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A bizarre power spread out.

When pointing, Chen Feng did it with a casual and simple manner. The enjoyment of putting forth such an act did not last long, however, as an expression of pain appeared on his face shortly after. A total 1,000 of points of luck value were exhausted by that single act of pointing at the air.

The second time his Luck Aura activated, a certain feedback was received by his Luck Aura: Due to this not being a problem concerning probability, it was not possible for it to succeed with only one luck value. This would only succeed when the mysterious power of space itself was affected by Luck Aura.

In other words, reality needed to be altered this time, resulting in 1,000 points of luck value being exhausted. During this whole month, he had only saved up 1,200 points of luck value. Now, this single move of his had wasted 1,000 points. From this, the terror of a battle at this level was quite apparent.

However… the effect of his Luck Aura was quite clear as well. The moment his luck value dropped, that slit in the air, which had almost been pierced through by the dragon, became as powerful as someone who had used kamsutram oil 1 . 

It proceeded to swallow the entirety of that terrifying golden dragon.


At this instant, the golden radiance covering the sky started fading.


The middle-aged man was dumbstruck.

The squad was dumbstruck.

Even the deputy captain, who had unleashed the Space-Diminishing Slash, was dumbstruck as well.

The… heck?

It had succeeded?

Even he himself couldn't believe it. That was Roaring through the Nine Prefectures that the middle-aged man had unleashed there. That was an incarnation of a dragon. A long and thick dragon.

The huge golden dragon that had been condensed from a countless amount of energy had been swallowed by that tiny little slit in the air.

This, this, this…

Everyone else blanked for a long time. That was truly too inconceivable.

The whole squad stared at Chen Feng with shock in their eyes, but Chen Feng merely smiled profoundly as a response. "Are the methods Senior Soul has at his disposal something people like you can see coming?"

At that, everyone was startled awake. Senior Soul… They were indeed aware that Senior Soul was powerful. However, they had never expected Senior Soul to be so powerful.

A random move of his was already capable of erasing a superpowerful attack unleashed by a peak A-class old freak that had been alive for several centuries. What about the power he could personally unleash, then?

They were all filled with reverence. He was indeed a legendary figure!

Currently, seeing the giant dragon's disappearance, the middle-aged man was furious.

The middle-aged man's eyes gleamed coldly. "Space-Diminishing Slash… hehe. The Space-Diminishing Slash is only capable of swallowing it. Do you think that I will not be able to control it just because you swallowed it?"



Space cracked. A terrifying radiance flickered in the middle-aged man's eyes. He was unleashing an ability no one knew about or had ever seen. None of them knew the true amount of horrifying secret arts mastered by this old freak who was several centuries old.

The effect of what he had just done was extremely astonishing. The swallowed golden dragon was actually slowly crawling out of the crack in space. It had forcefully pierced through space itself.

Everyone was horrified. "What a terrifying power."

This was not some secret art. Rather, this was pure brute force. He had used his superpowerful strength to slowly pull that golden dragon out of the slit in the air.

This was too horrifying a scene.

The deputy captain's eyes gleamed viciously. "Trying to escape?"

If his Space-Diminishing Slash had failed to even work, he wouldn't have been able to do much, but now that his Space-Diminishing Slash had succeeded in swallowing the dragon, the space within his Space-Diminishing Slash contained a power strong enough to swallow this dragon up. He could clearly feel the terrifying amount of energy currently stored within his Space-Diminishing Slash.

"Return!" the deputy captain howled.

A huge suction power appeared from the inside the Space-Diminishing Slash, sucking that golden dragon back in.

The middle-aged man snorted coldly. "Hmph!"

Once again, he unleashed a formidable power to forcefully pull the huge dragon back out.

Thereupon, in the sky above the Nether Capital, a scene where a thick and solid gigantic golden dragon was being inserted and pulled out of a clean-looking slit could be seen.

Occasionally, some golden radiance splashed around the slit as well.


Chen Feng sunk into silence.

Wang Chun sunk into silence.

The squad was not making any noise either.

As for Shen Yi and the other girls, they couldn't continue watching.

This current scene…

"This feels somewhat…" After studying it for a bit, Xu Fei had an odd expression on his face. "This looks like—"


Several vicious glares landed on him.

Ming Yue made a scissor sign with her hand. Immediately, Xu Fei shut his mouth in fear. However, that odd expression remained in his eyes. But it really looks so similar to that!

The middle-aged man snorted before pulling the dragon out. "Hmph!"

The deputy captain clenched his teeth and swallowed the dragon back in. "Ha!"


Chen Feng was collapsing.

Bro, isn't this supposed to be a battle between top experts? You both are supposed to represent the peak of existences in this world. Can't you fight properly instead of simulating this scene of two different sexes?

That scene unfolding midair accompanied by the sound effects of the two guys gasping for breath caused one to not be able to even look straight at it anymore.

Ultimately, though, the middle-aged man obtained a slight advantage. Under his terrifying control, that huge golden dragon that had been swallowed was slowly being dragged out.

"Not good." The deputy captain had an ominous feeling. He could feel that he was almost losing control. This middle-aged man was too powerful, far exceeding their imagination.

The middle-aged man smiled coldly. That smile appeared so bitingly cold. "You all do not know what true power is."

"Just guide the trajectory and release it!" Chen Feng said suddenly.

The deputy captain was already perspiring all over. "I can't lead it somewhere else."

Damn it!

As the middle-aged man's control over the golden dragon increased, he couldn't even shift the attack to a mountain range nearby anymore. That middle-aged man was simply too terrifying.

"Aim it under him, then," Chen Feng said coldly.

The deputy captain was dumbstruck.

Under him?

Under him?!

A power at such level, if it was aimed below that middle-aged man, wouldn't they all die? He was sure that everyone here, his captain included, would not be able to block a power at such a level. That was a super powerful secret art unleashed after a long condensation time by that old freak.

Chen Feng merely stared at him coldly. "Just release it. Would I commit suicide?"

The deputy captain clenched his teeth. True.

As he recalled the scene earlier where his Space-Diminishing Slash had succeeded, he decided to trust Chen Feng one more time. After clenching his teeth and stamping his feet on the ground, he directly released the dragon toward the Nether Capital.

He couldn't lead the dragon somewhere further away. However, the Nether Capital was right below the dragon and would not pose a problem.


A terrifying power was unleashed. Everyone watched on with an unsightly expression.

All the warriors in the squad were trembling with fear. Regardless of whether they were B- or A-class warriors, facing such a powerful attack, they were akin to weak insects!

This was a large-scale attack! Even the captain of the squad discovered with grief that, apart from trembling in fear, he couldn't do anything.

This was the saddest fact of their current predicament. He was in A class, yet he was so helpless!

However, right at this moment, the biggest change of expression actually appeared on the previously proud-looking middle-aged man.

Not good! These people are aiming for the Nether Capital!

He was too clear on how powerful he and this attack were. If such an attack were to land on the Nether Capital, all his hard work throughout these years would be wasted.

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