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Chapter 103: 103

A green light spread throughout his body, into every damaged fiber left behind by the poison . In six hours, his face no longer looked ill .


Zhuo Fan felt the medicine did its job and faked a faint breath, as though he had just recovered . He was muttering all the while to make his weakened state believable .

Chuchu nodded slightly and helped Zhuo Fan to sit on the heated bed . She took a seat behind him, releasing a silver glow from her hands as she rested them on his back .


Shivering from the sharp cold, Zhuo Fan sensed a frigid yin seeping into his body and flowing through his meridians to clear any leftover poison .


His body had little poison to begin with, and the poisoning he showed on the surface was already cleared up thanks to the Bodhi Jade Sap .


If this process continued, the cat would be out of the bag . No one would fear Pill King Hall if their poison was so easily removed .


Furthermore, with how knowledgeable Chuchu seemed regarding Pill King Hall’s poison, if a drop of Bodhi Jade Sap was enough to cure him, she wouldn’t have followed through with the healing .


Zhuo Fan was frowning at this point . [No, I cannot let that happen . I can’t have her realize the truth or I’ll be exposed!]


So Zhuo Fan used the Demon Transformation Art to remove the yin energy . Chuchu was startled, thinking the poison countered her efforts so she added more strength .


Zhuo Fan tweaked his cultivation method to match her rate of pushing Yuan Qi into his body until, at some point, Chuchu sensed her Yuan Qi moved uninhibited through his body .


However, a light scowl adorned her face, “I cannot believe the Pill King Hall’s poison has reached such heights . The poison from a mere youth made me expend so much energy to dispel it!”


Zhuo Fan secretly laughed, creaking his eyelids open and putting on the weak and sick act .


“Where am I?”


Zhuo Fan turned his head around, puzzled . But he cried in joy at the sight of Chuchu, “Sister Chuchu, you’re finally back . I thought you’re angry with me and would never talk to me again!”


Chuchu was slightly moved .


It was unimaginable for this boy to be so happy about seeing her, instead of being relieved he was still alive . This was clear proof he placed her far higher in his heart than his own wellbeing .


Feeling warm inside, Chuchu raised an eyebrow as she smiled, “Of course I’m angry! You, a body cultivator, trashed Yan Fu to such a state, and you still dare fake weakness before me? Speak, what is your aim?”


“He-he-he, I don’t have one . Just that when I saw you for the first time, you showed such a fierce attitude towards me . But I know you are a good person, taking me in despite your troubles . That is why I want to get close to you, understand you and become your friend!”


Chuchu gave him a long look and a smile slipped on her face, “Humph, yeah right, who’d believe you? I saw your fight with Yan Fu . You were so vicious in your attacks, using filthy language too . It was the opposite of what a refined young master would do when looking for consolation!”


Zhuo Fan darted his eyes left and right as he sighed in his heart .


[Chuchu is wise to figure out a man’s true nature after just one battle . What she said is true . Why would a ruthless demonic cultivator act all kind if not for his self-interest in growing stronger?]


He always felt that only the week would rely on factions, while the strong stood alone . It was the same for spiritual beasts . Packs existed only of low level spiritual beasts while 5th and 6th level beasts were solitary .


Because once you had strength, you did not need one to look for shelter .


But how was he supposed to answer Chuchu?


Mulling in his heart for a while, Zhuo Fan noticed Chuchu’s stare on him . It was then an inspiration struck and he secretly smiled, [Brother Dong, thanks again for your girl chasing skills . ]


“Hhha, sister Chuchu, you really want me to say it?” With silly laughter, Zhuo Fan scratched his head shyly .


Chuchu’s heart was growing in suspicion . Her eyes became piercing, “Tell me . Is your aim in getting close to me something unspeakable?”


“Uh, it’s not that important, just that… I like you . ” Zhuo Fan scratched his nose, blushing, “Sister Chuchu, you’re right, I’m not that forward when making friends with anyone… except beauties!”


Zhuo Fan’s bottomless eyes stared at Chuchu with emotion . She was so stunned that a rosy tint spread on her cheeks .


“Y-you don’t even know how I look, so why do you know I’m beautiful?” Chuchu was starting to feel nervous as she stammered .

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Zhuo Fan secretly relaxed, [The initiative is back in my field . ]


[Thanks, brother Dong! Thank you for your skirt-chasing experience!]


Zhuo Fan was happy inside, but his face was giddy, “Sister Chuchu, I already told you, your eyes are mesmerizing . The moment I laid eyes on them, I knew you were beautiful!”


“Sophistry! Eyes have nothing to do with how one looks!” Chuchu turned her head, afraid of meeting Zhuo Fan’s gaze .


Zhuo Fan let out a short laugh and pressed his advantage, “Who said that? Mother said, the prettier the eyes, the beautiful the woman!”


“Your mother is speaking nonsense!”


“Really? Then let’s see! “


Zhuo Fan reached for Chuchu’s cloth covering her face . She was startled for a moment before fleeing scared, “Don’t, I am hideous . I don’t want to scare you . If you try that again, I will be angry!”


Chuchu turned into the scared rabbit hunted by the fierce tiger, running to a corner in the room and blushing in panic . As for her threat, it held no power . In fact, it was more dignified than her usual cold and unfeeling manner .


Zhuo Fan was stunned, “Sister, I won’t hit you . What are you so afraid of?”


Chuchu seemed to have recovered her usual self after hearing him speak .


She shook her head, “Don’t joke around like this again . Regardless of your reason for getting close to me, I will soon leave this place . It’s likely that we will never meet each other again . ”


“What? Leave?”


Zhuo Fan was alarmed . He finally found this Bodhi Jade Sap and now she wanted to leave? [Where do I go looking for heavenly medicine then?]


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“Where?” Zhuo Fan blurted .


“I won’t tell you even if you ask!” Chuchu turned and left, “This will be the last time we see each other . ” Her steps were growing ever fainter .


Zhuo Fan’s eyes now flashed with a trace of resolution . He would have to fight for the Bodhi Jade Sap if he still wanted it . But the opponent was a Profound Heaven expert . A noisy fight might break out and more experts would come . At that point, his fate was sealed .


Killing intent flashed in his eyes and feigned reluctance in his voice, “Sister Chuchu, don’t leave! I don’t want to be away from you- ah!”


Zhuo Fan pretended to be weak as he got up, only to collapse forward .


Even flung from a hundred-meter-tall cliff wouldn’t put a dent in him with his Bone Tempering cultivation, in normal cases . But women were women .


Chuchu’s heart turned soft and was by his side to support him . But Zhuo Fan let out an evil smirk as he clawed at Chuchu .


He’d force her to hand over the Bodhi Jade Sap . If not, he was going to pry it from her cold dead body .


Zhuo Fan wasn’t kind, striking down even his so-called friends if it came to it .


Since she was a Profound Heaven expert, she slanted her head the moment she heard the sound from the swift attack and avoided Zhuo Fan’s move .


The claw passed by her neck, taking with it the cloth over her face and exposing a delicate and smooth skin .


Since the first attack didn’t work, he wanted to continue, but Chuchu’s expression left him dumbfounded .




That was the only thought in his mind . Chuchu’s features made her the most perfect, most outstanding beauty he had ever seen . This was even if he were to include his past life . So much so, he couldn’t even conceive the thought such a being existed .


[She is indeed a fairy . ]

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Zhuo Fan forgot even his objective .


Chuchu was also lost, not having detected Zhuo Fan’s killing intent . His slackjawed expression made her blush as tears pooled in her pure eyes .




A crisp slap made intimate contact with Zhuo Fan’s face, throwing him into the wall . She picked up the rough cloth on the ground and covered her face before leaving .


With the clear teardrops still stained on the floor .


“W-what’s going on?”


Zhuo Fan rubbed his inflamed cheek, finding it impossible to forget her visage .


“Who knew the world could birth such beauty? I thought what I used before was flattery, but it turned out to be true . Pretty eyes are always on pretty women . And she is the most amazing in the world . ”


Zhuo Fan sighed with palpitation and sorrow .


Suddenly, something occurred to him, and rushed outside . But there was no sign of Chuchu or any trace of her Yuan Qi .


[Sister, at least leave the Bodhi Jade Sap behind!]


Zhuo Fan was crying inside, [Now I’m back to square one!]


[Blast it all to hell! What was I doing gawking instead of attacking? Am I a lecher that can’t move when he sees a beautiful woman?]


Zhuo Fan cursed himself as he sighed again and again…


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