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In his past life, Xiaya had often felt it to be regretful whenever he saw Launch’s fate at the end in the original work. He always felt as if an important character was neglected.

This was probably because the first impression is the strongest. After all, Launch was an important character in the early stages of the original work, and like Yamcha was a main supporting character in promoting the progress of the story.

Of course, her part in the story was not so important as Krillin and Yamcha, especially after dragon ball had developed to King Piccolo’s plotline, and the children's funny cartoons that were portrayed in the beginning had changed to youthful, hot-blooded and unrestrained. Then even the characters such as Yamcha had vanished from the world, and were gone from the forefront of the supporting character’s group, not to mention Launch, such character which had made the plotline exciting.

Anyway, since he had come across her, Xiaya certainly would not allow Launch to work in a courier company as she did in the original work. That would really be a waste of talent. Whether it was because of his childhood’s obsession, or he cannot tolerate this ordinary little girl to continue to wander about, he feels that he should reach out and help.

Thinking of this, Xiaya made a decision in his heart. He squatted down and said in a gentle tone: "Launch, it’s not safe for you, a little girl, to wander around outside, how about you follow me!"

He really needs a gentle, good-mannered, pure and hard-working girl by his side who can help him take care of the housework. He had hoped that among Saiyans Xiling or Myers could do it, but Xiaya feels that it is impossible, and Launch now could be a suitable candidate.

“Sir, are you willing to offer me shelter?” Launch’s eyes were red as her pitiable face looked at him.

Xiaya smiled. He didn’t expect that Launch was such a sniveling little girl in her childhood. It’s no wonder that she later grew up to be a gentle girl, but isn’t she worried that I am a human trafficker and would sell her off? Then, Blonde Launch’s existence is also reasonable. As, in a sense, it is also another kind of protection of her personality!

“Yes, if you like, you can follow me from now on.” Xiaya nodded in affirmation and then patted Launch’s head with a smile, letting her gradually calm down.

Launch’s bright eyes looked towards Xiaya, and calmly nodded. “That’s good, wait a minute, we’ll do some preparations, and then I’ll take you to a place.” Xiaya smiled, then brought Launch to the clothing store next door, preparing to buy her a few sets of clothes.

Although Mercenary Tao had wrecked this place yesterday, there were still many merchandises left in it. Looking at the dazzling and beautiful array of costumes, Launch’s eyes shone.

He picked up a red ribbon and tied it to Launch’s hair, tying it into a knot. Then, Xiaya took two steps back and carefully looked at her. Hey, indeed, this is how Launch should look like ah!

“Xiaya, there is no need to buy so much. I wouldn’t be able to wear them all.” Seeing Xiaya stuffing various kinds of clothes from the clothing store into a bag, till the entire clothing store was emptied. Launch was bewildered as she stood there, shouting.

Although she was quite young, she understands that this is a lot of money being spent.

“That’s all right. It’s called preparations, just in case. Buy some more, you can wear it when you grow up!”

Xiaya still continued to clean-out clothes of different ages and colors, packing into the bag. To the side, an attendant was holding the account book while dripping with sweat. Considering that these clothes were purchased for Launch, Xiaya did not open the dimensional space, but instead filled them into several Hoi-Poi Capsules which he got from Bulma’s house.

This Hoi-Poi Capsule is really convenient. No matter if it is a box or a building, as long as it is a physical thing, it can be put into Hoi-Poi Capsule. They are portable and also does not take up space. Really a necessary equipment for home and traveling!

It would be very much convenient if it could be popularized on Planet Hongshan. Anyway, since right now Feidaya scientists were interacting with Dr. Brief, maybe soon they could be popularized at large scale.

Walking out of the clothing store, Xiaya patted her head and suddenly remembered Xiling and Myers. He couldn’t favor one and be prejudiced against others, so he again purchased some products for Xiling and Myers.

Hundreds of Hoi-Poi Capsules filled with nearly a hundred sets of clothes were handed over to Launch. Launch holds them tightly in her palms, and then carefully puts them into a bag before looking towards Xiaya, her eyes filled with emotion.

“Xiaya, you are so nice to me…”

Launch’s voice was choked with emotions, she had been wandering after leaving the village for so long. Until now, no one had been so good to her.

Xiaya smiled indifferently. Blue-haired Launch was a good girl with a pure heart. So, he would naturally be good to her. “Let’s go then, next i’ll take you to a place!”

Then, with a burst of screaming sound, Xiaya carried Launch in his arms and soared to the sky and then flew towards the direction of Korin Tower. Since Launch’s body was frail and weak, Xiaya naturally could not bring her to Planet Hongshan and he would also not feel relieved letting her live alone outside, so he would just let her stay at Korin Tower first.

And, more importantly, placing Launch in Korin’s place might also help him learn the way he grows Senzu Beans. This is also something Xiaya had taken into account.

Flying for a long time, he saw the distant Korin Tower that was connected to heaven and earth, appear in his line of sight.

“Wow, what building is that? It’s so tall!”

Launch exclaimed. After adapting for a while, Launch had gradually begun to acclimatize from her initial uneasiness. She looked at the lakes and forests that quickly swept past below with a surprised face, but when she saw Korin Tower, she couldn't help but shout loudly.

Xiaya explained with a smile: "It is Martial Arts Sacred Land, Korin Tower. At the top of the tower lives Immortal Korin and it is the birthplace of Earth’s Martial Arts!"

Not quite understanding, Launch nodded, but in fact, she did not have even a little bit of idea regarding martial arts. Maybe she would know a little if she switches to Blonde Launch.

At this time, a hair swayed past her nose and Launch sneezed, her blue hair immediately turning to gold, while her eyes became fierce.

"Her hair had turned blond!" Noticing the change in Launch, the corners of Xiaya’s mouth slightly curled up. The double personality from body transformation, he had only seen on TV before, and when he saw it in real, he was feeling somewhat strange.

“Waah, who are you, and why are you carrying me in your arms? Still not letting go of me!” The Blonde Launch in his arms continuously struggled. This princess carry was making her feel weird.

“Do you really want me to let go, you will not regret it?”

Xiaya’s inquiring voice just sounded and Blonde Launch subconsciously felt something wrong. Not even waiting for her to respond, she felt him let go of his hands. "Waaaah…" Shouting in alarm, the Blonde Launch fell in a perfect parabola, the scene of mountains and forests continuously passed by her eyes, a terrified feeling gushed out in her heart, and her complexion became deathly pale.

“How was it? I had said that if I let you go, you’ll regret it!” Xiaya’s voice sounded beside her ear, and when she was about to crash into a huge tree underneath, the Blond Launch felt that her body was once again held in someone’s arms.

“Who the hell are you? where are you going to take me?” Blonde Launch’s voice was somewhat trembling, her tone was not as arrogant as it was just now.

“Don’t you want me to let you go?”

“Who wants you to let go!”

Boo hoo, Blonde Launch shouted, and her hands tightened even more. If she fell down from such a high place, she will surely die horribly. Blonde Launch couldn’t help grumble. Who is this person? He must be a human trafficker!

"Hahaha! Hold tight!" Xiaya laughed. As he approached Korin Tower, the flight path became a ninety degree ascend and he flew upward, parallel to Korin Tower.

“Ah ah!!”

A tragic cry appeared, facing the chilly cold wind, the Blond Launch was scared out of her wits. Dealing with the violent-tempered Blonde Launch, only a more violent method could be used.

Huo! ! Xiaya quickly appeared on the Korin Tower while carrying Launch in his arms. Korin speechlessly looked on while leaning on his cane. He saw that Blonde Launch was in panic and was almost vomiting as she laid down on the floor. Her legs weakened and she collapsed on the ground, and then begin to cry loudly.

“Xiaya, what are you doing? This little girl has been frightened into crying by you.” Korin speechlessly said.

Xiaya laughed and said, “I plan to have Launch stay with you here for a while. Aren’t you lacking people who can tend to Senzu Beans? Blue haired Launch is gentle and good-mannered, she could certainly tend properly to Senzu Beans. As for Blonde Launch, you can train her for me!”

“I think you’re having me do free labor. Forget it! Anyway, even if you can learn the method of growing Senzu Beans, without Ultra Divine Water, you wouldn’t be able to grow Senzu Beans.”

Korin indifferently said.

“Of course, I won’t have you help me for free!" Xiaya pulled out a box of Hoi-Poi Capsules and said: " All of these have the food you like to eat. It’s your remuneration!"

“So you had it planned long ago!” Korin licked his palm and quickly received the Hoi-Poi Capsules in his arms. “But seeing that we are old friends, I can agree to this simple request of yours.”

It’s quite boring to live alone at Korin Tower. It wouldn’t matter even if I have to train this little girl. Korin had paid attention to Xiaya’s whereabouts when he went to the human world and understood this little girl’s character.

Time flies, in another place within the deep and quiet universe, the western part of East Area, and unknown light-years away from Planet Hongshan.

The mysterious void was quiet and suffocating. Except for the stars in the surrounding that keep burning in the distant horizon, there were only some stray planets that have deviated from their original orbits, blindly roaming around in the void as they don’t know when they will be destroyed.

This is a chaotic region. At this time, in some ordinary galaxy that emits dark red brilliance, a massive war was in full swing on an orange planet.

It is a war by the planet’s civilization against the alien invaders. On one side, the two parties waging war were the original aboriginals of the planet. They formerly belonged to different Forces on the planet, but when the planet was facing invasion from foreign enemies, they united together to jointly resist the invasion of aliens.

At this moment, the situation on the battlefield was in a stalemate. Both sides warriors were confronting each other. The Aboriginal civilization wearing red armor and Space Pirates wearing dark gray barbed armor were divided into a red and gray, two different camps. As the war continued, red and gray, both sides intermingled with each other, like two mighty currents converging, the impetus was majestic, and the surging currents could no longer separate themselves from each other.

The aboriginals civilization was clearly losing. Space Pirates were unceasingly blasting the energy cannons in their hands, and crystal-clear energy columns non-stop shot out from the energy generators on the arms.

For a moment, the sand flew about and stones hurtled through the air. Heatwaves pressed down on people. The booming sounds of explosions were endless. Ruthless energy columns permeated the battlefield. Innumerable 4-5m tall war castles violently shook and collapsed with a loud bang.

War is a giant stone roller that devours life. Ruthlessly devours living creatures. With the brutal cruelty of a savage beast, everything in front of it will be destroyed. The war continued. A large number of people move around and stepped on the bodies of their companions and enemies. Both sides troops continued to fight desperately.

The sounds of bombardment and painful wailing continued to spread. Even at 10,000m altitude, shouts of struggling at death could be heard.

Both warring sides did not notice that when they were fiercely fighting, there were more than a dozen figures watching their fight closely from a high altitude.

These people wore dark red with black fringes battle armor, and had a tail behind them. The completely new battle armor was made with the latest technology. It has very good flexibility, and black fringe and dark red luster appear gorgeous and noble.

At this time, a large and boorish figure touched his chin, and said while wickedly laughing: “Isaac, the group of people below are really too weak, this uncle has no desire to take action!”

“Fine then, if you don’t want to do take action, we’ll be happy to take action for you!” A capable-looking individual on the side jokingly replied.

“Don’t, don’t. I’m just kidding. I have finally got a mission with such difficulty. If I am not able to take action, my bones would grow rusty.” The large and boorish fellow repeatedly waved his hands and mockingly said.

The few of them finally received a mission with great difficulty to fight outside. How could he give the opportunity to others?

“But seriously, our Battle Power in the past two years has increased really fast. I used to be just a Low-level Warrior before. Now, my Battle Power is more than 5,000. Hey, now those High-level Warriors of Planet Vegeta wouldn’t dare to look down on me!”

A Saiyan said with emotion.

“How can the Planet Vegeta’s era be compared to our Planet Hongshan’s? Did you know that High-level Warriors with more than 10,000 Battle Power on Planet Hongshan are already quickly reaching 200! Oh…no, they should be called Elite Warrior now!”

“Yeah, although we only have a small number of Saiyans on Planet Hongshan, all of them are experts. High-level combat power has already far surpassed Planet Vegeta’s time.”

“I heard that Mr. Adri and Mr. Brook have already broken through to 50,000 Battle Power. Maybe Planet Hongshan will soon have a new Super Warrior. Ha! Carefully thinking, us Saiyan’s strength has already become so strong!"

The Battle Armor of Planet Hongshan’s Ordinary Warrior is reddish black, and only a handful of leaders such as Xiaya and others have silvery white Battle Armor, the silvery white Battle Armor being the symbol of a Super Warrior.

“Say, when the number of Saiyans on Planet Hongshan increases in future, should we be calling Sir Xiaya, King Hongshan!” The large and boorish Saiyan said jokingly.

“King Hongshan is such a vulgar name. I think it should be called King Xiaya!” A Saiyan immediately refuted.

“But wasn’t our former leader of Planet Vegeta called King Vegeta? So, now on Planet Hongshan, he should naturally be called King Hongshan!”

“Hehe, how can King Vegeta be compared on equal footing with Sir Xiaya?”

At this time, an older Saiyan could not continue watching and said: “In fact, King Vegeta was still very dedicated to Saiyans, but at that time, Saiyan’s strength was too weak.”

So it was destroyed by Frieza!

When this was mentioned, all the Saiyans turned silent. Fortunately, they were able to transfer to Planet Hongshan. Thanks to Sir Xiaya’s help. When Saiyan’s strength is sufficient to fight against Frieza’s Forces, they will surely launch a counterattack.

“All right, what are you doing thinking so much? First, finish the mission on hand, the current mission is quite in high demand. Since we received it, we must complete it properly. Otherwise, we will not have a chance next time.”

One of the Saiyan spoke about the current situation, in order to ensure that they can still receive missions next time, they dare not be the slightest bit careless!

“Below, Daulber people are being attacked by Space Pirates. Our mission is to help them beat back their enemies. It would be best if we can wipe out the space pirates!”

“And it is also especially explained in the mission to minimize damage as much as possible and lessen the deaths of people on the planet. Since it seems to be related to merits and virtue. Anyway, that’s it. Everybody should pay attention…”

After all, Saiyan is a Fighting Race and when they take action, it will inevitably lead to excessive casualties. Therefore, Xiaya did not impose on them in the mission to must not destroy on a large scale, it will be fine as long as they don’t overdo it.

The several dozen Saiyans geared up for the fight, but the space pirates below could not be considered as strong, so the fight was certainly not going to be fun. Anyway, even mosquitoes have meat, however small it may be, so they were reluctant to give up this fighting chance.

At the same time, on the other side of the East Area, a luxurious spaceship had departed from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, flying towards East Area. Its goal was Planet Hongshan.

"Boss Dudunjiya, we are now only nine days away from Saiyans of Planet Hongshan!" Inside the pilot’s cabin, a green-haired Alien stared at the control screen and reported.

“Haha, we’re finally going to arrive. We have flown for more than half a year, only to look at those still left barbarous Saiyans."

The leader of the five-man defense squad, Dudunjiya spoke in a gong like voice.

In order to teach that Saiyan who had trespassed into the headquarters of Galactic Patrol, Dudunjiya flew a long way from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Is there still someone like him can be found who wants to defend Galactic Patrol’s dignity so much? Dudunjiya thought smugly.

“Boss, I heard that although the Saiyans in the North Area were notorious, their strength was still pretty good,” Weiss, one of the member from the five people said.

“Weiss, what you said is all a thing of the past. What would be still remaining of those Saiyans after the destruction of their planet? With us five people’s Battle Power, even when Saiyans were at their most flourishing time, we would have been able to escape unscathed. Not to mention, now…”

Another member Jack mocked.

The members of Dudunjiya Guardian Corps have more than 10,000 Battle Power, so naturally, they were full of confidence.

“Hahaha, Jack is right. This little Saiyans are not at all frightening. We can suppress them with just a flip of our hand! However, its unfortunate that they are now working with Galactic Patrol, so we have to be a little bit polite." Dudunjiya burst into loud laughter.


After nine days.

A bluish tranquil view appeared before them. A reddish-black planet and an icy blue planet were revolving around each other, quietly moving in a narrow orbit, like two dazzling pearls emitting a sparkling light…

Since Saiyans started carrying out missions outside Planet Hongshan, their presence began to appear in the near several starfields. For a time, this caused panic among the neighboring small and weak races as they had heard Saiyan's vile reputation, and feared that Saiyan’s would invade.

For a while, they waited while trembling in fear, but the expected invasion did not occur. They realized that Planet Hongshan’s Saiyans were different from the rumors, thus they became relieved. And some daring races even tried to get in touch with Saiyans.

An employment relationship similar to protection situation was established.

In this regard, Planet Hongshan also generously accepted and its sphere of influence began to expand. After all, the number of Saiyans right now on Planet Hongshan was small. So, there were not many races that cooperated with Saiyans. Only, from then on, Saiyans reputation in nearby several starfields of Planet Hongshan’s East Area began to spread.


An unending range of mountains pierced straight into the sky, and snow-capped peaks connected with clouds and mist, the scenery was deep and serene. Suddenly, a deafening exploding sound spread throughout the sky before a shadow descended. A spaceship slowly descended after passing through the clouds.

The rumbling sound suddenly broke the tranquility. “Gu gu gu”, in mountain range’s lush forest the massive flock of birds was startled.

A luxurious dark golden spaceship resembling a beast that emerged from primeval times directly press down on the mountain range. With a fierce tremble, the ground suddenly sunk down like soft mud, and the trees directly bent down and snapped. After the spaceship stopped and stabilized, five strong and muscular figure emerged from the cabin door.

“Cough, cough, this Planet Hongshan’s air is quite good. It is hard to understand how those Saiyans haven’t destroyed the environment of this planet yet.” Captain Dudunjiya breathed in a mouthful of Planet Hongshan’s air and sighed with emotion.

In his eyes, Saiyan was a boorish and uncivilized race. Those planets which they had gone for expedition, which one of them was not filled with devastation after the war and environment hadn’t greatly degraded. But, this Planet Hongshan has still preserved its pristine scenery, making him somewhat shocked.

“Ha ha ha, after all, Saiyan’s have to rely on this planet to survive, so they may be subjected to some restrictions!” The teammate Jack answered.

Dudunjiya nodded and again looked at the surrounding scenery. Tut tut, not a bad planet. It is somewhat of a pity that it is occupied by Saiyans.

At this time, a green-haired alien Seijin, who was in charge of reconnaissance equipment, operated the detector in his hands and when the detected data was received, he said:

“Planet Hongshan, with a diameter of 6768 kilometers, has 12x the standard gravity, and the ocean area accounts for approximately 67%. And the part of the remaining 33% has polar glaciers, while area suitable for living is 21%.”

This is a very standard parameter for multiplying species diversity, and most of the planets that have living beings and abundant food-chain fluctuates about this parameter.

“12x gravity?”

Dudunjiya was surprised and felt the gravity on Planet Hongshan through his senses. Um, it’s really 12x gravity, still it doesn’t mean anything. Because aliens, like them, who have more than 10,000 battle powers, normally live on planets with comparatively much higher gravity. Planet Hongshan’s gravity wasn’t much surprising to them at all.

“Hey, Seijin, quickly check out the situation of Saiyans. My hands are getting itchy.” On the side, Jack laughed and spoke.

“Yes, investigate Saiyan’s situation. Although they are now in a cooperative relationship with Galactic Patrol, we must let them know of Galactic Patrol’s strength and not let them be too arrogant.” Another member called Afude shouted. He was the most addicted to war among Dudunjiya’s defense squad.

The green haired alien Seijin nodded his head and adjusted the wristwatch-type detector. With “beep, beep” electronic sounds, a series of Saiyan’s data appeared on the display screen.

It’s just that the numbers were a bit messy, continuously jumping about and looking dazzling, they seem to be gibberish.

Among them, dozens of numbers were even more strange, occasionally rising, and occasionally falling. Suddenly, several of those numbers began to skyrocket, exceeding the range of the detector. Rumble, the detector emitted black smoke due to its operations going beyond range, and burned down.

“What happened, how did the detector get burned?” Dudunjiya loudly shouted.

This detector was a brand-new product that they had received from Galactic Patrol Organization. Its technology was extremely advanced, and upper limit can measure Battle Power around 50,000! But, then how did such an advanced detector burned down?

“Not clear, it may be device malfunctioning.” Puzzled, Seijin shook his head

“Tch, high-tech stuff is really unreliable!”

They obviously didn’t think of the possibility that computed target was above the detection range, thereby burning the detector, because Saiyan couldn’t even accomplish it during their most flourishing time. How can this current leftover riff-raffs accomplish it?

Associating with the series of weird gibberish numbers that appeared on the screen before, their hearts concluded that the device has malfunctioned.

But, they would never think that every data that appeared on the screen just now was real, and that continuously changing data was due to the result of those Saiyans trying to control their Ki.

"Boss, what do we do next? Without a detector we have no method to find Saiyan’s position!" Weiss, who had always been prudent, looked towards Dudunjiya.

This is indeed difficult to handle. If I had known earlier, I would have brought several more detectors. Dudunjiya waved his hand and said: “Now, we can only slowly conduct the investigation. Fortunately, this Planet Hongshan is not big. It should be possible to find the traces of Saiyans if we spend some time.”

“Snort, really a bad start!”

“How about this, we would all search in different directions. Once we have found Saiyan’s traces, immediately use the communicator to inform everyone.” Dudunjiya spat out, they could only use the most stupid method now.


Everyone shouted in reply. Even if they act alone, they absolutely weren’t afraid because each of them has more than 10,000 Battle Power, and were an exceptional expert in the universe.

Hence, the five people were assigned their own task and they searched for the traces of Saiyans in different directions.

At the same time, when the spaceship of Dudunjiya entered the atmosphere of Planet Hongshan, Feidaya people in monitoring system at the Guardian Corps observation center had already discovered their presence.

When the five unfamiliar energy sources that entered Planet Hongshan were detected to be above 10,000 energy, Guardian Corps observation center’s alarm suddenly issued a “buzz buzz buzz” urgent sounds.

The members of the Planet Hongshan’s Guardian Corps, who were still in various parts of the city, doing routine training, were all stunned when they received the warning alarm signal. Has someone invaded Planet Hongshan? Their facial expressions became a little funny. Usually, if Saiyans do not invade others, they should be grateful, but unexpectedly they dared to invade Planet Hongshan?

Immediately their faces turned ecstatic.

Someone invaded Planet Hongshan. Isn’t it time to show the Guardian Corps capability?

So, these Saiyans who has stayed on Planet Hongshan and did not leave for mission, were feeling excited as they began to stretch their tightened bones and muscles and energetically rushed towards the Guardian Corps observation center.

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