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Chapter 44: 44
Zhuo Fan took the fatty to a remote place in the woods . Since Long Kui was afraid of mishaps she also went along, but Zhuo Fan already had Blood Infant keep an eye out .


At least the fatty’s order worked like a charm and the guards stayed behind .


Zhuo Fan clapped, “Fatty I praise you for not using the guards . ”


“Humph, I am always true to my word . This is related to me and Sister Kui’s happy marriage . I will have to beat you, pesky puck, so thorough you can’t contest my victory . Or who knows what excuse you’ll use later to pester Sister Kui . ” The fatty jutted out his chin .


Smiling, Zhuo Fan showed his vicious side, “Aren’t you worried I laid an ambush?”


The fatty frowned . His pin-sized eyes scoured his surroundings as he roared, “Humph, I am willing to venture alone against any adversity, but if you think Sister Kui will look kindly to such a despicable punk, think again . No matter what you have in store, I will never lose!”


“Hhha, enough with the heroism . Kid, I like you . It’s time we get this duel started . ” Zhuo Fan smiled .


Yet even before he finished, a punch came his way .


Zhuo Fan rushed to dodge, but he was too late to react . His body flew and his right cheek was now red and swollen .


“Hey fatso, I thought you were an honorable man!” Zhuo Fan snapped at the nonchalant fatty who replied, “Didn’t you just give start to the duel? All is fair in love and war . ”


Zhuo Fan took a long look at him and secretly nodded .


[This kid is more cunning than he lets on, yet he conducts himself with honor . He is as honest as Old Pang but that is where the similarities end . ]


Compared to the simple Old Pang, Zhuo Fan liked the shrewd fatty more .


A demonic cultivator would use any means to reach his goal . This fatty, who bent the limits of morality, was more to Zhuo Fan’s liking .


“Hhha, you’re right!” Zhuo Fan cackled and pointed at Long Kui, “Fatty, look, Long Kui is undressing!”


The fatty could spot a lie when he heard one, but he still bought it this time and turned towards Long Kui’s direction .




Zhuo Fan used this chance to kick the fatty into the air .




Long Kui fumed at the sideline with a red face, yet the culprit didn’t mind it in the least when her glare focused on him .


“Wretched punk, you dared sully Sister Kui’s honor . I will show you!” The fatty wobbled as he got to his feet but his eyes burned hotter than ever .


Zhuo Fan dissed him, “I was just messing around, yet you looked anyway . Weren’t you also thinking something shameful about our Young miss Long?”


The fatty gasped .


Never had he heard this kind of counter before . Zhuo Fan might have disrespected Long Kui but didn’t he himself sully his goddess by imagining something inappropriate? If so, did he have the right to blame Zhuo Fan?


Fatty’s resentment was gone just like that and he even felt ashamed . But once he imagined Long Kui changing clothes, his face went beet-red . His small eyes were perfect in hiding his secret stare over Long Kui’s enticing figure .


But she found him out nonetheless and stared him down with killing intent .


When a shiver crawled up his spine, the fatty focused on the fight, “Punk, I will let this matter slide . Time to get serious . ”


The fatty’s body gave out a golden shine and even the ground started cracking around him .


“High mortal ranked martial art, Mountain Shaking Punch!”


The fatty darted towards Zhuo Fan like a raging bull, cracking each and every stone he set his foot on .


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“Punk, better dodge . But if you do, admit your loss!”


Grinning, Zhuo Fan extended a red palm, not intimidated in the least .


The fatty raved, “Damn punk, this will be your funeral! I am at the 7th layer of Qi Condensation and using a high ranked martial art . This is not a move which a 5th layer Qi Condensation punk can withstand!”


“If you treasure your life, dodge!”


But Zhuo Fan didn’t budge .


The fatty didn’t wish for the worst outcome and wanted to hold back some of his power, but it was too late now . His flabby body was already upon Zhuo Fan .




Something strange happened . The weak-looking Zhuo Fan was still standing as a breeze ruffled his hair .


The fatty, however, had his golden light scattered thanks to the red glow and was sent flying .


He hit the ground in a daze and even as he got up, he still couldn’t shake his astonishment .


“How can this be? I am clearly stronger so why was I the one who got pushed back?” He needed a long time to recover from the shock .


Long Kui scoffed .


She didn’t like Zhuo Fan one bit, but that didn’t stop her from admiring his strength and ability . After all, he was the first on the continent to have killed two Profound Heaven expert while being a Qi Condensation cultivator .


Arriving next to fatty, Zhuo Fan offered his hand with a smile, “Fatty, I know you went easy on me . ”


The fatty sighed, “A loss is a loss . Using all my power against someone weaker is the same as loosing . I am an upright man . This is your win . ”

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Zhuo Fan turned serious, “You might take it as being upright, but I see it as kindness . ”


The fatty looked closer at Zhuo Fan . He was amazed this man found out his intention in that split second .


“I see now why Sister Kui likes you!”


The fatty praised him and took Zhuo Fan’s hand . He went to Long Kui and sighed, “Sister Kui, you’ve found a great man . This punk will turn into a monster one day . ”


The fatty felt dejected .


But a sudden sound broke the silence .


Zhuo Fan squinted his eyes and pushed the fatty to the ground . A green light passed above them the next second, cutting all the trees in its path .


The fatty looked up at Zhuo Fan with gratitude, “Brother, thank you for saving me . I never thought that my love rival will become my savior . ”


“It’s too early for thanks . Here they come . ” Zhuo Fan frowned as he helped the fatty up . Long Kui also ran next to them .


A dozen men appeared around the three of them the next moment, each giving off the energy of a Bone Tempering expert .


“What now?”


Long Kui’s expression was grave as she looked at Zhuo Fan . With the Veiled Dragon Pavilion being even farther than the fatty’s guards, the only one she could turn for help was the guy she disliked the most . But he was also the one most likely to pull off a miracle .


The fatty strode out from between the two with confidence, “It’s me you’re after . Let them go . ”


“Hi-hi-hi, as a member of the imperial family you sure have the air of a King . But too bad we can’t leave any witnesses . ” A man stood out from the group, he was their leader .


The fatty was filled with hatred .

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Suddenly, Zhuo Fan kicked the fatty with a snicker, “This fatty is under my care . If you want to kill him, you’ll have to go through me first . ”


The dozen men laughed .


“A mere Qi Condensation insect wants to act tough?”


“Since they’ll all die anyway, let’s start with him . ”


“It’s best we kill the fatty first and complete the mission . It was hard enough finding this opportunity after waiting for so long . We can’t let it go to waste…”


As they were rambling on and on, the fatty whispered to Zhuo Fan, “Brother, they’re after me . I will run towards East while you take Sister Kui back to Veiled Dragon Pavilion . ”


Zhuo Fan shook his head, “With your speed, you won’t even last one second . ”


“What other choice do we have?” Asked the fatty flustered .


Zhuo Fan hardened his tone and said, “Slaughter them all!”


He took a step and reached their leader as Savage Moon flashed in his hand .


“Demonic treasure?”


The leader was shocked and wanted to dodge, but a red light entered his body and froze his movements .




With a silver flash, a head trailed the sky followed by a fountain of blood . Only Zhuo Fan stood in the pool of blood with cruel eyes .


For the first time in fatty’s life, his eyes bulged out from his chubby face, becoming larger than ever…

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