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Chapter 54: 54



Just when the little beggar was about to take Zhuo Fan to Allbeast Mountain Range, a yell echoed in their ears . Little beggar shivered, turning his head shyly .

With slow footsteps, what appeared before the two was an elegant young master in white with tied hair . He was in front of 20 Qi Condensation experts donning the same clothes as the ones from the previous group .


The young master ignored Zhuo Fan and glared at the beggar with rage, “You’ve caused enough trouble . It’s time you return . ”


Biting his lip, the beggar’s eyes looked uncertain, but soon he came to a decision and stared back with a firm gaze . He dodged behind Zhuo Fan with a yell, “Brother Zhuo, save me . ”


The young master finally picked up on Zhuo Fan’s presence, merely glancing his phoenix eyes his way, “This concerns our Xue clan . If sir does not want any trouble, I suggest you leave . ”


Xue clan?


Zhuo Fan quirked an eyebrow and stared long at the beggar, [I didn’t think this buddy had offended the Xue clan . ]


Xue clan was the number one common clan in Blue Expanse City . It had a Profound Heaven expert as overseer and could be considered a 2nd rate clan on the continent .


But as Blue Expanse City was under Hell Valley’s control, Xue clan was nothing more than its vassal .


Zhuo Fan saw the beggar pleading with his eyes and smiled as he drew the beggar closer . The young master squinted and paled . The beggar was also surprised and a faint red tint made itself notice on his dirty cheeks .


“Kid, what do you think you’re doing?” The young master bellowed .


Zhuo Fan snickered, “From now on, he’s under me . If you want him, you’ll have to pass through me first!”


“Absurd! Did you come to Blue Expanse City without even knowing of our Xue clan? Is our clan someone you can offend?”


“Hhha,” Zhuo Fan laughed and shook his head, “Of course I know . Xue clan is Hell Valley’s number one dog in Blue Expanse City . You’re telling me to ignore all those rare and amazing spiritual beasts on Allbeast Mountain Range for a lame dog?”


The young master was about to explode from anger . The beggar was also angry and pushed Zhuo Fan, “Don’t talk of Xue clan like that!”


Zhuo Fan was stunned . [I am venting your anger yet you still blame me?]


“Men, seize them!”


As Zhuo Fan was lost for words, the young master bellowed orders .


The men behind him swarmed the two . The beggar woke up to who the enemy was and hid behind Zhuo Fan .


Sneering, Zhuo Fan picked up on the fact that these guards were mostly 5th layer Qi Condensation cultivators, with only two in the 6th layer .


“A bunch of fishes looking for death!”


Zhuo Fan attacked with disdain . His hand flashed red and struck with Blood Palm!


It hit a guard’s chest, and the victim felt all his blood vessels burst and his organs expand to the point of bursting . He spat blood before collapsing .


Another palm flew and the next guard fell .


This pattern went on and on…


The group of twenty guards fell one by one under Zhuo Fan’s onslaught .


The young master had long been standing there in shock . Even with his 8th layer Qi Condensation cultivation, he would be unable to deal with 20 men like Zhuo Fan did .


It was clear that Zhuo Fan was only in the 5th layer, yet his simple palm dealt each guard a serious wound .


What escaped his eyes though, was that Zhuo Fan’s Blood Palm bypassed a person flesh and struck at the blood vessels . It was the same as ignoring the body’s defense and attacking the vulnerable organs within, so of course, it was far deadlier than it looked .


In but a few breaths, all guards were on the ground, knocked out .


The young master witnessed it all with a solemn expression . The beggar’s eyes also bulged in wonder .


“So you do know a thing or two, kid . No wonder you’re so smug . ” The young master gnashed his teeth and jumped, shattering the stones beneath his feet, “Then let me, Xue Gang, coerce sir with my high martial arts!”

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“Xue Gang?”


Zhuo Fan frowned, “Are you Xue clan’s young master? I heard your dad pampers you and you are to be the clan’s successor!”


“So, are you afraid perchance?” Xue Gang shouted .


Zhuo Fan shook his head, “No, I just don’t like annoyances . If I offend you here, my days in Blue Expanse City will be harder . It’s best to… shut all these people up for good and bring peace to my ears!”


Zhuo Fan’s eyes flashed with killing intent and shot forward . Such pressure from him squeezed at Xue Gang’s heart .


He never dreamed Zhuo Fan would dare to kill him . The naked killing intent made his Yuan Qi slow down, even if he was 3 layers higher than Zhuo Fan .


He, who was praised to high heaven for his talent in cultivation, couldn’t foresee the world housing such a ruthless youth . A mere 5th layer Qi Condensation cultivator was able to overwhelm an expert 3 layers higher .


He watched in abject fear as the palm neared his chest and was moments away from rupturing his heart . But in this moment of impending crisis, he bit his tongue to wake up . The pain freed him from the killing intent’s horrifying grip .


With no time to lose, he punched . Blue lights shot like a tornado at Zhuo Fan .


“High mortal ranked martial art, Howling Fist!”


Zhuo Fan snorted in disdain and made a hand sign so that a red light flew right into Xue Gang’s body .


Before the Howling Fist even touched Zhuo Fan, it broke apart and Xue Gang’s body froze on the spot in panic .


At this moment Zhuo Fan towered over him . Seeing Zhuo Fan’s devious grin, Xue Gang felt like he was looking at a demon and his heart seized up for a few seconds .




Zhuo Fan’s palm landed on his chest and Xue Gang spat blood as he flew into the air . His organs felt like they were burning and his blood vessels began to rupture .


But the pain had yet to register when the demon approached . Xue Gang was so scared he was having a mental breakdown .

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This was Zhuo Fan!


He didn’t strike with another palm and instead, Zhuo Fan grabbed Xue Gang’s neck with a sneer, “Young master Xue, worry not . After you die, your servants will follow in your footsteps, down to the last one . This should keep the Xue clan from chasing me all over for at least three months . Let’s make this case… cold . ”


Zhuo Fan tightened the chokehold and Xue Gang felt his throat almost breaking, he could even hear his bones creak .


He was on the brink of death . Besides agony, nothing else was felt .


Not for the life of him could he understand what he did wrong . Wasn’t he only going to bring Ning’er back? Why did he meet a reaper instead? A ruthless killer!


[I forgot to read my future before heading out!]


If his neck wasn’t being crushed by Zhuo Fan, he’d be wailing and bawling . [Damn it, what rotten luck!]




Just when Zhuo Fan wanted to apply the last bit of force and send the young master to paradise, the beggar yelled .


Zhuo Fan eyed him suspiciously, “What are you doing? Aren’t they your enemies?”


The beggar was filled with worry for Xue Gang’s life that even tears formed in his eyes . In fact, he wanted to stop Zhuo Fan long ago, but Zhuo Fan was just too fast . He dealt with the guards in one moment, and in the next, he was at Xue Gang’s throat .


“Even if they are, I don’t want to kill them!” The beggar cried .


Zhuo Fan frowned, “Why didn’t you say so? But it’s too late now . They are no longer just your enemies, they are mine too . The only ending for my enemies is death!”


Zhuo Fan’s hand tightened and Xue Gang’s eyes bulged out . He wasn’t far off from dying .


“If you don’t release him, I won’t guide you . ” The beggar yelled in tears .


Zhuo Fan frowned . This was his first time seeing a person shed tears for their enemies .

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He let go and Xue Gang dropped on the ground . Zhuo Fan made a sign and Blood Infant returned as he shrugged, “Since you aren’t scared, why would I be over some future inconvenience?”


He wiped the tears off the beggar’s little face and walked away while holding the beggar close, “Show the way, then I will take you outside the city, far from Xue clan . ”


“Y-you baddie!” The little beggar stammered .


Zhuo Fan sneered, “Correct, I’m a bad man! But in this world, they are the only ones who can survive . The good guys have already left for hell . ”


The beggar wiped his tears and looked at Zhuo Fan, unafraid .


He had seen his fair share of bad people, but none rose to Zhuo Fan’s level . Yet he never felt any hatred for Zhuo Fan as he did for others, instead, he felt at ease .


This feeling he didn’t express, but it felt nice anyway…


An hour later, a black figure appeared standing in Zhuo Fan’s previous position . The old man’s beard shivered from rage at the sight of the guards on the ground .


He noticed Xue Gang twitching on the ground, helped him up, and asked nervously, “Gang’er, what’s wrong? Who did this to you?”


Xue Gang gasped with a pale face, yet not one word was uttered . The old man looked him over and found that only Xue Gang’s insides were wounded, while below him was a puddle of water .


He gave Xue Gang a pill then let out a long breath .


But Xue Gang’s injury astonished him .


His wound wasn’t heavy, only needing a month to heal . But his mind, however, had received a heavy shock . He was frightened so badly he peed himself!


[Gang’er is a bold youth . Only a dreadful expert could have scared him to such a state in such a short time . ]


The old man was bewildered as he pondered for a long time . In the end, he shook his head and left with Xue Gang .


No matter who it was, any who dared offend Xue clan in Blue Expanse City would have another thing coming…


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