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Chapter 128

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Liu Yizhen ended up in fourth place, behind Yan Fu, Tao Danniang, and the Vicious Pill King .  


In spite of all that, he accepted his spot without any complains . As for who was behind him, he had other more important things on his mind right now .  


The rest of the spots were taken by people of renowned and unquestionable skill .


Xiao Ya smiled, “Everyone else, please move to the area in accordance with your clan’s strength . The first-rate clans in front, second rate clans in the middle, and third rate clans in the back . Please take your positions . ”


This method also showed their relevant alchemy skills . It was a common fact first rate clans were better than second, who were better than the third .


It was also made easy for the great clans in the stands to see their abilities . It would’ve been an embarrassment if the third rate clans would’ve started making protests .


Drifting Flowers Edifice’s consideration for everyone earned the admiration of many great clans .


The alchemists had nothing to say, moving to their spots . Now that thousands of alchemists were in the arena, they were ready for the competition to begin .


A bronze cauldron was laid before them, with a gorgeous Drifting Flowers Edifice disciple beside it .


With everyone seated, Xiao Ya smiled as she explained the details of the Hundred Pill Meeting, “The competition is divided into three rounds . Contestants will be eliminated in each round and only the top twenty alchemists will be worthy of stepping onto the final round, where we will finally decide on who is the Pill King!”


In other words, Drifting Flowers Edifice only cared about the first 20 alchemists .


The participants were sporting serious faces . They knew it would be hard, but it was not that disastrously hard .


Of the thousands of alchemists, only 20 would be allowed entry in the final round .


These 20 were without a doubt the best alchemists the Tianyu Empire had to offer . With their spots set, their position would be unshakable .


It could be said that not even 300 rounds would be enough for the other contestants to get a chance to earn one of the 20 spots .


The participants were vexed, while the 20 on the stage looked on with smiles of pride .


Xiao Ya had a flash of contempt in her eyes as she continued, “This meeting has gathered a wide variety of renowned alchemists from every corner of the empire . For this, Drifting Flowers Edifice prepared their most prized treasure as a reward for the winner . ”


Xiao Ya clapped and two disciples brought a red wooden box on the pedestal .


Xiao Ya flipped it open .


Something akin to a green root appeared before everyone . What was even more astonishing, was that the root throbbed like a heart .


Drifting Flowers Edifice’s Bodhi Root .


None saw this coming . Drifting Flowers Edifice was staking their most amazing treasure in this meeting . Only a handful knew the true reason behind it, squinting when the item in question appeared on stage .


“Elder Yan, you must get it . ” Huangpu Qingyun clenched his fists in the eastern stand, eyeing the root with yearning


On the first stage, Vicious Pill King licked his lips, his heart throbbing to get his hands on it . He knew it was real too . All he had to do was win and the Bodhi Root was his .  


“Humph, old dog, with me here, don’t even dream of getting it!” Tao Danniang snorted .


Snickering, Vicious Pill King mocked, “Just you? How?”


Liu Yizhen realized now why Drifting Flowers Edifice’s Hundred Pill Meeting attracted these two towering figures of alchemy in the empire . [They all came for this treasure!]


Liu Yizhen wiped his sweat and cried in his heart .


Forget about even winning against them, even if fantasy became reality, and he managed to win, with two tigers glaring at him, taking it would be a one-way ticket to the underworld .  


[Curses! I shouldn’t have come here . ]


Liu Yizhen regretted it until his insides turned green . It was too late now though . Now that he was on stage, he’d lose his name if his performance was sub-par .


He considered himself fortunate, that he was not on their level and losing wasn’t that much of a big deal .


Liu Yizhen sighed happily for the first time in life, that he was doomed to lose . His thoughts would’ve widened no few pairs of eyes .


[Grandmaster Liu, didn’t you say just now that one has to be confident when refining? Why are you quitting before even starting?]


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Each had their own thoughts . Yet, most decided to take a step back on this . In such an ardent competition, they didn’t have the nerve to join .


Xiao Ya noticed the prevalent atmosphere but ignored it, “The target of the first round is… a 1st grade pill . ”


Those that already took a step back shivered with confidence . [Is there anyone who can’t make it? Why the hell would we come here if we can’t make one damned 1st grade pill?]


Xiao Ya continued, “A 1st grade is simple, but the method isn’t, as well as the efficiency . In this first round, you will be competing with your refining skills . The alchemist must accomplish the refining of a 1st grade pill as soon as possible . Only the quickest hundred can advance . ”




This crushed their kindling hope to dust .


A competition involving thousands of participants had the first round eliminating most of them . Was it really necessary to be so cruel? 


“I have with me a little bell, as do the Drifting Flowers Edifice’s disciples . One ring gives the start and another the end . And, begin!”




Xiao Ya directly rang her bell .


The competitors were startled . Then scrambled to get out their Yuan Qi flame and begin refining .


The top 20 alchemists sneered, not at all hurried .


It was more accurate to call this round a test of one’s mind than that of speed . Getting worked up over such a minor thing, not even a 3rd-grade alchemist would be able to refine a 1st-grade pill .


“A bunch of morons!”


Vicious Pill King laughed coldly . His hand revealed a scarlet flame and he threw six ingredients inside . Under the naked eye, each ingredient was refined .


Every one of the 20 alchemists could do it, albeit not at the same speed .


Liu Yizhen sighed, [He is truly the best in the empire! Even when refining a 1st-grade pill, it shows how skillful he is . ]


Tao Danniang was the second-fastest . She wasn’t at all pleased but was aware of her limits .

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Vicious Pill King mocked her, “I only used half of my skill . Just thought you should know . It’s best you give up now if you can’t do even this . Stop wasting your energy . ”




Tao Danniang snorted . She knew it was a trick of his to shake her heart .


Up on the terrace, Chu Qingcheng’s group was watching the two closely . They were worried since the difference in their speed was so great .


Urgent footsteps approached as an elderly shouted, “Chuchu, where’s the kid who was with you?”


Chu Qingcheng turned to find Long Jiu, Xie Tianyang and Jian Suifeng watching her group in anxiety .


“It was too dangerous here and I-I made him leave!” Chu Qingcheng watched them strangely, not knowing what their connection was with Song Yu to be so worried about him .


But her words threw them in a panic .


“What? He left?! Then who is competing with Vicious Pill King?” Xie Tianyang asked unsettled .


This baffled Chu Qingcheng and the two overseers . How could a mere third rate clan young master be a match for Vicious Pill King?


“Humph, forget about facing Vicious Pill King, when that brat left, he didn’t even waste time . ” Peony Overseer recalled Zhuo’s attitude with coldness .


Long Jiu’s group was gloomy .


Zhuo Fan ran, so what were they staying around here for, as patsies? He was the one who mentioned allying and they even offended Regent Estate for his sake . Yet, he was the first to run away without hesitation?


“Bastard! Did he just sell me out again?” Xie Tianyang frowned and spat in rage .


Then, a sudden sobbing came . It was Xiao Dandan and the Dong siblings running up the stairs . Chu Qingcheng was anxious, “Why are you back?”


“Sister Qingcheng, master! Darling left us behind and rushed back . Did you see him?”


“What? Song Yu came back as well?” Chu Qingcheng’s group raised their eyebrows in shock .  


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Before they could find out more, Xie Tianyang jumped in, “Sister in law, you’re saying that punk didn’t leave and came back instead? Hhha, he didn’t sell me out! Where is he, tell me?” 


Xiao Dandan didn’t even get to reply to the ‘sister in law’ part as Xie Tianyang was immediately actively searching for Zhuo Fan through the thousands of participants .


“Damn it! The Vicious Pill King’s almost done!” Iris Overseer gnashed her teeth .  


They all focused on the old man and indeed, The Vicious Pill King’s pill needed only a few seconds more .


Tao Danniang however needed a minute .


They all knew what that meant . The first round had its winner and their moods sank .


Tao Danniang couldn’t gain the advantage even when refining a 1st-grade pill, which spoke volumes of how their competition would be when refining higher graded pills . Chu Qingcheng’s heart sank to the bottom of the abyss .


Her final hope was fading!


Yan Fu saw Vicious Pill King’s pill and bowed, “Master, you’re the best there is!”


“Naturally!” Vicious Pill King laughed, throwing a mocking glance towards Tao Danniang .


A ding sounded at that moment . Far in the third-rated clans’ area, the bell rang .


There was someone here who could refine faster than the best alchemist in the empire?






They turned to see where the ringing came from .


But what appeared before them was a black-robed figure with the heaven-toppling pill words inscribed on it!


“Chu Qingtian!”


Yan Fu’s eyelids trembled as he cried out…

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