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Chapter 101: 101
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With his final words, the palms gushed out a tri-colored mist . In a mere blink, it rotated around him like a tornado, obscuring his form .


Zhuo Fan gave a cold laugh inside .

[Those from Pill King Hall are focused on practicing poison and, just like Merry Woods, who focus on speed, their bodies aren’t tempered at all . ]


Their bodies were weak .


And to cover it up, he hid in the mist, at a safe distance .


[Too bad your trick won’t work on me . ]


His eyes flashed and Zhuo Fan charged, planning on wringing the punk’s neck in one move . But he stopped soon after, as he looked at the mist . He realized something .


[Damn, it’s a trap!]


[He came here to exact revenge for Xiao Dandan, but in fact, he’s been egged on to come here and probe me . If not, Drifting Flowers Edifice’s men would’ve come to settle their disciple’s matter . Why would they let this kid steal the limelight?]


Zhuo Fan breathed in and his eyes returned to the usually calm and calculative look .


[Iris Overseer is unclear on who I am and tricked this kid into testing me . I can assume there are a few Profound Heaven experts already watching . ]


[Humph, not a bad plan!]


Zhuo Fan laughed coldly inside as he withdrew, no longer having the desire to kill in his eyes .


Under these circumstances, he must not win no matter what!


“Hhha, punk, weren’t you cocky of your speed? Come on then!” Yan Fu’s egotistical voice came from inside the mist .


Zhuo Fan tapped his chin with a faint smile, “Hhha, think I’m stupid? You come out if you dare . I don’t believe you’ll stay there for a lifetime . When you’re out of Yuan Qi, I will put you in your place!”


“Humph, you’re sadly mistaken if you think the Rainbow Cloud Palm is only used for defense! I will let you experience the perfect martial art!”




Three tendrils of mist moved from the tornado, like hands, going after Zhuo Fan, their speed no less than his .


Zhuo Fan ducked and dodged through the gaps in the attacks . But the tendrils suddenly turned and came from his back .


“Hhha, now you see, punk? Pill King Hall’s Rainbow Cloud Palm isn’t just for defense . No matter what you do, you will still die!”


Yan Fu was cackling smugly while Zhuo Fan was dodging with contempt .


Poison users were strong and weak at the same time . Before the poison was dispelled, the user would be invincible . But after, he was the weakest person ever .


He’d be even weaker than a cultivator at the same stage!


Among the ten ancient emperors, not one relied on poison as their main path . The Pill King Hall was so stuck-up because of this technique because there hadn’t been anyone who could counter it .


[Humph, once I deal with your palm technique, the Pill King Hall will be kicked out of the seven houses . See how you’ll cry then . As for now, humph… I’ll endure!]


Zhuo Fan gnashed his teeth .


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But his silence only worked to bolster Yan Fu’s haughty attitude, thinking he was scared, “Punk, don’t think you can mess with Seven Noble Houses just because you’re a bit stronger than average . You might not care about the rest of them but, let me tell you, when provoking Pill King Hall, all that you’ll receive is death!”


[The hell, when did I go and do that? Didn’t you pick on me on purpose?]


Gasping, Zhuo Fan clenched his fists .


[This punk is too damn patronizing . I might fake defeat, but not before I let him have a small taste!]


At this thought, Zhuo Fan stopped his running, as if tired . Yan Fu was thrilled, sending the red, yellow, and green tendrils of poisonous mist right for him .


But Zhuo Fan’s squinted and with a loud bang, he charged through the three tendrils of poison and into the mist like an artillery shell .


Yan Fu could foresee what Zhuo Fan was planning to do and became startled . He was preparing to move out of the way . But he was late to react and Zhuo Fan was already before him, his hand clutching at his neck .


“Son of a bitch, if poison is so great! Then, you and I will die together then!”


Poison seeped into his body and Zhuo Fan’s face alternated between red, yellow and green . His mouth and nose were bleeding constantly, but he couldn’t care less, kicking Yan Fu in the chest!


Bones cracked with a crisp sound and Yan Fu spat blood . His eyes were filled with fright .


He couldn’t believe there was a man who didn’t fear poison and charge in with such determination .


Most people would’ve hesitated in face of a poison mist . But who knew Zhuo Fan to be the exception? His method was that of staunch determination, choosing death for both of them . Was Yan Fu about to meet his end?


“Lunatic, you’re truly insane!”


Yan Fu was going hysterical watching dark blood flow freely from Zhuo Fan’s face .

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Grinning, Zhuo Fan’s eyes flashed with a crazed look, “He-he-he, I am crazy! Since I’m going to die, I’m going to take you down first and avenge myself!”


Zhuo Fan kicked Yan Fu’s chest three more times, breaking all his ribs . Yan Fu was itching to cry his heart out from all the pain .


But this was just the start .


Before he could make a sound, Zhuo Fan grabbed his skull and slapped him a dozen or so times .


The sharp sounds echoed on the street as Yan Fu’s teeth were flung with each slap . His eyes were wet but had no energy to even cry . The immense pain stabbed into his heart and all he could do was whimper .


Xiao Dandan and the Dong siblings who came out of the tavern stared in shock . Xiao Dandan even covered her mouth, unable to believe what she saw .


In reality, Yan Fu’s injuries were superficial, hardly enough to kill him, while Zhuo Fan had poison coursing through him and his life was seeping fast out of his body . It wouldn’t be long before he’d succumb to it and die .


However, from the two’s interaction, it looked more like Zhuo Fan was the winner and was dealing heavy killing blows, while Yan Fu was akin to a loser kowtowing for forgiveness .


[This can’t be!]


Xiao Dandan watched with mixed feelings as Zhuo Fan was nearing ever closer to death yet stronger than ever .


He was clearly dying yet in his final moments, he was the strongest in the world . She never saw a man like this, not once .


Her heart was suddenly seized by regret, actually hoping Zhuo Fan would live on .


Yet, she was clear that once poisoned by Pill King Hall, no one could survive, the rest of the seven houses included . This was the terror instilled by the Pill King Hall!


“He-he-he, didn’t you say your Pill King Hall’s martial arts are perfect? Didn’t you want to kill me? Humph, we will both go down today, and all that’s left is to see who is going to have a quicker death!”

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Zhuo Fan yanked Yan Fu by the hair, his body trembling from the poison reaching his organs . He didn’t have much time . Yet his smile was as crazed as before, slamming Yan Fu into the ground .


Even if Yan Fu survived this ordeal, it would leave him with permanent scarring!




A gale knocked Zhuo Fan flying as a green-robed elderly drifted to Yan Fu . He gave him a pill, checked his wounds then sighed .


His poisonous eyes then snapped to Zhuo Fan, glinting with murderous intent .


A thousand meters out, on a tall building, stood two figures . One was middle-aged with a split mustache, the other was a red-haired elderly . The two watched Zhuo Fan with a sigh .


“They say that some are so stubborn they can’t see they’re going to die! This kid’s desperate and suicidal act is Pill King Hall’s bane! If the rest of the houses did the same, would Vicious Pill King dare run rampant again?” 5th elder laughed in lament, “This kid’s character is something I like . ”


Nodding, Lin Zitian said, “I know now why Tianyu lost . It would’ve been a miracle if he won when meeting such a lunatic, one that is so strong too . When meeting an unbeatable opponent, one must not make an enemy out of him or the result would be devastating . Most people’s first thought is to run to save their lives, and by the time they react, it would be too late . This is why Pill King Hall is still held in fear . ”


5th elder nodded and flew away, leaving his words behind, “It’s a pity . With this man’s strong body, under my guidance, his future would’ve been bright! With Pill King Hall’s poison in him, it is ruined…”


“5th elder . ” Lin Zitian shouted from behind, “Is he not… Zhuo Fan?”


Startled, 5th elder turned to look at him and shook his head, “Zhuo Fan is as treacherous as a fox, cunning as a wolf, dangerous as a snake, and savage like a tiger! Not only does this kid not look like him, he is all brawn and no brain . Even if they both do not fear death, they are totally different!


“Lin Zitian, listen well! Zhuo Fan is a hundred times more dreadful!” His eyes shivering, 5th elder vanished .


Lin Zitian was left with a hard expression .


Hell Valley’s 5th elder was the pillar of Hell Valley, the strongest . His words must be real if even he was afraid of the kid…

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