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Chapter 17: 17
As the three left Cai Manor, Captain Pang and Luo Yunchang were trembling and even looked back now and then for fear of Cai Rong having changed his mind . Only Zhuo Fan was calm, yet a bit of rage still existed in his heart .

“Young miss, is there anywhere else we can go?” Zhuo Fan asked in a cold tone .

Her eyes turned misty as she shook her head . Captain Pang also signed in sorrow .

Taking a deep breath, Zhuo Fan gnashed his teeth and promised himself to run the Cai clan into the ground one day .

He was just a step away from providing a safe haven for the Luo siblings, yet Cai clan’s father and son ruined it all .

If the day came that the Cai clan was ruined because they offended Zhuo Fan, Cai Rong would be twisting inside with regret .

But that was the future . Now, Zhuo Fan was pissed . His hopes were dashed and he had to spend more time to look after the siblings .

Zhuo Fan mumbled for a while, then said, “Young miss, do you know what are the Seven Noble Houses?”

“What! W-where did you hear that from?”

Luo Yunchang was in a panic as she watched Zhuo Fan . It was as if he knew a heavenly secret . But recalling the fantastic events that happened the past days, she relaxed .

Captain Pang also looked oddly at Luo Yunchang . This was the first time he heard of them .

Pursing her lips for a long time, Luo Yunchang finally spoke in a solemn tone, “Since we lived in Cloud Manor and had no dealings with them, not knowing them is normal . But we are now wondering outside . If you ever meet someone from the Seven Noble Houses, you must avoid him, even if it’s a dog . ”

Captain Pang was shocked . This was his first time seeing Luo Yunchang speaking on such a heavy tone; as if she was talking about horrifying people . Yet, a proud girl like her, even if from a fallen clan, did not speak near as highly about the Cai clan .

The warning seemed to go right past Zhuo Fan as he retained his calm .

“Be it Luo clan or Cai clan, regardless of how strong they are, they are only mortal clans . But in Tianyu Empire, there are seven officials who earned the imperial family’s approval and can stand next to the Emperor . Their power and territory are above all mortal clans . Fighting them is like going against the Empire . ”

“What? This world has clans that can stand next to the imperial family?” Captain Pang’s face contorted in fear .

Luo Yunchang nodded with extreme seriousness, “Every clan knows these seven families must not be touched . I am telling you this so that you all must remember to be careful!”

“Is the Sun clan one of them?” interrupted Zhuo Fan .

Stunned for a second, Luo Yunchang shook her head, “Why do you ask?”

“Yeah, brother Zhuo, if she was of the seven houses, then young miss would’ve stopped you from smacking her . ” Captain Pang snickered . Since Luo Yunchang didn’t stop him then she agreed in silence .

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As if she was found out, Luo Yunchang reddened and glared at him .

In fact, seeing Sun Yufei slapped was the most refreshing event for Luo Yunchang . Since Captain Pang could tell how glad the girl was, how could Zhuo Fan not? But Zhuo Fan’s vision was much further . Even if they had a falling out with the Sun clan, he had to understand the other’s background .

“Then is the Sun clan part of the seven houses?”

“What made you come to that conclusion?” Luo Yunchang was feeling nervous for some reason .

Her only hope right now was that Zhuo Fan was joking around to scare her, but his next words were spoken with a straight face, “That girl raved how she’ll let us see the might of the Seven Noble Houses . ”

“H-how can this be? Did we offend Seven Noble Houses’ people?”

Luo Yunchang paled and her mind blanked, watching Zhuo Fan with empty eyes . Captain Pang was even worse, his heart froze up .

At this moment, the world seemed to have vanished, making way for silence…

“Zhuo Fan, quick, we need to apologize to young miss Sun . ”

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Luo Yunchang pulled him to Cai Manor, but Zhuo Fan was stuck like a rock .

“If we go, we’ll die . ” Zhuo Fan said coldly .

Luo Yunchang froze and her eyes glazed with helplessness . Zhuo Fan’s words were ear-piercing but they all spoke of the harsh truth . If offending the Seven Noble Houses was so easily settled, no one would’ve regarded them with such fear .

“Brother Zhuo, what do we do?”

They were all surprised to find Luo Yunhai speaking as he gazed at Zhuo Fan with unshakable faith .

Not even Zhuo Fan foresaw it . A kid that everyone overlooked was now watching him with such big and innocent eyes .

“Wasn’t I a stinkin’ slave?” squinted Zhuo Fan .

“Big bro Zhuo, we, brother and sister, are grateful for this new chance at life . You’re our greatest benefactor, my dear brother . My dear brother-in-law, please save us once again . ”

“Yunhai, don’t talk nonsense . ” Luo Yunhai glared with a red face, yet her eyes couldn’t help sneaking a glance at Zhuo Fan .

They were alive thanks to him . Despite being inferior in his eyes, Zhuo Fan’s abilities made others have a whole new level of respect for him . This was the reason why she appointed him as the clan’s steward .

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For the rebuilding of the clan, men like him were needed .

Zhuo Fan saw Luo Yunhai’s imploring eyes and laughed inside .

[This kid is a clan’s son after all, haughty but also clever to see another’s talent; how adorable . ] Moreover, helping the Luo clan was a given for him, “Does Windgaze City have men from the seven houses?”

“Yes, the Veiled Dragon Pavilion, the number one treasure appraising clan among the seven houses . Its wealth knows no bounds . ”

“Then let’s return to the tavern and go to Veiled Dragon Pavilion tomorrow . ” Zhuo Fan ruffled Luo Yunhai’s head .

“What for?” Luo Yunchang rushed to ask .

“Allies!” Zhuo Fan’s curt reply came .

The others were stunned .

Why would one of the Seven Noble Houses, the Veiled Dragon Pavilion, ally with a run down clan? That was more of the wish of a hopeless loser…

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