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Chapter 106: 106

“As an Overseer, a valuable member of Drifting Flowers Edifice . Why are you doing this?” Despite how thrilled he was, it was best to cover all bases and know the situation in detail .


Qin Caiqing’s eyes showed a deep gaze as her tone grew colder, “That does not concern you . All you have to do is to get it!”

“But Drifting Flowers Edifice is packed with guards . How am I…”


Qin Caiqing cut him off, “You need not concern yourself with this . I made preparations!”


After she spoke, Qin Caiqing placed a map in his hand . Zhuo Fan looked at the multitude of colorful lines and symbols blended in an intricate mesh .


“It is easy to remember, contains the Drifting Flowers Edifice’s terrain along with the patrol routes and when they change shifts . With your skill, as long as you’re smart, it won’t be hard getting in and out!”


Squinting, Zhuo Fan put away the map in deep thought .


This was the perfect chance to get his hands on the Bodhi Root, but was suspicious that this might be a trap . Qin Caiqing may have already known his identity and set up an ambush there . If he was against Profound Heaven experts, not even his wings could save him .


[Though it is highly unlikely for this to happen!] If he didn’t have the Iris Overseer’s help, entering Drifting Flowers Edifice would be difficult!


“Have you come to a decision?” Iris Overseer stared at his face, her heart nervous, “young master Song, I’m sorry if I have to resort to unbecoming language when I say this . But if you don’t do it and leak it instead, I will gouge out your eyes, wretch out your tongue, and tear your arms and legs from your body . “


“Ah? And what choice does that leave me?”


Zhuo Fan snickered, “Although, Iris Overseer, I have to admit, that is a bit vicious of you to do . Tearing my limbs from my body, wretching my tongue out, and gouging my eyes is worse than dying . ”


Knowing he agreed to her request, the Iris Overseer’s heart eased, “I am not one who takes killing lightly . But as you’ve seen the map and still chose not to agree, all those actions are to prevent you from leaking the secret, be it through writing or otherwise!”


Rolling his eyes, Zhuo Fan’s mouth twitched, “Then, why must you take my feet? Is my feet useful in writing?”


“I don’t know . With what an oddity Young master Song is, who knows what you’re truly capable of?” Qin Caiqing gave a silly smile, hidden behind her veil . Although her features were obscured, her beauty couldn’t be hidden .


Zhuo Fan sighed .


[She is quite the looker, but her heart is so poisonous . ] This was something he could understand . This world was one where might was right, and men ruled . A woman had to be vicious enough, poisonous enough, to stand tall in this world .


With how naive and gullible that pure Xue Ningxiang was, if it weren’t for her encounter with the demon, Zhuo Fan, she would’ve been Hell Valley’s cauldron by now!


Zhuo Fan started to recall the carefree life the three led in the Allbeast Mountain Range . Those were the best and shortest days of both his lives .


“Young master Song, you will go tonight . ”


“So soon?” Zhuo Fan stared at Qin Caiqing . He was impatient of getting Bodhi Root, but not that much . Who knew the Iris Overseer was in even more of a rush?


“Young master Song, there’s something you may not know!”


Qin Caiqing sighed, “The Bodhi Root is something the Edifice Lord protects herself . Only when the month of full moon does she go in seclusion, leaving the Bodhi Root in the Treasure Pavilion’s care . We are running out of time, as she is soon to come out!”


“Tianyu’s number one beauty, Chu Qingcheng?” Zhuo Fan raised an eyebrow, “What’s her cultivation?”


Her stare was fixed on Zhuo Fan . Until she was certain he didn’t show any odd reaction, she responded, despite being doubtful, “She is my junior sister, and should be in the 3rd layer of Profound Heaven Stage!”


[That much should be possible to fight off!]

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Zhuo Fan analyzed, then nodded, “Then I will go tonight!”


Qin Caiqing was overjoyed and released a scent to the Dong siblings to wake them up .


Since they were out for the duration of the talk, Qin Caiqing explained they fainted after drinking such a potent wine, but that it wouldn’t happen again in the future .


This concluded the meeting and Qin Caiqing saw them out . Dong Tianba was more than happy to leave now that his aim was achieved . As they passed by the entrance, the two ladies were still in fear, holding their tongues in check .


But once the trio was gone, Zhuo Fan threw a pill into the air . A flash of red flew out of him and swallowed the Energy Concealing Pill, then went into Iris Edifice .


He was curious to know what Iris Overseer’s true game was .


Blood Infant moved like a specter, entering the drawing-room, without anyone’s notice, where Iris Overseer was still sitting .


A cough suddenly came and a person appeared behind Qin Caiqing . Zhuo Fan cried out, “Vicious Pill King Yan Song! Why is he here?”


“Why are you doing this?” Yan Song touched her shoulder and squeezed, making Qin Caiqing grimace and her face flash green!


Qin Caiqing gnashed her teeth as she broke out in fine sweat, “Elder Yan, I am Iris Overseer . If I don’t do this, I can no longer keep my position! Once the fool gets the item, his life would have run its course and no one will know of my involvement . ”


“Humph, you’re still thinking of escaping liability even when you execute my plans . If anything goes wrong with the brat and ruins my plan, I will have you answer for it!”


Yan Song clutched at Qin Caiqing harder, throwing her on the ground . She could only let him do what he wanted as tears of humiliation streaked her cheeks .


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Yan Song ridiculed, “Of the 15 overseers, I control more than half . Drifting Flowers Edifice will soon come under Pill King Hall and the first of seven houses to be swallowed . Do you think exposing this will help you? As long as I’m here, act like the Iris Overseer you are, not for Drifting Flowers Tower, but for my Pill King Hall!


“You heard the brat, there’s someone in this city that can remove your poison . If your poison is cured, how will you threaten the other overseers?”


Yan Song gave her a contemptuous and evil smile, “Were you always waiting for the arrival of such a man that will save Drifting Flowers Edifice from this crisis?”


“Hhha, what wishful thinking! My Rainbow Cloud Palm is made up of seven savage poisons and no one can remove it! The brat was only lucky to be hit by my disciple’s three poison palm . If it was mine instead, not even the most renowned alchemist could save his wretched life!”


Qin Caiqing bit her lip, a trail of blood flowing down and tears glistened in her eyes from the resentment she carried .


Snorting, Yan Song kicked her, “Bitch, get rid of him once he comes back . Or you and your sisters will wait in silence for death without me, hhha…


“A woman will always be a woman, reliant on a man . You must be delusional for fighting against the world of man!” Yan Song laughed as he left .


Zhuo Fan surmised she must be feeling hatred, anger, and deep-seated powerlessness . Though it had nothing to do with him .


So he willed Blood Infant to return .


Now that light has been shone on the matter, he could go all out . He’ll get the Bodhi Root and skip town .


As for the Song and Dong clan, [Thanks for taking the fall . ]


Zhuo Fan snickered secretly, looking at the Dong siblings without any remorse . They had elders to get them out of any situation . [I owe you guys nothing after all . ]


[So, be grateful for helping me out! Okay?]

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The Dong siblings reciprocated his warm smile with another of their own . Though appearances could be deceiving, where even a smile hid countless dangers…


In the dead of night, silence ruled . The street was empty but there were some who were moving around a large building, the patrol .


Three words were gracefully placed on the building, Drifting Flowers Edifice!


Zhuo Fan flashed in the darkness, wearing black clothes from head to toe . He made use of the patrols changing shifts and snuck inside . Through a series of odd twists and turns, he arrived at a pond .


Looking back, Zhuo Fan sighed and took the map out with a smile, “With Qin Caiqing’s help, I wouldn’t have known of all these arrays . ”


“There are freaking ten of them! I just passed one and still have nine to go…”


Zhuo Fan sighed and stepped back into the darkness . He was adept in arrays, but it would be very easy to get trapped in them without prior investigation .


But knowing the map and the disciples’ routes, he had it in the bag!


[I guess people have this saying, attacks you can avoid day and night, but thieves are hard to counter! When I get back to the Luo clan, I will have to make proper arrangements so that this won’t ever happen to me!]


Zhuo Fan had such an easy time with the arrays, he even indulged in flights of fancy . Soon, the ten arrays were cleared .


The objective was almost in sight .


Treasure Pavilion, Bodhi Root…


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