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Chapter 375: 375

Gordon led a death squad and stormed Leo and his men .

But I didn't storm directly from the front .

Leo split the army in two hands to make Williams chase them .

Gordon set up an assault on the chaser unit .

"Keep going! Keep going on this me!!

Gordon spits blood out of his mouth as he waves his sword on the front line .

Leo opened the wound . But it won't stop . T ran s late d b y jp mt l . c om

Because the men behind us can't stop .

If I stop, my men stop, too .

"Leonardo ooh!!

Gordon stirred himself up and raised his voice .

To keep William from being chased .

If Gordon was attacked by another team, it could also mean that Leo would go after William by leaving Gordon to another team .

Trans l at ed by jp m t l . c om That's why Gordon kept calling Leo's name .

To let you know that you are here .

"Leonardo ooh!!!!

After several shouts, Gordon's sight showed his brother's face .

It's not Leo .

This is Al, who was leading a separate team .

Look at that face . Gordon laughs .

Because I thought Leo would come out if I approached Al .

But enemy forces began to evacuate rapidly .

The Gordons, who were no longer at their limit, could not follow it .

And the enemy deployed the archers .

"While my brother . . . he's a nasty guy"

The last thing I wanted you to do in this situation .

Don't go along with the riots, rebuild once and attack from a distance .

Rolf and I have different vessels . He hits me the most reluctant hand because I'm not insulting him .

T r a n s lat e d b y Jp m t l . co m That's right . Gordon didn't have a hitter either .

An arrow was released, and Gordon looked up at it .

But Gordon's vision showed a man's back .

After a moment .

There was the figure of a Fidesser who received countless arrows instead of Gordon .


" . . . let's move on . . . your final path is . . . ours . . . "

That's what Fidesser says . The horse proceeds with the arrow stabbed .

And Gordon's men continue .

Arrows go on constantly, but they don't stop .

And Gordon followed .


Attack by obstinate arrows .

But Gordon broke through with his men as shields .


I don't speak any more of my men who always replied . Tran s l at e d by Jp m t l . c o m

Gordon stormed the archers, distorting his face about it .

"Move on Yikes!!

Gordon's assault was impatient .

So at the time the archers broke through, Leo was in motion .

Leo descends slowly before Gordon .

Troops led by Leo are consolidating around .

We decided to give up our pursuit of William and definitely discuss Gordon here .

"Oh, my God! If you go after William, do what William was after!

"It wasn't sunny . I recognize you . "

That's what Leo puts up his sword .

And stormed while on the noir .

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But in contrast, Gordon returned it in an assault .

The sword and sword collide .

A force comparison occurred and Gordon bounced Leo off .

T ra ns la ted b y jpmtl . c o m Leo, unloaded from the noir, lands in position in the air .

The hand was incredibly paralyzed .

There was so much strength there that I didn't think it was a human blow that was fatally wounded .

"Let's weigh . . . it's the weight of my life and that of my men . . . take it!!!!

That's what Gordon says . He advances his horse and hits Leo .

Gordon's biggest advantage is attack .

The strengths that had never been demonstrated before were now being maximized .

Leo strikes back as well, but Gordon waves his sword all the way to the top of the line .

As a result, Leo's offense won't stop Gordon from moving .

One blow was heavy, and Leo was blown away every time he took the sword .

And Leo couldn't handle Gordon's blow and was blown away as much as he wanted .

"Gu . . . . . . !

"Get up . . . Get up and come towards me!!

I used to say the same word .

Gordon goes down the horse .

I wanted to fight on equal terms .

As it once was .



Leo regains his posture and launches a series of attacks .

A series of shots that won't even breathe .

But Gordon sneezes it off and kicks Leo in the ass .

"What can't beat me by the hand will make me emperor . . . ? Don't make me laugh! The weak will not serve as Emperor of the Empire! Sweet, weak you deserve that!!

"I . . . not the old me"

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"Then let me prove it . . . . . . I don't admit emperors who are weaker than me!!

That being said, Gordon approaches Leo step by step .

Leo felt unspeakable pressure .

Gordon now has the awesomeness I once felt .

Hegemony as a general leading his men on the front line .

Pride as a warrior in the war who carried many of his companions behind him .

The sword had weight .

Leo is blown away many times without being able to take it .

But Leo didn't give up .

He ate up and eventually began to stop that blow .

Then the meeting starts with a pause .


"Ha ha!!!!

A blow that is likely to take consciousness if you lose your mind . Take it and fight back against your opponent .

But a half-breed attack will no longer pass on Gordon, who is ready to die .

Still, Leo never ran away from Gordon .

Gordon was about to spill a grin on that figure .

Unlike my crooked self, my brother grew up straight .

I taught the general that the attitude of not giving up is necessary . If the general doesn't give up, neither will the soldiers .

Leo practiced it faithfully . It was one hand to distance ourselves from Gordon and wait for Gordon to exhaust .

But Leo doesn't use those hands . Because the soldiers are watching .

Leo had the temper to try to break it from the front because he told me that if I won, I wouldn't recognize him as an emperor .

My heart was beginning to acknowledge it .

My stronger brother .

Desperate to make his consciousness seem distant, Gordon squeezed his final power and rolled out a poke .

That's a serious blow with all the power you can get at Leo's neck .

But Leo flashed it into Gordon's pocket .

And Leo's sword pierced Gordon's chest again .

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Now they pierced my heart .

It was a perfect blow .

" . . . brilliant . . . that's my . . . brother . . . "

"Gordon . . . brother . . . why . . . ?

"Forgive me . . . it was foolish . . . to push so many things on you . . . "

That's what Gordon gave her face .

There was Al at the end of his gaze .

Al greets Gordon .

Gordon looked at it and smiled, telling Leo .

"I had the luxury of choosing how to die . . . I was lucky . . . to see my brother grow on the battlefield . . . "

"If that's what you think . . . how could you rebel . . . ?

"I don't know . . . but what happened . . . show me at the end . . . your . . . winning name . . . "

That's what Gordon says . Pushes Leo to pull out the sword .

And fell on his back as he was .

But those eyes were right for Leo .

Leo raised his sword high as Gordon stared at him like that .

"State traitor!! Gordon Lakes Ardler was taken over by Eighth Prince Leonardo!!

After burning the figure into his eyes, Gordon slowly closed his eyes .

My brother went beyond himself .

Strange satisfaction was wrapping Gordon .

I get a voice in Gordon's ear like that .

Brain muscle, as usual .

"Well . . . this is all I can do"

"Well, if you were satisfied, why not? I'll leave the rest to those kids . "

"Right . . . . . . let's just say I leave the rest to my brothers"

That said Gordon's consciousness slowly faded .

This is how Gordon's rebellion, which began in Imperial City, closed the curtain .

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