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"It's cold!" Myers shivered as a cold wind blew, and she couldn't help but shrink her body as she hugged herself. She looked pitifully at him with a pair of big tearful eyes.

Her slender and delicate body was like a young piece of grass in the heavy snowstorm, looking very helpless.

Xiaya silently glanced at her, look at this brat acting pitiful, how could a Saiyan not withstand just this little amount of cold.

Towards her acting, he acted as if he didn't see a thing. Xiaya looked away and said, "The gravity on this planet is quite suitable for our current strength. We shall train here for some time till we have become familiar with our strength before heading back.

Although training in the Gravity Machine would be just as effective, the space in the machine was too small for people at their level, making it impossible for them to do whatever they wanted and use their full strength.

In short, the machine was very effective at increasing stamina and physical strength, but it wasn't as effective in improving combat proficiency and strength control capability.

When it comes to improving both combat proficiency and strength control, it requires a lot of actual combat and attacking with full strength. The small room in the Gravity Machine would not be able to withstand their power.

To the side, after seeing that her pitiful act couldn't arouse his sympathy, Myers pursed her lips and helplessly answered, "Ok!"

Xiaya nodded, and also glanced at Xiling. After receiving her affirmative response, the three split up and began to train individually.

This time around, the results he gained on Planet Namek exceeded even Xiaya's expectations. He was very satisfied with his battle power of 720,000, because he knew that Frieza only had 530,000 battle power in his normal state.

On top of that, the Instant Transmission skill could be used anytime and anywhere, and including the many other advantages, Xiaya wasn't afraid of any other forces in the Milky Way Galaxy. Of course, this was only regarding his personal well being. As the leader of his race, he wanted to lead his people to freely thrive in the galaxy. For that, his strength right now was still somewhat lacking.

So Xiaya took a deep breath, and began to sort out and ponder over his strong and weak points.

First and foremost, his space-time ability. It was undoubtedly the most powerful trump card that he had. If necessary, he could use it to easily defeat someone more powerful than him and even kill them. However, despite such a convenient ability, Xiaya also knew the flaws that came with this space-time ability.

It was that this ability was way too convenient. So much so, that it would not let him to engage in a real battle and allow him to fight to his heart's content!

Saiyans can only grow stronger through real battle! Victory or defeat is merely an outcome, and only through the process of fighting would a Saiyan grow non-stop. In this aspect, his space-time ability revealed its flaw.

The long-term reliance on this ability would only serve to make his strength stagnate, affecting even his foundation. The pros and cons naturally had to be considered. Moreover, when it comes to incredibly strong experts like Cooler, the ability not proved to be much effective. Because of this, in Xiaya's heart, the space-time ability could only assist him occasionally.

He knew that he must create a skill that can truly display the advantages of his space-time ability.

Just like how Ki was utilized; Master Roshi developing the Kamehameha, Master Shen and his Dodon Ray, the Thunder Shock Surprise and Energy Blast from Master Mutaito hundreds of years ago, all which were popular in this world. Yet these skills could not compare with the Destructo Disc, Spirit Ball, and the Special Beam Cannon which were learned by the warriors during the later stages of Dragon Ball!

However, it at least indicated that the usage of Energy Wave had been innovated and was consistently improved.

From training in Ki, Xiaya associated it with the development of ability skills. Maybe he can develop an auxiliary skill suitable for combat based off of his space-time ability. Which would not let his space-time ability to waste away, a castle in the midair*, nor would it affect his future growth.

[*Metaphor for useless]

Just as Myers had learned Planet Yardrat's "Deflection Secret Skill", it also brought upon inspiration to Xiaya.

Her "Deflection Secret Skill" was able to enhance her defensive ability by diverting her opponent's attack through space, thus achieving it's purpose of improving defense. Plus, it mostly exhibited the usage of space ability's function, giving Xiaya a very good example to work off of.

Is it possible that he can also develop such a practical skill through his space-time ability?

As a matter of fact, Xiaya once used a similar method while fighting Cooler a year ago. From one point of view, his ability did not affect his opponent's attacks, but it buffed him by increasing his body's overall movement speed and physical strength.

In battle, there were five important factors that would determine the outcome of a battle. Situational awareness, attack speed, attack power, resistance, as well as recovery. As long as his space-time ability could increase any one of them, it can be considered a success.

After having this thought and determining his line of thinking, the next step would to put it into practice!

"If I can rely on the space-time ability for assistance, it would be an extremely good plan!" Xiaya chuckled. He pondered, and gradually began to put into effect his ideas.

To change the space-time ability into an auxiliary skill, it was simple to say but difficult to actually do. Just for developing and testing this skill alone, Xiaya would have to spend a long period of time.

One month later.

The embryonic form of his first skill finally took shape. It was a skill he derived from Myers' "Deflection Secret Skill". He called it "Shifting"

Essentially what it did was to cover the surface of his skin with a thin layer of space-time membrane, as if he was wearing some piece of protective clothing.

When an enemy's attack hit him, he could cover his skin with this thin layer of space-time force as an immediate response. Using this skill, he could deflect an energy attack that was 30% of his own power in the form of space radiation, thereby increasing his physical defense.

The clouds are light and the sun was hidden.

A snowy white mist coloured the chasm between heaven and earth.

Xiaya was floating in the air six to seven meters above the ground. Due to the cold weather, the white battle armour on his body was frozen and was covered with a layer of frost. By merely shaking it would cause small ice crystals to fall to the ground.


Xiaya stretched out his hand and a brightly flickering energy ball suddenly condensed in his palm and shot out. Its deep ocean blue color was somewhat dark, and the Ki on the surface of the energy ball producing a low "zizi" sounds.

This energy ball was seriously condensed by Xiaya. After such powerful compression, I'm afraid that it's might was even more terrifying than Frieza's 'produced in an instant' Planet Destroying Ball!

Once it hits the ground, the entire planet would turn into universe dust in a flash!

It's immense energy was frightening, but Xiaya didn't seem to care the least. His palm just casually flipped, and he threw the big deep blue energy ball directly into the sky. The earth-shattering aura emminated out in all directions like surging waves.

At this time, Xiaya faintly smiled as his silhouette flashed and suddenly appeared in front of the energy ball. He did not put up any sort of defense, and he took the brunt of the energy ball's fierce attack with a loud shout!

The frightening energy that was enough to destroy a planet exploded out in an instant.


The majestic and frightening energy scattered in all directions, turning into a huge ball of flame reaching several kilometers in the sky. The clouds scattered in a flash, and an earth-shaking aura was emitted from the point of the explosion, mixing together with the immense power.

Invisible waves of power rippled out in concentric circles along the spatial network. The entire icy planet even slightly trembled!

As the smoke began to dissipate, and vision began to clear, a young boy could be seen standing upright completely unscathed in the air. The explosion that was enough to destroy an entire planet could not cause any harm to him at all.

Xiaya patted his pale white chest that had been burned by the energy bomb, eyebrows furrowed slightly before he quickly relaxed.

"This 'Shifting' skill can at most divert energy attacks equivalent to 30% of my strength. Furthermore, it seems there is an upper limit to how much it can withstand!"

Xiaya seriously pondered this issue. He knew that there was an upper limit to the endurance capability of space. Once the energy exceeded the endurance capability of space, it would shatter. But it wouldn't for a long while before he had to worry about this problem.

He now has 720,000 battle power, which meant that even if an enemy with the battle power of 240,000 attacked with full strength, he would only have to use this skill to be fully immune to their attack.

Naturally, the premise is that opponent's attack had to be pure energy!

Next, Xiaya began to do physical body exercises. This type of training had to be done on a regular basis. Just like with Son Goku's Kaio-Ken and the Super Saiyan transformation, the greater the body's physical strength, the more it can withstand higher levels of body transformations.

In the later stages of the original work, why did Son Goku stop using the Kaio-Ken?

The power increase provided by the Kaio-Ken in the latter stage was dramatically less compared to when transforming into a Super Saiyan, but most importantly, his body's strength was not enough to handle the burden! Transforming into the Super Saiyan already places a great burden on his body. If a situation occurred where his body became unable to handle the Kaio-ken, his entire body would completely collapse in itself.

A strong body is a necessity to him if he wished to continue down his path to power!

Therefore, Xiaya attached great importance to physical body training.

In a boundless snowy field, the icy cold wind blew across the endless expanse. The wind cut like a cold knife, leaving a stinging sensation across the face.

In this extremely harsh environment, Xiaya persistently brandished his arms. He was punching, diving, and constantly withstanding fierce energy attacks, and sparkling crystal-clear sweat poured out like fine rain from his body.

The originally spotless white battle armor on his body, had already broken down into thin strips.

During this training period, time passed ever so slowly. Deciding that it was sufficient, Xiaya put on some clean clothes and got Xiling to spar with him. Although Xiling's strength was much weaker than his, the sparring still helped both of them get familiar and fluent with their strength and skills. Thus, the days passed as they fought.

Fighting was the best way to test the results of their training, especially for Xiling and Myers. Every time after they finish fighting with Xiaya, they were always able to realize their shortcomings, and thus would run back to slowly train.

Ever since they arrived on this huge ice-cold planet, the occasional fierce flashes of light would explode out, and the planet itself would sometimes tremble due to the tremendous forces it had to withstand. When Xiaya converged his aura with satisfaction, he suddenly realized that a little over two months had passed.

Clenching his fists, a vast and mighty energy began to flow within his body. As he felt his body brimming with power, his face could not help but reveal a bright smile.

These past two months of training was incredibly worthwhile. He could smoothly control his power now.

Xiaya stood still for while before suddenly leaping forward. His body quickly disappeared, becoming a beam of light before reappearing a thousand miles away on a white plateau.

"This is Myers' aura, what is she doing here?" With a trace of doubt, he flew towards her position. In the distance, he noticed a white snowman built on the precipice of a cliff.

It was Myers, wrapped up in a round snowman, leaving only her blinking eyes. Seeing that Xiaya had come, the snowman burst open, and she stepped out of it's broken shell.

"Little girl, I told you to train properly. What are you doing here wrapped up as a snowman?" Xiaya scolded, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

"Hehe. Actually, I've already finished with my training a long time ago, but you and Xiling were still training, so I got bored!" Myers pouted, and her small bell-like voice sounded out.

You were bored, so you wrapped yourself up as a snowman? Xiaya couldn't help but be dumbfounded as he listened to her, asking: "You finished your training so soon?"

"En, a few days earlier than you." Myers said proudly.

Xiaya nodded his head and was somewhat surprised. Although he knew that Myers' talent was astounding and not inferior to Vegeta one whit. Seeing her control the strength within her body so quickly he still could not help be a little surprised.

I hope she isn't joking. Stopping his thoughts there, Xiaya revealed a smile and said, "Why don't we spar?"

"Okay!" Myers readily agreed.

Half an hour later, she was heavily gasping for breath as she grabbed a handful of snow and stuffed it to her mouth. She was clearly exhausted from fighting.

Xiaya nodded and said, "Good, you made a lot of progress. You are quite a talent! Let's go look for Xiling and wait until she finishes her training before we leave from this place."

"Okay!" After hearing Xiaya's words, Myers beamed with joy and jumped up from the ground. A bright smile like a blossoming peach appeared on her little face. She had long since gotten bored of staying here.

Soon, they used Instant Transmission and teleported over to Xiling's location.

Seven days later, in the East Area.

The southeastern region of the East Area was a relatively peaceful area. In a galaxy that emits red light, a blue planet was revolving around its sun.

This planet was called Planet Bakuf, and it was only slightly larger than Earth. And it was thriving with numerous species. It was a vibrant planet that birthed great flames of civilization.

Because this southeastern region was relatively peaceful, interplanetary trade was booming with business. Nearby several starfields around Planet Bakuf were important trading planets, and many civilizations would come here to purchase materials they needed for their race.

Because they mutually looked after one another, Planet Bakuf was one of the few planets that did not need the protection from the Galactic Patrol.

In recent times, a group called the Feidayas suddenly appeared in their interplanetary trade market. They brought along something they called Hoi-Poi Capsules, which could supposedly compress huge amounts of materials and supplies into a tiny capsule.

The moment the Hoi-Poi Capsules appeared on the trading market, it immediately became a highly sought after item by other civilizations.

It was an epoch defining invention. Its emergence allowed the Feidaya's reputation to skyrocket.

Currently, the hottest trade on Planet Bakuf was the sale of the Hoi-Poi Capsules. Feidayas made a lot of money from this, so their resources and riches quickly became plentiful.

"Hey Xiaya, is this Hoi-Poi Capsule really a technology from Earth?" A delicate little girl dressed like a porcelain doll asked with surprise as she pinched the tiny capsule in her hand.

It was hard to believe that this tiny capsule could actually hold a luxury villa in it. Although Myers had seen Hoi-Poi Capsules before, she was still surprised when she saw the capsules selling in the market.

They have rapidly expanded and strengthened ah!


Xiaya nodded as he glanced at the two girls beside him, saying: "Feidayas are acting as Dr. Brief's distributors for the Hoi-Poi Capsules in interplanetary trade. Although most of the money earned for selling the goods went to the Feidayas, Dr. Brief also received a lot of alien technology!"

Thinking back to how Duokela and the other Feidayas reached this agreement with Bulma's father, Xiaya could not help but be surprised. He didn't think that the original work's heaven defying tech which could compress things from Earth would suddenly expand to the East area.

Of course, the biggest earner was Xiaya himself. As most of the materials and goods that Feidayas received were all placed under his name.

However Bulma's father was not at a loss. The advanced technology provided by the Feidayas were more than enough to perfectly satisfy Dr. Brief.

This time around, Xiaya's main purpose of coming to Planet Bakuf was to check out the sales of the Hoi-Poi Capsule. However, after seeing the current situation, the capsules were undoubtedly widely sought after, and were actually out of stock.

"Hehe Xiaya, this time you were able to get a great deal!" Xiling came over and said with an excited look on her face.

Xiaya patted her shoulder and smiled, "It may be true that I've gotten a good deal, but both of you also get to benefit from it!"

Upon saying this, under both Xiling and Myers' puzzled gaze, he took out two black cards and gave it to them.

Planet Bakuf was an exceptional place in the universe, flourishing in not only transportation, but also tourism and the entertainment industry. It could actually be considered a major center of the whole East Area. However, the expenditure in such a place was also incredibly high. Ordinary people were simply not qualified to spend anything here.

There were many famous tourists spots that people would go to sightsee, and others would happily visit the shopping center to buy rare goods.

Planet Bakuf's trade and commerce building towered in the sky, and even a random building was much taller than Xiaya's past world's tallest building. There were a variety of beautiful products inside, but here, bargains did not exist.

Xiaya looked around and discovered that every single product was incredibly expensive.

But Xiaya had plenty of money in his hands, so he naturally didn't feel flustered. The earnings he'd gotten from the Hoi-Poi Capsule sales allowed him to not worry about the prices. What's more, he had already brought the girls out to have some fun, so how could he care about this.

So they wantonly squandered their money. The large and small items were either packed into their Hoi-Poi Capsules or placed in Xiaya's dimensional space, causing the money in the black cards to quickly plummet.

"We'll move separately for the next couple of hours. You can go wherever you want, buy anything you like, and just make sure to meet back here again."

After strolling around for a while, Xiaya looked at the time and realized that there was only an hour or two before the sun sets. Planet Bakuf's daytime was much longer than Earth's.

"Go have fun, I will be sitting in the park nearby."

"All right, there are so many kinds of aliens here, and I like their foods even more. I want to sample all their foods at least." Myers extended her tongue and licked her lips. The young girl seemed to have no other hobbies besides eating.

"You only know how to eat. I still want to keep shopping." Xiling said before heading towards the other shops while carrying her bags of purchased clothes. After entering puberty, Xiling began to pay more attention to how she dressed herself.

"These two brats…" Seeing them go towards the respective places they were interested in, Xiaya shook his head with a smile. Then he walked towards the nearby park. After a little while, he arrived at a relatively beautiful park.

It was a small park located at the foot of Qingfeng Mountain. It had a low and flat mountaintop, with bluestone paved path snaking up and down the mountain; the streams between the mountain roads all converging into a crystal clear river.

The whole park rested against the mountains and rivers, built in the style of classical architecture. The place held a rustic elegance, presenting an atmosphere of simple solitude.

Xiaya casually found a place next to the mountain's steep hill and cupped his chin as he leisurely watched passerbys come and go under the mountain, an unbidden relaxing and happy feeling sprang up in his heart.

Taking out a tea set from his dimensional space and lighting a small fire to boil the water, he picked up the cup of tea with both hands and took a deep whiff of the faint aroma of the tea. He took a sip, and leisurely continued to observe the pedestrians under the foot of the mountain. All of the sudden, his heart became clear and comfortable.

The sun shone beautiful rays of light that illuminated the earth. As time went by, these rays began to change from directly projecting to obliquely projecting, and the dazzling sun revealed a bright red sunset.

"Oh! The two hours passed so quickly and the sun is already down. Well, it's time to head back and meet up with them." Stretching his body, Xiaya stood up, and put away his tea set, getting ready to meet with Xiling and Myers.

"Eh?" At this time, Xiaya suddenly raised his head as he felt a very powerful aura approach in his direction!

"Wow, interesting! The strength of this Ki is at least above 100,000 battle power. Planet Bakuf still has such an expert?" Xiaya was surprised and sat down once again to await the arrival of this unexpected guest. According to what he sensed, this Ki was gentle and calm, so it didn't seem as if the other party was someone evil.

After a while, a handsome man with yellow skin came over.

Xiaya discovered that the man had restrained his aura, as if he was an ordinary traveler slowly walking in his direction. If Xiaya had not grasped the "Spirit Eye" skill, perhaps he would have really been deceived.

With everything about the other party was revealed before him in his eyes, Xiaya's lips couldn't help but rise in a faint smile. He observed the man approaching him. "He actually has 170,000 battle power, which is much stronger than Cooler's Armoured Squadron!"

"Your Excellency, are you Mr. Xiaya of Planet Hongshan?" The man's attitude was neither servile or overbearing, and he had a strong leader's aura around him.

"En!" Xiaya nodded lightly and asked," I am the leader of Planet Hongshan, and you are…?"

"Hahaha, my name is Raiga, the guardian of Planet Bakuf. I heard that Mr. Xiaya had come to Planet Bakuf, so I have specially come over to visit you. I just didn't realize that Mr. Xiaya would be such a promising young man!"

Raiga spoke modestly, not even a little pride or aloofness of a expert could be seen.

Xiaya also nodded with a smile. The other person gave him a good feeling. It seems that the Saiyan's reputation in Planet Bakuf was quite good.

No one would have thought that the originally infamous Saiyans would suddenly become peacekeeping warriors of the galaxy.

Since Raiga was in contact with the Galactic Patrol, he was naturally aware of the Saiyan's current level of power. Therefore, it was extremely important to visit the leader of the Saiyans, Xiaya. From the beginning, he could not sense any energy fluctuations from Xiaya's body. This was an incredible shock to him, and he couldn't help but be even more courteous to Xiaya.

"This is nothing. Compared to Mr. Raiga who is the guardian of a starfield, I am much more inferior." Nobody dislikes flattery, so Xiaya responded cordially while information regarding Raiga appeared in his mind.

Raiga, a native of a low-level planet. But because he accidentally ate a strange fruit he experienced a huge increase in strength, causing a sensation within the surrounding starfield. Almost immediately, large numbers of aliens enthusiastically rushed to his homeworld to investigate.

However when the aliens reached his homeworld, the planet had turned into a desert, and no one obtained anything useful. From then on, Raiga began to wander the universe before he settled down on Planet Bakuf, guarding it to this day,

These were past events from hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

Because he came from a race with a long lifespan, Raiga's appearance never changed. Due to his existence, Planet Bakuf became a rare paradise in the southeastern region of the East Area.

Although his mouth was spewing out flattering words, Xiaya had also specially researching Raiga. He knew that Raiga was a person who could tolerate loneliness. To be honest, it was quite admirable that such a strong person like him would guard Planet Bakuf for several hundred years without stepping a foot out.

Xiaya and Raiga continued to chat, both at the first step of creating friendly relations. More friendly relations means more connections, and this would only serve to increase the development of Saiyans in the East Area. Not to mention that this person was the powerful guardian of Planet Bakuf.

When Raiga discovered Xiaya's true strength, his yellow face could not help but reveal a dumbstruck expression, his eyes wide with shock and awe. He had never met such a strong person before.

After a few minutes, Raiga said his goodbyes and left.

Afterwards, when the leader of Planet Bakuf asked how strong the leader of Planet Hongshan was, Raiga looked back on his meeting with Xiaya and shook his head, sighing.

"He was simply unfathomable!"

Planet Bakuf's leader was silent. It seems that Planet Hongshan was destined to be their most important cooperation partner. Not only do they possess advanced technology, but their leader's strength along was enough to show disdain to most other planets. He wondered if they should try to deepen their cooperation.

Meanwhile, Xiaya went over to meet with Xiling and Myers.

When he arrived at the meeting place, he found that he was early, and neither Xiling nor Myers had come back yet.

"These two brats have not even a little notion of time!" Muttering to himself, Xiaya folded his arms across his chest and quietly waited while leaning against a marble pillar in front of a shop. Soon he saw Xiling flying towards him while carrying a small and large bags in her hands.

"Hey Xiaya, you're here early!" While putting the items into a Hoi-Poi Capsule, Xiaya raised his eyebrows and said. "It's you who is late, okay? Didn't I buy a lot of these things for you on Earth?"

"Hehe, it's rare that I can go shopping, so naturally I had to buy some more! And the things that you gave me, I already put them in my collection…"

Xiling cutely stuck out her tongue. At age fifteen, she had grown to be very radiant and vivacious.

Her beautiful cloudlike hair were tied with a ribbon, and a few strands of short hair half-covered her eyes. Her elegant pair of eyebrows were shaped like a curved moon and both eyes were bright and sparkling, with jade-like skin that was tender and supple like honey. She had a slender figure which was like a bunch of orchids that were quiet and natural.

In particular, the curved lines of her chest made her look even more youthful and beautiful.

"Right, about Myers, has she come back yet?" Xiling looked around.

"Not yet."

"I also don't know where she ran off to."

"Haha, isn't that her coming over?"

Xiaya caught a glimpse of someone out of the corner of his eyes and pointed to the side. He could see a delicate little girl energetically running over, the little bells on her wrist jingling.She held a large plate of steaming hot food and was stuffing her face.

She looked really stupid! Xiaya raised his eyebrows and couldn't help but hold his forehead.

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