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Compared to the Human Tribe's growth, the cultivation growth of the three ancestors of the Human Tribe was no slower. After almost one thousand years, they were restored to the peak Heaven Clashing Level which equaled the peak of Da Luo Golden Immortality. All of this was due to the Luck of the Human Tribe and the enlightenment of the Taoism character "Wu" made by Musen. None of them would have entered the realm so quickly without it.

Musen's cultivation was even faster. In the thousand years, in addition to spending some time on explaining Martial Arts, he put most of the rest into his Closed Door Meditation. Musen got much more benefits than the three ancestors of the Human Tribe from the increase of the Human Tribe's luck.

During the Closed Door Meditation, Musen had been trying to enlighten the Law of Martial Arts. It was the most suitable law for the cultivation of Martial Arts and could continuously enhance his Way of Martial Arts by enlightenment. Speaking of the Way of Martial Arts, Musen was a little frustrated about it. Since his Way of Martial Arts had merged with the Kongtong Seal, the Seal was his Way.

However, in the Fate Reading Level of Martial Arts Cultivation, to form a Fate Reading in his Sea of Consciousness, the Martial Artist needed to truly merge his Purusa, the Way of Martial Arts, and the Power of Divine Law into one. Whereas Musen's Way of Martial Arts had merged into the Kongtong Seal already, he had no choice but to concentrate his Way of Martial Arts again, but he was surprised that it was still in the shape of the Kongtong Seal.

Musen concentrated his Fate Reading again, and he found he had two Fate Readings. One was in his Sea of Consciousness; the other was unexpectedly in the Kongtong Seal. He'd never considered such a thing. Fortunately, it was not a bad thing, all he could do was observing.

Musen's cultivation had reached the Secondary Stage of Fate Reading Level, but still, he felt it wasn't enough. It was not even close to the power needed for complete protection over the Human Tribe. With his present strength, he could only break even with Emperor Jun, Taiyi, and the Ancestors of a sorcerer in the one-on-one battle at most, and defeat was inevitable if he were to be besieged.

Thousands of years passed in an instant. Except for the expansion of the Human Tribe making a little small noise, everything else was peaceful and sound in the Untainted Land. The Sorcerer and Demon tribes were restoring their war power, while other powers and Individual Cultivators were trying to improve their individual powers. There would be a storm in the Untainted Land, where only the strongest would survive.

Most importantly, the era of the Sage had come. It caused great pressure on others in the Untainted Land that Goddess Nvywa and Minghe had successively become Sages. Three Pure Ones, Jieyin, and Zhunti were waiting in line to reach the level of Sage. It was really hard to imagine what a marvelous world the Untainted Land would be when all Seven Sages came into being.

Suddenly, the peace in the Untainted Land was disturbed by a huge amount of Qi. It was the Qi of The Sage, who was it? It had been only a thousand years since Minghe's sanctification, and the momentum was no less than Minghe had had back then. The newly made Sages were getting stronger and stronger.

It was only when the source of the Qi was perceived that everyone in the Untainted Land was shocked. How? How could it be the Blood Sea? Minghe should have already been a Sage, where had such a huge amount of Qi from? A breakthrough? But how could the Mysterious Sign above the Blood Sea be explained?

The Blood Sea was exactly the same as the last time the Mysterious Sign had filled heaven and earth. Albeit small differences nevertheless, last time it had been the unbridled Qi of killing, but this time it was the endless Qi of blood suffused between heaven and earth. The bloody clouds gathered above the Blood Sea and the crimson rain poured from the sky. At the same time, the Ashura tribe in the Blood Sea were throwing back their heads and roaring. It seemed that they were celebrating something.

The Mysterious Sign between heaven and earth, together with the pressure of the Sages, it must have been a sanctifying no matter how you saw it. Minghe had already been a Sage, so he couldn't be sanctified again. Maybe it was a breakthrough. The Qi would make sense. But what about the Mysterious Sign? It was simply a mystery.

In Mount Kunlun, Honoured Lord of the Origin and Tongtian were both looking towards the Blood Sea. Honored Lord of the Origin looked frustrated, while Tongtian looked puzzled. It was strange that the head of Three Pure Ones, Laozi, was not in Mount Kunlun. They were usually like brothers, always acting together, but this time Laozi had gone outside alone.

Honored Lord of the Origin said coldly, "What on earth is Minghe doing? He's become a Sage but he's made a mess again. I don't know what he's doing. He's such a shame of a Sage," he said angrily with a little jealousy.

Tongtian said uncertainly, "Brother, Minghe couldn't have lost control of his Qi since he is a sage now, but the Mysterious Sign above the Blood Sea is just like the sign at his sanctification. It's very odd. Does it have something to do with the seal he put on the Blood Sea last time?"

Tongtian's words reminded Honoured Lord of the Origin that Minghe had sealed the Blood Sea right after his sanctification, which had stirred around everything. Whereas, they knew nothing about the details. "Maybe. Did he refine some sort of formation or magic weapon?"

Honored Lord of the Origin looked more frustrated as he spoke, and Tongtian asked doubtfully, "The tactical formation? No way, even my God-killing Sword Formation can't trigger the Mysterious Sign. As for a magic weapon, you may have thought of something, Brother." Tongtian was the expert on the formation. Even his God-killing Sword Formation could not trigger the Mysterious Sign. At most there would be drastic changes to the heaven and earth, but not this sort of Sign.

Honored Lord of the Origin continued, "My brother, you should know that every time a magic weapon comes into being, there must be a Mysterious Sign. And the Sign will grow larger if the level of the magic weapon is high. In view of the scene above the Blood Sea, I'm afraid it's a Primordial Spiritual Treasure at least, even a Primordial Supreme Treasure." As the last three words squeezed from Honoured Lord of the Origin, he literally gritted his teeth.

Honored Lord of the Origin had mastered the way to refine magic weapons. The Spiritual Treasures refined by him were the Highest Grade of Postcelestial Spiritual Treasure at best though. Its power was close to the Primordial Spiritual Treasure, but still a Postcelestial one. If he was right, then Minghe had refined a Primordial Spiritual Treasure, possibly even a Primordial Supreme Treasure. Neither would be acceptable for him.

On hearing that, Tongtian found that what Honored Lord of the Origin thought was quite possible. "My brother, it's not impossible at all, but we don't know what exactly Minghe has refined, which could trigger such a Mysterious Sign." Compared to the re-sanctification of Minghe, they tended to believe he was refining some sort of magic weapon.

Honored Lord of the Origin gritted his teeth. "Well! No matter what magic weapon Minghe is refining, it can't be on par with our Primordial Supreme Treasure. For now, we should sanctify ourselves as soon as possible. After that, we should be able to beat Minghe easily. The reason big brother went outside was that he realized there was a Fated Chance of sanctification, so both of us should catch up with him."

In the meantime, in the territory of the Human Tribe, an old man walked slowly with a crutch. Naturally, he sensed the Qi burst from the Blood Sea. He meditated for a long time while looking towards the Blood Sea, then he wandered into the Human Tribe as if he were looking for something.

In the Blood Sea, Minghe threw back his head to laugh long and loud. After one hundred thousand years of cultivation, he'd finally received the Enlightenment, and no one could understand his joy. Notwithstanding the last time his Evil Separation, Red Lotus Taoist attained the Rectification of the Origin, it was not himself after all. Now the Law of Blood was finally accomplished, Minghe had successfully gotten into the realm of Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin.

During his Closed Door Meditation, Minghe had been working on the Law of Blood, and it went quite smoothly. He also knew that it was not due to his better comprehension but the help of Luck. He owned the Luck of the Blood Sea and the Ashura tribe. Meanwhile, his Selfcentric Separation, Musen occupied the Luck of the Human Tribe. Although his Good Separation and Evil Separation couldn't share the Luck of Human Tribe, as the Yidam, Minghe could.

The sum of the three streams of Luck was not ignorable. With such strong Luck, naturally, Minghe's Enlightenment of the Divine Law went well. That was why even a Sage would fight for Luck. The more Luck they possessed, the more successful their cultivation would be.

However, Minghe's Enlightenment of the Law of Blood had hit an unforeseen bottleneck when he was just one step away from the Origin. However, time and tide wait for no one. Minghe always kept an eye on Three Pure Ones. The reason Laozi had left Mount Kunlun might be that he had enlightened some Fated Chance to sanctification. There was not enough time left for Minghe.

At this moment, Minghe suddenly thought that the Law of Blood he focused on was the Law of Origin in the Blood Sea, so Minghe simply devoted his mind to enlightening the Origin of the Blood Sea. Hundreds of years past. Eventually, the Law of Blood had made more progress, so that Minghe also had his wish come true. He'd become the strong one of the Origin.

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