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Chapter 46: 46
The whistling sound was heard clearly by everyone, but none could afford to slack their guard . On the contrary, each felt their heart in their throat .


A Radiant Stage expert was able to kill with divine intent alone . This was an enemy Zhuo Fan wouldn’t be able to defeat even with Blood Infant and Savage Moon .


An icy shiver traveled down his spine as Zhuo Fan turned more and more serious .




The whistle stopped suddenly and a pair of steps echoed . Zhuo Fan and the other two forgot to breathe . Their eyes were fixed towards the sound’s location .


But when the person came out into the open, the fatty was stunned for a second before shouting, “Teacher, how come you’re here?”


Long Kui cried with joy, “Senior Fang, what brought you here?”


Zhuo Fan saw the two recognizing the new entrant and began sizing him up .


The man had a goatee and looked like he was in his sixties . He was dressed in a blue robe and had a sword strapped to his back . All this time he was smiling as the green jade flute revolved in his hand .


The jade flute shocked Zhuo Fan . He remembered something and asked, “Are you one of the five Divine Dragons, the guardians of the imperial family, Jade Flute Divine Sword, Fang Qiubai?”


Zhuo Fan heard Long Jiu mention that even if the imperial family could no longer control the seven houses, they could still persevere, all thanks to the five Divine Dragons . Each was a peak Radiant Stage expert whom none of the seven houses would dare mess with .


Among them, there was a man known as the First Divine Sword, and he was Fang Qiubai, Jade Flute Divine Sword .


He boasted himself as having united the sword and the flute as one, that his sword followed the sound and turned it into sword intent . One time, he singlehandedly defeated five Radiant Stage experts with a sword strike, forcing the seven houses to forget about testing him while also spreading his name to the four corners of the world .


The man raised an eyebrow and watched Zhuo Fan with a profound look before nodding .


With laughter, Long Jiu appeared before everyone, “Wasn’t I right? This kid has sharp eyes . I only mentioned you once and he already recognized you . ”


“Uncle Jiu!”


Long Kui was overjoyed as she ran to him, “When did you and Senior Fang arrive? Why didn’t you come out sooner?”


“Hhha, we’ve been here since Brother Zhuo and the 3rd Prince’s duel . ”


Long Jiu turned to Zhuo Fan, “Brother Zhuo, you’re quite something to keep a straight face against a dozen Bone Tempering experts . When I was your age, I certainly lacked the courage you showed today . I truly admire you!”


Long Kui pouted while casting a side glance towards Zhuo Fan .


Seeing Zhuo Fan in action had her convinced, but admitting it was a whole nother matter .


“Master, with you two seniors here, why didn’t you act? You almost worried your student to death . ” Fatty clapped his fat chest, “It mattered little what happened to me, but what if Sister Kui got hurt?”


“Hhha, and miss a good show?”


Fang Qiubai laughed, eyeing the calm and collected Zhuo Fan, “Moreover, I’ve never seen such a genius’ marvelous display before . ”


“Senior, you’re too kind!”


Zhuo Fan cupped his hands, but his face was stone-cold, “I’m only curious, why did senior kill the last one? Is it…”


Fang Qiubai squinted and his smile turned fake as he spoke in a frosty tone, “Youngster, you are exceptionally sharp, but your strength might turn this advantage into a flaw . ”


Raising an eyebrow, Zhuo Fan laughed and cupped his hands, “Junior thanks for senior’s lesson . Junior has already forgotten this encounter . ”


Zhuo Fan picked up on Fang Qiubai’s warning . He did not wield enough power to poke his nose in their conflict . The man had silenced the killer to protect him .


Fang Qiubai took one more long look at him and his admiration grew, “You’re not only smart but also know when to retreat; how rare . What a surprise, finding someone like you in the mortal world yet outside the seven houses . If you weren’t a demonic cultivator, something I am unsuited with, I would’ve wanted to teach you for two years and make your future limitless . ”


Long Kui and fatty were shocked .


Outsiders may not know who Fang Qiubai was, but the seven houses were crystal clear on his character . Who among the Heads of the seven houses didn’t want to have their child under his tutelage?


But this old man was stubborn as a mule, not giving them any attention .


Even if the Emperor were to request him on behalf of his sons, he’d act no differently . He’d been teaching the fatty for three years because Fang Qiubai appreciated his strong will, yet the fatty barely learned a few moves . But it wasn’t enough to accept him as a disciple .


Yet the first time he laid eyes on Zhuo Fan, Fang Qiubai took the initiative to invite him . If the two had walked the same cultivation path, Zhuo Fan would’ve been Divine Sword’s first disciple .


Wherever he’d go, if any seven houses’ disciples saw him, they’d have to bow down to him .


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Long Jiu saw the two kids’ shock and surmised their thoughts with a shake of his head . [These kids are yet to reach our level . So they don’t know the meaning of rare find . ]


With Zhuo Fan’s talent, any expert who saw him would want to take him as a disciple . Even if one was unrivaled in the world, to pass on his mantle he needed to find the best disciple suited for his legacy .


The greater the strength of the expert the higher the expectation!


But Zhuo Fan shook his head at this and even sneered .


Forget about Fang Qiubai not accepting him because of cultivation path difference, even if he could be accepted, he’d still refuse . As a Demonic Emperor, the only one worthy of him calling Master was an Emperor Stage expert .


Fang Qiubai was reluctant to let Zhuo Fan pass by him but, in the end, he took fatty and left, “Long Jiu, 3rd Prince still has a task to complete, so I’m taking him with me . ”


Fang Qiubai and fatty disappeared the moment he finished .


“Wait…” Fatty still wanted to say something to Long Kui and Zhuo Fan, but it was too late . One second his anxious face was there, and the next it was gone .


“So fast!”


Zhuo Fan was shocked, then he hardened his resolve . He had to reach Radiant Stage as soon as possible to guarantee his safety in his travels across the continent .


“Brother Zhuo . ”


Long Jiu walked to Zhuo Fan with a solemn face, “Come with me to Veiled Dragon Pavilion, there’s something I have for you . ”


Smiling wryly, Zhuo Fan nodded . He had anticipated this .


Fifteen minutes later, Zhuo Fan and Long Jiu were in Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s meeting room and Long Jiu pushed an unwilling Long Kui to guard the door outside . Long Jiu took out a sheepskin branded with four dragon marks .


The first words that Zhuo Fan recognized were alliance agreement .


Skimming through it, a pleasing smile bloomed on his face .


This was what he aimed for from the start, an alliance between Veiled Dragon Pavilion and the Luo clan . Veiled Dragon Pavilion would not only become a support for the Luo clan but would also provide resources without any conditions attached .


If the agreement came into effect, he’d be worry-free from any outside attacks and would have the time to develop the Luo clan into a great power .

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Long Jiu was a bit astounded, “Why do I feel like you knew this was coming?”


Zhuo Fan smiled .


It had nothing to do with predicting, but planning .


Once he settled on having Veiled Dragon Pavilion as an ally, he used the ancient array diagram to entice Long Jiu, then took advantage of Veiled Dragon Pavilion in sticking its neck out for him .


But that wasn’t an alliance, it was just the Luo clan seeking shelter . When faced with great danger, Veiled Dragon Pavilion would’ve kicked them out .


To avoid the worst outcome, he and Veiled Dragon Pavilion fought side by side and even killed two Profound Heaven elders . He risked offending the Hell Valley to show the potential of the Luo clan .


His aim was an alliance agreement of equals .


If he were alone, he would’ve avoided showing off by fighting two Profound Heaven experts and amassed fortune instead .


If Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s Pavilion Lord was a man of vision, he’d choose alliance . Because he would know that the alliance offered now was like fire in winter for the Luo clan . But if offered in the future, it would be more like decoration, one among many .


As such, Zhuo Fan made a daring gambit . Gambling if the Pavilion Lord was a man of ambition who did not bother with trifles, and willing to make an ally out of a fallen clan .


Fortunately, he won .


Of course, if he lost, then Zhuo Fan would cross Veiled Dragon Pavilion from the list of future potential allies . Just because their leader lacked the bravery and ambition of one .


Zhuo Fan smiled as he rolled up the sheepskin, “I will now take it to Young miss for signing . ”


“Wait!” Long Jiu gripped his shoulder, “Sign it here and now!”


Zhuo Fan smiled, “I’m not the Clan Head . Signing it as a Steward will make it void . ”


With a sly smirk, Long Jiu looked at Zhuo Fan in the eye, “Pavilion Lord said this agreement is not with the Luo clan, but with Zhuo Fan . ”


Frowning, Zhuo Fan stared hard at Long Jiu .


“Wherever Zhuo Fan is, that place is Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s ally!” Long Jiu spoke, “This is Pavilion Lord’s intent!”

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Zhuo Fan frowned, then smiled with a nod .


“Pavilion Lord sure is ambitious, hhha…”


In the dead of night, Zhuo Fan returned to the small courtyard and looked for Captain Pang, “Old Pang, where’s missy, I’m looking for her . ”


Sighing, Old Pang muttered, “I’ll take you to her . ”


Zhuo Fan was taken aback but followed nonetheless .


The two entered the kitchen and Zhuo Fan looked at Captain Pang in puzzlement when the latter pointed at Luo Yunchang .


Zhuo Fan saw the chaos inside the kitchen and Luo Yunchang, who had fallen asleep next to the stove . Her face even had traces of soot .


“Sigh, Young miss kept asking the cook for guidance from morning till late into the night . ” Captain Pang sighed, blaming Zhuo Fan a little .


“Steward Zhuo, I know of your skill, and that Young miss and Young master do not enter your eyes . But you must know, Young miss worked hard day in day out for a whole month to cook for you so that you could have them when you come out of seclusion . But her efforts were not appreciated instead she received your harsh criticization . Any girl would’ve been devastated after such a response…”


Ignoring Captain Pang’s rant, Zhuo Fan walked next to the stove where the few dishes Luo Yunchang made laid . Compared to those at noon, these dishes were almost burned .


Zhuo Fan took a bite and shook his head, “She has no talent whatsoever . ”


“Sigh, even so, at least show some consideration for her work . ” Captain Pang rebuked as he walked next to the dishes and tried one, “How hard can it be to swallow?”


He also took a bite and chewed it just once before spitting it right back out .


“You’re right, Steward Zhuo, Young miss is inept at cooking . Sorry for blaming you . ” Captain Pang wiped his mouth and walked out with a red face .


But when he turned back, he saw Zhuo Fan taking one bite after another, and even savoring it .


“Uh, Steward Zhuo, don’t force yourself . Ignore what I said . Now that I’ve also tried Young miss’ cooking, it’s indeed…” Captain Pang’s mouth clamped shut and his face twisted .


“I’m just a bit hungry . ”


Zhuo Fan smiled as he ate everything…

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