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The Human Tribe was developing prosperously regardless of what happened outside. The Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance of the Human Tribe had greatly inspired the entire Human Tribe to cultivate. Moreover, catching a chance to cultivate under the Four Ancestors of Humanity who were worshiped by the whole Human Tribe had further strengthened their desire to enter the Holly Land of Huma Tribe.

Seeing that the Human Tribe was developing very well, Musen was ready to travel around Untainted Land. However, what he wanted was more than a tour, he needed a chance to go out to take out some "Fated Chances", arranged by himself.

On the Sacred Island of Blood Sea, Minghe was a little surprised at the letter from Musen. He did not expect that what he had accidentally done before could benefit Musen's plan for the Human Tribe's development. It was indeed an unintentional positive outcome.

Minghe naturally agreed upon Musen's plan, and so he used the power of Heaven and Earth to fly numerous stone tablets into Musen's hands in Untainted Land. These stone tablets meant nothing to him, but being beneficial to Musen's plan meant to have made the best use of them.

Minghe started to think about himself after helping Musen. Goddess Nvywa becoming The Sage meant Untainted Land would enter into an era of The Sage. As for Goddess Nvywa's teaching, Minghe had no interest because his Dao for cultivation was different from Goddess Nvywa's Dao of Fate.

However, Heaven and Earth Taoist, Minghe's Good Separation had gone for the teaching. Although Heaven and Earth Taoist did not understand the Fate, the world in his body needed merits of Fate to improve itself, and this teaching might help to develop Creatures in that world.

Minghe was busy refining himself into the body of Rakshasa through The Divine Law as well as gaining an Enlightenment from the Law of Blood and the Law of Spiritual Beings, so he could not spare time to be concerned about his disciples.

Minghe's second disciple Kong Xuan was 300 years old and born with a cultivation base at Golden Immortality level. Moreover, with Divine Five Colored Light Heaven Endowed Magic Skills as his natural gift, Kong Xuan was unmatched among Golden Immortals.

Minghe did not let Kong Xuan cultivate his transforming exercises because Kong Xuan had found his own Dao for cultivation, and when achieving the fulfillment of Da Luo, Kong Xuan could gain an Enlightenment from the Divine Law of Five Elements with the help of the Divine Five Colored Light. If Kong Xuan could gain insight successfully and receive help from the Magic Skills, Liu Er could barely defeat him, provided that Liu Er made no progress.

Since Liu Er had reached Da Luo level, he had gained an insight into the Law of War, which was very suitable to him. It had significantly enhanced his strength to fight and helped him reach the Late Stage of Da Luo Golden Immortality.

As for Minghe's mount Chixuan, he could not catch up with Liu Er in cultivation even though he had been making progress. Chixuan was an ordinary Kylin from the Kylin Tribe. He had no extraordinary aptitude and had not been able to gain an insight into The Divine Law after reaching the Da Luo Realm. Fortunately, Chixuan's current cultivation as a mount was good enough, and Minghe did not ask too much of him.

Compared with Chixuan, Kong Xuan was more talented, and Minghe had as high expectations for him as Liu Er. Minghe also gave Kong Xuan a Ninth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire that had been returned by Chang Xi and WangShu as a gift for being his disciple. Minghe felt a little uncomfortable giving the Ninth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire away even though it was useless to him.

As for the five Five Elements primordial spiritual roots, Kong Xuan removed them into the Five Elements space converted from the Divine Five Colored Light for the purpose of enhancing the power of the Divine Five Colored Light and strengthening the space.

Minghe had no spare time to be concerned about his disciples' cultivation, but their achievement gratified him. The Human Tribe had existed for a thousand years, but because not all humans could cultivate for eternal life and many humans were killed during the fight with the Demon Tribe, the deceased number was also large. Thus, it was a critical time for him.

Since the Six Paths of Reincarnation had not yet appeared in Untainted Land, the souls of the deceased had nowhere to go but to haunt between the Heaven and Earth. The Blood Sea, which had the thickest killing intent of the whole Untainted Land, naturally became the destination for these souls. Thus, millions of souls from the Human Tribe had gathered there over a thousand years.

Although the killing intent in the Blood Sea benefited the souls a lot, once the souls arrived, the Evil Blood Aura naturally dragged them into the Blood Sea, where crying emitted from the souls could always be heard.

Upon seeing the suffering and struggling souls in the Blood Sea, Minghe sighed. It was time for the Ashura tribe to be born. He stood up and flew into the Blood Sea. Minghe said to himself, "I shall save you, though from now on you will no longer be humans. "

The souls of the Human Tribe were dragged out of the roaring Blood Sea one after another following a sweep of his sleeve. In the meantime, numerous blood columns, each of which wrapped a spirit, arose out of the Blood Sea, and soon millions of such blood columns appeared above the Blood Sea.

Minghe was a little excited about seeing the blood cocoons. The feeling of creating a new species was beyond words. Only Goddess Nvywa could perhaps understand Minghe's excitement.

Several days later, all the blood cocoons had turned to be like amber and calmed down. The figures inside them could be seen vaguely. Although the figures were similar to the Human Tribe, they were born with higher cultivation than the Human Tribe. This was the main difference. The worst cultivation of the figures was at Earthly Immortals Realm and four leaders even had the vital force of Golden Immortality.

Minghe sent power to them with one finger, "Ashura Tribe, out!" With these words, millions of blood cocoons exploded, and the Ashura tribesmen came out. The Ashura tribesmen were like humans except for their ferocious appearance.

The Way of Heaven immediately sensed the birth of the Ashura Tribe, and a Golden Light of Merit appeared out of the Void and fell directly into the Blood Sea. This Merit was as large as one-fifth of what Goddess Nvywa had received for the creation of humans. Although the Ashura Tribe was not the ruler of Heaven and Earth in the future, it constituted one of the Six Paths of Reincarnation, ensuring large Merit would fall.

Minghe was naturally very happy to receive the Merit and put it directly into the Golden Wheel of Merit to fill the loss consumed before. It also enlarged the Golden Wheel of Merit in case he needed to sacrifice to the Magical Tao Mirror in the future.

The newly born Ashura Tribe bowed to Minghe, "Your Ancestor! Your Ancestor! Your Ancestor! " Since the Ashura Tribe had been created for killing tribe, the killing intent contained in those words spread in the air. However, Minghe had never wanted to change their nature.

In the Ashura Tribe, the male was fierce and ugly looking whereas the female was extremely beautiful. However, both men and women had an Ashura heart because killing was their nature.

Minghe addressed the four leaders in front, all of whom were at the cultivation of Golden Immortality, "You four will be the kings of the Ashura Tribe and named the Demon King of the Sixth Sky, Brahma, Yu Setian and Shiva. Starting today, you will lead the whole Ashura Tribe. "

The four immediately bowed to thank Minghe, and four silver lights were sent into their eyebrows by Minghe. "This is the Shura Blood Book, created by me. You can spread it to all Ashura tribesmen. Now you can go!" Receiving the order, the four kings led millions of Ashura tribesmen to inhabit the Blood Sea.

The Shura Blood Books, a transforming exercises for Body Tempering, was specially created for the Ashura tribesmen by Minghe. Cultivators could refine themselves into a Shura body using Evil Blood Aura. The Shura body could not be a match to the body of an Ancestor of sorcerer but was as powerful as a Great Sorcerer. Although this transformation exercise could only be predicated to the level of Sage-to-be, Minghe would be very satisfied if the Ashura Tribe could have such a cultivation base.

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