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On the same level, two flights of stairs heading toward different directions could be seen. One was heading upward while one was heading downward. Forming an endless loop, it ensured that after every flight of stairs Chen Feng climbed, the same bottle of gene reagent would welcome him.


That was not possible. If this was truly an illusion, the mere act of spiritual energy eruption would have been sufficient to damage it, because an illusion by itself was something constructed with spiritual energy.

Hence, this was not an illusion. All the things here were solid things that truly existed yet didn't give such an impression. Chen Feng started thinking. If he possessed space-related abilities as well, would it be feasible for him to produce the same Penrose stairs?

It was quite feasible.

B class, C class, D class, E class, and F class, a total of five genetic abilities. Apart from one space-related ability, one could still possess four other types of genetic abilities.

Space creation, space structuring, and space construction would require a secret art formed through at least three types of genetic abilities. In other words, two more genetic abilities were required to build the Penrose stairs. As long as these two genetic abilities were capable of creating an endless loop, it would be sufficient.

In fact, such abilities truly existed.

For example: Mirror Image.

A majority of endless loops were created using abilities that worked like the concept of mirrors. Even if the built path were something one couldn’t walk on, what if mirrors were used to give an illusion of actual movement?

For example, the stairways before him.

On this level, two flights of stairs were available. What if one of them was an actual flight of stairs while the other flight of stairs was forged using mirror-image-related abilities to give one an illusion that it was an actual path that led somewhere else, when in truth, it led back to the same place?

This would become an endless flight of stairs. If he were to climb the first flight the stairs, the next flight of stairs would be an imitated flight of stairs formed by the mirror-image ability that led him back to the same position.

This was a mirror imitation.

Using the mirror related ability to create a flight of stairs that looked the same, yet every aspect of it, such as gravity or vision, were opposite of the actual flight of stairs. That was the reason he had not noticed any abnormalities when traveling on the stairs. He had no idea how that guy had done this or what the genetic abilities used were, but it was very probable his deductions were correct.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "Let me give it a try."


He stepped forth.

If his guess was correct…

He now stood at the middle of the two flights of stairs. Since he had already guessed how this worked, it would be much easier to deal with this.

He stretched his hand out. The mirror image ability could not be seen nor felt. However, the only thing that felt different was the temperature.


An endless cold aura was released from Chen Feng’s hand. Unlimited Wind Blades erupted.



Before him, at the spot that was supposed to be empty, a layer of frost appeared.

"It appeared!"

Chen Feng stirred. He was indeed correct!

Then, time to end this!


Chen Feng shook his hand, shattering the layer of frost.

Instantly, the endless loop stopped. Chen Feng climbed up the stairs. There, a faint white radiance was shimmering. That was the exit to the real world.

In an independent space like this, the flow of time was obviously different. Chen Feng was certain that in the real world, not long had passed.

Currently, at the summit of the snow mountain, Zuo Xiao Rou was looking at that B-class genetic warrior with an inconceivable expression. "Who are you?!"

Chen Feng had disappeared. She had noticed Chen Feng making his move earlier. With his strength, he would be able to last at least several seconds against his opponent. These several seconds would be sufficient for her victory. However, Chen Feng had actually disappeared instantly!

Such strength…

"Me?" That person smiled. "The others nicknamed me Scholar."

"It’s you!" Zuo Xiao Rou’s expression changed greatly.

Scholar! An extremely terrifying person from the organization. He was only in B class, yet nobody dared to look down on him. His formidable space-control abilities and his self-created space secret art was sufficient to cause others to tremble in fear.

This was an extremely scary enemy. So far, the enemies that had been banished away by him had never successfully returned.

Chen Feng…

Zuo Xiao Rou’s heart chilled. She had probably brought disaster to Chen Feng this time.


She sighed.

It seemed like she couldn’t continue this battle anymore. She could still deal with the Lei brothers with some difficulty. However, if Scholar joined hands with them, she had zero confidence in her victory. She glanced at the Qin Hai that was still in the midst of breakthrough…

Seemed like she could only do what Chen Feng had said to earlier: take Qin Hai away forcefully.

However, if she did that, the sliver of hope for breakthrough that Qin Hai had painstakingly sought after would be lost!

Zuo Xiao Rou clenched her teeth. Forget it.

At this moment, Scholar’s cold gaze was locked onto her. A formidable power of space was bubbling up around him. He was about to make his move!


Zuo Xiao Rou charged toward Qin Hai.

Reverse Gravity!


With her speed increased, she reached Qin Hai instantly. However, just as she was about to grab onto Qin Hai, a terrifying power bloomed in front of her. Lei Hao had charged forth to obstruct her.

Lei Hao laughed malevolently. "Planning to leave just like that?"


A formidable power swirled around his body.



With two punches, Zuo Xiao Rou was pushed back.

Lei Hao sneered. "Even if I don’t have much of my strength left, I can still stop you!"

"Ah." A smile appeared on Scholar’s face as his power of space locked onto Zuo Xiao Rou. "Goodbye, then."


A formidable power bloomed.

However, right at this moment, space cracked and a silhouette appeared out of it. That silhouette was in front of Zuo Xiao Rou, seemingly taking on Scholar's attack for her. However, it vanished without a trace the next instant. Instead of vanishing like she was supposed to, Zuo Xiao Rou remained in the same spot.

Scholar blanked.

What happened?

He could vaguely see a phantom appearing out of nowhere to block his attack on Zuo Xiao Rou.

Scholar frowned. "A body substitution ability?"

It was rumored that such a secret art indeed existed. It was able to take on a single fatal attack on behalf of the user. However, it was an ability that could only be used once in a certain short duration of time.

"Let me attack one more time, then."


Once again, Scholar made his move.


At this instant.


The space cracked, and once again, that silhouette blocked in front of Zuo Xiao Rou to take on the attack.


The silhouette vanished.

Zuo Xiao Rou was still safe and sound.

Scholar was dumbstruck. What was going on?!

How could a body-substituting ability be used twice in a row? Perhaps Zuo Xiao Rou possessed some sort of power on her that could block his space secret art?



Once again, Scholar attacked.


The silhouette flickered in and out of existence without stop.

Every single time he attacked, that silhouette would appear.

This seemingly undefeated secret art of Scholar's was now rendered ineffective.

How was this possible?!

Scholar did not dare to believe this. What kind of freak was this Zuo Xiao Rou to be immune to his attack? This was the strongest secret art he had!

"I refuse to believe this!" Scholar howled.

He had never encountered such a situation.

Even those A-class super experts would be trapped by his ability. Granted, they would be able to break out with brute force the next instant; however, they would still be momentarily trapped.

As for Zuo Xiao Rou, she was completely immune.

How could this be?


He attacked once again. However, his expression changed greatly as he attempted to attack. That was because he had alarmingly found that all his energy was exhausted. The remaining energy he had was not sufficient to support an activation of his secret art.

How could this be?

Scholar collapsed. Not a single attack of his had succeeded!

Theoretically, an attack that failed to launch should not be consuming his energy!

This was a space secret art!

Only when his opponent was thrown into the created space would the space and endless loop be constructed. If he did not even complete the act of throwing his opponent into the space, why had his energy been exhausted?

At the same time.


The space cracked. Once again, that silhouette appeared.

This time, Scholar finally got a good look at the silhouette and cried out in alarm. "It’s you?"

That silhouette was Chen Feng!

Chen Feng stared at him with a ridiculous expression. "Of course it’s me."

Godamnit. The moment I came out, you throw me in again. Every single time I came out, you throw me back in there. This is too excessive!

"Bro… even if I had indeed broken out of your 5-star secret art, you don’t need to hate me so much, right? Throwing me into that space repeatedly is quite pointless, right? Since I can break out of it once, the subsequent times are even easier to me. Aren’t you worried that your energy will be exhausted if you keep spamming the skill on me?"

Evidently, Chen Feng was extremely displeased.

Scholar was dumbstruck. "I…"

How was I supposed to know it was you?

Not a trace of calm remained on his face. What kind of person was this?

So the undefeated 5-star secret art of his was broken by a D-class genetic warrior who was also a producer with weak combat power?



The world had gone crazy!

Scholar collapsed emotionally. When had producers became so powerful?


Unregulated Gravity!

Taking the opportunity, Zuo Xiao Rou instantly erupted.

The Lei brothers and Scholar was immediately sunk into a disadvantageous position. Since they did not have much energy remaining, they couldn’t even move. Instead, they could only suffer under the irregular gravity force exerted onto them.

"Let’s end this."

The terrifying power of gravity descended upon them.


A loud explosion.


Unexpectedly, a powerful and terrifying power, at this instant, suddenly erupted to block Zuo Xiao Rou’s attack, erasing the irregular gravity applied on them in the process.



The terrifying power bloomed while an astonishing power surged.


The calm silhouette of Lei Hao appeared as he walked out one step at a time. From his hand, an empty gene reagent bottle was tossed away. A small label could be seen on it.

Origin Restoration Liquid

Class: A

Function: Restores the user’s power to the peak condition the user was once at during the past one month.

Duration: 120 seconds

Effect: After the active duration, the user’s power will drop to the weakest condition the user was once at during the past one month.


Lei Hao walked forth.

The terrifying pressure belonging to an A-class bloomed.

"Idiotic kids… did you all truly believe that I would come to such a dangerous place with this injured body without any sort of preparations? This is what you forced me to do… Initially, I didn't wish to use this," Lei Hao’s cold voice echoed.

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