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Chapter 100: 100

“How is this possible?” Chuchu exclaimed .


That pill was unlike any she had taken . It dissolved in an instant into a miniature sun and caused her to let out a scorching breath .

The strong pill effect traveled to every corner of her body, warming it up . When the effect faded, a comfortable feeling still lingered while also dispelling most of the yin power damaging her meridians she absorbed last night .


Chuchu was incredulous such an astonishing pill existed in this world .


Her Yuan Qi was of yin attribute, and normal yang attribute pills would be rendered useless . As such, a mere 2nd grade Yang Pill should have already been offset by her body before it could help dispel the moon’s yin power inside her .


But Zhuo Fan’s pill was burning like the sun, yet it was gentle, nurturing the recovery of her meridians .


The crux of it all was that her Yuan Qi didn’t fight against it, allowing her to capitalize on the pill’s entire effect .


This went beyond even her wildest dreams!


A pair of sparkling eyes stared at Zhuo Fan’s .


Zhuo Fan was gleeful inside as he smiled, “How is it, sister Chuchu? My pill is different from the rest . ”


Chuchu nodded unconsciously as she praised, “You are so young yet using such an enigmatic refining skill . In a few years, the entire empire will know your name . ”


[He-he-he, it has already, though you don’t know it yet!]


Zhuo Fan cursed inside, but his face still evoked the same boyish smile, “Then, sister Chuchu, if there’s anything hurting your body, I will make it sure that it stops . ”


Chuchu jerked, Zhuo Fan’s words struck a chord in her . She knew her own body all too well and needed a great alchemist to remove the poison . However…


Chuchu muttered to herself . Zhuo Fan was always watching her, his heart stretched taut . If his mind could be heard it would be like, [What’s the hold-up?]


[Hurry up and fork that damn Bodhi Jade Sap over! If you don’t have it, then point me in the right direction at least!]


Then, a laugher suddenly resounded, “Hhha, took you long enough . I’ve been waiting here for a whole day, brat . ”


Two figures landed from the sky .


One was dressed in red, the beautiful figure of the girl Zhuo Fan humiliated yesterday, Xiao Dandan . The other was a man, a handsome youth in green and with an eerie green flicker in his eye .


Dong Tianba and his sister jumped in shock . Chuchu was also affected, staring at the two with a complicated gaze . While Zhuo Fan’s expression was grave, his eyes glinting dangerously .


[Son of a bitch! I almost had it! Your meddling warrants death!]


Zhuo Fan was itching to snap these two’s necks, but noticing Chuchu, [Forget it, I’ll keep playing the naive child . ]


“He-he-he, punk, I heard you were quite strong…”


“Sister Chuchu, they’re picking on me . Beat them up!”


While the smug green youth was pointing at him, Zhuo Fan pulled on Chuchu’s clothes . He was striking an uncanny resemblance to a younger brother bullied by others and asking his boss for help .


This caused a widespread shock to all that knew of yesterday’s affair . The green youth’s face twitched, watching Xiao Dandan in skepticism, “Miss Dandan, is he the one who was hard on you yesterday? Is he the same insufferably arrogant punk? Why is it he has not one bone in his back?”


Xiao Dandan felt dizzy, [He wasn’t like this before! he was even bossy with my senior aunt . Is he bipolar?]


“Uh, young master Yan, he… is . But… he wasn’t like this yesterday . ”


“Humph, whatever . Since he is the one, I will give him a reckoning for what happened to you . ” Snorting, he said to Zhuo Fan, “I don’t care if you’re a spineless coward or a retard . Since you offended people from the seven houses, you deserve death . With how skilled and heavy-handed you were when dealing with Lin Tianyu, you are worthy of my personal involvement!”

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“You beat Lin Tianyu? Weren’t you weaker than even a third rate clan’s disciple?”


Zhuo Fan’s eyes darted everywhere, then gave an embarrassed smile, “Uh, if I say he tripped and hurt himself, would you believe me?”


Everyone almost lost balance and collapsed .


[Dude, can’t you come up with a more realistic lie?]


Chuchu smiled out of anger, “Song Yu, if you admit you lied to me from the start, I can still forgive you . But you are clearly taking me for a fool . ”


Chuchu brushed her sleeve and vanished, leaving only her angry voice in his ear, “Humph, since you court it, you deal with it!”


“Sister Chuchu, let me explain…” Zhuo Fan trailed but she was gone .


When Zhuo Fan turned around, his eyes were cold and deadly . His previous cute and adorable look was gone, replaced with murderous desire .


“You bastard, couldn’t you wait a minute more? You ruined my plan!”


Zhuo Fan’s tone carried a vicious desire for revenge, making Xiao Dandan shiver as she hid behind the green youth . Even the youth held a serious expression .


From being in contact with so many people from the seven houses, it was easy to figure out a man’s nature from a single glance . But Zhuo Fan’s naked killing intent made his judgment moot . Such savagery only came from the kind of beast .


“Humph, from how tough you act, it is no wonder that you dealt a heavy blow to Lin Tianyu!” The green youth mocked, “Too bad you met me, Pill King Hall, Vicious Pill King, Yan Song’s head disciple, Yan Fu! I am unlike that trash from Merry Woods who indulges in lust . I am the Vicious Pill King’s successor!”


Zhuo Fan frowned . Vicious Pill King was the title of the best alchemist in Pill King Hall .


But the first in Pill King Hall wasn’t like the first in any other clans .

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To some clans, their number one alchemist title was gained by being the best in alchemy . But in Pill King Hall, it not only represented alchemy but also concocting poison unlike any other .


From this his title, Vicious Pill King . It could be said that he was the mightest killer and savior in the world . With life and death in his hands, he became known as a true Pill King!


[In other words, this kid’s good at poisons . Humph!]


Zhuo Fan mocked inside . Poison might inconvenience the rest, but to him it had no effect .


[See how I use my Demon Transformation Art and wring your cultivation dry!]


With a crack of lightning, Zhuo Fan appeared before Yan Fu .


The shock Yan Fu felt was palpable, not expecting the 1st layer of Bone Tempering Stage cultivator to employ such speed . It was no wonder that Merry Woods’ disciple who despite his focus on speed lost so badly .


Yet before he could react, Zhuo Fan kicked him in the stomach .


Spewing blood, Yan Fu flew out, making a human-shaped hole in the wall around the tavern and bounced fifty meters in the street .


Everyone was slack jawed .


To be honest, if not for Zhuo Fan’s irritated state, he would’ve toned it down .


Casting a side glance at Xiao Dandan, she was scared out of her wits . Zhuo Fan sneered, “No matter who you call, they’ll all end the same . Do you women from Drifting Flowers Edifice can only rely on men? Hhha…”


Zhuo Fan walked away and left her crying, feeling wronged .


Zhuo Fan’s contempt and harsh tone cut deep into her . It was no longer humiliation, but despise!

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Going through the broken wall, Zhuo Fan walked towards Yan Fu, who was getting up . The tavern’s customers and the bystanders hid when they saw it was a fight involving the seven houses .


“He-he-he, quite fast, the fastest beneath Profound Heaven Stage I reckon . ” Yan Fu sneered as he wiped the blood from his mouth .


Zhuo Fan snickered, “Well this is a first, seeing one happy to be beaten . ”


“Humph, I am happy, but of certain victory . ”


“Victory?” Zhuo Fan disdained, “I know Pill King Hall can make pills as well as poisons . But you think you can beat me with poisons?”


“Hhha, debased punk, you know nothing of the world!”


Yan Fu’s eyes flashed as he laughed, “My master is Vicious Pill King, revered by all . If not for his poisons, why do you think the seven houses fear him?”


Yan Fu spread his arms .


A mist flew from his palms that gradually changed its color, soon letting out three different types of light .


Red, yellow, and green interweaved .


Zhuo Fan scratched his nose, feeling slightly numb .


[Crud, this punk’s poison skills are good to the point that even I have been affected . ] He was cursing inside, however, Zhuo Fan had a calm expression on the outside .


“He-he-he, have a taste of Pill King Hall’s legacy profound ranked martial art, Rainbow Cloud Palm!”



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