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An order of knights slowly walked in the middle of a thick, dense forest.

If you look at their faces, you can sense their fatigue, yet despite that, their faces were full of pride in their sense of accomplishment.

If you look even closer at the order of knights, you can then see that it’s composed of various races.

Beginning with humans, there were even beastmen, elves, and dwarves.

At the helm of said order are two knights.

One is wrapped in a pure white war costume while his black hair hangs over it. At a glance, he looks like a gentle teen with a well-ordered facial expression, but you can sense some kind of strong force behind his eyes. Riding on glistening white horse, he puts forth the image of a hero from the legends of old by his appearance.

Only slightly behind him is a man of large build, whose head is covered with a black helmet and body clad in matching armor. He straddles on a horse covered in blood-red hair and puts forth the image like that of a God of Death.

「We can finally see the townscape of Romaria. 」

The young boy who rode in front on horseback called out to the black knight behind him.

「This time it wasn’t just thieves but violent demons. However, to even subjugating the dragon-kind….. if this was only a simple opposition, then I wouldn’t have had the intention to spend so many days on it!」

Saying that in agreement, the black knight laughs sarcastically.

「For example. if I had rode on Zephyr, then even if the dragon-kind appeared, it still shouldn’t have taken this long」

「Even if we shrink them with magic, even thieves would run away from just a glance at something as ancient and divine beasts as Dragons. Furthermore, it will even frighten the villagers. This time, it served as practice for the order, so everything worked out alright. Above all else, the villagers around that area can live with peace of mind」

The young boy said with a smile, and called out in a loud voice to the knight next to him and the soldiers.

「Only a little farther until the castle gates. Let’s properly return with pride in our chests!!」


After the dazzling view of the young boy raising his voice, the black knight turned to face the knights behind him. With only just one cry, the faces of the soldiers who couldn’t really hide their exhaustion all changed into tight smiles.

Sigurd, the black knight who seen the boy since he was very young, thought to himself

‘This boy can sway soldiers with a single shout. Although the content was plain and simple, anyone who follows him won’t ever doubt those words.’

Those words, that appearance, that behavior….. moves the hearts of the soldiers.

This is,

「The Proof of a Ruler」


The Continent of Arcadia is presently divided into large countries and several smaller states.

The Strongest and most Renown of all, situated in the center,「The Holy Arcadia Empire」

The Head of the North, the country governed by the Empress and her 「Wolfgarte Empire」

Situated in the Southern part of the Continent with warm climate, the wealthy national power 「Sindra Kingdom」

In the Continent’s Western regions, advocating a military state and aiming to expand their influence with vigilant eyes on their prey 「Thracia Empire 」

Many countries intermingled and were competing for leadership such as, the one said to have the strongest soldiers in the East of the Continent 「The Grants Republic」, the one aiming to unify the East 「The Baizeld Republic」, the richest and peaceful country in the East 「Istrea Kingdom」, and the emerging nation surrounded by mystery 「Dormadia Kingdom」.

Many other countries such as the Powerful「Torsden Kingdom」 and the Leader of the West 「The Toranberg Republic」 owner of various lands.

And such an Age is also a troubled one. A time where each nation worked out conspiracies and competed each other for leadership.

Troubled times call for a Hero and the such times produced Heroes.

The one who is meant to dominate the continent and inspire Armies, 「Thunder Emperor」 Sephiroth Arcadia

The Name of the prime minister who exercised her shrewdness in Wolfgarte Empire, 「The White Wolf of the North」 Lady Alfreed

The One who exhausts the very limits of tyranny with overwhelming military force, 「Usurper King」 Zakkard the Duke of Baizeld

The Commander of the unrivaled navy that dominates the Continent’s seas, 「Pirate King」 Rocknado

The One who leads the strongest order of knights in the Tharacian Army, trampling countless nations, 「The Death God」 Sir Zaitel

And in the middle of this contest amongst an innumerable amount of heroes, the times brought forth a star who sheds a remarkable and prominent light.

This is the one who subdued the war that spread throughout the continent and would be later called by people in the future as 「The Hero of Heroes」

This is the story of 「The Hero Emperor」 Ares Schwarzer.

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