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Chapter 55: 55

“That’s the path up the mountain . ”


The beggar and Zhuo Fan poked their heads through a bush close to a narrow mountain path .

Zhuo Fan looked ahead and frowned seeing 30 Bone Tempering guards .


With his strength and Savage Moon, along with Blood Infant’s help, it wasn’t hard to charge through . But to do it without anyone noticing was the problem .


Any noise here would attract the elder from Hell Valley stationed within . And since Xue clan’s Profound Heaven expert was after him, he’d have a hard time coming out alive .


After careful deliberation, Zhuo Fan shook his head . He’d have to rely on the little beggar if he wanted to go within the mountain’s range .


“Xiao Ning, where’s the secret tunnel?”


Zhuo Fan looked at the little beggar, the latter was still feeling afraid of what he had witnessed some time ago . He wasn’t crying but still sniffed .


“C-come with me . ” said the little beggar while sniffing hard, then he and Zhuo Fan vanished from the bushes .


Zhuo Fan felt helpless . [Why is this kid more of a coward than a mouse? Ever since he saw what I did, he keeps crying from fear, even now . ]


[They were the enemies chasing you down, not your family . So why are you crying so hard?]


Zhuo Fan secretly cursed but was resigned to his fate . Who told him to agree to this little beggar’s deal? He imagined that after he followed the beggar to the mountain, he’d be facing some ferocious spiritual beasts while the beggar kept crying at the side .


Sighing, Zhuo Fan travelled with the beggar through a dark forest . After a long time, they found a narrow tunnel next to a hidden stream .


“T-this is it . ” The beggar forced himself to stop sobbing, but his body still shivered, “W-when I was little, I used to play with my dad and brothers in these woods!”


Zhuo Fan lifted an eyebrow as he inspected the cave and the surroundings . It was such a remote place that only a native would know of .


He guessed that the little beggar must have stumbled upon this cave when he was playing with his brothers, or the Hell Valley would’ve sealed it by now if they knew of it .


“Alright, Xiao Ning . Go in first, I’ll be right behind you!”


Zhuo Fan shouted as he pushed the little beggar in . He didn’t think this place held a trap, but his years and years of experience still showed his cautious nature .


The little beggar was aware of the meaning and rolled his eyes in anger, and stooped to go in .


Suddenly, a loud shout was heard .


“Ning’er, stop!”




With a sound of the wind, a large figure blocked the two’s path . The man looked like he was in his forties and wore luxurious clothing over his tall and sturdy body . His pair of large eyes flashed with the explosive power of an expert .


“Peak Bone Tempering expert!”


Zhuo Fan frowned and his hands tightened, “Are you the Clan Head of the Xue clan, Xue Wanlong?


“Good eyes!”


Xue Wanlong praised, “Where you the one who harmed my eldest son, Xue Gang?”


“Indeed,” Zhuo Fan smiled, “He wanted to take one of my people . Sparing him was already kind enough!”


“What, yours?”


Xue Wanlong was shocked and turned to the little beggar . The little beggar blushed as he hid behind Zhuo Fan .


Xue Wanlong’s expression turned weird .




Just then, a yell was heard . A youth in white landed next to Xue Wanlong, “Hhha, I knew Ning’er would be hiding here . ”


“Dad, let me help you take him back!”


The youth looked thrilled . He disregarded Zhuo Fan and flew to the little beggar .


[Bastard, this kid is way too cocky, treating me like air!]


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Zhuo Fan squinted and secretly cursed . When the youth was close to him, he struck with a red palm .


The youth felt his energy turn sluggish and his blood vessels rupture . In this moment of deadly crisis, Zhuo Fan struck like lightning and grabbed his neck .


“What are you doing?” Xue Wanlong roared .


He didn’t think his son would be caught so easily .


To be honest, he saw Zhuo Fan as a 5th layer Qi Condensation cultivator and was still skeptical of how he hurt his eldest son and guards .


But now he knew .


Compared to the kids he raised in his clan with all his heart, Zhuo Fan was akin to a savage beast bathed in blood . He was weaker, but his timing was perfect and his methods vicious .


Before Zhuo Fan, his two sons were nothing more than greenhouse flowers .


With a snicker, Zhuo Fan raised the youth up high, “A 5th layer Qi Condensation cultivator . He must be your second son, Xue Lin, right?”


“Release him now, or you won’t make it out alive!” Xue Wanlong roared in anger .


Sneering, Zhuo Fan shook his head, “If I do as you say, you’d make sure I’m dead even more!”


“Clan Head Xue, no matter what grievances Xiao Ning has with you, he is my person . I only hope you will give up at this point . Don’t…”


Zhuo Fan’s hand squeezed and Xue Lin gasped with his tongue out, “And you will have your son as a corpse!”




The little beggar shouted before Xue Wanlong could reply, grabbing Zhuo Fan’s arm and begging with his eyes .


Zhuo Fan was stunned, [This beggar must have a screw loose . Why does he want to leave his enemies alive?]


Xue Wanlong watched them with a complicated gaze . But soon came to a decision and calmed down .


This, in turn, startled Zhuo Fan .

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“Kid, what is your name?” Xue Wanlong asked .


Zhuo Fan smiled, “I am alone and am not afraid of your revenge . Nor am I afraid of telling you my name . It’s Zhuo Fan!”


“Alright, Zhuo Fan! You want to protect him no matter what?” Xue Wanlong pointed at the little beggar with a solemn look .


Zhuo Fan snorted, “He is mine, so of course I will!”


“Good, then let’s make a bet . You let my son go and take ten hits from me . If you win, I will no longer care about him . What do you say?”


Squinting, Zhuo Fan considered Xue Wanlong’s bet, then showed his manic grin as he threw Xue Lin away .


“Aren’t you afraid I will break my word?” Xue Wanlong’s eyes flashed .


Zhuo Fan sneered, “If I want to kill him, you won’t be able to stop me!”


“Big words!” Xue Wanlong was angry again, “Here are my ten moves!”


He charged with his peak Bone Tempering power on display . But Zhuo Fan didn’t seem to feel any discomfort, standing there calmly .


Xue Wanlong’s brow trembled as he secretly praised Zhuo Fan .


But before he reached Zhuo Fan, the later also charged . This puzzled him greatly .


[Even if this kid is a seasoned fighter, he can’t fend off a Bone Tempering expert! So why…]


He saw Zhuo Fan’s hand shine and Savage Moon appear .


Basked in a silver glow, Zhuo Fan sped up and was before Xue Wanlong in an instant, ready to attack .


“3rd-grade demonic treasure?”


Xue Wanlong was shocked and turned to the side in an attempt to dodge .


But a red light darted out from Zhuo Fan, aimed at Xue Wanlong .

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“Got you!”


Zhuo Fan grinned with killing intent .


But just as Blood Infant was about to enter Xue Wanlong, it was repelled . As it bounced off, Zhuo Fan felt his blood stirring from his connection with it . His hand moved and he slashed with Savage Moon .


The silver light trailed past Xue Wanlong’s face .


When both of them stopped, Zhuo Fan was standing in Xue Wanlong’s original place with a solemn look . Just now he had planned to take Xue Wanlong’s life in one hit by using Blood Infant and Savage Moon .


But unexpectedly, Blood Infant bounced off and the recoil veered his attack .


He turned back to see Xue Wanlong’s chest flash, and shouted, “2nd-grade defensive demonic treasure?”


His heart grew heavy having found out the reason .


Against such a defensive demonic treasure, his Qi Condensation Blood Infant was useless . He could only rely on Savage Moon in this battle .


As Zhuo Fan felt gloomy about the upcoming fight, Xue Wanlong’s jaw dropped in shock .


He didn’t foresee that a 5th layer Qi Condensation kid would have such terrifying power . If he was a moment too late, his head would’ve been sent flying right now .


Recalling his bet with Zhuo Fan, he felt a cold shiver run down his spine .


[Blast it, as the matter stands, it’ll be good if I can at least keep my head after ten moves!]


He then looked at the chain mail on his chest and sighed . Thanks to his father warning him that the man who took Ning’er might have been an expert, he wore this armor .


He was unclear as to what was Blood Infant’s use, but he knew death wouldn’t be far away once it got into his body .


Then he turned to Zhuo Fan, who was looking at him as if to devour him, and broke out in cold sweat .


This was his first time meeting such a dreadful opponent . Even more so when this opponent was in the 5th layer of Qi Condensation!


“Damn it . Is this kid a monster?” Gnashing his teeth, Xue Wanlong braced himself for what’s to come…


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