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Published at 20th of November 2020 10:51:29 AM

Chapter 34: 34
Translator: StarReader

Editor: Silavin

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Zhuo Fan was sitting cross-legged on his bed when he opened his eyes .

He was but a step away from entering the 5th layer of Qi Condensation . But his lack of Yuan Qi blocked his advance .

If he had known, he would’ve spent more time on Blackwind Mountain to absorb more people’s Yuan Qi . But since he was pressed for time, he only let Blood Infant do the killing, wasting good materials in the process .

With the battle knocking at his door, he refrained from letting Blood Infant roam . It would be a huge loss for it to die if Elder Jian bumped into Blood Infant .

Zhuo Fan muttered, “I can only hold it in . It will not be long before they attack!”

Yet, his last word was followed by a terrifying power looming ever closer towards his direction .

He ran out of the house and jumped onto the roof to see a man was already there, floating in the sky, Long Jiu .

He too felt the power approaching closer and closer, as his single eye squinted with the release of killing intent . Despite this place being a hundred meters from Veiled Dragon Pavilion, Zhuo Fan shivered from the intense desire to kill .

“I knew it . They’re Profound Heaven experts!”

Even if Zhuo Fan couldn’t pinpoint Long Jiu’s power, figuring out his stage was easy . Hovering in the sky was all the proof he needed . As for the other two elders, they were even stronger .

Thinking of them, he swept the area, but Zhuo Fan saw no shadow of them . They had to be laying an ambush to trap Jian Fan .

Zhuo Fan sported a wicked grin .

The three elders’ plan showed Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s decision to fight Hell Valley to the death, regardless of consequences . This left no room for amicable conciliation, while also securing the Luo clan’s safety .

“Zhuo Fan, what happened?”

Luo Yunchang with Lei Yuting and the rest came outside . Zhuo Fan guessed Mountain Lord hadn’t finished digesting the pill since he didn’t come . Zhuo Fan sorely lacked a peak expert .

He yelled, “What are you doing? Get back inside!”

Their little power was nothing to a Profound Heaven expert, unlike Zhuo Fan who relied on the Nine Heavens Coiling Dragon Array .

Luo Yunchang knew the gravity of the situation from Zhuo Fan’s tense face . She took her brother and the others to hide in the house while also saying, “Zhuo Fan, be careful!”

Zhuo Fan nodded .

A sudden cawing echoed in their ears and a black cloud floated above Veiled Dragon Pavilion . With a laugh, a black-robed old man walked out of the cloud . The few strands of hair on his head drifted in the wind as his evil eyes narrowed on Long Jiu . But even so, he couldn’t help spare the small courtyard a glance .

“Condor Jian Fan, how dare you step into my domain?” Long Jiu’s one and only eye was bloodshot . His bone-deep hatred seeped into every word he uttered .

Snickering, Condor Jian Fan laughed, “Long Jiu, Veiled Dragon Pavilion killed Hell Valley’s disciple, You Quan . You’re saying I can’t even come to seek justice?”

“Justice? Since when did Hell Valley know the meaning of the word?”

Long Jiu’s breathing grew ragged from the grudge he carried, “Who then plotted against me in Drifting Leaves City? Who then set a trap for me and ruined my Purple Lightning Gold Eye?”

[Purple Lightning Gold Eye?]

Zhuo Fan didn’t expect the people in the mortal domain to cultivate such a remarkable ability .

The legend of the Purple Lightning Gold Eye went back to the time of the ten emperors, pertaining to one of the top three emperors, Heavenly Emperor’s mystic eye . It released a golden light, divine lightning that could crush Heaven . Even a Saint Stage expert would fall from his gaze .

Yet, this amazing cultivation method appeared in the mortal domain . He was curious as to how in Heavens Long Jiu managed to cultivate it . If it was cultivated to the 6th Heaven, it was a pity to have it ruined .

Even he, the Demonic Emperor, would feel the same hatred as if having his wife stolen or his father killed .


Jian Fan wasn’t the least bit ashamed and laughed instead, “Who is to blame for your idiocy? Relying on your eye, you became a top expert in the Veiled Dragon Pavilion . Without this crutch, you’ve degenerated to become one of the nine elders, stuck to defend Windgaze City . Oh, the horror . ”

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“Jian Fan!”

Long Jiu’s energy blew with his rage and even his eye was on the verge of bleeding, “I will have my revenge!”

Long Jiu charged as a golden dragon coiled around his hand .

“Mid spirit ranked martial art, Soaring Dragon Claw!”


The dragon roared and left Long Jiu’s arm, bearing its fangs at the enemy .

Jian Fan sneered and simply waved his hand .

A black mist formed chains as it left his sleeve, binding the golden dragon . With a twist of his hand, the golden dragon wailed and shattered to pieces .

“Mid spirit ranked martial art, Hell Chains!”

Jian Fan mocked, “Long Jiu, you were a dragon with your eye before, but you are now a mere bug . The name of Godeye Long Jiu will never rise again…”

Before he could finish, a palm appeared before him and a claw grabbed his wrist .

“Veiled Dragon Claw!”

Jian Fan was unable to escape the vise but he wasn’t too worried as he laughed, “Humph, think you can face me with mortal ranked martial arts when even spirit ranked martial arts are useless?”

“He-he-he, I don’t need to take your life, just…”

Grinning, Long Jiu threw Jian Fan to the ground! The blond and the red-haired elders jumped from nearby to attack him .

“Not good!”

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Jian Fan started panicking .

Only now did he realize Long Jiu’s ploy . Long Jiu wanted to trap him with two others, cutting off his escape .

[Long Jiu is set on killing me, but…]

Jian Fan grinned .


The black cloud revealed two men in black as they converged on Long Jiu .

This left Long Jiu and the elders in shock . But thanks to Zhuo Fan’s intelligence, they had a contingency in place .

“Old Jiu, hold fast!”

The blond elder moved swiftly towards Jian Fan with the red-haired elder behind him, ignoring Long Jiu’s fate .

Long Jiu grinned as a golden light shined on his palm and a dragon-shaped sword appeared, “As long as you kill Jian Fan, I can die in peace . ”

“3rd-grade spiritual weapon, Dragon Sword?”

The two men in black stopped in their attacks and dodged the incoming sword attack .


A golden light passed just an inch from them as a thunderclap followed behind it . The light split the sky in half and only after ten breaths did it recover .

The two men in black felt dread while retreating ten steps . They didn’t expect Long Jiu to use a treasure to deal with them .


The blond elder shouted in glee . Long Jiu’s attack scared the two men . He wrapped himself in golden light and charged at Jian Fan .

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Attacked from two sides, Jian Fan was like meat on a chopping board .

“Old Jiu, take a look, see how third brother ends him . ”

The blond elder laughed as he attacked . Despite not using a martial art, ear-piercing sounds were heard as his hand moved .

Jian Fan began to sweat as his eyes squinted, feeling death breathing down his neck…


But then a purple light exploded . It not only blocked the attack but even forced the blond elder to cough blood .

The red-haired elder rushed to check on him while the blond elder ignored his wounds and stared at the rolling smoke .

As for Long Jiu, he was shocked .

When the smoke scattered, it revealed a panting Jian Fan . But this time, he was no longer afraid and even grew rampant having escaped death .

“That was close . Didn’t think Veiled Dragon Pavilion would send 5th and 3rd elders after me! Devastating Gold Dragon and World-burning Fire Dragon, your reputation precedes you!”

The two elders were staring, not at Jian Fan, but at the thing on his shoulder…

Soul Devouring Crow!

Zhuo Fan frowned .

He didn’t expect for Elder Jian to have such a demonic creature .

The Soul Devouring Crow’s body wasn’t formidable, but it can devour anything and transfer what it swallowed to its owner . Soul Devouring Crow’s power depended on its owner . But one thing was certain, Soul Devouring Crow was among the strong demonic creatures .

Zhuo Fan’s eyebrows shook as he looked into the crow’s eyes . One was black, while the other was golden and released a purple light . Even faint thunder sounds came out .

“3rd Heaven, Purple Lightning Gold Eye!”

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