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Chapter 129

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“Qingtian…” Chu Qingcheng’s eyes were glazed .


Long Jiu and Jian Suifeng sported a wide grin then laughed to their hearts’ content, having a heavy stone relieved from their shoulders, “Hhha, Chuchu, you’re wrong . That’s not Qingtian, but that brat!” 


It was now that a crisp voice came from that direction, “Nightrain City’s Song clan, Song Yu, 1st-grade pill has been completed!”


[What, Song clan? Who on earth is that? We’ve never heard of it!]


Shock after shock, every single one of the people there stood speechless . A nameless alchemist hailing from a nameless clan stole the first spot in the Hundred Pill Meeting’s first round, stepping over the best alchemist in the empire, the Vicious Pill King!


[Just who is this Song Yu? What’s his did he cheat? How did he refine so quickly?]


Under everyone’s admiring gazes, Zhuo Fan swaggered from the third area and onto the first spot .  


That narcissistic attitude was as if he was on top of the world and asking for a smacking . Thankfully, this was Drifting Flowers Edifice, or the thousands of participants would’ve jumped him .  


[Go ahead, enjoy it while you can!]


“Look, it’s Darling!” Xiao Dandan cried and the Dong siblings whipped their heads .


Chu Qingcheng frowned and grumbled,  “Damn brat, why did I get you to leave early? So you could return?”


Despite her harsh words, her heart was filled with warmth . This showed he was not the heartless man he let her to believe . In her most desperate hour, he chose to return and spend this last part of their journey together .


The other two overseers’ anger for him went up in smoke . [At least this man has a conscience . ]


On the eastern stand, Huangpu Qingyun glared at Zhuo Fan with the full intent to kill, clenching his fists in anger .


“He-he-he, second young master wants that brat’s life? It will be simple to do! Just let us get the Bodhi Root first, second young master, then I will deal with him personally!”


Hell Valley’s 5th elder saw his anger and jumped at the chance to earn his favor before Vicious Pill King stole this one!


Huangpu Qingyun only nodded .


His hatred for Zhuo Fan seeped into his bones . Not only did he steal his wife, but he talked back to him at the feast . Yet again, this man was going against him! However, killing him himself was beneath his standing .


The key was that he did not wish to earn Chu Qingcheng’s resentment . He still hoped for the day when his betrayal would be forgotten and she would return to him .


But this man suddenly showed up, preventing that from ever happening .


Zhuo Fan didn’t notice that two pairs of eyes watched hopefully as he slowly strutted to the first stage . He was afraid he didn’t garner enough hatred, finishing his act with a sidelong glance at the Vicious Pill King .


Not even Vicious Pill King could stay calm after such obvious contempt . So he poured all his energy into finishing the refining .


He relaxed after the ding was heard next to him and bore his eyes towards Zhuo Fan, “You little shit, what the hell are you staring at? Wanna die?”


“Are you threatening me?” Zhuo Fan raised an eyebrow and kicked at the alchemy table next to the cauldron and cursed, “What do you think? I’m afraid of you? What an idiot!”


Clamor erupted .


[Where did he come from? Where does he get the nerve to curse the Vicious Pill King?]


Even the other 19 alchemists had to reel from this, almost ruining their refining .


[Godamn it! Where the hell did this brat pop out from? He’s too much!]


The rage got to Vicious Pill King so badly that he was turning from green to purple . If not for fear of this indirect strike unnerving his mind, he would’ve long slapped the punk into the grave .


Vicious Pill King took deep breaths to calm his anger, he couldn’t let impulsiveness ruin his plans, “Punk, you came to pick a fight with me and I would’ve killed you where you stand if not for reasons I cannot say . ”


“Reason? You dare talk about goddamn reason?”


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Zhuo Fan kicked at the alchemy table again, pissed, “Old fart, step aside . You’re in my spot!”


Startled, Vicious Pill King was stunned for a moment . But Xiao Ya spoke in an apologetic tone, “Please excuse us, Elder Yan, young master Song Yu has earned the right to this table . Your ranking is one step lower . ”


“Hear that? Now shoo!” Zhuo Fan kicked the alchemy table again .  


Vicious Pill King took deep breaths, working his hardest to calm down, “Wretched bastard! You were just lucky! I will be back the next round . ”


Stepping to the second table, Vicious Pill King cursed, “Moving is moving, so what’s with the kicking? Today’s generation has gone out of control!”


“What’s it to you? I was kicking my own table! Old farts these days are too short-tempered!” Zhuo Fan said as he stood at the number one spot .


Vicious Pill King reeled at his comeback . His mouth moved but didn’t say a word, while his heart was consumed by hatred!


[This punk’s tongue is too sharp . There’s no end talking to him . Once this is over, I’ll settle the score!]


The two looked like they fought over a mere alchemy table but they were engaged in a battle of the mind . Using this chance to throw the other off his game .


No matter how fine and amazing one’s refining skill was, it was useless in the hands of one with a frail mind .


Vicious Pill King was very close to having his inner peace ruined when the self-important Zhuo Fan strutted in . But as he was a veteran in alchemy, he noticed it fast, working hard in quelling the anger in his heart .  


The competition resumed . After Yan Fu finished his pill, Tao Danniang followed closely behind . Then came Liu Yizhen and the rest of the twenty alchemists .


As time passed, more and more finished and the ringing never stopped . As the ringing increased, the hearts of the competitors became more chaotic .


Even a 1st-grade pill had a high chance of failure . The many that failed started refining again in annoyance, but time was running out .




The hundredth ring sounded and Xiao Ya drew the first round to a close by eliminating the rest .  

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The ones who were hard at work in refining froze . They doused their flames and dragged their feet up to where the audience were .


There were many 3rd-grade alchemists here but their mind was still lacking, failing to refine even the most basic pill .


Now, the first hundred participants entered round two, with one tiny detail off . It wasn’t Vicious Pill Master in front, but a third rate clan young master, Zhuo Fan .


As a result, the 20th alchemist was kicked from his table .


[Goddamn it! Who said the 20 spots were set in stone? It’s only been the first round and I got kicked by a black horse . Even the Vicious Pill King lost and was now in second place! And all the others along the line as well!]


[Who knows how many great alchemists are getting kicked out this round!]


Whether or not black horses were in vogue in this competition, the audience watched on enraptured for the next kicking .  




Vicious Pill King called Xiao Ya’s attention, “I would like to inspect the kid’s pill and check if it was a 1st-grade pill . I still find it hard to believe someone can beat me at the speed of refining!”


[Yeah, make sure he is not cheating!]


This got the crowd wild . Vicious Pill King was the best alchemist in Tianyu . It was unbelievable how someone just popped in and dethroned him, especially when it was a rotten punk . [He’s been weaned just for a few days and he already mastered alchemy? How is that possible?] 


The last one that barely got into the second round was also voicing his complaints, asking for justice .  


Xiaoya had no choice as she said to Zhuo Fan, “Young master Song, is it possible for you to refine one more time, letting them see your speed?”


Casting a side glance, Zhuo Fan deadpanned, “No, thank you . ”


The crowd went hysterical .


“Look! He’s scared . He doesn’t have the nerve to refine another one for us!”

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“I knew he smelled fishy! How could he beat so many great alchemists?”


“He-he-he, he’s done for . Drifting Flowers Edifice doesn’t tolerate cheaters!”



All denounce him, while Vicious Pill King and his disciple watched with a cold smile . Tao Danniang shook her head .


She knew the kid wanted to help Drifting Flowers Edifice, but to get caught cheating meant that not even she could save him .


“Child, one’s mind must remain true and not practice vile methods! You will be the one to suffer in the end!” Tao Danniang gave earnest guidance and turned to Xiao Ya, “Change his position from the first to the last . ”


Xiao Ya nodded, to the cheer of the crowd . But Vicious Pill King sneered, “Cheating has been found in the Hundred Pill Meeting and you’re only eliminating him? Since when did Drifting Flowers Edifice’s rule become so lax?” 


The place got rowdy again . Xiaoya now turned her attention to Chu Qingcheng .


Chu Qingcheng sighed and shook her head . This brat caused endless troubles . Vicious Pill King now had a legitimate reason to end him . Escape looked bleak .


Long Jiu’s group was stunned . [A cunning guy like him could make such a mistake?]


Watching them all with a cold eye, Zhuo Fan yawned, “What gave you the crazy idea that I cheated? I only said that I won’t do it again . ”


“That just means you’re scared!” Yan Fu coldly smiled, feeling good kicking someone when they were down .  


Zhuo Fan gave a patronizing glance to all of them, “A bunch of idiots . Don’t you know I had a gorgeous lady next to me the whole time? How could I cheat? You only need to listen to how yours truly refined it and you’ll know why it took so little time . ”


Zhuo Fan beckoned towards his previous table, “Gorgeous, please tell them the name of my pill and get them acquainted with real skill . ”




They all then whipped their heads towards his supervisor…

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