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Published at 20th of November 2020 10:51:30 AM

Chapter 33: 33
Translator: StarReader

Editor: Silavin

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The two chairs creaked as they turned slowly, revealing two old men .

One had sandy hair, with big eyes and thin hands that each time his finger tapped the armrest, it echoed out . His eyes flashed golden like a piercing sword, enough to cut one’s heart .

The second elder had red hair and took long breaths . Each exhale warped the air as if he breathed fire .

One look was enough for Zhuo Fan to know they were stronger than Long Jiu . One of them even trained the Golden Body to completion while the other cultivated a fire cultivation method to great success .

In the short time Zhuo Fan was exposed to their power, he knew the old men weren’t far from the Radiant Stage . In the mortal domain, any who reached this stage was among the few strongest on the continent .

[So this is the power of the Veiled Dragon Pavilion . ] Zhuo Fan sighed inside .

The blond elder glanced at Zhuo Fan, “Are you that Zhuo Fan old Jiu couldn’t stop praising?”


“I heard you’re a 5th-grade array master . ”

Zhuo Fan nodded . Before grasping the two’s character, he refrained from acting casually, “Junior has a trivial understanding of 5th-grade arrays, but nothing seniors could consider as worth . ”

“Hhha, a 5th-grade array master is a Venerable in the Veiled Dragon Pavilion . And we two are just Elders . Even we have to show you respect . ” The blond elder let out a friendly laugh, unfitting of his stiff expression .

The red-haired elder’s rough voice boomed, “Hey kid, old Jiu said you’re quite arrogant, that you can raise an unknown clan above the seven houses in ten years . Listening to you shout bro Jiu sure is arrogant enough . How come you’re so shy when facing us two?”

Zhuo Fan smiled, “I have met with bro Jiu many times and got to know his limits . But this is my first time meeting the two of you . ”

The elders were surprised .

Long Jiu’s face twitched and snapped, “Kid, you say you saw through me, is that it? And here I thought you were bossy to anyone you met when in fact you acted like this only around me . You think this old man is all washed up?”

“He-he-he, of course not . I consider bro Jiu my friend, and with how a broad-minded senior you are, you would never lower yourself to my level . If I were to act the same with a one-track minded person, I’d be dead . ”

Zhuo Fan shook his head and continued, “That is no longer arrogance, but idiocy . ”

The three smiled inside . The blond and the red-haired elders even showed approval .

[Just as old Jiu said, this kid can see through others while also handling each of them with flawless flattery . His words might irritate old Jiu but as a senior, he won’t bicker with a junior . ]

“I like this kid, hhha…” The red-haired elder laughed, while the blond elder nodded, “If I didn’t know you have no intention to join Veiled Dragon Pavilion, I would’ve insisted on having you join us, hhha… “

Zhuo Fan might be cupping his hands with a smile, but a sneer laid in his heart .

In the off chance this glorious and fallen Demonic Emperor couldn’t rise again, he would still not join a party that didn’t even have a Radiant Stage cultivator . [Quite the opposite, in fact . If you old fogies are stuck in cultivation, this old man will give you pointers . ]

“Oh, you were saying just now that Hell Valley’s men are here . Are you certain?”

The blond old man’s face turned solemn as they went down to important matters . Long Jiu turned his eye over to him, eager to know .

Zhuo Fan nodded, “Half a month ago, I discovered the Sun clan had two more incredibly strong auras besides Elder Jian . As I was out with work these past days, I hadn’t kept an eye on Sun clan and am unclear if more had come . ”

“Humph, the more the better! I will kill them regardless!” Long Jiu slapped the table as his eye turned bloodthirsty .

“Old Jiu, don’t let anger cloud your judgment!” The blond old man frowned and said to Zhuo Fan, “Little brother, how do you know?”

“A cat has its way, and so does a mouse . The less you know, the better . ” Zhuo Fan shook his head .

The blond old man was doubtful, while Long Jiu was convinced, “Third brother, brother Zhuo’s news is reliable . When that bastard Jian Fan came to Windgaze City, our spy network didn’t pick it up and we only knew it thanks to brother Zhuo’s warning . I can attest to that, as I checked its validity myself . ”


The blond elder frowned and said surprised, “Little brother, you’re quite amazing . I wonder who your Master is…”

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“Overlord Nine Serenities!” Zhuo Fan blurted .

They were stunned .

This name was domineering to the extreme, but when did this continent have such a persona?

Zhuo Fan smiled to himself . In the Sacred Domain, it would hint to the Nine Serenities Emperor’s location, but in the mortal domain, no one was the wiser .

After all, the folk here were too far away, enough to keep such ancient rumors from reaching their ears .

“Uh, your Master must be a hidden expert to train brother Zhuo to 5th-grade array master . ” The blond elder didn’t press for more .

“Brother Jiu, do you have a Recovery Pill?” Zhuo Fan popped a question .

Long Jiu nodded as he took out a bottle, “Is someone from Luo clan hurt?”

A Recovery Pill was a 3rd-grade pill, not too expensive and neither too common, valued a hundred thousand spirit stones at the minimum . But since Zhuo Fan wanted it, Long Jiu was bound to acquiesce .

What could this pill be worth when the two were close as bros and there was even a 10 million debt binding them?

Zhuo Fan took the pill then cupped his hands, “Thank you, bro Jiu and elders . I will be going now . ”

“Damn punk, this was your aim all along . ” Long Jiu cursed, “You disturbed us for some meager pill, so now you must suffer my punishment . ”

Zhuo Fan laughed as he dismissed him, “I’ll tell you something else then . Hell Valley will attack in two days . Better bump up security . ”

Then he walked out laughing .

Long Jie and Long Kui saw the immensely pleased Zhuo Fan come out and knew he had a delightful conversation, which only worked to sour the two’s hearts .

The fact that a kid like him had more right than them to join a meeting of elders left them annoyed, Long Kui in particular .

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The blond elder stroked his beard, keeping Zhuo Fan’s figure in his eyes, “Brothers, this kid puts on a smart appearance, while each word he spoke was carefully considered . So young yet so skilled . I can’t help but wonder whose disciple he is . Veiled Dragon Pavilion will have to get in touch with his master . ”

The two nodded .

On the other hand, Zhuo Fan went straight home . Along the way, he even spotted quite a few suspicious individuals prowling around .

A great fight was about to erupt .

He soon returned to Luo Yunchang .

Thanks to the old man’s briefings, Luo Yunchang was now privy to the ups and downs of past events and was beginning to sympathize and relate with them .

Since both of them have suffered at the hands of a common enemy, their alliance became more solid .

Zhuo Fan relaxed seeing this and threw a bottle at the Mountain Lord, “Take this . I hope you’ll be up to your peak in no time . ”

“What’s this?” Lei Yuting asked .

“Recovery Pill!”

“What?” Lei Yuting was stunned .

She knew of its value . Even if Blackwind Mountain robbed for a whole year, they’d still be unable to gather the spirit stones to pay for it . Yet he threw such a precious pill just like that .

Was Luo clan that rich?

Seeing through her, Luo Yunchang patted Lei Yuting’s hand, “Sister Yuting, be at ease . Veiled Dragon Pavilion owes us 10 million . A 3rd-grade pill is nothing!”

Lei Yuting’s shock left her slack-jawed .

No wonder Veiled Dragon Pavilion was protecting them free of charge .

[Wait, was Cloud Manor that wealthy?]

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But Zhuo Fan rolled his eyes at Luo Yunchang’s radiant smile .

[Women are all the same . They all love to compare…]

Meanwhile, in a dark room of the Sun clan sat four people . Three of them had their faces hidden, though unable to hide the vile energy they gave off, while the fourth was Hell Valley’s 8th elder, Condor Jian Fan .

The handsome youth standing before them with a creepy smile was Yang Ming . Also known as You Ming in Hell Valley .

“You Ming,” Elder Jian began, “You hid for more than a decade in Blackwind Mountain . You’ve done well! But this isn’t a job for a girl . ”

“There was an incident, but it was taken care of!” You Ming smiled .


A black light trailed his face, drawing blood .

You Ming was appalled Elder Jian would strike him .

Staring at him, Elder Jian said unfeelingly, “This secret plan had been going for a decade . If your overconfidence ruins the house’s plan, I will make you beg for death . ”

“Yes!” You Ming bowed as cold sweat formed .

“Leave . ” Elder Jian waved, “We’ll begin three days from now . ”

You Ming was at the door when he caught Elder Jian’s sneer, “No Luo clan member is allowed to live, especially…”

“Zhuo Fan!” You Ming paused after each word .

Nodding, Elder Jian’s killing intent surged, “Even if Veiled Dragon Pavilion used him to kill You Quan, his hands are stained with your junior brother’s blood . No such person shall live in this world!”


You Ming gnashed his teeth, his smile bloodthirsty…

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