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Musen was very satisfied that there were millions of the Human Tribe cultivating Martial Arts. Being able to persevere in Martial Arts Cultivation under the impact of the Way of Celestial Immortality showed that they were firm-minded and talented in practicing Martial Arts. It was worth the effort that Musen spent on cultivating them.

In the past, there were tens of billions of Human Tribesmen who practiced Martial Arts. Musen could only establish the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance and select the elite geniuses to be trained. However, now there were only a few hundred million Human Tribesmen remaining in the cultivation of Martial Arts. Although Musen could not train them like he trained the Human Tribe inside the Holy Land, spending some effort on them was still possible. After all, this workload was much smaller than teaching Martial Arts cultivation to tens of billions.

After Ancestor of Sorcery Houtu left the Hall of Pangu, she traveled alone in Untainted Land, hoping that she would comprehend the Fated Chance of becoming a Sage like Goddess Nvywa and Laozi had. After all, only comprehending it by herself would be the most suitable for her.

Besides, back then, Minghe and the Ancestors of Sorcery had made a trade. Although both sides got what they desired, in fact, it was they, the Wu Tribe, who owed Minghe a favor. If now she went to ask Minghe, they would owe him another favor. Furthermore, Minghe might not know the whereabouts of her Fated Chance for becoming a Sage. It would be better for her to travel in Untainted Land and see if she could find the Fated Chance.

In Untainted Land, aside from the Wu Tribe, there were also the Demon Tribe and Human Tribe. There was no conflict between the Wu Tribe and the Human Tribe, but the two tribes fought against Demon Tribe constantly. Houtu had been accustomed to this scene. However, now she noticed one thing—after death.

The Wu Tribe did not have Original Spirit, and after death, the Wu Tribe would die completely. In the Wu Tribe's terms, they would return to God the Father after they died, so the Wu Tribe was not afraid of death. However, the Demon Tribe and the Human Tribe were different, after death their souls would remain in the world.

However, without a human body, it was difficult for a soul to survive. Under the Yang sunlight, it would soon scatter. But some of the souls would either become corporeal souls or evil souls under the Killing Intent of Heaven and Earth or Yin energy.

They liked to devour the souls of other creatures and they could also swallow each other, so the grievances between the Heaven and Earth became more numerous. Seeing this scene, Houtu felt disturbed. Without shelter, once a soul died, that would be its true death. Furthermore, these souls would even be used to refine Magic Weapons, which was extremely cruel.

Was there no way in this world to change this situation? Houtu was terribly upset. She began to wander aimlessly in Untainted Land, trying to find a way to change this situation, but she never found one. Was death really the end of life?

Unconsciously, Houtu suddenly found herself coming to the Blood Sea. The scene in the Blood Sea really shocked her—there were numerous souls struggling and wailing in grief, their resentments collided straight with the Heaven and Earth. Houtu became much more disturbed.

Looking at this scene, Houtu was lost in thought. Suddenly, a flash of enlightenment came into her mind—she comprehended it! God the Father Pangu established the universe of Honghuan, but this world was not completed. Hongjun combined himself with the Tao to complete the Way of Heaven of Untainted Land and the Sages were born to complete this world. However, this world still lacked a place to accommodate the reincarnation of the souls of all beings.

This was her mission and also the mission of the Wu Tribe left by God the Father Pangu. Among the Wu Tribe, the most powerful people were the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery; the matter should be completed by one of them. Compared to

to other ancestors, Houtu was more benevolent and was proficient in the Way of the Tao of the Earth, so she was the best candidate.

But… Houtu was unwilling to do this. The Wu Tribe did not have Original Spirit, and changing her body into reincarnation would certainly result in the Disintegration of the Soul. She could not bear to part from the other 11 ancestors or the Wu Tribe. But she had no choice, this had to be done by her. If the other 11 ancestors knew, they would not allow her to do so.

"Why does Ancestor of Sorcery Houtu come to my Blood Sea?" A Taoist in green clothes suddenly appeared beside Houtu. She looked at him and asked with suspicion, "Who are you and why do you look so similar to Minghe?"

"I am Heaven and Earth Taoist, the Merit body of Ancestor Minghe. His Veneration is still in Closed Door Meditation and can only have me to welcome you on His Veneration's behalf." The man was the Merit body Heaven and Earth Taoist. Once Houtu came to the Blood Sea, he instantly knew about it. But since Minghe and Red Lotus Taoist were in Closed Door Meditation, he had to step in.

Houtu watched Heaven and Earth Taoist and flatly said, "Fellow Taoist Minghe is really powerful. Although you are his Merit body, I am afraid that your power will make all living beings of Untainted Land ashamed. Even we, the Ancestors of Sorcery, might not be able to compare with your strength."

Heaven and Earth Taoist laughed and said, "Ancestor of Sorcery Houtu is over-praising. The might of the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery has shaken the entire Untainted Land. Fellow Taoist is just a Merit body, how can I be on par with you? Why do you come to the Blood Sea?" Heaven and Earth Taoist knew well about the reason—it must be about reincarnation.

Houtu looked at the sinking souls in the Blood Sea and sadly said, "I come here for these souls of the dead. I want to set up a reincarnation place for the souls, but there is a thing that I need you to help with."

Heaven and Earth Taoist said, "I do admire your kindness for cherishing the wild beings in Untainted Land, however, I do not know what I can do for you. As long as it isn't under my ability, I will not refuse." Although Houtu was female and he had already known what was going to happen today, her actions indeed won the admiration of Heaven and Earth Taoist.

Houtu suddenly extracted three drops of Blood of Essence of the Ancestors of Sorcery. Her face suddenly became very pale. She gave the three drops of Blood of Essence to Heaven and Earth Taoists, saying, "I will definitely die. Please give these three drops of Blood of Essence to my eldest brother, and tell him that I'm sorry to go first."

Seeing Heaven and Earth Taoist accept the Blood of Essence of the Ancestors of Sorcery, Houtu seemed to have finished her final wish. She looked up and said, "By the Way of Heaven, today I, Houtu of Pangu, am willing to transform this body of the Wu Tribe to be reincarnated in order to solve the pain of the world—transforming the small me into the great me! After death, all living beings of Untainted Land would enter Reincarnation. I set six paths: the Way of Heaven, the Way of Asuras, the Way of Humans, the Way of Animals, the Way of Evil Ghosts, and the Way of Hell.

"Those who had great Merit when they were alive can enter the Way of Heaven in happiness and freedom; killers will enter the Way of Asuras; those who didn't have any achievements will enter the Way of Humans; the people who had more sins than merits will enter the Way of Animals; and the people who had enormous sins will enter the Way of Evil Ghosts and the Way of Hell. From now on all the souls will return to their positions."

With those words, Houtu flew to the sky high above the Blood Sea. She was covered with a strong, turbulent black aura which suddenly filled the entire sky above the Blood Sea. Houtu said loudly, "Six Paths of Reincarnation, appear!" The black vital force gradually turned into six rotating discs. Meanwhile, the supernatural power of Houtu's body exploded, joining the six rotating discs.

When the Six Paths of Reincarnation was complete, Reincarnation was complete, waves of thunder instantly burst above the sky as endless Merits fell down from the sky. These Merits were a lot more than what the other Sages gained when they became a Sage. The Merits fell into the Six Paths of Reincarnation, stabilizing the newborn Six Paths of Reincarnation. The rest went into Houtu's disappearing veridical soul and an Original Spirit was actually created for Houtu.

At this moment, Heaven and Earth Taoist moved. The Blood of Essence of Ancestor of Sorcery Houtu was in his hand. One drop flew under his control and integrated with Houtu's newly born Original Spirit. Houtu was very shocked for she had never thought that the Merit of Reincarnation would unexpectedly create an Original Spirit for her and that Heaven and Earth Taoist would even send a drop of the Blood of Essence over, completing her new body.

Although it was only a drop of Blood of Essence of the Ancestors of Sorcery, it was powerful enough to make a body for Houtu, a Wu Tribe's body at that. Although the body was not as powerful as the Body of an Ancestor of Sorcery, at least it was still a body—a body that could be restored to the real body of an Ancestor of Sorcery.

Under the moistening of the Merit, Houtu's new body and the Original Spirit began to grow rampantly. At the same time, the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, which had never any movement before, suddenly started to blend with the Original Spirit of Houtu and made her overjoyed. She stood quietly to feel the evolution of the Way of Heaven.

This Merit was the greatest Merit of all except for the Merit of Creation. If Houtu only had an Original Spirit, she would not be able to completely absorb the Merit. But now, she had a human body, so some of the Merits merged with her body, making the body grow stronger and stronger. Houtu actually absorbed 90% of the Merit.

Suddenly, Houtu's power soared, and the power of a Sage covered the entire Untainted Land. Auspicious Signs immediately fell from the sky and golden lotuses appeared on the earth. Countless creatures in Untainted Land simultaneously worshiped: "Goddess Houtu is benevolent!" Indeed, Houtu was benevolent. This deed was profitable for all living beings of Untainted Land, except for the Wu Tribe.

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