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A+ A- Chapter 93

In the Human Clan's Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance, Mu Sen, Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi and Ziyi-Shi all looked in the direction of Lao Zi with different expressions. Mu Sen was aware of the loss of his luck, while the other three were just shocked at Lao Zi's strong power.

As for the Wu cultivators in the Sacred Land, they were all pressed by the Sage's force. Although Mu Sen could protect them from it, he didn't do so. Martial Arts required its cultivators to be courageous and fearless. If even the endurance of the Sage's pressure was hard for them, then Martial Arts cultivation would face a gloomy prospect.

Seeing the Wu cultivators strenuously sustaining the force, Mu Sen said gently, "As Heaven's movement is ever vigorous, so must a gentleman ceaselessly strive along." Soft, but as if a spring of fresh water had been injected into the Human Clan's hearts in the Sacred Land. Strive along ceaselessly... Strive along ceaselessly... Strive along ceaselessly.

All the Wu cultivators' powers burst out and their forces were integrated with each other. It was surprising that they withstood the Sage's might completely. Numerous Ways of Martial Arts exploded together, baptized in the Sage's force and increasingly sublimated under pressure. More powerful forces burst out constantly.

Seeing this, Mu Sen smiled slightly. As expected, the Wu cultivators hadn't let him down. They had not only resisted the Sage's force but even improved their Ways of Martial Arts by virtue of such enormous pressure. With the help of this, some also reached new realms. For example, there were several new Martial Artists at Heaven Clashing Level. In this way, they could save years of arduous cultivation.

However, looking in the direction where Lao Zi had become Sage, Mu Sen's face turned gloomy, too. The Human Clan had taken this thing for granted and they all showed great admiration and submitted to it. Even the Human Clan from the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance was no exception, without any resistance. In contrast to Martial Artists in the Sacred Land, their behaviors bitterly disappointed Mu Sen. It would have been better if they had fought but failed. At least they would have tried. However, what Mu Sen saw were innate submission.

How could Mu Sen not be depressed? All this time, he had craved that the Human Clan would grow into a genuinely strong clan, striving to become strong and independent rather than surrendering to the Sage's force without any refusal. In this way, the Human Clan's was destined to become the Sages' tool to contend for Luck. Who would care for their true demands then?

Fortunately, at least the Martial Arts' Spiritual Inheritors of the Human Clan hadn't disappointed Mu Sen. Almost 80% of the elites and talents in the Human Clan gathered in the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance as Wu cultivators. If they gradually developed well, they would definitely play the role of a mainstay in the Human Clan. Though the Way of Celestial Immortality was controlled by the Sages, Martial Arts still belonged to Humans. Thus, there was still hope for them to be strong.

After Lao Zi became a Sage, the Primeval Lord of Heaven and Tong Tian in Mount Kunlun understood instantly that this was the fated chance for them to become Sages. Establish a Clan. When this thought hit, their Hong Meng Immortal Qi began to be integrated into their Purusas. As a result, their Realm improved rapidly and there were no difficulties in understanding what had confused them before. This was the extraordinarily incredible effect of Hong Meng Immortal Qi.

"I'm the Primeval Lord of Heaven. As the second disciple of Ancestor Hong Jun, I'm Original Pan Gu derived from Great Divinity Pan Gu's Purusa. Now I set a clan, named Chan Clan. Chan means enlightenment. So this clan will obey the rule of heaven and explain the Way of Dao. The Primordial Supreme Treasure, Pan Gu Banner will be used to underpin the Chan Clan's Luck. Spiritual Products in the Land, as well as talented creatures, can all join this clan and acquire the doctrine of Hong Jun and Pan Gu. The Chan Clan begins.

"I'm Tong Tian Taoist. As the third disciple of Ancestor Hong Jun, I'm Original Pan Gu derived from Great Divinity Pan Gu's Purusa. Today I also establish a clan named the Clan of Severity as extracting a part of Heaven's Secrets, in order to instruct all mortal beings. The God-killing Sword Formation is the treasure to stabilize the Clan. In the Untainted Land, all living things who have a predestination with the Clan of Severity can join it. Creatures who are kind and concentrated on cultivation can acquire the Way of Dao. The Clan of Severity begins."

At this moment, the Way of Heaven endowed two Merits again. For a while,

while, two strong Sage's forces spread throughout the Untainted Land. While Tong Tian Taoist's force was slightly weaker than Lao Zi's, it was still more forceful than that of Goddess Nv Wa and Ming He, who had been at the Secondary Stage of the Sage. Thus, it didn't shame the fame of the Original Pan Gu. The Three Pristine Taoists became Sages one by one, astonishing the whole Untainted Land.

The two Taoists in the West also reacted to this event. Anxious and worried, Zhun Ti said to Jie Yin, "Brother, Taoists in the East have all became Sages. Where is our Dao?"

Now there were five Sages in the East. Without primordial Merit, it would take much more effort to gain the position of Sage.

But if they didn't do this right now, the gap between them and Sages in the East would become increasingly wider. How could they rejuvenate the West? Their time was limitless. A moment later, Jie Yin's eyes opened. Seeing this, Zhun Ti asked in a hurry, "Brother, do you have an idea?"

Jie Yin sighed and answered in a more miserable and slow way, "There is indeed a solution, but it would cause serious Karma and much inconvenience for us later." Hearing this, Zhun Ti was confused. Why would becoming Sages cause serious Karma? Puzzled, he asked again, "Brother, what's the idea? Why will there be serious Karma? Honorable Ancestor has said that the Sage would not suffer from it. So how could it happen to us?"

Jie Yin explained to Zhun Ti, "The Honorable Ancestor's true meaning is that Sages are immortal, so they have numerous time to settle Karma, rather than that they are free from Karma. Besides, even if Karma will not hurt Sages, it may cause damage to their disciples. What's worse, it is also possible the Clan could be exterminated." The Sage was still affected by Karma, but just in another way.

"So brother, what's the solution indeed?" asked Zhun Ti in haste. There was no time to consider Karma. It was crucial to become Sages. Jie Yin could not help but answer,

"It is rectifying

is rectifying Dao by promising Great Aspiration, the great aspiration in the Land. Only in this way which combines the Great Aspiration with our Merit of establishing Clan can we have the possibility to become Sages."

Seeing Zhun Ti's expectant look, Jie Yin also understood that time waits for no man. They had already fallen behind Taoists in the east. If they could not manage to achieve the status of Sage soon, the gap between east and west would become too wide to fill. At that time everything would be meaningless.

"Nonetheless, Great Aspiration means to draw Merit from the Way of Heaven in advance. Thus, we must fulfill these aspirations. Otherwise, the Way of Heaven would impose tribulation, or scourge upon us. If we adopt this way, we will not be as free as other Sages like Lao Zi and we will also be considerably limited in handling matters!"

Hearing this, Zhun Ti was stunned. How great the Aspiration would be that it could enable them to become Sages! It was unimaginable. If so, it was worthless to even establish a great Clan, for such serious Karma was powerful enough to wipe out the Clan. Zhun Ti's expression kept changing as his mind was intertwined with difficult choices.

"Well, that's it!" Finally, Zhun Ti braced himself to agree. Jie Yin stared at Zhun Ti in an astonished way, because it was out of his expectation that Zhun Ti would accept this proposal. He was going to find another solution. Though he was not sure to find a better one, at least it would be no worse than making Great Aspiration. Jie Yin was surprised that Zhun Ti agreed.

Zhun Ti knew what Jie Yin was worried about. Thus, he said at once, "Brother, we don't have time. As for the great Clan, we can plan it in the future. For now, the most important thing is to become Sages. The West is infertile and barren, we don't have to worry about the Taoists in the East making trouble here. This is a good opportunity for us to develop the great Clan. When events happen in the East, we can watch for the proper moment for action. So, it is possible that we can invigorate the Clan."

Jie Yin thought what Zhun Ti said was reasonable. The West had been quite poor after the last Cultivation Tribulation, so the East would not be interested in it. Thus, it was Thus, it was the right time to cultivate a great Clan. When the opportunity arose, achieving rejuvenation was hopeful. He turned to Zhun Ti, "Since you accept it. Then that's it."

They stood upon the Holy Mountain, and spoke loudly, "Today, Jie Yin and Zhun Ti establish a Clan in the West together, named the Western Sect, which will instruct the living beings to be kind and eliminate misery and worries. The West will be as happy as paradise. The Primordial Spiritual Treasure Golden Lotus of Merit is used to underpin the Luck of the Western Sect. The Western Sect begins!" At this, the Way of Heaven reacted, and the Merit of Clan Establishment was accumulated in the sky. However, in contrast to Lao Zi, the Primeval Lord of Heaven, and Tong Tian, the Merit didn't fall down.

Jie Yin and Zhun Ti dared not to treat this with disregard, making Great Aspiration hurriedly. Buddhist chanting spread all over the Untainted Land, "If I can rectify supreme bodhi and attain authentic wisdom, Buddhist temples in the West will all possess an inconceivable collection of merit and virtue. There will be no hell, demons, beasts or flying and peristaltic pests. All living creatures, including the ones in the Flame Moluo World and the Three Evil Realm, accepting my education, can achieve anuttara-samyak-sambodhi. They will not make evil things again. If these are fulfilled, I can become Buddha.

"If not, then supreme enlightenment cannot be achieved. If I attain the Buddhist cultivation, living creatures will want to live in my pure land, they only need to read my Buddha name ten times. If you do so but your will isn't achieved, I cannot become Buddha as a punishment. People who commit severe crimes of Five Rebellion and slandering Buddhism are excluded. If I attain the Buddhist Cultivation, living creatures who want to be born in my land just need to have boddhicitta, cultivate Merit and make promise sincerely. If their promises haven't been fulfilled, I cannot become Buddha."

For a while, the Buddhist sound disappeared. Petals were swirling in the sky and gold lotus rose from the earth. The Land was filled with a flash of gold light and Sharipu flew into the sky, with the mentally refreshing scent of sanders. Jie Yin and Zhun Ti made 48 Great Aspirations in one stroke. They established the Western Sect and Paradise so as to redeem lost living creatures. The Way of Heaven reacted to their Aspirations. Finally, they became Sages and attained Supreme Buddhist Cultivation.

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