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Chapter 91: 91
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Zhuo Fan and the young master were like best pals now, chit-chatting what all young men talked about those days . This worked to Zhuo Fan’s advantage, finding all the particularities regarding Song Yu’s past .


Dong Tianba belonged to an average-sized town’s leading clan, considered a second-rate clan in the empire, but far stronger than the Song clan .

Not too long ago, Dong Tianba’s father sent him on business to Nightrain City, where this young master hit it right off with the dastardly Song Yu . The moment Song Yu found that his friend was from a second-rate clan, he took it in stride, drinking and going to pleasure houses, not forgetting to act the haughty part that deigned his new position, and all of this alongside his friend . It went so far that Dong Tianba was even planning on giving his sister’s, Dong Xiaowan, hand in marriage to Song Yu .


Song Yu was close to going crazy from joy as that was the greatest gift any from the Song clan would want . As all was set and done, he went straight to proposing .


Unfortunately, Dong Xiaowan was the only daughter of the Dong clan, the apple of her grandfather’s eye, so how could he let Dong Tianba decide her fate? As a result, when his grandfather found Song Yu’s social standing, his dastardly moral talent, the grandfather catapulted him out of his home and even rebuked his grandson .


As for Dong Xiaowan, she never forgave her dear elder brother for bringing up such a proposal . [I am your sister and you want to throw me to that pig?]


[He is a greedy slacker!]


While the Dong clan saw Song Yu for what he was, a sorry excuse of a man, Dong Tianba found him as his dearest of friends, going out with every chance he got .


[What greedy slacker? He is true to himself, unlike those hypocritical gentlemen . ] Dong Tianba recalled that encounter with a smile, feeling he let down his dear friend in Nightrain City .


It was also thanks to him for having notified the Song clan of the Hundred Pill Meeting that they sent Song Yu to the gathering . He hoped Song Yu would use this chance to climb the ranks and dismiss the Dong clan’s despising glances .


With a bit of luck, the Song clan would be under Drifting Flowers Edifice’s care and the Dong clan would have nothing to say if he asked for Dong Xiaowan’s hand again .


Zhuo Fan gave a bitter smile at the side . [This is one odd elder brother! The rotten Song Yu just invited him to a drink a couple of times and he is ready to throw his sister in the former’s lap . If I were the Dong grandfather, I would’ve tanned his rear to a paste . ]


[Furthermore, how come you push your sister on others you like while you yourself are unmarried?]


Zhuo Fan shook his head, worried over the happiness of the Dong clan and Dong Tianba’s sister . Even the four elders behind them were red-faced with humiliation from having such a weirdo for a young master .


They even looked around at times to make sure no one heard him!


Zhuo Fan sighed, [Birds of a feather flock together . ]


“Bro Song!”


Dong Tianba beckoned him with a strange smile, “Where’s your sister?”


Zhuo Fan replied, “She left after bringing me here . I made sure to personally see her off . ”


He had an ineffable smile when he said ‘personally’ . But it went over Dong Tianba’s head who was downcast .


“And I really wanted to gaze upon miss Song one more time . I would’ve long sent the dowry if not for my old man refusing to have anything to do with your clan . ”


“Hhha, the world houses countless beauties, bro Dong needn’t ‘hang’ on just one . ” Zhuo Fan smiled, “My sister doesn’t deserve you . Look around, there are countless girls in Drifting Flowers City to feast your eyes on . ”


“Sigh, bro Song, you wouldn’t understand . You can’t touch any of the girls here!”


Dong Tianba made sure no one was around before whispering, “Don’t you know that the Drifting Flowers Edifice is unique among the seven houses for only having women? For a thousand years, they had men marry into their house . This is a place where women reign . ”


“Does that mean you can’t even chase girls?”

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Dong Tianba had a deep look this time, “Bro, how come I feel like I know you less and less? Don’t you know chasing and harassing have different meanings?”


Zhuo Fan laughed in dismay, “Yeah, you’re absolutely right . Bro Dong is a genius . ”


“Hhha, we both are . Didn’t we use to swap pointers? How could you forget? Must be from the blow my sister’s refusal gave you that you succumbed to your vices . ”


Zhuo Fan nodded repeatedly . Dong Tianba was an oddball, but quite true to others . Talking with him all this time made Zhuo Fan feel at ease .


“By the way, brother Dong, what other rules are there? Like this tavern…”


“Almost forgot . ” Dong Tianba spoke in a heavy tone, “Because of the massive influx of people throughout the Hundred Pill Meeting, the Drifting Flowers Edifice has laid some rules regarding lodging . The third-rate clans are to stay in the poor district, the second-rate clans in the taverns and the first-rate clans are welcomed by the 15 Floor Keepers . The Seven Noble Houses…”


“There are people from the Seven Noble Houses here?” Zhuo Fan raised a question .


Dong Tianba nodded, “That is only natural . The seven houses might be plotting and scheming among each other, but Drifting Flowers Edifice is neutral . It is expected for two-three houses to be here, welcomed personally by the Edifice Lord . At the very least, Hell Valley is certain to be here . ”


Zhuo Fan gasped .


That explained the Hell Valley’s disciples at the gate . They weren’t purposely placed in every city for searching him in particular, but because they followed someone important from their house to participate in the Hundred Pill Meeting .


The one who must be representing Hell Valley had to be an elder, or maybe their Valley Lord…


“Who came from Hell Valley?” Zhuo Fan asked frantically .


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Wrinkling his brows, Dong Tianba shook his head . But then a man burst through the door huffing, “Young master, the young miss is in trouble!”


Dong Tianba jumped to his feet and rushed with the four elders . Zhuo Fan was right behind them!


They arrived at a market . There were many people standing at the sideline in silence .


A fine and charming lady stood in front of a stall, holding a delicate piece of jewelry . Her phoenix eyes darted towards the crying woman on the ground .


Dong Xiaowan’s cheeks were swollen as tears streamed her stinging face . Anyone there would realize she was slapped, and not just once or twice .


Dong Tianba hurried to help his sister as he roared, “Xiaowan, what happened? Who did this?”


“Brother, let’s just go!” Dong Xiaowan held in her sobs while taking a side-glance at the stuck up lady in red .


“Who said you can leave?” The lady said with malice . Her sharp eyes stabbed like swords and made Dong Xiaowan shiver, “I told you to slap yourself a hundred times . Aren’t you skipping some from thirty?”


“No matter who you think you are, I can make your whole clan burn if I want to!”


Crestfallen and shivering, Dong Xiaowan started slapping herself and her already swollen face began growing redder and bulgier along with the tears of humiliation .


Dong Tianba grabbed her hands and snapped, “Xiaowan, stop! Why are you doing this?”


“Brother, it’s all my fault . ” Dong Xiaowan cried, “I wanted to buy that item, but she…”


Dong Tianba heard it clearly even if her voice trailed off . He turned his flaming eyes of rage to the lady in red, “I get that you wanted to take the jewelry from my sister’s hand, but why do you have to be so heavy-handed?”

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“Hhha, I asked her politely, but she kept being rude to me and didn’t know what’s good for her . ” The lady mocked and threw the jewelry to the ground in spite, “Now I lost all interest in it . So how can I not teach her manners for this?”


The lady’s naked contempt made Dong Tianba spit words through gritted teeth, “Bitch, I will make you regret this, or my name isn’t Dong Tianba . ”


He then went charging over . With how the lady was but in the 9th layer of Qi Condensation, his power was more than enough to deal with her .


Unfortunately, a gale stopped him as a white figure flashed in front of him .




The noise echoed around as Dong Tianba was sent flying into the air and in his previous place landed a handsome youth in white, fanning himself; 7th layer of Bone Tempering Stage .


Such a disciple was considered the cream of the crop among the seven houses .


Zhuo Fan’s eyelid trembled and his feet moved .


Dong Tianba and his four elders were nowhere near enough to deal with the newcomer . If he was impassive, this pair of siblings would experience a world of hurt today .


But if he did act, he would earn a world of trouble, affecting his plans .


But this bitch was too ruthless, she was asking for a beating . Not even he, a Demonic Emperor, could take this lying down .


When all was said and done, some things couldn’t be held in . This was his demonic path…


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