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To be honest, not many talented scientists like Dr. Brief can be found in the universe who can develop Hoi-Poi Capsule.

He could remember that in the Namek saga, Dr. Brief had helped Son Goku transform the large universe spaceship while installing a gravity machine on the spaceship in a very short period of time.

His genius level was simply incredible!

Dr. Tokunoshin Omori, who had researched time machine while living in seclusion on an island for several decades, was also a very useful talent. However, these people have their own dreams and wouldn’t work for Xiaya.

Of course, it doesn’t matter even if he can’t use them. Xiaya can change the strategy and let Feidaya scientists communicate with Bulma’s father or Dr. Tokunoshin Omori, maybe there would be some unexpected gains!

After throwing these distracting thoughts to the back of his head, his vision swept through the room again and saw Son Gohan put a portion of the food on the ground onto the dining table. Soon the small square table was piled up with a hill of food.

Seeing a table full of food and a strong smell of meat assaulting his nostrils, Son Goku’s eyes suddenly started glowing. After getting permission from Son Gohan, his body pounced on the food and started gorging as if he hadn’t eaten for several days.

After eating for a while, he raised his head doubtfully: “Grandpa, why aren’t you eating?”

“Goku, you eat first.”

Son Goku simply hummed and continued to eat, the table-full of food was diminishing at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

Laughing heartily, Son Gohan kindly looked at him and said: "When I picked up Goku from a mountain one year ago, his personality was still very violent. Then he accidentally fell to the bottom of the cliff and hit his head before his personality suddenly became mild.”

“But I didn’t think that his appetite would be so huge.” Raising such a child who can eat a lot has made Son Gohan very stressed.

Saiyan’s appetite is, of course, huge, Xiaya inwardly snickered.

This Son Goku’s luck is not bad, Galactic Patrol specifically sent Jaco to kill him, but after Jaco came to Earth, because of a variety of reasons missed Son Goku’s spaceship, letting Son Goku luckily survive.

Xiaya said without any change in his expression: "Simple personality is good, people training in martial arts can rid themselves of distracting thoughts which would cause their achievements to be higher!”

Son Goku, just because of this pure and innocent heart, was able to repeatedly break through the limits of his body.

Son Gohan gave him a surprised look and asked: “Is little friend also a martial artist?”

"Just known some showy skills without any practical use!" Xiaya calmly replied.

Son Gohan nodded when he heard his words. Earth had a rich culture of training in martial arts since ancient times. Although in the end, not many people were able to accomplish anything, many different kinds of Martial Arts School had passed down, he himself has studied under the tutelage of Martial Artist Master Roshi, therefore he was only a little bit surprised.

Now that the 4-star ball has been returned to Son Gohan, Xiaya will no longer disturb him. When leaving, Xiaya stroked Son Goku’s head and says, “Goku, later properly train in martial arts from grandfather, and don’t fail to become a martial artist in future. "

“Eh-huh!” Not quite understanding, Son Goku pulled back his head and naively laughed.

“Goku’s identity is extremely important. Later, don’t let him see the moon when it’s a full moon. Otherwise, something bad would happen.” Walking to the door, Xiaya warned Son Gohan so as to repay him for lending the dragon ball.

“…” Son Gohan didn’t understand Xiaya’s words. However, seeing that Xiaya does not have any evil intentions, he nodded his head in response.

Knowing that the other person didn’t understand what he meant, Xiaya didn’t care. He reminded himself that once was already enough, he doesn’t care if Son Gohan could avoid the calamity afterward.

Such that, he does not even care if Son Goku can have the glorious achievements like he did in the original work! After all, a person has to walk by himself on the road under his foot. One second in heaven and one second in hell. A person who should get successful, regardless of how the environment changes, always have the capability to get successful.

If you can’t succeed in a different environment, that can only mean that everything originally was just a coincidence and good luck. Of course, coincidence and good luck is also a kind of strength.

After leaving Mount Paozu, Xiaya did not set off directly to West City but went to a nearby town.

Plundering a handful of local currency from the hands of local thugs, he bought various kinds of fresh fishes from the seafood market. Then, putting the packages into the dimensional space, Xiaya turned towards and went to the Sacred Land of Korin.

Sacred Land, Korin.

In the center of a vast expanse of verdant and lush forest, an ancient and simple huge erect ivory tower rises into the sky.

"This Korin Tower looks incredible no matter how many times I see it." Xiaya sighed as he watched the slender tower that was drowned in the layers of clouds and mist. Then, his body sped up, rushing into the sky. A strong shock wave quickly disappeared into the white clouds.

As his body continued to ascend, a black dot appeared in his line of sight, the spheroidal building at the top of the Korin Tower was just before his eyes. Rushing, Xiaya’s body suddenly stopped at the same height as the building at top of the tower. His body calmly moved and stepped into Korin Tower.

In the Korin Tower, Korin was sleeping comfortably on a chair, not aware of Xiaya’s arrival.

After patting on Korin’s body several times, Korin turned his body and woke up and suddenly saw that a person had appeared before him. He looked distracted for a moment, and only then he opened his eyes wide and reacted.

“Oh, isn’t this Xiaya. When did you come to Earth?”

After nearly seven years, Korin never expected to see Xiaya again. At a first glance, Korin found out that the other party had become even more unfathomable. With his judgment, he could not tell his depth even by a little bit.

However, the friendship build many years ago let Korin not to worry that Xiaya would threaten earth.

“Ha ha ha, Immortal Korin, you don’t know but I had come to Earth once three years ago. I just didn’t come looking for you. This time, I have come to earth, besides to see you, to return the borrowed dragon balls! "

Xiaya looked at Korin while saying.

“Was it you who had collected all the seven dragon balls three years ago?” Korin’s brain turned and immediately associated it with the scene of Shenron’s emergence that day. He asked in surprise.

“Yes, it was me.” Xiaya frankly acknowledged, there was no need to hide this matter.

Leaning on his cane, Korin walked over while stroking his beard, and said: “I was thinking who was it that was so powerful that they could collect the seven dragon balls. Hehe, after all, more than a hundred years had passed since the wish was last made."

“Oh, by the way, you didn’t come to look for me just to simply come and see me, right?” Korin narrowed his eyes.

No wonder people say that squinty eyes are not a simple character. Even a cat can’t be underestimated! Xiaya coughed and said: “Indeed, I’ve come here to look at the situation of Senzu Beans.”

“Stop, I will say it beforehand, I don’t have much Senzu Beans here!” When he heard Xiaya mention Senzu Beans, Korin who had already realized the importance of Senzu Beans, hurriedly stopped him. He had painstakingly grown and only produced few senzu beans in these few years, he cannot let Xiaya again take them away.

Xiaya doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he said: “Immortal Korin, I’m not here to ask you to give me Senzu Beans. I still have a lot of Senzu Beans left you gave me last time!”

Senzu Beans, this thing he really does not lack.

At that time, he had carefully stored the more than 70,000 Senzu Beans that he got from Korin. Apart from the few that Xiling, Adri, and others took away, and the little bit consumed in these few years while training, there were still more than 60,000 beans stored in his dimensional space.

However, this kind of healing sacred thing that can heal the wounded and rescue the dying, and can protect people’s lives at the critical time, who would dislike it if they have it too much?

However, the output of Senzu Beans has always been very low. Even if Korin had listened to him and increased their farming, I am afraid that in these few years he couldn’t have harvested much Senzu Beans. Therefore, Xiaya does not expect to get more Senzu Beans from Korin.

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