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Published at 20th of November 2020 10:51:25 AM

Chapter 38: 38
Translator: StarReader

Editor: Silavin

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A grand explosion rumbled the skies above the small courtyard as the dragon ignited the heavens in a flash of gold . The shockwave even put pressure on the building, despite being so far, while other houses crumbled in the aftermath .

Deafening noise from the explosion attacked people’s ears even as they covered them up and laid trembling on the ground . This sound attack lasted for a full minute .

But nothing could erase that dreadful image from their hearts, nothing…

A hundred miles out, two men in black fought as they fled from Long Jiu’s group .

“Where is that bastard Jian Fan?” Long Jiu’s anger spiked when he caught no sight of his mortal enemy, “Son of , that old dog must’ve left these two to stall us . ”

“Forget it . ” 3rd elder glared with killing intent, “Let’s finish off these two first!”

Under the three elder’s united assault, the two men in black were sweating bullets, having no choice but to fight .

Then, a dreadful noise came from Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s direction, followed by a golden light that lit up the whole sky . The five people stopped their attack and stood in shock .

“What was that? Did another expert appear?” 3rd elder felt his ears rumbling and sucked in a cold breath, “But… which expert could’ve unleashed such a move?”


With no time to waste, 3rd elder shouted as he flew back to Veiled Dragon Pavilion . He was far more worried about its wellbeing than the death of these two Hell Valley elders .

Though Long Jiu was unwilling, he followed the 3rd elder with a sigh .

Seeing the three Veiled Dragon Pavilion elders retreat, the two men in black let out a sigh of relief, yet were still puzzled by how the events turned out .

They knew an elder was there to make sure the plan didn’t go south . But even that elder wasn’t powerful enough for this kind of feat . Plus, a bunch of Qi Condensation insects didn’t garner such a heavy hand either .

The answer was quite simple in this case, another expert much stronger than Elder Yun showed up .

Hearts heavy with worry, the two discarded any plans of going there to assist Elder Yun . They feared that the Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s three elders might set a trap . So, they took the only viable choice, retreat .

[Elder Yun, you’re on your own…]

At the small courtyard, Lei Yuntian watched the night sky slack-jawed . He thought Zhuo Fan wanted him to bait Elder Yun and leave him open for a sneak attack .

He went with it despite knowing he was a dead man . As long as Luo clan survived, it was worth dying for . But Zhuo Fan defied his imagination . He still acted as bait but did not pay the ultimate price . While the enemy was caught unaware, the lad sprung up with a devastating blow that took Elder Yun’s life, leaving no remains .

Recalling the sky-blazing aftermath, Lei Yuntian shuddered . Not only was he surprised, but also shocked .

[A Hell Valley’s elder, a Profound Heaven expert, died in one move!]

[This kid is terrifying…]

“Old man Lei!”

Zhuo Fan caught his breath and stood up weakly . Lei Yuntian heard him and rushed over to hear his instructions . His faith in the kid had once again strengthened .

This was no longer just gratitude for having saved him or faith in a youth’s potential, but the respect for the strong, “Steward Zhuo, if there’s anything you want done, just tell me . ”

Zhuo Fan nodded, “Old man Lei, I’ll leave Luo clan in your care while I go bring Young miss Lei back . ”

“No worries, they’ll have to pass over my dead body before they can harm a hair of Yunhai and Yunchang . ” Lei Yuntian nodded with resolve .

Zhuo Fan showed a relieved smile and went after Lei Yuting .

Hell Valley had left only one elder here and he too was dead now . Seeing how no other enemy popped up while fighting, Zhuo Fan was certain Hell Valley only sent four men in total, including the ones Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s elders were chasing .

Under a Profound Heaven expert’s careful watch, the Luo clan siblings’ safety was guaranteed . So he could devote all his attention to saving that foolish girl . To be on the safe side, he picked up the Savage Moon first .

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[A 3rd-grade demonic treasure shouldn’t be wasted . ]

Yang Ming ran like mad while clutching his chest in the gloomy forest . He was injured from the smack he got from Zhuo Fan’s array, but Elder Yun’s slap made it worse . His mind was clouded and breath ragged .

As for the dreadful explosion before, he didn’t have the time to waste on it . But he was shocked nonetheless, finding it inconceivable for Elder Yun and Zhuo Fan’s fight to escalate to such degree .


A clear and angry shout came from behind, freezing Yang Ming in place . He turned to see Lei Yuting watching him with complex emotions .

Making sure she was alone and double-checking Zhuo Fan wasn’t there, Yang Ming relaxed and showed a wicked grin, “Junior sister, you want to stop me all by yourself?”

Frowning, Lei Yuting’s eyes turned misty, “For my godfather, I will help him get rid of such a traitorous disciple . ”

“Hhha, traitorous disciple? I was never one of you in the first place . ” Yang Ming mocked her, “Moreover, do you think you can kill me with your strength?”

“Even if we are to die together, at least I can repay godfather’s kindness for raising me . ” Lei Yuting’s eyes glittered with tears as she stared at him right in the eye, “I just want to know, did you ever love me?”

Black demonic energy drifted from Yang Ming’s hand as he sneered, “I am a genius disciple of Hell Valley . If I am ever to marry, I would choose from among the seven houses . How can I be tied down with the likes of you?”

Tears fell unabated but Lei Yuting hardened her determination, “Then from now on, we are through . ”

Lei Yuting followed her last word with lightning flickering between her fingers . Yang Ming laughed, hardly afraid, and fought back with the black-colored hand .

In the clash between the freezing palm and the flickering lightning, sparks flew .

However, Yang Ming dodged Lightning Finger at the last second and struck down Lei Yuting with no remorse .

Lei Yuting saw his evil grin and came to terms with the outcome, closing her eyes for death to take her .

It was then that a flash of red struck Yang Ming’s black palm .

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Yang Ming was sent flying and coughed blood in midair .

An infant’s cry came from the red light as it flew into a bush .

Waking from her stupor, Lei Yuting saw Yang Ming heavily wounded on the ground and the weakened red light among the bushes .

She knew it was Zhuo Fan’s Blood Infant .

She stood there in a daze, muttering as she glanced at Blood Infant, “Was it you who saved me?”

The Blood Infant tried to fly again, only to collapse .

She did not know of the inseparable bond between Zhuo Fan and the Blood Infant, however, she knew it was something he treasured . But even so, to think that Zhuo Fan would send his treasure to save her .

Lei Yuting began to feel warm inside . When she turned her focus to Yang Ming, only killing intent remained in her eyes .

Walking over, Lei Yuting’s fingers crackled with lightning .

Yang Ming was panicking, wanting to flee but hardly had the energy to get up .

“Sister Yuting, have mercy . Remember how close we were? Remember how we used to laugh?” Yang Ming shrank backwards while begging .

“Now I want to kill you even more!”

Snorting, her fingers struck without hesitation .

“W-wait, spare me…” Yang Ming wailed, but there was no one to hear his cry .


When Lei Yuting’s attack was about to land, a tremendous power blew her away .

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A bald elderly landed next to Yang Ming .

“Elder Jian!” Yang Ming cried out . He took Elder Jian as his savior, having pulled him out of the jaws of death . Never had he been so thrilled to meet an elder from his house .

Throwing a side glance at the wounded kid, he bellowed, “How did you fall so low? What about the plan?”

Yang Ming’s face fell and shook his head, “Unclear . ”

Elder Jian wanted to kick this worthless thing away, [You are the one most knowledgeable about this plan and yet you come to me saying it’s unclear?]

[The house’s expense was heavy in this decade long plan, and this is your answer?]

If Elder Jian didn’t need to hear the kid’s report, he would’ve killed him right then and there .

“Forget it, we’ll speak of it when we return . ” Sighing, Elder Jian’s eyes turned to the stunned Lei Yuting, “After we get rid of this girl . ”

He then jumped at her with a palm strike .

Coming face to face with a Profound Heaven expert for the first time, Lei Yuting was frozen in fear . Under such power, she couldn’t even defend .

“Is this the power of the Profound Heaven Stage?”

Lei Yuting paled, rooted to her spot as she waited for the palm to take her life .


A sudden silver flash cowered Elder Jian into retreating before the hit landed . A figure made itself notice as it walked next to Lei Yuting, striking a sinister grin, “Do all elders from Hell Valley like to pick on juniors?”

“Zhuo Fan!”

Lei Yuting cried in joy as her heart found peace .

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