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Minghe would also establish the Religion of Asura in the future. However, this religion was not suitable for the Human Tribe because it honored killing Heaven, killing Earth, and killing all living beings. Besides, since this religion was established specifically for the Ashura Tribe created by Minghe, the Luck would also totally fall to him.

"Oh! " Minghe nearly forgot that after Zhunti changed the Western Religious Sect into Buddhism, Zhunti established the Eight Creatures, including Ashuras. There was no doubt that Zhunti would snatch some Luck of the Ashura Tribe from Minghe. It was definitely not what Minghe wanted to see.

As for why not to establish the Religion of Asura now, there were two reasons. First, Minghe did not want to destroy Musen's plan for the Human Tribe. If the Three Pure Ones, Jieyin, and Zhunti gained Enlightenment on the Fated Chance for becoming The Sage after Minghe's creation of the Religion of Asura, they would teach The Way of Celestial Immortality in the Human Tribe, which definitely influenced Musen's plan.

Martial Arts had been popular in the Human Tribe for only several hundred years, and the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance was just established. If The Way of Celestial Immortality was taught in the Human Tribe now, the purpose of establishing the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance would not be accomplished. Thus, delaying the establishment time of the Religion of Asura could strengthen the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance, and also benefit Musen's plan.

Second, Minghe's Evil Separation, Red Lotus Taoist, would reach the Realm of The Origin soon, so Minghe himself also needed some time to prepare for converting into the body of Rakshasa, which he must be very cautious about, because one careless step might cause him to lose the whole game. Moreover, Minghe also needed more time to gain Enlightenment from the Law of Blood and the Law of Spiritual Beings.

The Merits falling to the Blood Sea was as large as one-fifth of that for Goddess Nvywa's creation of the Human Tribe, and all living beings of Untainted Land had naturally found the big event. Since both Goddess Nvywa's creation of the Human Tribe and Minghe's creation of the Ashura Tribe had granted them Merits, all living beings were wondering if it was a better choice to receive Merits by creating a new species?

The Merits were the one that all the cultivators desired. Some reclusive Almighty cultivators in Untainted Land also expected to receive the Merits by creating a new tribe just as what Goddess Nvywa and Minghe had done. What they might not know was that the reason for receiving the Merit for creating the Human and Ashura Tribes was that both of them were paths of the Six Paths of Reincarnation, and the Human Tribe would even be the dominator of the Heaven and Earth. Thus, if they wanted to receive the Merit like Goddess Nvywa and Minghe, they were daydreaming.

Some envied, and some were jealous, and of course, some worried. Minghe, who enjoyed the extraordinary strength and had snatched the Hong Meng Immortal Qi from Hongyun, would be likely to become The Sage after receiving the Merits. Thus, the Demon Tribe was the one who was worried about this.

Emperor Jun wore a grave expression when looking at the immense Blood Sea. At first, Goddess Nvywa becoming The Sage meant one more powerful supporter of the Demon Tribe, and even though she did not help the Demon Tribe excessively, Goddess Nvywa, as The Sage of the Demon Tribe, would not stand by or do nothing.

But if Minghe became The Sage, two Sages would exist in Untainted Land. If Goddess Nvywa helped the Demon Tribe defeat the Wu Tribe and become the dominator of the universe of Untainted Land, she would naturally enjoy more Luck of the Demon Tribe and her cultivation might also be further enhanced.

Moreover, with the Demon Tribe being the dominator of the Heaven and Earth, its Luck would greatly increase and Emperor Jun could reach the Daluo Golden Immortal of Origin by relying on the Luck. However, if Minghe became The Sage, would he allow all of these to happen?

Of course not. The amount of the Luck of Untainted Land was fixed. If the Demon Tribe had occupied most of the Luck, what about Minghe? Although the Luck could not be realized by all, The Sage also could not ignore it. In order to prevent the Demon Tribe from becoming more powerful and to balance the Wu and Demon Tribes, Minghe definitely chose to support the Wu Tribe.

The Wu Tribe had the Real Entity of Pangu, and if they were supported by Minghe, the Demon Tribe would have little chance to win even with the help of Goddess Nvywa The Sage and the Cosmic Stars Formation. All these were the reasons why Emperor Jun wore a grave expression. In addition, Emperor Jun worried more about the Three Pure Ones, Jieyin, and Zhunti. If they also had gained insight into the Fated Chance for becoming The Sage, Untainted Land might enter into another era.

The Sorcererand Demon tribes were still weaker compared to The Sage. There was little possibility that the Demon Tribe could defeat The Sage with the Cosmic Stars Formation. As for the Wu Tribe, even if its Real Entity of Pangu could be a match against The Sage, the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery could not last long facing the strong Boomerang from that tactical formation.

Emperor Jun could not imagine what would happen when all The Sage came into being. It was an unprecedented pressure that Emperor Jun had felt. However, Emperor Jun had no ability to, and could not stop them from becoming The Sage because it not only violated the Way of Heaven but also offended the Three Pure Ones and and others. It would cause a great deal of Karma to the one preventing others from being The Sage.

The only solution for the Demon Tribe was to defeat the Wu Tribe to become the dominator of the Heaven and Earth. 2,000 years had passed since Honourable Ancestor set the 10,000-year-agreement. 8,000 years later, the Sorcerer and Demon tribes would have a final fight determining which would be the dominator of the Heaven and Earth.

Emperor Jun could not help thinking of the figure that showed in the fight between the Sorcerer and Demon tribes. That figure had buried ten billions of Demon Tribe with one shot. The Wu Tribe's Real Entity of Pangu was so dreadful that even Goddess Nvywa The Sage might not stand its one shot. Thus, Emperor Jun naturally had a grave expression on his face when he was reminded of that.

In Mount Kunlun, the Three Pure Ones also had a change on their faces upon seeing the Merits falling to the Blood Sea. Goddess Nvywa became The Sage by relying on the Merits for the creation of the Human Tribe, and now Minghe also received the merits of heaven by creating the Ashura Tribe. Minghe now was at the Sage-to-be Peak Level which was only one step from the Realm of Origin. Even though Minghe had received only one-fifth of the Merits of Goddess Nvywa, he still had a chance to become The Sage with the Merits.

The Three Pure Ones were Pangu tribe and disciples of Ancestor Hongjun. That Goddess Nvywa became The Sage prior to them made them lose face. If Minghe, who was even not a disciple of Honourable Ancestor, also became The Sage prior to them, those three would lose face completely.

But fortunately, it seemed that Minghe had no breakthrough after receiving the merits of heaven. When Goddess Nvywa received the Merits, she immediately became The Sage and the Auspicious Signs spread all over Untainted Land. But now in Untainted Land, everything was so calm and no signs had appeared showing that Minghe had become The Sage.

It was just fine. The Three Pure Ones felt relieved at the situation that, fortunately, was not bad now. If someone also became The Sage prior to them, they, the Three Pure Ones, would lose face completely. Although Minghe did not become The Sage yet, the Three Pure Ones were still under pressure and desired to successfully gain Enlightenment of the Foundation of the Great Way as soon as possible.

Just then, a strong Menace Intent flew from the Blood Sea into Heaven, a dense blood cloud covered the Heaven and Earth, and black snow fell onto the Blood Sea. Meanwhile, the Cultivation Tribulation in Untainted Land was stirred up greatly, and the Menace Intent of Heaven forced all the stars to change their positions. When all the Evil Spirit gathered in the Blood Sea, numerous bloody Red Lotuses appeared above the Blood Sea.

All living beings in Untainted Land had naturally noticed the strange scene in the Blood Sea. Its Menace Intent was so strong that could even change the Heaven and Earth. Although the scene of the Blood Sea covered less than the Auspicious Signs showed when Goddess Nvywa became The Sage, it still made the whole Untainted Land shocked.

All the Creatures in Untainted Land came up with an idea that maybe Minghe had become another Sage after Goddess Nvywa. This thought greatly shocked them. However, the scene appeared when Minghe became The Sage was so scary, and the lotuses formed by the Menace Intent could change anyone, including a Daluo Golden Immortal, into a killing Puppet forever.

"Minghe has become a Sage? " The Three Pure Ones had thought the reason that Minghe did not immediately become The Sage after receiving the Merit was that the Merit was not enough, or he had not found his Fated Chance. But before they accepted it, Minghe had unexpectly become The Sage.

Minghe was scarier than Goddess Nvywa even though his commanding power was on a par with Goddess Nvywa's. Minghe was The Sage who had gained insight into the Law of Killing, which could be told from his strong Menace Intent, whereas Goddess Nvywa was good at the Divine Law of Fate. Thus, it was very easy to tell which one had the more powerful strength.

Before, the Demon Tribe felt very happy that Goddess Nvywa The Sage could be their support. However, 1,000 years later, another Sage had come into being. Maybe the Three Pure Ones, Jieyin, and Zhunti would also become The Sages soon. And then what would happen in Untainted Land when seven Sages all had come into being?

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