves people’s hearts, and interest can bring all kinds of forces together, and ultimately form an alliance . The composition of the Universe Commerce Alliance was extremely complex . As long as business could be done, it would be done, regardless of whether it was dark and evil or bright and good . As long as there was business that could be done, it would not be rejected .

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Therefore, the alliance have auctions, have interstellar express delivery, and even have assassination, mercenary, and planet trafficking organizations .

A similar organization naturally exists in Universe 7 too .

The Commerce Alliance in Universe was an existence that was also spread throughout the entire universe, similar to Universe 6 . When compared to this giant alliance, the Galactic Patrol which was in charge of the Milky Way Galaxy was like a mouse in front of an elephant .

Their strength was on an entirely different level .

Even Frieza and the other members of the Frost Demons whose mere mention of a name could frighten everyone, had to conduct transactions in a fair and just manner, paying close attention to the so-called contractual obligations .

Of course, in order for everything to be fair, the Commerce Alliance had to have powerful Forces and have enough experts who could destroy everything in one thunderous attack . .

They have enough military forces to suppress the people who do not abide by the rules, and it was the biggest source of confidence for the Commerce Alliance .

Bofei Trading Center, one of the several trading centers of the alliance that was stationed in the Milky Way Galaxy of Universe 6 . It was formed by three solid planets, where practically anything could be traded .

The one in charge of the trading center was an alien called Bofei, an unfathomable figure in the Milky Way Galaxy .

On the outskirts of the Bofei Trading Center, various kinds of advanced spaceships were moving along in an endless stream, but when they want to enter the inner circle, they had replaced their spaceships with small-sized ships . Only then they can enter . They could strut around as they please on their respective planets, but when they arrived to the Bofei Trading Center, they had to rein in their haughtiness and tuck their tail between their legs .

These aliens were all rushing over to trade, selling planets and slaves . They sought to acquire planets and all kinds of resources . But without exceptions, they all had to follow the rules set by the Bofei Trading Center .

At this time…

“Hualala!” A slight trembling came out of nowhere, and the dark space suddenly rippled .

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Immediately after, the trembling grew and grew until it spanned from a speck to an entire area . The pitch-dark night sky suddenly began to boil like hot water . A tear was suddenly forcibly opened in the space and a deep dark crack abruptly split open .

Then, under everyone’s terrified gaze, a giant dark orange planet emerged from the crack .

“Oh my God, what the hell is that!”

“A huge planet suddenly appeared in the space…”

“Look at that thing, it seems to have strange star symbols on its surface . Could it be some kind of treasure?”

“Would that thing be auctioned? I want to get it, no I must get it!”

Looking at the huge glass crystal ball that emerged from the crack in space, all the aliens present had their mouths wide open while trying to guess what this thing was . Several clever people already began making plans for the crystal planet .

However, in the end, this place was Bofei Trading Center . If they want to take it away for free, it was unlikely that this trading center’s agent Sir Bofei would agree .

“Quick, someone go and inform Sir Bofei . Also send some people to keep a watch on this mysterious planet . Don’t let anyone come near it!”

The guards on the trading center quickly reacted and hurriedly ordered the surrounding subordinates .

One by one, the aliens subordinate to the trading center took action and quickly drove away the large amount of merchants and solo travelers moving to and fro . Since this thing suddenly appeared within the trading center, then it was Sir Bofei’s property . Only Sir Bufei had the final say on how to deal with it, no one else should even think of getting an advantage!

This was an unshakeable rule, and also a rule set down by Sir Bofei .

People who came to the trading center naturally understood this iron-clad rule . If it didn’t touch upon a core interest, they would certainly not want to provoke the powerful Sir Bofei because of some unknown thing .

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