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Welcoming five Sages in a day was such a grand sight that Untainted Land seethed with excitement. As the Sages appeared, Auspicious Signs fell from the heaven and the whole land joined the jubilation. Numerous creatures were enlightened as a result. Many famous mountains and great waters returned to life as if Untainted Land was baptized. What was more, the Spiritual Air in Land also became much denser.

On Sacred Island in Blood Sea, seeing the five become Sages, Minghe realized the era of Sages had fully arrived. Competitions in future, whether in the open or in secret, would be unusually fierce. With just with one careless move, one might lose the whole game. Fortunately, these Sages were not closely united. Even the Three Pure Ones, who were brothers, might split up before long.

The relationships among the Sages was solely sustained by interest. There were neither eternal friends nor permanent enemies. Just as in the Battle of Gods Investiture, Laozi and Honoured Lord of the Origin even took the initiative to join up with Western Taoists, Zhunti, and Jieyin to combat Tongtian. They completely threw their brotherhood to the back of their minds. What concerned them was only the Luck of their own clans. In contrast, the friendship between Zhunti and Jieyin, who were not blood brothers, was more solid than that between the Three Pure Ones.

But one thing was beyond Minghe's expectations. The simultaneous appearances of Sages had allowed the Spiritual Air in Untainted Land to recover to a certain extent. Before the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, the world including some famous mountains and rivers were full of Spiritual Air. However, this was now rarely seen. As time went by, the Spiritual Air became increasingly thinner, unworthy to be discussed in the same breath with its past state.

But now, the Spiritual Air in the world had actually recovered with the appearance of the Sages. How was it possible that Minghe's suspicion was not provoked? When Goddess Nvywa appeared, Minghe was occupied with Selfcentric Separation and the Human Tribe. He paid no attention to the event. It now seemed that the Spiritual Air in Land had been strengthening since then. He simply had not noticed.

However, now that five Sages had appeared on the same day, the Spiritual Air in the world suddenly recovered by 30 percent. How could it escape Minghe's notice? Was this only due to the Auspicious Signs triggered by the Sages? No, it was not so. The Auspicious Signs could only momentarily strengthen the Spiritual Air. It would not be the way it was now, air denser by 30 percent.

Minghe looked at the sky, contemplating. Was it because the Way of Heaven had become stronger? Or perhaps, the Way of Heaven had been perfected? The appearance of the Sages was the general trend of the Way of Heaven and their supernatural powers were limitless. Though the Sages might easily damage Untainted Land, their appearances could indeed further complete the Way of Heaven. If so, it was reasonable for the Spiritual Air in the world to recover.

The combat force of the Sages would also be reinforced with the improvement of The Way of Heaven. After all, they could make use of its power. This spelled bad news for Minghe. However, now that they had reached the Realm of Origin, they would not easily launch attacks as waging a war would bring immeasurable harm. There were currently no conflicts among Minghe and other six Sages. For the time being, he could just concentrate on cultivating and enhancing his power without worries.

The simultaneous appearances of the five Sages had greatly affected Untainted Land. The ones that bore the brunt were naturally the Sorcerer and Demon tribes. The two tribes could be regarded as the dominators of Untainted Land in the past. Goddess Nvywa had further enhanced the Demon Tribe's status. Later when Minghe became the Sage (that was what they were expecting), their positions would be fairly weakened.

But it was different now. The simultaneous appearances of the five Sages had demoted the position of the two tribes in Untainted Land even further. Besides, these five Sages were just two forces. One was

was the Three Pure Ones, the other was the West. The two tribes could not afford to offend either.

Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery gathered in Hall of Pangu to discuss matters about the Houtu becoming Sages. There were already six Sages and a Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin, Minghe, in Untainted Land. Though Houtu owned the last Hong Meng Immortal Qi, the Wu Tribe did not have Original Spirit. Houtu had no way of comprehending the mystery of Hong Meng Immortal Qi.

Therefore, Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery were panicking. The Demon Tribe at least had the Sage, Goddess Nvywa. There was no one in the Wu Tribe. Though their tribe owned the Real Entity of Pangu as a lethal weapon, they could only use it temporarily. They could only be considered as having a true patron if Houtu becomes a Sage.

Seeing Houtu's anxious look, Emperor Jiang also felt helpless. Though Hong Meng Immortal Qi was the necessary Foundation of the Dao to become a Sage, it was not easy to depend on it to become a Sage. Houtu still had not gained anything in the slightest after owning it for several years.

Emperor Jiang turned to his second younger brother, Torch Dragon, who was lost in contemplation. As he had always been the wisest one among them, Emperor Jiang could only ask for his opinion. "Second brother, it has been thousands of years since Houtu gained Hong Meng Immortal Qi. But until now she still hasn't figured out the Fated Chance to become a Sage. Now the simultaneous appearances of the Sages are greatly pressuring our Wu Tribe. Do you have any way to help Houtu become a Sage early?"

Torch Dragon replied hesitantly, "I don't know how to help Houtu quickly become a Sage either. However, considering the current situation, I only have two suggestions for Houtu. But I'm not sure if they'll be effective."

Emperor Jiang said in a hurry, "Please tell me your suggestions. As long as they're feasible, we'll help Houtu even if we put the weight of our entire Wu Tribe behind it. Once we have a Sage, the other Sages will not dare offend us that easily."

Torch Dragon said, "My first suggestion is for Houtu to travel across Untainted Land and see if she can find her Fated Chance. Both Goddess Nvywa and Laozi found their Fated Chances while traveling around Untainted Land. And the other four became Sages after benefiting from Laozi's success. So I'm afraid she'll not find the Fated Chance by staying at home all the time."

"As for the second one," Torch Dragon said quite hesitantly, "Instead of using Hong Meng Immortal Qi, Minghe succeed in becoming Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin by relying on his own cultivation. We can see how extraordinary he is. Moreover, Houtu's Hong Meng Immortal Qi was given by Minghe. Since he chose to do business with our tribe, I'm afraid he must have figured out something instead of wanting to solely repay Karma to God the Father like he said. If Houtu still can't gain anything after traveling, you can go to Blood Sea to ask for Minghe's advice. Maybe he will offer some guidance."

Emperor Jiang thought his suggestions were reasonable. Houtu would not encounter any dangers in her journey as Untainted Land was their territory. In addition, no one except Minghe and Ancestor of Sorcery knew Houtu was the one with the last Hong Meng Immortal Qi. Even if danger really appeared, they could hasten to her assistance at any time.

Emperor Jiang stared at Houtu. She needed to make the final decision, whether to first follow the first advice or directly seek Minghe's help. Seeing that all her siblings were looking at her, Houtu said, "I best travel around Untainted Land first. Maybe I can find the Fated Chance to become a Sage. If this fails, then I'll go to Blood Sea to ask Minghe for help. After all, it'd be better if I can understand the Fated Chance myself."

In the backyard of Wuzhuang Taoist Temple, Zhenyuanzi was standing in front of the swaying Ginseng Tree with a dignified expression on his face. He had just received Minghe's message. The message was naturally not something trivial. Thus, he came to the Ginseng Tree to discuss it with his old friend, Hongyun.

After that war, only a wisp of Hongyun's soul remained. After all, he was a Sage-to-be so that was enough for him to come back to life. After thousands of years of recovery and nutrient from the Three Light Holy Water, his remaining soul was a lot stronger. His mental ability had also recovered, so he could talk with others now.

Inside the Ginseng Tree, Hongyun looked at Zhenyuanzi and asked, "Zhenyuanzi, what did Minghe say in the message?" They were good friends, so Zhenyuanzi would naturally tell the truth to Hongyun. Towards the fact that his old friend was able to have the Fated Chance to achieve Rectification, Hongyun was of course delighted. Having experienced a life-or-death tribulation, Hongyun had become more broad-minded now. It seemed ridiculous he had been so obsessed with Hong Meng Immortal Qi then.

Zhenyuanzi answered, "His letter tells me to preach Taoism Lineage among the Human Tribe." Previously under Minghe's indication, he had carefully comprehended the Nether World Book of Eternal Spiritual Treasure. Consequently, he had also discovered the secret in the book. Maybe this was the Fated Chance Minghe had mentioned. However, it was impossible to establish the Dao of Earthly Immortals with his strength alone. A tremendous power was needed to support him.

There was still a large number of Individual Cultivators in Untainted Land beside the Sorcerer and Demon tribes. However, even if they all joined Zhenyuanzi, it was still an utterly insignificant measure compared to the vastness of Untainted Land. Now Minghe had suggested him that he preach in the Human Tribe. This would actually open a new door for him.

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