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Time flies in the vast Milky Way.

Within the vast universe, the bright and magnificent Milky Way was like a silk ribbon, and the vast sky was glittering with brightly shining stars. Both small and large stars dotted the night sky, sparkling like brilliant diamonds.

Surrounded by a vast expanse of darkness, the stars exuded a bewitching pale white light.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light. In the deep and quiet space, it was extremely eye-catching, and an indistinct dot appeared amidst the darkness!

It was a small silver-gray spaceship, not big at all, only a few tens of meters long.

Xiaya was standing alone in the pilot’s cabin. Since the ship was piloted via AI, he only needed to input some instructions.

“According to the dragon ball radar, the first Super Dragon Ball should be nearby!” In the spaceship, Xiaya was holding a new type of dragon ball radar whilst staring at the deep universe outside the porthole.

A few months had passed since Xiaya returned with Xiling and Myers from Planet Bakuf. He had been training on Planet Hongshan ever since, and now has finally begun to look for the Super Dragon Balls.

Xiaya was looking for the Super Dragon Balls in order to make a wish to Super-Shenron, thereby gaining the ability to create dragon balls.

The dragon balls were a miraculous object, which can generally invert both cause and effect and interfere with reality. As long as it is not against the laws of nature or beyond the ability of the creator, the dragon balls were a super-artifact which are always successful.

Although this artifact had many limitations, Xiaya believes that by having dragon balls of his own which he could use as he wish, the chances of Planet Hongshan and its people’s survival would be further guaranteed.

In fact, there was one more important point. That is, Xiaya was extremely fascinated with the miraculous power of the dragon balls. When he saw the Dragon Ball anime in his previous life, he was always very curious. What kind of mechanism did Shenron use to grant people’s wishes? Was the process similar to Full Metal Alchemist’s exchange of equal value, or like GT where there are fixed negative effects?

Being unclear about this fact, there was always a feeling of unease when using the dragon balls. However, all he could do was to wait until he had a thorough understanding of the mechanism behind the dragon balls before he could make a proper judgment!

Planet Namek’s Shenron Porunga had told him that there were two ways to obtain the ability to create dragon balls. One was to get Dragon God Zalama’s permission, and the other was to use the Super Dragon Balls made by Zalama to make a wish!

Xiaya’s choice was naturally to use the Super Dragon Balls.

First, he looked for the Feidaya scientists to completely upgrade the dragon ball radar, so that it’s search range could be expanded to the entire universe. Then, he left Planet Hongshan alone in a small spaceship.

In the boundless universe, it was not at all difficult to find the Super Dragon Balls with the help of a dragon ball radar, especially when he could use Instant Transmission.

The only thing that troubled Xiaya was how could he move the Super Dragon Balls after he found them!

This was because the size of a Super Dragon Ball was seriously too big, with a diameter of more than 37,000 kilometers. This was already on the scale of a huge planet! Compared to them, Planet Hongshan was merely a small marble. With such a huge mass, the issue of moving it would be a huge headache.

It would be really easy for Xiaya to destroy a large planet of this size, but as for moving it, he frankly had not even the slightest assurance.

“Ah, found it!”

In the dragon ball radar, the twinkling bright spots were getting closer and closer. Xiaya immediately commanded the spaceship’s AI to get close at full speed. Soon, a giant dark orange object appeared in front of Xiaya.

It was a super crystal ball that was even larger than an average planet. Scattered amidst the chaotic galaxy, it looked absolutely spectacular!

“This is a Super Dragon Ball? Its size is really… huge!”

Looking at the ball in front of him that was larger than an average planet, Xiaya’s face revealed a shocked expression. He was really astonished by the sheer size of the Super Dragon Ball.

Compared to this, both Earth’s and Namek’s dragon balls were really too small. It was no wonder that rumor had it that Planet Namek’s dragon balls were simply pieces of polished fragments from the Super Dragon Balls.

“This is really too big. How do I transport this!” Xiaya was vexed, such a huge size could not be transported even with the aid of the most advanced alien technology!

Furthermore, since it was also a dragon ball, it would probably be difficult for Earth Shenron’s power to affect the Super Dragon Ball.

It would seem that I can only use Instant Transmission to see if I can move this planet together with me. After thinking over it, he couldn’t think of any other way. Xiaya gazed at the massive dragon ball and swallowed. He was determined to give it a try.

“Ha!” A raging Ki suddenly wrapped around his body and he began to float in the space. He pressed down on a special button on the spaceship. Following this, there was a loud banging noise, smoke arose, and the spaceship turned into a tiny Hoi-Poi Capsule.

The Hoi-Poi Capsule had become very popular on Planet Hongshan.

Putting it away, Xiaya quickly approached the Super Dragon Ball. Because the duration of the state where he can wrap himself in Ki was very short, Xiaya could not stay in space for a long period of time. He must finish everything in the shortest time possible.

As he got closer and closer to the dragon ball, the huge size of it became more and more obvious.

When Xiaya’s hands touched the surface of the dragon ball, it was like being on the surface of an enormous planet. As far as the eyes could see, it looked like an orange-colored, transparent glass ball. Looking below, there were even several gilded scarlet stars that could be seen at the center of the ball.

They were penetrating and crystal clear, as if small diamonds were dotted on an orange plate’s surface, displaying a touch of quiet beauty.

“This Super Dragon Ball is really strange. There isn’t much gravity even though it has such a large volume!” Xiaya thought with emotion, and he began to wholeheartedly use his space-time power. The majestic and boundless energy from within his body began to cover the surface of the dragon ball.

As he kept channeling his energy, Xiaya’s forehead began to exude small droplets of sweat.

Gradually, the surface of the huge dragon ball was covered by a layer of net-like, translucent lines. As the translucent shiny lines became more and more condensed, the Super Dragon Ball began to vibrate ever so slightly, moving a little from its original position.

“Launch!” Xiaya loudly shouted, while increasing the output of space-time energy, and then tried using Instant Transmission.

Thus, the largest scale of Instant Transmission in history was launched!

Taking along an entire planet with Instant Transmission was a brilliant innovative use of this ability. Both the Yardrats and Supreme Kai were unable to even imagine it, because only Xiaya had the mystical superpower to do it.

At the same time the Instant Transmission was launched, a fragment of the universe’s star chart that Porunga had placed in his brain appeared, and Xiaya promptly made a decision and chose an empty and spacious region to bring the Super Dragon Ball to.

A vast expanse of darkness.

There weren’t any stars in its surroundings. The Milky Way Galaxy and even other galaxies were extremely far from here, making it the most empty place in Universe 7.

Suddenly, space distorted. A silver light flashed for a moment and a huge dark orange-red colored glass planet suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

“Hu!” Xiaya’s face was pale as he quickly took out a breathing apparatus and took a deep breath of pure oxygen. Like humans, Saiyans could not leave a planet’s atmosphere for very long.

When the fresh oxygen entered his body, the dark suffocating feeling was completely dispersed, as if his heart and soul was bathed in warm sunshine, feeling extremely warm and comfortable.

He breathed in a deep mouthful of air, and swiftly took out a Senzu Bean from space and ate it. The rich vitality smoothly and silently displayed its effectiveness, enabling him to fully recover.

Looking at the extremely gigantic dragon ball, Xiaya smiled, and the raging Ki enveloped him once again.

“I didn’t think that it would take more than ten minutes just to transport a Super Dragon Ball, but I’ve finally moved it over! Well, Universe 7 still has 3 more left, then I still have to go to Universe 6!”

Xiaya inwardly pondered, knowing that the seven Super Dragon Balls were scattered throughout the universe 6 and 7. Currently, there were four in Universe 7, and three in Universe 6. Every time a wish is fulfilled, the seven Super Dragon balls would once again be randomly scattered throughout the two universes.

After resting for a while, Xiaya took out the dragon ball radar and once again continued his journey. A few hours later, two more Super Dragon Balls were successfully moved over.

The three giant dragon balls were lined up in an orderly fashion in space, and the dark orange celestial objects began to produce a roaring buzzing sound when they were placed together.

After gathering three of the Super Dragon Balls, Xiaya paused briefly before beginning to look for the last dragon ball in Universe 7.

According to the description in original work, the last Super Dragon Ball in Universe 7 was a four-star ball. It was located in a hyperspace within a higher dimension, and was covered in a thick layer of universe dust. It looked like a solid wandering planet.

Relying on both his memory and detection from the dragon ball radar in his hand as well as combined with Porunga’s universe star chart, it took Xiaya quite a lot of time to search for it. He finally found the last Super Dragon Ball in a strange and remote space.

Because of age, the surface of the dragon ball was covered with a thick layer of dust, and its surface was dotted with uneven and regularly scattered impact craters, both large and small.

If it wasn’t for the dragon ball radar, which clearly showed that it was a dragon ball, he would have thought it was an ordinary planet!

“This is the last dragon ball in Universe 7. It was really easy to find!”

Xiaya’s face revealed a faint smile, as he floated in space while carrying a oxygen equipment with him. Immediately, he flipped his palm and a light blue colored energy wave was condensed.

The energy wave bounced around within his hand, before it rumbled in the direction of the Super Dragon Ball, dragging a light blue light trail.

“Kacha! Kacha!”

Sounds in space could naturally not be transmitted, so it was impossible to hear the sound of the energy waves rumbling towards the surface of the ‘planet’. However, to could be seen with the naked eye that the surface of the rock-covered planet suddenly collapsed at the moment of contact, with the dust and rocks beginning to fiercely disperse. The whole rocky planet seemed to tremble.

Soon a fissure suddenly split open on the surface of the planet. Gradually, more and more fissures appeared, until they were literally everywhere on the planet’s surface.

“Boom!!” Finally, the planet could no longer withstand the bombardment of such immense energy. The planet exploded, and revealed a orange-red colored glass ball. Four gilded scarlet stars could also be seen. No matter from what angle, they looked colorful and shiny.

“Sure enough, just like in the original work, it is the four-star ball. After moving this one, all the Super Dragon Balls from Universe 7 would be gathered!”

Looking at the dragon ball that was emitting a glorious sheen, Xiaya smiled with happiness.

Repeating what he did with the others with the help of Instant Transmission, the enormous dragon ball was moved, costing tremendous efforts. The fourth Super Dragon Ball was assembled together along with the other dragon balls.

Clapping his hands, he moved back to a certain distance. In the vast darkness of the universe, the four enormous dragon balls looked spectacular when placed together! Next, Xiaya had to consider how to travel to Universe 6 to collect the remaining three dragon balls.

After thinking about it, Xiaya heaved a sigh: “There’s no other way, it seems to in order to travel to Universe 6, I have to set out from the Sacred World of the Kai!”

Although powerful, Instant Transmission could not take him across the barrier between the two universes. Xiaya clearly knew that if he wanted to go to Universe 6, he had to find a way from the Sacred World of the Kai. Because Sacred World of the Kai was practically at the center of Universe 7. From there, which was at a higher place, it was possible to observe the entire Universe 7.

Perhaps he could find clues on how to travel to Universe 6 from there.

Of course, the God of Destruction’s planet also had the same function! It was just that Beerus slumbered there, and Xiaya really didn’t want to come in contact with the God of Destruction again!

In comparison, he’d much rather go to Sacred World of the Kai.

As a fleeting beam of light flashed, Xiaya’s figure suddenly blurred and soon disappeared from space. The moment he appeared, he was in Universe 7’s higher dimension.

Sacred World of the Kai.

Numerous stars rotated around a divine planet.

In front of him was the prairie just like before, endless, distant, divine. An elegant verdant aura assaulted him, and a tranquil fragrance permeated in the air…..

This was Xiaya’s second time on the Sacred World of the Kai. Once he landed, he immediately converged all his aura.

He was sneaking in illegally, after all. He absolutely could not provoke Kibito and the East Supreme Kai, or else it would truly be a hassle.

On the slope of a mountain, surrounded by small randomly scattered saplings, Xiaya was leaning against a not-so-large pine tree while Universe 7’s star chart floated in his mind. Faintly using his space-time ability, he slowly searched for the breach to Universe 6.

Sacred World of the Kai was at the highest point in the entire universe, and thereby also the closest place between the two different universes. Here, it was easier to detect the neighboring universe’s crystal wall!

Slowly, time passed. It seemed like there would be success.

Suddenly, he caught an abnormal aura.

A bright light flashed in his mind, and Xiaya suddenly opened his eyes in surprise and continued to search for that same aura.

As his consciousness continued to deeply probe around, the star chart of Universe 6 in his mind began to grow clearer and clearer. Xiaya’s black eyes sparkled with bright colors, and his lips rose slightly, finally revealing a faint smile.

“Let me find the breach!”

Xiaya heaved a sigh of relief, and reached up to wipe the sweat dripping from his forehead. His mood good, he released his energy once again. Then, following the star chart of Universe 7 with Sacred World of the Kai as a raised shutter, his consciousness broke through the crystal wall between universes and entered Universe 6.

Finally, he discovered the location of Universe 6!

“Huo!” After a brief flash of light, Xiaya suddenly disappeared again from the Sacred World of the Kai, leaving Universe 7.


Universe 6, Xianyu galaxy.

This was a large-scale galaxy similar in many ways to the Milky Way Galaxy. It was made up of an innumerable amount of large and small stars, and even more planets and comets. For a long time, it has produced numerous resplendent and glorious universe civilizations.

In a binary star system formed of two stars, more than a dozen medium-sized planets emitted a colorful luster.

Xiaya quietly stood in the space and looked in surprise. The sight in front of him was a little familiar. In the universe, there were not many galaxies that looks so similar and there were also many binary star systems.

Planet Selma, where he executed his first mission in his childhood, was in a binary star system.

Planet Namek was located in a triple-star system.

This was Universe 6, it didn’t seem to look much different from Universe 7! Of course, Universe 6 and Universe 7 that Xiaya lives in are both classified as twin universes, so all of the planet’s were basically located at more or less the same position.

At this time, he also saw an icy blue planet, similar in size to Planet Hongshan companions star ———- Planet Meishan. There possibly could be living beings residing there.

Upon thinking of this, Xiaya couldn’t help but want to take a look. A beam of light flashed and he flew directly towards the icy blue planet.

Upon entering its atmosphere, he quickly discovered signs of a town on the land.

This was a town with simple and unsophisticated style, resembling somewhat to the European medieval architectural style of Earth. Xiaya’s heart was invigorated. It seemed like this was a life planet. Moreover, after observing the building’s characteristics and the actual size of the towns, he knew that it was a planet with a primitive civilization.

However, to his disappointment, the towns he saw although we’re not small, they were deserted. It was a desolate sight, and the rare few “pedestrians” were running around in a hurry.

The atmosphere didn’t look too good.

The inhabitants of the planet were a demi-human race, physically similar to humans. However their skin was purple, and they didn’t have any ear flaps.

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