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Chapter 47: 47

In the morning, a ray of sunshine entered the small courtyard’s kitchen .


Luo Yunchang’s eyelids trembled as she opened her drowsy eyes . She looked around the kitchen and smiled dejectedly .

Last night, she was so tired after cooking that she fell asleep in the kitchen itself .


Even if anyone caught wind of this, no one would believe it . A Qi Condensation cultivator tiring herself out from cooking? But the truth was she was too fatigued that she would rather pick cultivation instead of cooking .


Just as she was getting up, she froze . Someone had put a plain cover on her and her back wasn’t leaning on the hard stove but on something soft instead .


Pursing her lips, she turned her head only to see a sleeping Zhuo Fan leaning on her . And what kept her back soft was his arm .




Luo Yunchang was about to yelp but she covered her mouth . It never crossed her mind that Zhuo Fan would spend the night with her here .


Blushing, Luo Yunchang observed his face and wanted to take advantage of this opportunity . Young miss’ red lips were inching ever closer to his face .


“Steward Zhuo, Young miss…”


A sudden rough shout came from Captain Pang . Zhuo Fan’s eyelids trembled and were about to open .


Luo Yunchang immediately laid her head back on his shoulder and faked sleeping without budging . Just that her red face betrayed her as if she’d done something she shouldn’t .


Zhuo Fan opened his eyes, took a deep breath, and frowned when he saw Captain Pang coming in, “Old Pang, what’s the rush?”


“Uh, Brother Zhuo, Young miss…” Captain Pang pointed at Luo Yunchang with shock .


Zhuo Fan turned to see Luo Yunchang’s red and shivering face . He touched her forehead, “It’s burning up . Did she catch a cold?”


Shaking his head, Zhuo Fan blamed himself .


Last night, he wanted to take Luo Yunchang back to her room, but afraid of waking her up, he chose to watch over her in the kitchen . He didn’t think sleep would cast its spell on him too .


“Old Pang, say what you came to say . Meanwhile, I’ll take this missy back to her room . ”


Zhuo Fan carried Luo Yunchang, but Old Pang was panicking, “You can’t, brother Zhuo . Someone wants to invite Young miss for a chat . Someone we can’t offend . ”


“What can’t offend? She won’t be going even if the Veiled Dragon Pavilion asked . ” Zhuo Fan snapped, “Can’t you see she has lost consciousness? She must be sick . Wait for a bit and I’ll go see the guest . ”


“Sigh, brother Zhuo, Steward Zhuo, Young miss must go meet him in person . He bears the Imperial Golden Seal . ” Captain Pang shouted .


Zhuo Fan stopped .


Only the Imperial family’s guards had this seal . Even the seven houses’ leaders would have to respond at once or they’d have committed a grave crime . The lightest punishment was death, while the harshest was dragging one’s whole clan with him .


Of course, with the Seven Noble Houses’ power, the Imperial family would refrain from resorting to such methods . But that didn’t apply to a fallen clan like them .


Zhuo Fan squinted and thought it through, “Old Pang, tell him Young miss is unwell and that he should come back tomorrow . ”




Captain Pang’s heart jumped in fright .


[That person carries the Emperor’s edict . If you do this, it is the same as saying you don’t want to talk to him . ]


But Zhuo Fan had it thought out . Thinking back to last night, he guessed the one calling him over was that fatty’s guard .


The fatty was a good man and wouldn’t let emotions cloud his judgment, slaughtering innocents left and right .


“Do what I said, now!” Zhuo Fan raised his voice .




Luo Yunchang yelled, struggling out of Zhuo Fan’s embrace and spoke with a stern face, “Captain Pang, tell him to wait a moment to make myself presentable . ”

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Captain Pang bowed and secretly rejoiced . [Thank god, Young miss woke up or who knew how much trouble brother Zhuo’s arrangement would’ve stirred up . ]


[But this Steward Zhuo sure is dauntless . If I were to follow his words, I’ll die of fright . ]


Captain Pang shook his head and left .


Zhuo Fan watched Luo Yunchang skeptically . [How did she regain consciousness all of a sudden?]


Luo Yunchang rolled her eyes, “Why are you so reckless? Is the Imperial family someone you can offend?”


To avoid him noticing anything, Luo Yunchang rushed away . Zhuo Fan was left to walk alone to the living room, with doubt in his heart .


He met with the man carrying the seal, a peak Qi Condensation cultivator . He was one of the porters to fatty’s palanquin .


“Are you Steward Zhuo? My master is inviting you and Young miss Luo for a talk . ”


The envoy cupped his hands, but the prideful attitude never left him . And either on purpose or otherwise, the Imperial Golden Seal flashed on his waist . Perhaps he was afraid they’d mistake him for someone other than the Imperial family’s guard .


Zhuo Fan snorted, [You’re still soft thinking you can fake your arrogance around me . When I was faking it, you were still but an egg in your mother’s belly . ]


Zhuo Fan didn’t even look at him as he slumped in a chair, one leg over the other .


The envoy’s eyes swelled with rage .


“Is the fatty’s injury healed?” Zhuo Fan asked in passing .


[Fatty?] The man was stunned .


Then it hit him that Zhuo Fan was calling his master fatty . But the number of people in this world who dared to call him that was less than ten .

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[Then he and master are…]


His heart started beating a mile a minute and the arrogance was gone from his eyes, “My master did not mention any injury when he returned last night . ”


“Is that so?”


Zhuo Fan raised an eyebrow, then laughed, “He must be thinking of his image . I punched him thirty-odd times yesterday and kicked him a dozen times more . There’s no way he’s fine . ”


“Don’t you think so too? That fatty must be faking it so you guys won’t laugh at him, hhha…” Zhuo Fan quirked his eyebrows at the man .


The envoy’s lips twitched, unable to respond . But he was embarrassed nonetheless .


“Right, was that old goat Fang Qiubai still angry after he arrived?” Zhuo Fan looked at him carefully this time .


But the envoy just shook his head .


Fang Qiubai returned with his master yesterday and only then did they find out about Fang Qiubai’s arrival . Since Zhuo Fan knew this before them, it spoke how close he was with his master .


At this point, the envoy stashed the seal in his pants . It worked well in scaring some, but it was best to not make a fool of himself in front of such a Young master like Zhuo Fan .




Seeing the envoy shaking his head, Zhuo Fan rejoiced, “Perhaps you don’t know but that old goat wanted to take me as a disciple . If not for my staunch heart and me choosing death over kneeling, the old goat would’ve taken me away by now . I still thought he was angry and was going to come nag me again . Now that I know he isn’t, I can rest easy . That old goat understands my predicament . ”


“What, Fang Qiubai wanted to take you as a disciple?”


The man shouted as his legs went soft and collapsed .


[Heavens! Who the hell is this Young master? He is a friend that beat up master and also someone wanted as a disciple by Jade Flute Divine Sword Fang Qiubai, who the Emperor shows respect to?]


Zhuo Fan secretly sneered, “What’s wrong? Why fall over?”

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“Let me help you!” Zhuo Fan said so but showed no intention of moving .


The envoy was sharp enough to get back on his feet while waving his hand, “No need, Steward Zhuo, I don’t dare ask you of such a favor . I am not worthy . ”


“Humph, a servant’s instinct!” Zhuo Fan disdained, “You call helping you get up, a favor?”


“Might you be the Emperor’s envoy?”


Luo Yunchang, dressed to impress, walked before him and bowed . The envoy rushed to kowtow, “You are making it hard on me . Please don’t be so courteous . If master heard I was disrespectful to his friends, he will punish me . ”


Luo Yunchang was at a loss and turned to Zhuo Fan, who just shrugged .


But Captain Pang, who was behind her, was stunned silly at the sight of the envoy’s courteous attitude .


[Where’s your previous haughty attitude? Spouting something like if Young miss didn’t come to see you in fifteen minutes, you’d be executing all of us . Why the sudden change of tones?]


But even this change was too outrageous and polite .


Captain Pang eyed Zhuo Fan who only sported a puzzling smile .


Old Pang figured Steward Zhuo had something to do with it and gave him a thumbs up .


[Only Steward Zhuo can make an Imperial family’s guard kowtow to our Young miss . ]


Zhuo Fan dismissed the envoy’s courtesy, “Why is that fatty calling me?”


“I-I do not know . I was only ordered to invite Windgaze City’s Cai clan, Lei clan and Luo clan . ” The envoy spoke with extreme politeness .


Zhuo Fan squinted .


[It seems that the Hell Valley targeting the three clans must have something to do with the Imperial family…]


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