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Chapter 131: 131



Yes, a naked challenge!

Not only that, but it also promised retribution for the departed .


Zhuo Fan’s words were blunt . He wore Qingtian’s cloak right in front of Yan Song . That meant he was going to surpass Yan Song as an alchemist in Qingtian’s stead!


How could the best alchemist in the empire, Vicious Pill King take this lying down?


But that wasn’t the most important thing right now . If Zhuo Fan said it fifteen minutes ago, he would’ve laughed, calling him still a child that didn’t know his limits .


Now, after the first round, Zhuo Fan stood in the first place, the place he took from Yan Song .


Even if one disregarded the stunt he pulled in the first round, the fact he spoke as such was truly shocking . Because in truth, he was standing ahead of the Vicious Pill King .


And because it was the truth, it angered Yan Song .


Never had there been a case where someone stood ahead of him . Yet, this man somehow did it while also openly challenging him .


If he were to take this down, he would no longer be Vicious Pill King!


The silence was deafening .


The people watched dumbfounded as if they forgot to even breathe . Zhuo Fan earned the first place through devious tricks and was now challenging the Vicious Pill King . Was he tired of living?


None could understand, not even the people on the terrace . Only Chu Qingcheng bit her lip as tears glistened in her eyes, [Thank you!]


She knew Zhuo Fan did this all for her . Whether he won or not, he would challenge Vicious Pill King in her stead . This was Qingtian’s final wish .


As Chui Qingtian’s elder sister, she has never managed to do it, but Zhuo Fan had!


Chu Qingcheng’s gaze on Zhuo Fan turned passionate at that moment .


This man was a third rated clan young master, but he was willing to give everything for her . It was not wrong of her to entrust her dignity to this man . He and Qingtian were the same, albeit a bit more immoral .


Chu Qingcheng’s heart felt as if it was beating out of her chest . What she didn’t know was that Zhuo Fan did all this mostly because of the Bodhi Jade Sap .


All because the grand Demonic Emperor did not owe favors!


“Hhha, someone has the nerve to challenge the great Vicious Pill King . This is the first time it happened to Elder Yan . So, he must be pissed . ”


In the eastern stand, Huangpu Qingyun smiled as he looked around .


The others nodded, with Hell Valley’s 5th elder joining him, “Hhha, that old bag of bones Yan Song considered everyone beneath him . How satisfying to see an ignorant pup mock him to such a degree . ”


Huangpu Qingyun nodded in glee, his eyes shining, “It seems we won’t be needed to deal with this kid . Once Elder Yan wins the next round, with his temper, he would immediately kill him . ”


“Second young master is right, the kid will die after the second round . He challenged Elder Yan, so even if he ended dead, Drifting Flowers Edifice has no grounds to blame Elder Yan and second young master . Young miss Qingcheng won’t feel any more resentment towards you . ” Lin Zitian fawned with a smile . It had to be said, his words hit the nail on the head .


Huangpu Qingyun gave a satisfied nod .


In the arena, assaulted by Zhuo Fan’s contemptuous challenge, Vicious Pill King was trembling from rage . He took deep breaths to force it down, but his face had become frightening .


“Rotten punk, you want to challenge me in Chu Qingtian’s stead?”


Zhuo Fan shook his head in mockery, “Old coot, get real . Me challenge you?”




Suddenly, Zhuo Fan’s stomped on the alchemy table, jarring the ears of the others with the noise . Then he proudly declared, “Take a good look, I am in first place! Isn’t it more accurate to say that you’re the challenger?”




The Vicious Pill King was so pissed his vision blurred, his hair whipped about . He knew the punk was insufferable but clearly didn’t know by how much . With a bit of luck and a clever mind, this punk thought it was enough to flaunt as the best in the empire . And get to make the Vicious Pill King challenge him?


The Vicious Pill King’s chest shook with every breath, rancor dripping from every word, “Little prick, you’re more insufferable then Chu Qingtian . But most arrogant people don’t end well . ”


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“Hhha, the ending isn’t based on arrogance, but strength . ” Giving him a side glance, Zhuo Fan coldly smiled, stomping on the table again, “Take this table from me and you’ll be the best in the empire!”


“Humph, I intend to!”


“Then let’s add one more condition . If you can take this spot, I will offer you my head!”


The people froze!


Betting one’s life in a mere pill competition? Or did the kid know his end would be bleak after offending the Vicious Pill King and decided to go for broke?


Chu Qingcheng and the rest became grave . Huangpu Qingyun’s side laughed even harder than before . This justified it even more when the kid lost his head .


Long Jiu’s group was anxious, “Why is this brat playing such a dangerous game?”


As to how cautious Zhuo Fan was, he wouldn’t use such arrogant words easily .


Xiao Dandan was so worried she was on the verge of tears, “Master, what do we do if Darling loses? He isn’t the Vicious Pill King’s match . Will he really die? Will I be a widow?”


“You haven’t even been with him yet . What widow nonsense?” Peony Overseer cursed, “This kid is so stubborn he doesn’t know what he’s saying . Now, when he loses, we won’t be able to save him . ”


The Dong siblings watched everything blankly .


[Where did bro get all that courage from? Is he still the same Song Yu we know?]


Ignoring the clamor, the Vicious Pill King sported an insidious smile, “He-he-he, it’s you who said it punk . Don’t go begging me later for mercy . ”


“Enough with the boasting, brat . Yan Song is an elder and you are wrong about him . Take back those jokes and he won’t argue with you either . ”


Because of Chu Qingcheng’s relation with him, Tao Danniang gave Zhuo Fan a signal to pull him out of this mess .


Zhuo Fan seemed to have turned a deaf to her help, upping the ante . He turned to everyone, “My word is gold! It’s not just for the old guy, but it applies to anyone . Whoever takes my place, yours truly will present his head!”



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The crowd exploded again . He wasn’t just challenging one man, the Vicious Pill King, to settle grudges, but all of them .


More aptly put, a challenge towards all alchemists in Tianyu . He was obviously looking to establish himself in the Hundred Pill Meeting as the best alchemist in the empire .


But putting the Vicious Pill King aside, [Does a snot-nosed brat have anything to back those words?]


In a blink, the scene erupted . All the alchemists were now glaring at him, becoming the public enemy number one .


They only felt mockery at first, but now it vanished, with anger replacing it .


Vicious Pill King smiled evilly, “You’re digging your own funeral!” Tao Danniang shook her head . She could not understand what Chu Qingcheng found in this reckless brat .


He stirred the crowd into focusing their anger on him .


On Huangpu Qingyun’s side, they were laughing with glee . After all, Zhuo Fan had turned himself into the target of everyone’s hatred . He was begging to be put down! Meanwhile, the two overseers sighed .


[Damn rotten brat, are you that hard-headed?]


Chu Qingcheng was confused about it all . Song Yu was brash but not to this extent . Then, Zhuo Fan looked at her and pointed at the words on his back with a smile .


Chu Qingcheng seemed to have been struck by lightning . She was shaking all over as tears flowed unabated .


“Qingcheng, what’s wrong?” Iris Overseer asked in worry .


Chu Qingcheng watched Zhuo Fan from afar and muttered, “I was the one who was wrong all along . ”


“How?” Peony Overseer asked .


With a bright smile, Chu Qingcheng replied, “I always thought Qingcheng’s last wish was revenge, to surpass Vicious Pill King in alchemy . But I was wrong . He only ever wanted one thing, a heaven toppling pill . To be the best alchemist in the whole world!”


The familiar cloak left Chu Qingcheng laughing, despising herself . “I made that cloak myself, but never truly understood Qingcheng’s heart . While Song Yu knew just from a glance . I am not qualified to be his elder sister . ”


“What Song Yu is doing this to fulfill Qingtian’s final wish?”

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The overseers exchanged a glance then looked at Zhuo Fan’s back, feeling that this thin figure had grown in their eyes .


They always said men were unreliable, but there was a man, here and now, that dared take on the whole world for the woman he loved .


They could only have respect for him! And their eyes also hid something stirring deep within…


The Vicious Pill King was the first in the empire . Everyone knew that, but no one could reach him!


The brat fulfilled Chu Qingtian’s wish but now, he was on a road of no return!


“He-he-he, this punk sure knows how to draw hatred!” The three were startled to find Xie Tianyang grinning .


“You’re saying the kid first humiliated Yan Song, and then plans on taking his head? To make him lose in his refining then fly into a rage over his failure as an excuse to take his life?”


“En, this brother is truly cunning . I presume he has what it takes to win . ” Long Jiu caressed his beard .


“Humph, Uncle Jiu, you expect too much of him, again . He may win against others, but how can he win against the Vicious Pill King, the best in the empire?” Long Kui grumbled, “I only see this brat being afraid of losing . He will most likely use the opportunity when Yan Song is busy refining, to end his life . Someone like him won’t possibly accept a loss at this point . Especially if he has to throw his face away!”


They all had to nod at this .


Zhuo Fan had always been cool-headed, while also engaging in underhanded tactics more often than not . Sneak attacks while refining wasn’t beneath him .


As they discussed, Peony Overseer cursed, “Uncle Jiu, I thought you are on Drifting Flowers Edifice’s side . Yet when we are facing a calamity, you are taking joy in our plight?”


Long Jiu was startled and knew they misunderstood .


Xie Tianyang watched the angry Chu Qingcheng and Xiao Dandan, “Edifice Lord Chu, lady Dandan, we don’t mean any insult for that fellow . We were only talking . ”


Suddenly, his eyes shined, and he gave a vague smile, “Also, sister in law, it doesn’t look like you’ve seen the true face of your husband yet . You better watch closely, you’ll surely get the fright of your lives . He may look docile near you, but in fact, he is the devil . No less than Vicious Pill King, hhha… “


They were startled, clueless to his meaning . Then, a ding sound off and the second round began…


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