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Chapter 56: 56
Zhuo Fan stared at Xue Wanlong, thinking hard for a way to finish his enemy . Xue Wanlong was the same, yet his eyes seemed lost .


He saw no hesitation from Zhuo Fan, but a naked taunt instead . This was not how a Qi Condensation cultivator was supposed to stare at a Bone Tempering expert . It was more akin to a savage beast staring down its prey, and he didn’t like it one bit .

[Being stared down by someone weaker than me feels like I’ve lost all respect . ]


He decided to rush for an attack and strike awe in this kid .


But Zhuo Fan got ahead of him and ran for him first .


“Second move!”


Zhuo Fan’s sudden action startled him, but soon recalled who he was . Even if it was against a punk, he wasn’t about to make a fool of himself .


Moreover, only Savage Moon was a threat to him . If he paid attention to it, he’d be fine . It would be no problem lasting ten moves .


If his thoughts were known to others, it would leave them speechless .


In a fight between Peak Bone Tempering expert and a Qi Condensation kid, the former who thought this was but a cat and mouse game was now thinking how to survive ten moves .


Who the hell was strong and who was weak then? And more importantly, who in the hell told him to make a 10 moves bet in the first place?


But he had no time to mind such trifles as Zhuo Fan had turned into a silver light . Seeing the silver light approach him, Xue Wanlong exploded with power and retreated . It could be said that he was being wary of Savage Moon, but he was even more afraid that he would end up making an embarrassing scene!


Xue Lin, who was thrown down, coughed twice then stared in shock, “Dad, you were the one who brought up the ten moves bet, not the other way around!”


Xue Wanlong’s face froze, itching to run over and kick his son’s rear real good . [Can you be even more oblivious? This kid’s toy is sharp and you want me to play around with death?]


Xue Lin was ignorant of his dad’s struggle and kept cheering . But Xue Wanlong’s face was getting more and more ashen!


Zhuo Fan didn’t even get to touch Xue Wanlong’s clothes in the first 5 moves . But he saw through Xue Wanlong’s intention and became bold .


With a manic grin, Zhuo Fan declared, “Sixth move!”


He sped up for another attack while Xue Wanlong was prepared to dodge .


But this time, Zhuo Fan stepped lightly and turned into three figures, surrounding Xue Wanlong . Three silver lights approached Xue Wanlong in a threatening manner from different directions .


Xue Wanlong was startled . But as a Peak Bone Tempering expert, he didn’t lose his calm . He kicked the ground and made it explode . The force helped him dodge backwards, almost enough to escape the encirclement .


But Zhuo Fan sneered and stepped again!




The images dissipated . However, Zhuo Fan appeared from behind Xue Wanlong and cut past his ear!


“Low spirit ranked martial art, Mystifying Phantom Step!”


The two stopped again, with Zhuo Fan standing three meters away from his opponent with a smile . Xue Wanlong stood there watching a strand of black hair floating before him .


“I-I lost!”


He couldn’t believe it . What was meant to be a test for the kid, ended with his complete loss in the 6th move .


He didn’t sense Zhuo Fan behind him, but since Zhuo Fan could cut his hair just as well, it could’ve been his head .


In other words, Zhuo Fan was going easy on him .


Xue Wanlong swallowed dryly . He was going all out from the 2nd move . But even so…




The beggar and Xue Lin yelled at the same time . They found it hard to accept that such a powerful expert lost to their peer .

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“Dad, you must’ve gone easy on purpose, right?” Xue Lin ran next to Xue Wanlong with expectation in his eyes . But Xue Wanlong didn’t comment .


Zhuo Fan watched them coldly, “Of course Clan Head Xue went easy . His first move was just a test, without killing intent!”


“If dad hadn’t gone easy, you’d be dead!” Xue Lin was grasping for straws here when he stuck out his chin in derision .


But Zhuo Fan just sneered, “Terribly sorry, your dad didn’t go all out . But if he had, his head would’ve been lying on the ground by now!”


Zhuo Fan wasn’t saying to scare people .


Although his first attempt with Blood Infant failed, it only meant that he lost the initiative completely . And that didn’t equal losing his chance to kill Xue Wanlong .


A Bone Tempering expert lacked speed in comparison to a Profound Heaven expert . With Savage Moon’s assist, Zhuo Fan’s speed matched a Bone Tempering expert . So, he still had a chance with his speed .


What was left then was to deliver a killing blow at the perfect timing!


If Zhuo Fan was in the 4th layer of Qi Condensation, it would’ve been impossible . But in the 5th layer, he could use spirit ranked martial arts .


And the first one he trained was Mystifying Phantom Step .


This was not your average martial art, but one coming from Nine Serenities Secret Records, a rare martial art that made use of an array’s advantage . The phantom part wasn’t important, but it was crucial to bait the opponent . The true killing move came from the mystified path he drew his opponent in .


With this martial art, Zhuo Fan could teleport anywhere within a short-range .


During their fight, the phantoms took all of Xue Wanlong’s attention and made him ignore the sudden appearance of Zhuo Fan behind him .


If Zhuo Fan had sensed any killing intent in their fight, he would’ve chopped Xue Wanlong’s head off .


Xue Wanlong was more than clear on this and accepted his defeat .

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“Zhuo Fan,” With a sigh, Xue Wanlong stared at him solemnly, “You’re the most reliable youth I’ve ever seen . I will leave Ning’er with you . Don’t fail him!”


Zhuo Fan was puzzled, [What does he mean by that?]


But Xue Wanlong didn’t explain and hugged the little beggar .


“Ning’er, go and don’t return . Follow your dreams!”


“Dad!” The little beggar cried rivers . Zhuo Fan watched in shock, [Dad? When did Xue Wanlong have a third son?]


But soon, he yelled, “Hold on, you’re 3rd Young miss, Xue Ningxiang?”


Rolling his eyes, Xue Wanlong patted Zhuo Fan’s shoulder, “Kid, I thought you were smart, but you found this out only now! Anyway, you said it yourself that she is yours, so I am leaving her in your care . If I find out that you mistreated my daughter in any way, I will wring your life from your body!”


“N-o way! W-what is going on here?”


Zhuo Fan was slack-jawed . All this time he’d been fighting the little beggar’s father and was so close to ending her entire family . [It’s obvious now why she always glared at me with such hatred . ]


Sighing, Xue Wanlong took one last look at his tearing daughter and left with Xue Lin .


After going some distance, Xue Lin said, “Dad, if we don’t get Ning’er back, how do we explain it to Hell Valley…”


“Quiet, I have a way!”




“Xue Ningxiang!”


Zhuo Fan stepped before the little beggar and tossed her cap . Jet-black silky hair cascaded .


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The little beggar, who was still lost in tears as she watched her father leave, yelped when this happened and hurriedly held her head . She faced him with a blushed face but didn’t meet his eyes .


“Miss Ning, what’s your game? Here I was fighting with your father thinking of helping you vent your anger but, in fact, it was for nothing!”


Xue Ningxiang took two steps back, muttering as she looked at his angry face, “Brother Zhuo, don’t be angry . I only want to leave the city while you want to go to Allbeast Mountain Range . We’ll each get what we want!”


Zhuo Fan was startled . [Then again, she’s right!]


[As long as I get what I want, who cares if they’re a family of archenemies?]


[Each gets what he wants . This missy speaks reason . Will I, Demonic Emperor, get angry because she lied to me? Anyway, this has nothing to do with me!]


But then Zhuo Fan was startled once again .


[Since when have I been so emotional?]


With a frown, Zhuo Fan recalled everything that happened since his rebirth . He then realised that being in contact with the Luo clan over the past months made him show consideration to the people around him, even without his knowledge . This wasn’t how a demonic cultivator acted at all!


[Damn it, I don’t need these useless feelings . I have to change . ]


[I have to!]


Zhuo Fan reminded himself again and again . His face then turned serene, void of any emotion .


“Xue Ningxiang, let’s go!” Zhuo Fan pointed at the cave and said in a cold tone, “Once I’m done with Allbeast Mountain Range, I will take you out . At that time, our deal is done!”


Xue Ningxiang looked long at him then nodded . Zhuo Fan’s behavior changed way too fast as if he was a different person .


To begin with, Zhuo Fan wasn’t a good man in her mind but now he became neither good nor bad, but cold and unfeeling…


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