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Chapter 42: 42
Their talk took the entire day . Once Zhuo Fan got hold of all the information that interested him, he walked Long Jiu out after which he entered seclusion for a month to heal .

With Long Jiu’s Recovery Pills, he was back to full health in ten days but was forced to spend the remaining time to patch up Blood Infant’s precarious state .

A month later, Zhuo Fan came out of his room stretching his limbs and enjoying the fresh air . Moreover, just a few days ago, he and Blood Infant entered the 5th layer of Qi Condensation .

Just that it was a pity one of the two elders from Hell Valley died for naught . He truly hoped he could absorb the elder’s Yuan Qi at the time .

With it, he’d be in the Bone Tempering Stage by now .

“Ah, Steward Zhuo…”

Xiao Cui shrieked in joy seeing him but then bolted .

Zhuo Fan was stumped, feeling his face unconsciously . [Did something change about me? Why did she run as soon as she saw me?]

[What’s so scary about me? I’m not a man-eating monster . ]

But he soon had it all figured out .

[I must’ve been too rough on her when I ripped their clothes that time and this girl is now afraid of me . The same as how Luo Yunhai was before . ]

Zhuo Fan snickered, [I was kinda too hard on both the kids . ]

“Brother Zhuo, are you feeling better?”

This time it was the uncouth Captain Pang .

“Old Pang!”

Captain Pang was the only one he admitted being his friend since he reincarnated . Zhuo Fan started to miss him after not seeing each other for a month .

However, just as Captain Pang was about to give him a friendly hug, his face changed and away he ran .

This time, Zhuo Fan was floored .

[Forget that lass, Xiao Cui, why is even Old Pang avoiding me like a plague?]

Zhuo Fan frowned, unable to get to the bottom of it .

He was expert in reading people’s intentions in negotiations and fights, but that was because he was convinced every man’s actions were motivated by benefit .

Yet Old Pang’s behavior had him stumped .

[I’ve done nothing to hurt him and he shouldn’t have a reason for being scared of me . Then what’s the deal with him running away?]

Zhuo Fan shook his head in puzzlement but he wasn’t in the mood to find out the reason . A man such as Demonic Emperor was a man of great action, not bothered by petty affairs .

When he was about to leave, Lei Yuting appeared in his sight with a lunch box and Xiao Cui running behind her .

Her cute body hid behind Lei Yuting, peeking her small head to gaze at Zhuo Fan .

“What are you up to?” Zhuo Fan stood in place, puzzled .

Lei Yuting walked with unsure steps, unlike the usual decisive nature she carried herself with . When she looked at Zhuo Fan, her cheeks were rosy, “Um, Steward Zhuo, thank you for saving me . Please accept this small token of appreciation . ”

Zhuo Fan eyed the lunch box with suspicion as he eased the lid open .

A wonderful smell swept him when the intricately made dishes prepared from the heart were in the open .

“What a wonderful smell!”

Zhuo Fan asked, “Where did you buy them from? Did Windgaze City have such a great restaurant?”

“Humph, they weren’t bought . ” Xiao Cui jumped out with a smile, “Young miss spent ten hours each day making them and waited for Steward Zhuo to come out of seclusion to try them out!”

[Every day?]

Zhuo Fan now unraveled the mystery of Xiao Cui running at the sight of him . It was to notify Lei Yuting .

Not knowing when he’d come out, Lei Yuting cooked for him every day . Her perseverance moved him .

Nodding, Zhuo Fan spoke, “I accept your gift . ”

Lei Yuting cupped her blushing face and whispered, “Steward Zhuo just got well and needs to take care of his body . Hurry and eat before it gets cold . ”


Zhuo Fan returned to his room with the lunch box . Even though he was in the Qi Condensation Stage, not eating for a month made him hungry .

Lei Yuting with Xiao Cui in tow followed him in . Her eyes shined like the sun, soft yet warm enough to melt a glacier .

When Zhuo Fan was about to dig in, Luo Yunchang’s charming figure entered the room with a knock . Captain Pang followed behind her .

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Quirking an eyebrow, Zhuo Fan saw her carrying a lunch box too .

“Oh, I didn’t know Steward Zhuo already had someone bringing him breakfast . I was worried for nothing . ”

When she saw the lunch box in front Zhuo Fan, Luo Yunchang’s smile widened but her eyes became sharp as if they were about to poke holes into everyone present .

“What got her in such a foul mood this morning?” Zhuo Fan flickered his brow in confusion . But when he picked up on Captain Pang’s pitying glance, it got him baffled .


Luo Yunchang slammed the box in front of Zhuo Fan while squeezing a smile, “Steward Zhuo, this is something I made for you to help in your recovery . ”

“I already have a share . I’m not a glutton to eat so much . ”

Zhuo Fan shrugged, planning on pushing aside Luo Yunchang’s box but then he sensed killing intent . He caught Luo Yunchang’s eyes glaring at him .

“Um, I’ll try both of them . ”

Zhuo Fan flinched for the first time in his life . He didn’t understand what the fuss was about but knew that if he hadn’t said that, there would have been a real danger to his life .

Revealing Luo Yunchang’s dishes, he found them scorched black, cutting most of his appetite .

“Um, I think I’ll eat this one . ”

Zhuo Fan went for Lei Yuting’s box as she showed a bright smile .

But even before his hand reached it, Luo Yunchang bumped her box closer to him with a glare, “Didn’t you say you’ll eat them both?”

Zhuo Fan’s brow flickered, hesitation setting in as he took another long look at Luo Yunchang’s burnt dishes .

But he could hardly refuse her sincere eyes and nodded, “Alright, I’ll eat them . ”

Luo Yunchang broke out into a wide smile, to which Lei Yuting was showing disdain .

“Mine first . ” Luo Yunchang urged .

“No, mine . ” Lei Yuting said in haste .

The two women’s eyes met and sparks seemed to fly .

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Zhuo Fan wondered, [Weren’t they close? Why are they fighting all of a sudden?] He couldn’t comprehend what could bring such a change in them .

“First come, first served . ”

Zhuo Fan then took a bite out of Lei Yuting’s dishes . She was staring at him with wide and expectant eyes .

Zhuo Fan gave a thumbs up, “Delicious!”

Lei Yuting’s smile bloomed like a flower while Xiao Cui pushed out her chin and shouted, “My Young miss started cooking since she was ten . No one in Windgaze City can match her skill . You are fortunate today, Steward Zhuo . ”

Xiao Cui’s boast embarrassed Lei Yuting, but even that couldn’t take away the radiant smile from her face .

Luo Yunchang pouted, “Zhuo Fan, try mine . ”

Zhuo Fan took a bite but spat it out as soon as it touched his tongue .

“Even poison is better . ” His words were sharp as he took Lei Yuting’s box, “I still choose this one . ”

Lei Yuting was smiling, while Luo Yunchang’s eyes started tearing .

“Wow, such a great smell!”

At this time Luo Yunhai shouted in surprise as he jumped into Zhuo Fan’s room, “Bro Zhuo, you’re out! And you are having such a feast, why didn’t you invite me?”

“Go and eat your sister’s cooking . ” Zhuo Fan dissed him .

Luo Yunhai complained, “Her skill isn’t worth a dime . She doesn’t know anything besides opening the kitchen door . ”

Unable to stay there any longer, Luo Yunchang ran out with her lunch box . But people could see the droplets she left behind on the floor .

“Um, was I wrong?” Luo Yunhai was confused .

“Not at all . ” Zhuo Fan gorged on Lei Yuting’s cooking as he said, “But some people have low confidence . ”

After finishing his meal, Zhuo Fan informed the others before leaving, “Stay here as Hell Valley’s people might still lurk around . I’m going to pay Veiled Dragon Pavilion a visit . ”

Luo Yunhai and Captain Pang nodded then turned to Lei Yuting . Seeing her all flushed, Xiao Cui was even more excited, “How great, Young miss, Steward Zhuo is interested in you . ”

Lei Yuting only smiled .

At the same time, in the Imperial City .

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In a magnificent office, two people sat side by side . One man was in his forties, dressed in a white silken robe . He had a small hanging mustache that shook with his smile .

The other man was in his fifties, with a somber complexion and wearing a dark cloak . His pair of large eyes were filled with grievance .

The two acted like strangers, not meeting each other’s eyes .

Cough, cough, cough…

With a cough, a shaky body appeared before the two . It was an old man dressed in a golden robe embroidered with nine dragons .

“Your Majesty!”

The men rose up and bowed .

The elder waved for them to sit, “Veiled Dragon Pavilion and Hell Valley both are from the Seven Noble Houses, the pillars of the empire . What matter has made you request an audience with me?”

This elder was the Emperor of Tianyu Empire!

“Your Majesty, Veiled Dragon Pavilion killed two of our Hell Valley’s elders last month, breaking the seven houses’ agreement . Your Majesty, please punish the Veiled Dragon Pavilion!” The black-robed man complained .

Sneering, the middle-aged man spoke, “You Wanshan, you have some nerve complaining first! Your Hell Valley’s elder infringed upon my Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s domain . How are you going to explain it? Who is it that broke the seven houses agreement first?”

“One of my valley’s disciple, You Quan, was killed in Windgaze City . Can’t I send an elder to bring the matter to light?” You Wanshan squinted, “Long Yifey, you are just making an excuse to exact revenge for what happened two decades ago . ”

“Hhha, and? Twenty years ago, you trapped Elder Jiu in Drifting Leaves City and ruined his mystic eye . You accused him of entering your domain and breaching the seven houses agreement, I didn’t object . This time, however, it is your elder who entered mine . And not just one, but four! Is this what you call investigation?”


The Emperor’s cold shout came as his eyes flashed in anger, “Both sides are in violation . This is my judgment . Veiled Dragon Pavilion shall withdraw from Windgaze City, it is no longer part of your domain . Hell Valley and Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s people are never to set foot in this city ever again . ”

“Your Majesty!”

The two cupped their fists, but the Emperor flicked his sleeve, “This matter is settled, withdraw . I no longer want to hear anything about the seven houses, nor about internal disputes . ”


None of them was willing to accept this conclusion but retreated nonetheless .

When they were gone, the Emperor’s eyes flashed, “For Hell Valley’s people to enter Windgaze City, they must be privy to the thousand-year-old secret . ”

“The Imperial City has always been a place of conflict, filled with the eyes and ears of every faction . This should be known to Your Majesty . ” An aged voice replied from behind .

The Emperor chuckled, “It seems… the plan has begun . Pearls will always shine, he-he-he…”

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