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Chapter 119
Chapter 119 People coming from far away (Unedited)

Time flies, in another place within the deep and quiet universe, the western part of East Area, and unknown light-years away from Planet Hongshan.

The mysterious void was quiet and suffocating. Except for the stars in the surrounding that keep burning in the distant horizon, there were only some stray planets that have deviated from their original orbits, blindly roaming around in the void as they don’t know when they will be destroyed.

This is a chaotic region. At this time, in some ordinary galaxy that emits dark red brilliance, a massive war was in full swing on an orange planet.

It is a war by the planet’s civilization against the alien invaders. On one side, the two parties waging war were the original aboriginals of the planet. They formerly belonged to different Forces on the planet, but when the planet was facing invasion from foreign enemies, they united together to jointly resist the invasion of aliens.

At this moment, the situation on the battlefield was in a stalemate. Both sides warriors were confronting each other. The Aboriginal civilization wearing red armor and Space Pirates wearing dark gray barbed armor were divided into a red and gray, two different camps. As the war continued, red and gray, both sides intermingled with each other, like two mighty currents converging, the impetus was majestic, and the surging currents could no longer separate themselves from each other.

The aboriginals civilization was clearly losing. Space Pirates were unceasingly blasting the energy cannons in their hands, and crystal-clear energy columns non-stop shot out from the energy generators on the arms.

For a moment, the sand flew about and stones hurtled through the air. Heatwaves pressed down on people. The booming sounds of explosions were endless. Ruthless energy columns

permeated the battlefield. Innumerable 4-5m tall war castles violently shook and collapsed with a loud bang.

War is a giant stone roller that devours life. Ruthlessly devours living creatures. With the brutal cruelty of a savage beast, everything in front of it will be destroyed. The war continued. A large number of people move around and stepped on the bodies of their companions and enemies. Both sides troops continued to fight desperately.

The sounds of bombardment and painful wailing continued to spread. Even at 10,000m altitude, shouts of struggling at death could be heard.

Both warring sides did not notice that when they were fiercely fighting, there were more than a dozen figures watching their fight closely from a high altitude.

These people wore dark red with black fringes battle armor, and had a tail behind them. The completely new battle armor was made with the latest technology. It has very good flexibility, and black fringe and dark red luster appear gorgeous and noble.

At this time, a large and boorish figure touched his chin, and said while wickedly laughing: “Isaac, the group of people below are really too weak, this uncle has no desire to take action!”

“Fine then, if you don’t want to do take action, we’ll be happy to take action for you!” A capable-looking individual on the side jokingly replied.

“Don’t, don’t. I’m just kidding. I have finally got a mission with such difficulty. If I am not able to take action, my bones would grow rusty.” The large and boorish fellow repeatedly waved his hands and mockingly said.

The few of them finally received a mission with great difficulty to fight outside. How could he give the opportunity to others?

“But seriously, our Battle Power in the past two years has increased really fast. I used to be just

just a Low-level Warrior before. Now, my Battle Power is more than 5,000. Hey, now those High-level Warriors of Planet Vegeta wouldn’t dare to look down on me!”

A Saiyan said with emotion.

“How can the Planet Vegeta’s era be compared to our Planet Hongshan’s? Did you know that High-level Warriors with more than 10,000 Battle Power on Planet Hongshan are already quickly reaching 200! Oh…no, they should be called Elite Warrior now!”

“Yeah, although we only have a small number of Saiyans on Planet Hongshan, all of them are experts. High-level combat power has already far surpassed Planet Vegeta’s time.”

“I heard that Mr. Adri and Mr. Brook have already broken through to 50,000 Battle Power. Maybe Planet Hongshan will soon have a new Super Warrior. Ha! Carefully thinking, us Saiyan’s strength has already become so strong!”

The Battle Armor of Planet Hongshan’s Ordinary Warrior is reddish black, and only a handful of leaders such as Xiaya and others have silvery white Battle Armor, the silvery white Battle Armor being the symbol of a Super Warrior.

“Say, when the number of Saiyans on Planet Hongshan increases in future, should we be calling Sir Xiaya, King Hongshan!” The large and boorish Saiyan said jokingly.

“King Hongshan is such a vulgar name. I think it should be called King Xiaya!” A Saiyan immediately refuted.

“But wasn’t our former leader of Planet Vegeta called King Vegeta? So, now on Planet Hongshan, he should naturally be called King Hongshan!”

“Hehe, how can King Vegeta be compared on equal footing with Sir Xiaya?”

At this time, an older Saiyan could not continue watching and said: “In fact, King Vegeta was still very dedicated to Saiyans, but at that time, Saiyan’s strength was too weak.”

So it was destroyed by Frieza!

When this was mentioned, all the Saiyans turned silent. Fortunately, they were

they were able to transfer to Planet Hongshan. Thanks to Sir Xiaya’s help. When Saiyan’s strength is sufficient to fight against Frieza’s Forces, they will surely launch a counterattack.

“All right, what are you doing thinking so much? First, finish the mission on hand, the current mission is quite in high demand. Since we received it, we must complete it properly. Otherwise, we will not have a chance next time.”

One of the Saiyan spoke about the current situation, in order to ensure that they can still receive missions next time, they dare not be the slightest bit careless!

“Below, Daulber people are being attacked by Space Pirates. Our mission is to help them beat back their enemies. It would be best if we can wipe out the space pirates!”

“And it is also especially explained in the mission to minimize damage as much as possible and lessen the deaths of people on the planet. Since it seems to be related to merits and virtue. Anyway, that’s it. Everybody should pay attention…”

After all, Saiyan is a Fighting Race and when they take action, it will inevitably lead to excessive casualties. Therefore, Xiaya did not impose on them in the mission to must not destroy on a large scale, it will be fine as long as they don’t overdo it.

The several dozen Saiyans geared up for the fight, but the space pirates below could not be considered as strong, so the fight was certainly not going to be fun. Anyway, even mosquitoes have meat, however small it may be, so they were reluctant to give up this fighting chance.

At the same time, on the other side of the East Area, a luxurious spaceship had departed from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, flying towards East Area. Its goal was Planet Hongshan.

“Boss was Planet Hongshan.

“Boss Dudunjiya, we are now only nine days away from Saiyans of Planet Hongshan!” Inside the pilot’s cabin, a green-haired Alien stared at the control screen and reported.

“Haha, we’re finally going to arrive. We have flown for more than half a year, only to look at those still left barbarous Saiyans.”

The leader of the five-man defense squad, Dudunjiya spoke in a gong like voice.

In order to teach that Saiyan who had trespassed into the headquarters of Galactic Patrol, Dudunjiya flew a long way from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Is there still someone like him can be found who wants to defend Galactic Patrol’s dignity so much? Dudunjiya thought smugly.

“Boss, I heard that although the Saiyans in the North Area were notorious, their strength was still pretty good,” Weiss, one of the member from the five people said.

“Weiss, what you said is all a thing of the past. What would be still remaining of those Saiyans after the destruction of their planet? With us five people’s Battle Power, even when Saiyans were at their most flourishing time, we would have been able to escape unscathed. Not to mention, now…”

Another member Jack mocked.

The members of Dudunjiya Guardian Corps have more than 10,000 Battle Power, so naturally, they were full of confidence.

“Hahaha, Jack is right. This little Saiyans are not at all frightening. We can suppress them with just a flip of our hand! However, its unfortunate that they are now working with Galactic Patrol, so we have to be a little bit polite.” Dudunjiya burst into loud laughter.


After nine days.

A bluish tranquil view appeared before them. A reddish-black planet and an icy blue planet were revolving around each other, quietly moving in a narrow orbit, like two dazzling pearls emitting a sparkling light…

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