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Chapter 45: 45
The silence was deafening!


Everyone watched slack-jawed at the unfolding event . No one there could’ve imagined a Qi Condensation kid blindsiding them, who were Bone Tempering experts, and even killing one in a single hit .


All the mockery and disdain they had for Zhuo Fan was now replaced with extreme caution .


Fatty was still out of it, staring at Zhuo Fan like his brain was on the fritz . It finally dawned upon him that it wasn’t him who held back the most in their duel, but Zhuo Fan .


“Kill the punk first!”


With a sudden shout, the men charged at Zhuo Fan together . They were now of one mind, no longer of a different opinion . They had to kill this dreadful and sinister punk first . If they were to leave him for later, they were sure they’d have to pay a steep price, even if they outnumbered him .


They had long forgotten their main objective and were now pointing their weapons at the punk who was holding Savage Moon and standing in a pool of blood .


Smiling wryly, Zhuo Fan snickered, “I wouldn’t have it any other way!”


The next moment, he jumped at the first enemy . The man was startled and rushed to retreat . Even if Zhuo Fan was just in the Qi Condensation Stage and unable to hurt him, the 3rd-grade demonic treasure would cut through him like butter .


Their leader got such a miserable death for underestimating Zhuo Fan and he wasn’t willing to make the same mistake .


With eyes fixed on Savage Moon’s trail, the killer grinned . He knew how to deal with Zhuo Fan . Since his speed was superior to Zhuo Fan, all he needed to do was pay attention to Savage Moon, and killing this kid would be a breeze .


However, just as he was about to jump into action, Savage Moon flashed a silver glow . The light wrapped around Zhuo Fan and then streaked by the killer’s body .


The killer had no idea what happened and was looking up as his upper half slid to the ground while his lower half stood there unmoving .


While he fell, he could still see Zhuo Fan’s grim face . Especially the eyes, cold and unfeeling .


Everyone sucked in a cold breath as they watched Zhuo Fan with dread .


If one were to say that killing their leader was from a sneak attack, this time around it was a fair fight and yet Zhuo Fan still killed a Bone Tempering expert in an instant .


When the silver light flashed again, he was so fast that none of the killers had time to react before Zhuo Fan felled another .


Such horrifying speed coupled with the sharp edge of the Savage Moon soaked the backs of the killers in a cold sweat .


“As you dared to come look for trouble in my domain…,” Zhuo Fan squinted at each man around him and trailed a finger across his neck as his eyes turned red, “…Your lives are forfeited . ”


At that moment, all of them paled and stepped back . The fear they felt from his eyes mounted the dread they already had . Their roles began to blur as it became unclear who was the victim and who was the killer .


The hunter’s and prey’s role were now switched .


The fatty watched Zhuo Fan’s domineering gaze while being shell-shocked . Then, he was swept by a sudden familiar feeling, the imposing and grand feeling he felt only from his father .


But what he felt from Zhuo Fan was far more assertive . As if all who dared resist this man would find themselves dead beyond a shred of a doubt .


The pressure Zhuo Fan’s power released was something that even made him shiver .


Seeing that they couldn’t contend with Zhuo Fan individually, a killer shouted, “Don’t be afraid, let’s attack together . He’s just a Qi Condensation punk relying on a 3rd-grade demonic treasure . If we surround him, he’s done for . ”


The others nodded as fear eased from their faces, now that they had a plan, they found hope .


With a cry, the killers jumped at Zhuo Fan closing the net on him .


Sneering, Zhuo Fan rushed forward without fear as he held Savage Moon . His target swallowed dryly but didn’t retreat since he had men on each side releasing punch at Zhuo Fan .


If Zhuo Fan pressed on, the killer would die, but so would Zhuo Fan under the joint attack of two Bone Tempering experts .


But if he retreated instead, it would only work to tighten the net and his death would be just a matter of time .

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Zhuo Fan didn’t plan on dying in this fight, or he would’ve fled a long time ago with the help of Savage Moon’s speed boost .




With a flash of silver, Zhuo Fan vanished from their sights and the punches hit nothing but air . Zhuo Fan then landed right in front of the killer who was standing behind the other two .


Having not seen this coming, the killer was frightened but soon became elated seeing that Zhuo Fan was not facing him . He didn’t waste this chance and punched towards Zhuo Fan’s defenseless back .


[Your head is mine, kid . ]


But a silver light flashed by and the man froze .


In the moment of impending doom, Zhuo Fan swept Savage Moon around him and jumped from their tight circle .


As for the man behind Zhuo Fan, he watched wide-eyed as his body hit the ground in two pieces, blood and guts spilling everywhere .


Another one!


Even under their joint efforts, Zhuo Fan came out unscathed and robbed them of another comrade . Fear in their eyes mounted higher and higher .


They had some hope before, wishing to kill him with numbers . But that hope was now lost .


“What kind of freak is he? When did the Seven Noble Houses have such a person?” A killer cursed as he felt his knees trembling .


Secretly sneering, Zhuo Fan squinted his eyes and bathed the world with the killing intent they contained .


These killers were routed, they lost their nerve and were no longer a threat . Now was the perfect time to end them .


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Zhuo Fan rushed forth with a savage grin .


Silver light flickered as Zhuo Fan brandished Savage Moon and sent limbs flying with each passing . The killers cried during their futile attempts to evade, having lost any and all will to resist .


Zhuo Fan was like a wolf among sheep, taking his fill of slaughter and carnage . For the occasional spirited and still brave souls among them, Blood Infant would enter their body and seal their movements . Thus priming them for Zhuo Fan, only to leave them mangled .


If it was any other day, with Zhuo Fan’s strength and Blood Infant’s help, he could only fight with a single Bone Tempering expert . If another joined, he’d have a hard time reacting to their attacks, let alone killing a dozen .


But luck had it he got Savage Moon off Elder Yun, whom he killed a month ago .


This gave him newfound confidence . Savage Moon was just as deadly as Blood Infant was on Bone Tempering experts, perhaps even more . Especially when taking its ability to increase one’s speed into consideration . And all of this was added to Zhuo Fan who already had the skills to skip stages .


Now that he thought about it, he really ought to thank Hell Valley for throwing such a nice toy in his lap .


Hearing the Bone Tempering experts’ miserable wails, watching heads and entrails flying about, the fatty remained lifeless from shock . He stood there witnessing the gruesome dance Zhuo Fan was performing with Savage Moon . For these killers to cry and beg for their lives was something unheard of .


He could hardly believe that the man he recognized as a love rival, the man he challenged, was strong to this degree .


Recalling their duel, it seemed more like a joke now .


The Bone Tempering experts were butchered like animals in front of the fatty . [I, a 7th layered Qi Condensation cultivator, dared to issue a challenge, and still was lenient with him while preaching fairness . ]


“Sigh, Yuwen Cong, your lenient act and fairness preaching was meaningless . ” The fatty shook his head, feeling mournful .


He had seen many peers among the seven houses who were geniuses and even if he wasn’t stronger than them, he believed their strength wasn’t far from his .


But Zhuo Fan showed him today what the saying ‘a man above man, and a sky above a sky’ meant .


Those geniuses were nothing but trash by comparison . Furthermore, the gap was so huge at such a young age…

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Long Kui covered her mouth experiencing the greatest shock she ever felt .


This was the first time she saw Zhuo Fan fighting . She had heard of him killing two Profound Heaven experts, but doubt still existed . This notion was far too outrageous for anyone to believe .


But watching him fight today, left this young miss stunned .


The cruelty, the overbearing eyes, it was as if a demon had descended, one which was capable of scaring and overpowering even Bone Tempering experts .




When Zhuo Fan finally stopped, Savage Moon in his hand was dripping blood . The dry earth around him had become a wide pool of blood .


A killer shivered as he watched the Savage Moon’s fall with dread . His legs were severed, but the pain wasn’t registered as begging was all that was left on his mind .


Not sparing him a glance, Zhuo Fan asked coldly, “Who sent you?”


Zhuo Fan’s eyes didn’t reflect an ounce of pity towards any living creature in this world, only coldness .


The killer looked around to see his dead brothers and fear swept his heart . He didn’t know where to begin describing the savagery and cruelty of this youth before him . This youth was, in all sense of the word, a demon .


The killer’s heart was in shambles .




But a sudden whistling sound was heard and the killer’s eyes lost its light .


“Killing with intent, a Radiant Stage expert!”


Zhuo Fan drew a cold breath . His bottomless and cold eyes now showed a ripple of panic…

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