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Chapter 108: 108
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A delicate voice came from behind the Peony Overseer . She knew it was her disciple and hurried to wipe the tears away, before turning around .

But Xiao Dandan’s disorderly appearance had her furious, “What happened? Was it Yan Fu who messed with you this time? Did he do anything to you?”


Chewing her lip, Xiao Dandan held in her tears as she furiously shook her head, “Master, he didn’t do anything yet . ”


Sighing, Peony Overseer showed tenderness as she caressed Xiao Dandan’s head, “Dandan, I was wrong to blame you…”


“Master, I am fine . But you bore such shame all because you cared for Drifting Flowers Edifice…”


“Don’t say it . ” Peony Overseer interrupted her, “Dandan, remember, the men of this world only know to hide their intention behind sweet words . They say they love you, that they’d die for you, but when push comes to shove, they will leave you . Never ever believe a man’s sophistry! “


Xiao Dandan’s eyes roamed around before muttering, “Perhaps there is an exception…”


“Dandan, what are you saying?”


Peony Overseer’s turned strict, “All men of this world are heartless, with no exceptions . Lin Zitian is the same, his master is the same, and even that Yan Fu… Humph, they only see us as a piece of meat . They will never stick out their necks for any of us! Women can only rely on themselves . No man is worthy of our trust!”


“But master…” Xiao Dandan flushed, “Didn’t Zhuo Fan appear recently? I heard he ran amok in Blue Expanse City for one girl, killing Hell Valley’s 7th elder . He was willing to defy Hell Valley for her . Isn’t this love?”


“Zhuo Fan?”


Peony Overseer gasped, “I’ve never seen him and can’t come to a decision of what kind of man he is . But rumors paint him as a bloodthirsty demon . His battle with You Guiqi may have had nothing to do with the girl . It could be a grudge he held against the 7th elder . ”


“But… aren’t these all rumors spread by Hell Valley? This is clearly done deliberately to defame him!” Xiao Dandan spoke softly .


Peony Overseer raised an eyebrow, “Girl, why are you bringing him up? You have never saw him either!”


The Peony Overseer started to put things together, “Hmm, you’ve been strange of late . Fussing and complaining about Lin Tianyu while also going out to look for trouble . Was it all because you fancy Zhuo Fan?”


Zhuo Fan was stunned . [You’re saying this girl acted all spoiled and humiliated the Dong clan because of me? I don’t remember having that much charm . Since when is my name enough to make a girl fall head over heels for me and ruin other clans’ happiness?]


[I guess being outstanding has its demerits!] Zhuo Fan got his head in the clouds .


Xiao Dandan was beet red, acting all bashful, “Master, don’t tease me . I was only hoping of finding such a man myself, one that was willing to stand up to the seven houses for his girl . ”


“And that is why you found Lin Tianyu increasingly displeasing, right?” Peony Overseer saw Xiao Dandan nod and sighed, “Silly child, even if such a man does exist, it doesn’t mean you’ll be fortunate enough to meet him . We, the women of Drifting Flowers Edifice, only marry people form large clans to preserve our standing . You must accept this fate!”


Xiao Dandan resigned and nodded sadly .


Sighing, Peony Overseer patted her shoulder, “Dandan, I am tired, please patrol around Treasure Pavilion in my stead . ”


“Yes, Master!” Xiao Dandan left with a bow .


Zhuo Fan’s eyes flashed in glee . He got what he wanted without even asking . [It’s like giving water to the thirsty . How convenient!]


He called Blood Infant back and slowly followed Xiao Dandan, to the blind eyes of the master and disciple .


After fifteen minutes of twists and turns, he saw before him a fifty meters tall pagoda . If one paid attention, he would sense a strange energy around it .


An array!


Zhuo Fan narrowed his eyes and withdrew . This array was controlled by those who lived here . If he forced his way in, he’d attract the experts around .


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[But why isn’t this array on the map? Is it to mislead me or did the Iris Overseer not know?]


Zhuo Fan was trying to figure out the reason but hadn’t much to go on . He threw the thought away in the end . He only planned to take the Bodhi Root then bolt . Why would he give it to her anyway?


So Zhuo Fan paid close attention to Xiao Dandan’s gestures as she shouted, “Open!”


The energy around the tower retreated .


Xiao Dandan entered, followed closely by Zhuo Fan .


The tower had six levels, illuminated by night pearls . Xiao Dandan checked the treasures on each level – cultivation methods, spiritual weapons and demonic treasures . On the 6th level, a wooden box laid on a pedestal in the middle of the room .


Xiao Dandan opened it with care, revealing a dark green root emanating a fragrance, dazzling in the moonlight!




Xiao Dandan closed it and smiled, “All is in order!”


Then a black figure flashed and struck her neck, knocking her out .


“He-he-he, seeing you’re a fan of yours truly, I’ll let you off!”


A black cloth fell, revealing Zhuo Fan’s twisted smile . He opened the box and took the root .


But the moment he touched it, he cried out, “Damn it… it’s a fake!”


Zhuo Fan was panicking . It looked so similar to the real thing that he didn’t realize the difference until he touched it .


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The Bodhi Root had vital essence, and even as a root, it was still alive .


But this thing had the same looks and vibe as the real thing except it had no vitality in it .


This was clearly a countermeasure against robbers!


Squinting, Zhuo Fan was beginning to doubt if Qin Caiqing was in on this . But what was the point of making him steal a fake?


[Is it to fool Vicious Pill King?]


He put the root in the box and stashed it in his ring .


Since it was fake, he might as well give it to Iris Overseer and see her reaction .


“Who dares encroach upon Drifting Flowers Edifice’s Treasure Pavilion?”


A woman’s voice came from behind him . He could feel her power and knew it to be a Profound Heaven expert .


He made the logical decision to jump through the window and make a run for it .


But was a Profound Heaven expert going to let him leave that easily?


A thin cloth blocked his path . The woman’s elegance and beauty were emphasized in the moonlight, akin to a fairy .


Zhuo Fan couldn’t see past her veil, but was stunned nonetheless .


[Curses! Drifting Flowers Edifice is filled with beauties! Too bad yours only came after items, not to steal girls . ]


Zhuo Fan charged .

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The woman was perplexed seeing a 2nd layer of Bone Tempering cultivator coming right at her . This was no different than a deathwish .


The woman snorted inside and struck with a cold palm .


Zhuo Fan let out an odd smile just as it was about to hit him, vanishing with the Mystifying Phantom Step . The next moment he was behind the woman, fleeing .


She hadn’t expected such skill from him and that caught her off-guard . Her delayed reaction allowed him to flee with a dozen meters advantage .


But she was a Profound Heaven expert and she managed to catch up . Her fair hand caught his shoulder as she turned . With a squeeze, Zhuo Fan halted on the spot .


“He-he-he, got you!”


Zhuo Fan grinned . Instead of throwing her off, he grabbed her hand, not letting it go . At the same time, lightning cracked as his wings unfolded .


The Lightning Wings were a 6th-grade demonic treasure and would send even this Profound Heaven expert to her doom .


Zhuo Fan was using a dirty and savage trick, but this was what he excelled at .


Feeling the danger, the woman released all her power!


The cold Yuan Qi flung Zhuo Fan’s hand away . He withdrew his wings and cried, “Sister Chuchu…”


The woman was shocked beyond belief, “Don’t tell me you’re…”


Zhuo Fan didn’t hope to have been found out so soon, but he chose to make use of the shock to disappear into the night .


Chuchu was left standing there, still baffled…


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