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Chapter 89: 89
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How could this be?


Zhuo Fan’s casual rise to his feet left everyone astonished, especially Qi Weilin .

The Soul Devourer passed on through generations, a Radiant Stage expert killer, was dealt with just like that?


“W-what is that?”


Qi Weilin now noticed the azure flame on Zhuo Fan’s forehead and exclaimed, “Did that thing remove the poison?”


The flame vanished the next second and Zhuo Fan had a wicked grin plastered on his face, “Hhha, the dead needn’t worry too much . ”


All of them were startled and took a step back .


They saw the terror Zhuo Fan could unleash and his words only worked to unnerve them .


But Qi Weilin gathered his courage when he noticed the Violet Canopy was still around Zhuo Fan, “There’s no need to worry, the brat is trapped under my spiritual weapon . There’s no way…”




He didn’t get the chance to finish his flimsy reasoning as a dragon roar echoed and a black light ran through his chest .


With a jerk, Qi Weilin was left bleeding from his mouth .


“What… just happened?” As Qi Weilin wiped the blood away, he felt his body growing colder . His life was seeping away yet he couldn’t understand why .


He looked towards Qi Tianlei and the Song siblings only to find them staring at his chest . Qi Weilin looked down and discovered a fist-sized black hole spurting blood .


He noticed an identical hole at his back too . It was as if something had burrowed through his chest .


“How did… this happen…” Qi Weilin couldn’t comprehend what had happened even on the brink of his death . But when he looked at Zhuo Fan, his eyes narrowed .


Zhuo Fan was gasping beneath the Violet Canopy after using close to half of his energy, but his hand was still in the form of a dragon claw .


It just so happened that there was also a fist-sized hole in the canopy, aligned with his chest .


Only now did the horror and dread of what transpired got to Qi Weilin, “Monster! To force your way through a 4th-grade spiritual weapon… with only… your… body strength…”




His body hit the ground hard, his eyes were still shocked and incredulous of what came to pass .


Zhuo Fan killed him in an instant despite being trapped!


Not even a Profound Heaven expert could display such power if they were in Zhuo Fan’s place .


[He… is an abomination that will end my clan…]


Along with the fear Qi Weilin felt, there was now endless regret…


“Ah!” Song Qian cried in terror while fleeing . Qi Tianlei and Song Yu’s knees softened, shivering all the while they ran alongside her .


Gasping, Zhuo Fan showed a vile smile of delight .


Wraith Style 2nd move, Ghostly Dragon Claw!


Among the profound ranked martial arts, Zhuo Fan could only employ one move fully, yet it still sapped half of his strength .


[But the power makes it all worth it!]


The Wraith Style was suited to a body cultivator, the stronger the body, the more outrageous the blows . However, the end result exceeded Zhuo Fan’s imagination . It was a perfect match for his 5th-grade demonic treasure body!


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At first, he only thought of giving it a shot in breaking the 4th-grade spiritual weapon . Yet the result showed that the spiritual weapon was like paper in front of the Ghostly Dragon Claw .


“He-he-he, I was right in my course of action . Since my freaky body refining worked, a stronger martial art was only fitting . ” Zhuo Fan revealed a radiant smile .


Then, his wings whipped out with a flurry .




The broken Violet Canopy turned to pieces and Zhuo Fan eyed the trio in the distance with coldness . His wings flapped and he was on them in seconds .


He then blocked their retreat and the trio stumbled to the ground with pale faces .


“Go ahead, run!” Zhuo Fan’s vile smile was a prelude to the horror that followed, “Let’s see who’s faster, me or you?”


“Y-young master Zhuo, the Qi clan was blind not to see your greatness . You killed my grandfather and my dad, please let me go . ”


Qi Tianlei was so scared by Zhuo Fan’s twisted grin that he was pounding the ground with his forehead, all the while shedding bitter tears .


Zhuo Fan gave a faint smile and hoisted him by his neck, “Now that you said it, it’s best I kill you too, to accompany them in death . ”


Black tendrils left Zhuo Fan and burrowed into Qi Tianlei . In but seconds, Qi Tianlei was turned to dust, scattered to the four winds .


The Song siblings were close to having a mental breakdown witnessing such a gruesome murder .


Zhuo Fan smiled, “Is there anything you want to say at this point?”


In the end, it was Song Qian who spoke through trembling lips, “Brother Zhuo, we were compelled . The Song clan is a minor clan and can’t offend even the Qi clan . Let my life douse your anger, but please leave the Song clan our last heir . ”




Song Yu’s tears flowed unabated as Song Qian looked at him with tenderness .

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Zhuo Fan shook his head with a mutter, “You are just like them, with your clan in dire straits, and compelled to lower yourself…”


He then turned around and looked at the wide sky with a sigh, “I wonder what they are doing right now? Wonder if my actions brought them more hardships…”


“Are you speaking of… Luo clan?” Song Qian ventured .


Zhuo Fan smiled, “Indeed . You are so much alike that it makes it hard for me to do this…”


The siblings broke out a faint smile, but then came Zhuo Fan’s cold tone, “Such a pity, there is one part you are different in…”




Zhuo Fan’s wings whipped and the siblings’ heads traveled through the air before plopping on the ground .


What made it even eerier was the faint smile of forlorn hope .


“You two are far shrewder . ” Zhuo Fan jeered, “You two knew from where I come from and enacted such a heartfelt play thinking I was a moron . This is where you diverge from their demeanor, hhha…”


Zhuo Fan left, uncaring of the corpses or the consequences, not even of the wails coming from the Qi clan’s home .


A month later .


Three figures landed in the Qi clan’s manor . They were dressed in gray and their leader was Hell Valley’s second elder .


He watched everything with a calculative eye and muttered, “How come the Qi clan is so quiet?”


“Humph, they have the nerve to say that they have clues about the runt and when we come, there’s no one here at all . ” Another elder curse, “What is a mere second-rate clan trying to pull?”


Second elder huffed and then shouted, “No, there’s something wrong here . Third elder, Fourth elder, check the surroundings . ”


Moments after they left, a cry came from the back of Qi clan’s manor, “Second elder, third elder, come and take a look at this . ”

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Both of them appeared in a blink, but the sight left them speechless .


What used to be a garden was now a cemetery housing a thousand dead bodies in a towering pile . The rot assaulted their noses and painted an even gruesome picture with the swarm of flies around it .


“That punk is savage . He killed the whole Qi clan . ” Second elder spat .


The other two were overwhelmed by the image of a kid ripping apart fleeing people and came to realize they were a far cry from his level when it came to viciousness .


Such cold-blooded slaughter of an entire clan only came from offending the Tianyu Empire or the seven houses .


Second elder grew frantic, “Elders, handle the corpses so that no one finds out about this . ”




“Fool, if anyone comes to know of the dread this runt can instill, who else will muster the nerve to search for him?” Second elder cursed, “Humph, Qi Weilin liked to flaunt himself as an equal for our seventh elder . He must’ve planned on taking the kid down all by himself and earning the reward . Look at what greed does to people . ”


“Overconfident fool!” Scoffing, second elder left as a towering flame rose behind him . It swallowed the manor and the corpses, leaving only the ashes of the renowned Qi clan .


An elder gazed upon the raging fire and asked, “Second elder, what now?”


“We separate!” The look in second elder’s eyes hardened, “The three of us will go different ways . One of us is sure to be on the right track . ”


“What about the fourth direction?” The elder frowned, “If not for Grand Elder being in seclusion, the four of us would have been enough . ”


Second elder shook his head, “There’s no need to concern ourselves with that direction . It leads to Drifting Flowers City . If the brat dares to step foot in it, he’ll have to face the fifth elder . ”


Then he flew away . The other two elders also picked a direction and left .


What was left behind was a desolate and eerie place, void of people . So came to pass the number one clan in Orchid City, destroyed to the roots…


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