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Chapter 15: 15
Next to a clear stream, an elegant man was frolicking with a charming lady in red . They chased each other around the pond, laughing all the while in this peaceful place .

Luo Yunchang felt only sorrow as she watched the flirting couple . But for the good of the clan, she braced herself and stepped forward, “Brother Xiaoting…”

The mood of the man turned sour as he glared at her, “Luo Yunchang, I thought I made myself clear . From now on, I have nothing more to do with you . My eyes are only for Yufei . ”

“Yeah, now get lost . Brother Xiaoting doesn’t love you anymore . ” The lady in red sneered at her .

Biting her lip, Luo Yunchang’s eyes mist over .

At the time when Luo and Cai clans were on good terms, the parents of both families arranged their marriage . She and Cai Xiaoting grew up together and swore their love for each other, to never abandon the other .

This was why the first person she thought of was her fiancée when she needed help .

Yet reality was cruel . Ever since they came here, she and her brother kept suffering while Cai Xiaoting had the arrogant and insufferable Sun clan’s young miss, Sun Yufei, next to him .

She knew all hope of marrying into the Cai clan was lost . But for the sake of rebuilding her clan, she hoped to stir Clan Head Cai’s amiable emotions the two clans had in the past and lend a helping hand .

Yet Clan Head Cai Rong was cold and unfeeling to their plight, not moving an inch .

The siblings stayed here for ten days, all in hope of gaining some assistance . But since Cai Rong ignored her, she could only turn to Cai Xiaoting .

“Brother Xiaoting, I don’t ask for you to go through with the engagement, and only hope you can persuade your father, for old time sake, and help the Luo clan . ”

“It has nothing to do with me . Talk with dad . ” Cai Xiaoting waved his sleeve coldly .

Luo Yunchang kneeled with tears streaming down her cheeks .

“Brother Xiaoting, if you don’t agree, I will kneel here until I die . ”

Taking a long look at her, Cai Xiaoting frowned and was plagued by hesitation .

But then Sun Yufei jumped between them and slapped Luo Yunchang . The blow threw her back and blood trickled from her mouth .

“Humph, bitch, Cai Xiaoting is mine . Stay away from him . ”

Sun Yufei’s phoenix eyes glared and raved . She turned to Cai Xiaoting and said harshly, “You stay away from her too . If I find there’s still something left between you, I will leave you . ”

As if waking up, he nodded and swore, “Yufei, relax, my heart is yours . Other girls are dirt compared to you . ”

Cai Xiaoting’s eyes showed his sincere feelings, watching her like a love-struck puppy .

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Sun Yufei nodded pleased, as Luo Yunchang’s face turned ashen . She knew her last hope faded away…


A shadow flashed by and two slaps echoed . Sun Yufei and Cai Xiaoting were still confused about what happened, when a red handprint appeared on their faces .

Zhuo Fan stood in front of Luo Yunchang as he stared at them, “A damn illicit couple dares to ruin my affairs?”

“Who are you?”

Sun Yufei and Cai Xiaoting woke up with a start . They were geniuses of Windgaze City, Qi Condensation experts, and peerless in their generation .

Yet here was Zhuo Fan, of similar age yet faster than even them . They got slapped before they could react .

Is it possible for such an individual to exist in this world?

As the scene played out, only Captain Pang and Luo Yunhai came to Luo Yunchang’s help .

Seeing the thin figure in front, Captain Pang was even more shocked .

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Although he was an expert in the 4th layer of Qi Condensation, while Cai Xiaoting was in the 3rd, a level beneath him; They had different upbringings and if they clashed, he might even lose .

Yet such arrogant geniuses were slapped by Zhuo Fan . Thinking about the power he displayed in the forest, Captain Pang couldn’t help but wonder how he got so strong in such a short span of time .

Ignoring the two and the shocked Captain Pang, Zhuo Fan turned to the crying and pitiful Luo Yunchang and felt pain in his heart .

“Wretched heart demon . ” Zhuo Fan gnashed his teeth .

With his Demonic Emperor disposition, he could look beyond the world’s entire sufferings . How could a girl’s humiliation ever cause him pain? He could only attribute it to this body’s former soul, who felt anger for his master .

“Ai, it looks like I’ll be stuck with the Luo clan for some time . ”

Zhuo Fan sighed inside as he wiped Luo Yunchang’s tears, “Let’s go . ”

Luo Yunchang nodded, there was no point in staying here . She carried the bitter Luo Yunhai and walked with Captain Pang’s help .

“Humph, don’t think you can run after hitting us . ”

Sun Yufei shrieked as she barred their way . Cai Xiaoting chimed in, “Luo Yunchang, you think this is a place you can come and go as you please?”

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Luo Yunchang was filled with grief and balled her fists . She regretted ever coming here for help . Facing this overbearing couple in their home, she could only reign in her anger .

If she were alone, she would’ve rather fight them for her honor, but she still had her brother . If he died, she would be too ashamed to meet her parents in the Underworld River .

“W-what do you want?” Luo Yunchang’s voice trembled .

“Humph, simple . Kneel and kowtow three times . ” Sun Yufei smiled viciously and pointed at Zhuo Fan, “Especially him!”

Clenching his teeth, Captain Pang’s eyes went red, wanting nothing more than to beat them senseless . This was too humiliating .

Luo Yunchang hesitated, then closed her eyes as her knees bent .

“Kneel, all of you . ”

They could all hear her faint mournful voice . Sun Yufei stuck out her chin with arrogance and smiled with pride .


Before they kneeled, Sun Yufei and Cai Xiaoting took the initiative to kneel first with a cry . Rather saying they kneeled, it was better to say their knees were focible smacked onto the pavement .

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