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Chapter 126
Chapter 126 Unlocking Potential (Unedited)


Seeing Nail’s unfriendly expression, Xiaya said with a faint smile: “We know that Great Elder rests here, and we have come here precisely to pay a visit to Great Elder . Please go and inform him . ”

His tone was very polite, but his words were also filled with self confidence . He tried to be courteous as much as possible, and then only looked for the other person’s response . However, according to Xiaya’s understanding of Nail’s personality, he would most likely refuse them to visit .

Sure enough, Nail gave a quick glance to Xiaya and shook his head, saying: “Great Elder is old and will not see you . You should go back . ”

Since Planet Namek experienced the extreme changes in climate, ancient Namekians had all become extinct . Great Elder was the only ancient Namekian who had survived the climate cataclysm . Currently, every Namekian on Planet Namek was birthed by him . For Nail, Great Elder was like a father character .

As the bodyguard of Great Elder, Nail does not want outsiders to disturb the Great Elder’s resting time .

“I think you should go and inform him . Maybe Great Elder would be willing to meet us . ” Xiaya faintly smiled, again saying . He knows that Nail would not let them go meet Great Elder since he was afraid of them disturbing his rest . So, he did not get angry .

After hearing Xiaya’s words, Nail frowned; he does not like such annoying people . Even though he had told them to go back, they are still not going, his expression couldn’t help but turn cold .

Just as he was about to refuse again, the Great Elder’s aged voice traveled out from the building: “Nail, let them come!”

Hearing Great Elder’s instructions, Nail

froze, clearly somewhat surprised . However, for him, Great Elder’s order was the highest order . So, he gave Xiaya and others a glance, and said in an indifferent tone:

“You come with me, but, Great Elder needs to rest . If you have something to ask, do it quickly . Don’t disturb Great Elder’s rest!”

After finished speaking, he turned around and headed towards Great Elder’s residence .

Xiaya and others glanced at each other and followed up .

Great Elder’s residence was a huge two-story building with a very strange appearance, like the skeleton of a dragon . Looking from far away, it looked like a huge dragon’s head lying prone with mouth open on the ground . This may have originated because ancient Namekian worshipped dragons; Kami from earth has a spaceship which also has a similar style .

Walking into the huge building and arriving at the second floor, the Great Elder’s old and enormous body leaning against a stone chair could be seen . As his body was excessively big, even moving was very difficult .

“This is Planet Namek’s Great Elder, creator of Planet Namek’s dragon balls!” Looking at the old and enormous Namekian lying on the stone chair, Xiaya’s heart was like a mirror . The Great Elder’s enormous body was indeed very shocking .

Legend has it that Great Elder was the only ancient Namekian on Planet Namek who had survived the climate shift in ancient times . Hundreds of years time had caused his body to be permeated with vicissitudes of life .

Now, he was gradually getting old .

“Young King of Saiyans, for what reason have you come to Planet Namek?” Great Elder raised his eyelids, his aged voice sounding somewhat weak .

Listening to the faint sound would definitely give people the illusion that the speaker was like an oil lamp

lamp which had reached the point of drying . Because of this, Xiling and Myers could not help but wonder if this Great Elder could really help them improve their Battle Power .

However, Xiaya who was familiar with the development of the original work knows that Great Elder’s ability was naturally unquestionable, and he still has……more than two decades of lifespan!

On the side, the loyal bodyguard Nail looked at Xiaya and others, somewhat surprised . He really didn’t expect that this person before him who brought him a real deterrence would actually be the king of Saiyans . He was unexpectedly so young!

Of course, as Great Elder similarly have a prediction ability, Nail also didn’t think much, and continue to act as a qualified bodyguard .

“There is a rumor that Great Elder has a special ability to unlock the potential of a person’s body . We have come here to increase our strength . I hope that Great Elder can help us . ”

Xiaya looked calm, and his body was filled with calmness and indifference of a leader . As he was similarly the leader of a race and was of similar status, Xiaya was qualified to talk to Planet Namek’s Great Elder as an equal .

“Oh, you know that I have such an ability . I can feel the ‘righteous’ power in your body . As this is different from the former Saiyans, I can accept your request!” Great Elder slightly nodded .

It seems that eliminating sins from their body was really effective . It, at least, let Great Elder believe that they were ‘righteous’ people, Xiaya revealed a bright smile . On the side, Xiling and Myers also had a happy expression on their face .

“Wait a minute, Great Elder, you are already getting very old . If you casually use your power,

your power, it will consume a lot of physical strength…”

Seeing that Great Elder promised without hesitation, Nail hurriedly tried to stop with a worried look on his face . As Great Elder was already getting old, even moving casually was not possible . He fears that if Great Elder uses his magic, it would deplete his body’s strength, thus affecting Great Elder’s lifespan .

“Hehe, rest assured, unlocking people’s potential is my special ability, it does not consume physical strength, my body can still preserve for several decades!” Great Elder shook his head and laughed .

Nail wanted to say something but hesitated, and finally complied with Great Elder’s words, retreating to the side .

“Who will go first?” Great Elder looked at Xiaya, Xiling and Myers before kindly asking .

“Let me go first!” Saying, Xiaya moved forward and arrived before Great Elder .

Great Elder nodded his head with a smile and extended his huge arm . His palm was placed on Xiaya’s head, almost covering his entire head . “Oh!” Astonishment flashed through Great Elder’s face, and then he closed his eyes and concentrated .

“Saiyan King, I can feel that your body has unfathomable potential, and there is also some magical energy, like space-time power . Oh, let me see how much potential can be unlocked!”

Speaking this, he unleashed his magic and waited for Xiaya’s potential to get unlocked .

“Shua!” A golden light rose from the ground and immediately a bizarre magic acted on his body . Xiaya could feel that there was an immense heat flow gushing out from his body, quickly spreading throughout his body . Each cell of his was brimming with vitality as if it was injected with chicken blood, his whole body felt comfortable and refreshed .

After Great Elder has unlocked his potential, Xiaya’s Ki began to rise, and suddenly a majestic and boundless majestic and boundless aura erupted out from nowhere and surrounded his body before it begins to rage and burn .

Xiaya was wrapped in golden blazing Ki and his strength kept rising!





Xiaya’s Ki kept increasing, as his potential was released due to Great Elder’s unlocking potential skill!

At this moment, Xiling and Myers, who were standing on the side, suddenly had their complexion change . They were all awed by the enormous energy emitted by Xiaya, and at the same time, their eyes turned scorching hot .

While the young Namekian Nail revealed a shocked expression .



Xiaya’s strength was still increasing, and finally –

Huo! The enormous flame suddenly expanded, and as the Ki flame seethed and burned, a vast and mighty aura burst into the sky!


Finally, his power settled on 720,000 Battle Power!

The clouds around the entire Planet Namek were suddenly scattered by this aura . The thick floating clouds dispersed all at once, and taking the area of Great Elder’s residence as the center, abnormal phenomena kept appearing in the atmosphere and sky, while the rosy clouds began to spin, forming layer after layers of concentric cyclones .

It was as if Planet Namek was once again experiencing a climate change .

“Such a frightening potential, I only unlocked a small part of it, but it is unexpectedly so frighteningly powerful . It seems that the Saiyan race will really rise in his hands!”

Great Elder’s face revealed a shocked expression on his face, his twinkling eyes looking at ‘still in a drunken stupor from power’ Xiaya . Besides them, Nail, Xiling, and Myers were long ago shocked by Xiaya’s imposingly soaring and frightening aura .

After about a quarter of an hour, Xiaya recovered from the drunken stupor, his body slightly swaying . His entire body suddenly emitting light “crackling” sounds as if breaking a frozen clay pot, bringing him an indescribable pleasure .

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