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Wuhuang Heaven, Inside the Royal NvyWa Temple, 1,000 years had passed and Goddess Nvywa finally finished her explanation on the Way of Fate. Nowadays, her merit fulfilled could be regarded as having reached their successful conclusion. Three Pure Ones and the others left soon after Goddess Nvywa's teaching was over, leaving only the Demon Tribe remaining in the temple. Emperor Jun still had another purpose he hadn't yet achieved.

Once Three Pure Ones and the others left, Emperor Jun asked, "Since Goddess has become The Sage, has Goddess considered the future of my Demon Tribe?" Since she had become The Sage, even Emperor Jun had to respectfully address her as 'Goddess'. There was nothing he could do. Even if Emperor Jun was the Demon Emperor, the gap between a Sage-to-be and The Sage was indeed too huge. If he offended Goddess Nvywa, the Demon Tribe would lose a major patron.

Goddess Nvywa stared at Emperor Jun, a complicated feeling was exposed on her face. Finally, Goddess Nvywa closed her eyes and said, "The matters of the Demon Tribe are preordained, I am unable to do anything of help. " Now that Goddess Nvywa was The Sage, she had naturally calculated some matters regarding the Luck of the Demon Tribe. Although at this moment the Luck of the Demon Tribe was flourishing, everything that had reached its peak would certainly decline. Goddess Nvywa faintly perceived that the power of the Demon Tribe would weaken.

Emperor Jun, Taiyi and a group of Demon Tribe naturally felt dissatisfied to receive such kind of answer from Goddess Nvywa. But, now that Goddess Nvywa was The Sage, they didn't dare to be presumptuous. Even Taiyi, with his impulsive temperament, restrained himself. With no other choice, Emperor Jun could only turn to Fuxi for help. Who else to say something but her older brother? If Fuxi said something, Goddess Nvywa wouldn't blame him.

Fuxi received Emperor Jun's hint and asked, "Sister, you see, the matter of the Demon Tribe… " Goddess Nvywa could only sigh when she heard Fuxi speak. She replied, "What my brother is thinking, I'm already aware. If in the future something happens to the Demon Tribe, I won't go as far as to watch without doing anything. All of you should go! "

It was clear that Goddess Nvywa didn't want to say more for she disappeared without a trace after finishing her speech. Even though Emperor Jun and the rest felt quite dissatisfied, in any case, they had received a promise from Goddess Nvywa so it could be considered quite good. If something were to happen in the future the Demon Tribe would have Goddess Nvywa to come to their help. Perhaps they could be out of harm's way.

Goddess Nvywa had an extremely complex expression on her face as she watched the Demon Tribe leave. Not only because she had perceived that the Demon Tribe would weaken, but also because she was worried about her brother, Fuxi. Fuxi was already at the center of the current Cultivation Tribulation. Even if right now Goddess Nvywa persuaded him to leave the Heavenly Court, as she wanted to, it wouldn't make any difference. Fuxi wholeheartedly wanted to strengthen the Demon Tribe, how could he possibly leave at a time like this?

She could only sigh. Goddess Nvywa really didn't know what else she ought to say. It was fortunate that right now she was The Sage. As long as she watched over Fuxi, she could surely keep him safe. Unfortunately, Man proposes, Heaven disposes. Sometimes, even The Sage had a time where they couldn't do anything. The phrase 'Magic Skills are inferior to Heaven's Calculation' described it best.

For Goddess Nvywa, teaching for 1,000 years was equivalent to letting the Fate be thoroughly understood. She had also gained quite a lot from it. It was at this moment that Goddess Nvywa suddenly remembered the Human Tribe she had created, she didn't know how they were faring at the moment. At that time, she'd been in a hurry to leave and hadn't considered them at all. After all, they were her creation; she felt that it would be quite a pity if they were to be destroyed so easily.

Once The Sage wanted to know, hundreds of things would be clear. Since Goddess Nvywa already had the intention, what the Human Tribe had gone through for 1,000 years naturally would be imprinted in her mind. Astonishment suddenly appeared on her face. It wasn't surprising. The Human Tribe's experiences for the past millennium were indeed too astonishing, especially the breathtaking appearance of the Four Ancestors of Humanity. They had really caused all living things of Untainted Land to look upon the Human Tribe in a different light.

Seeing the greatness of the Human Tribe's development, guilt began to grow in Goddess Nvywa's heart. The Human Tribe honored her as their Sacred Lady, and she even enjoyed the worship of the Human Tribe as well as 30% of their Luck. Nevertheless, she felt quite ashamed to receive them for she had never done anything for the Human Tribe.

But Goddess Nvywa was also bewildered in regards to the appearance of the Four Ancestors of Humanity. She really couldn't understand what was so special about the Human Tribe that she could actually get such Merit and become The Sage for creating them. The Four Ancestors of Humanity also obtained a great amount of Merit from their contribution to the growth of the Human Tribe. There was no other tribe that had received this treatment among the Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land.

Goddess Nvywa counted on her fingers. She wanted to know what was so special about the Human Tribe. But she still didn't gain anything after she'd finished counting. The matters of the Human Tribe seemed to be veiled like they were the secrets of heaven. Goddess Nvywa became even more suspicious. In the Untainted Land, aside from Goddess Nvywa The Sage, only Ancestor Hongjun could conceal the secrets of heaven. Another possibility was… the Way of Heaven.

Goddess Nvywa was scared by this notion. Originally, she had only created the Human Tribe as a tool to become The Sage; but from what she saw now, the Human Tribe didn't seem to be that ordinary. Regardless of whether it was Ancestor Hongjun or the Way of Heaven that had concealed the secrets of heaven, either one was already sufficient to prove that the Human Tribe wasn't as simple as she had thought. In the end, what was so special about the Human Tribe?

Goddess Nvywa was not the only one pondering this. Emperor Jun's and Taiyi's group, who had just returned to the Heavenly court, Three Pure Ones, as well as Jieyin's and Zhunti's group who had each respectively returned to their Ashram — all of them had been listening to the teaching for a millennium inside Wahuang Heaven. They naturally wanted to know about what had happened in the Untainted Land during the past 1,000 years. Everyone was shocked to learn about the Human Tribe.

It had only been 1,000 years since the Human Tribe was created, yet not only had their numbers grown astonishingly from the original 120,000 into more than ten million tribesmen, a practice law that was different from The Way of Celestial Immortality had also appeared inside the tribe, the Martial Arts. Furthermore, it was also a member of the Human Tribe who had created the practice. It was impossible for them not to be shocked by these!

What shocked them even more, was that Goddess Nvywa had received huge Merit from creating humans, thus becoming The Sage, while the Four Ancestors of Humanity also received merits of heaven for their tremendous contribution in the growth of the Human Tribe. When had merits of heaven become so little in value?

What was Merit? It was essentially a multi-purpose thing with a lot of function, such as increasing one's cultivation, dissipating one's Karma, refining Magical Weapons, dispersing one's heart's obsession and so on. In the Untainted Land, who wouldn't want to get more Merit? Yet there were only a few who were genuinely able to obtain it, and no one had ever expected that four of those people would appear at once among the Human Tribe. How could they not to be jealous?

Inside Mount Kunlun, Three Pure Ones who had just returned from Goddess Nvywa's teaching were gazing at the Coast of the East Sea, each bearing a different expression on his face. Honoured Lord of the Origin asked in confusion, "Older brother, what exactly is so special about the Human Tribe? Junior Sister Goddess Nvywa became The Sage because of them and the Four Ancestors of Humanity also obtained Merit and achieved the Friut of Da Luo because of them. But compared with the Sorcerer and Demon tribes, they are small and weak, there's no redeeming quality about them!"

Laozi counted on his fingers silently for a long time and gained nothing. He said, "There must be something special about the Human Tribe Junior Sister Goddess Nvywa created. Otherwise, the Way of Heaven wouldn't send out Merit so frequently. All Four Ancestors of Humanity also achieved Da Luo Fruit; one can see their extraordinariness, especially that Martial Ancestor of the Human Tribe. He could actually create a new path, really admirable. "

Tongtian laughed and said, "Haha, that is correct. The three other ancestors of the Human Tribe don't count for anything; but this ancestor of martial arts, Musen, is indeed extraordinary. If he were to be born several thousand years earlier, perhaps now he would be fighting against us. It's a pity he was born at the wrong time! "

Honoured Lord of the Origin frowned. "Third brother's words are wrong, " He said. "A tiny Human Tribe, how could they fight against us, the Pangu tribe? In the future don't say these kinds of words in front of others, you would cause our reputation to fall for no reason. " Honoured Lord of the Origin loved his reputation. Seeing Tongtian mention Musen on equal terms with them, he would naturally be unhappy.

Holy Mountain of The West. After they returned, Jieyin and Zhunti were naturally attracted by the matters of the Human Tribe; an idea appeared in the two men's hearts after they saw how extraordinary the Human Tribe was. Although the west was vast, it was sparsely populated. If they could bring back some of the Human Tribe, the west could slowly grow stronger.

Zhunti knew that the Four Ancestors of Humanity had received merit of heaven, so he was envious of them. "Senior brother, the luck of these Four Ancestors of Humanity was really good, they could actually obtain merit of heaven just by contributing in the growth of Human Tribe." His speech was somewhat suffused with jealousy as he said this. "But it wasn't bad for them to obtain Merit, especially that ancestor of martial arts, his aptitude is unique. If we could bring them to the west, our west would definitely be able to become strong. "

Jieyin sighed. Zhunti's wholehearted schemes for the west had gradually been affecting his practice, Jieyin could only advise him, "Junior brother, I know that you wholeheartedly want the best for the west, but the Human Tribe already has Martial Arts, and the ancestor of martial arts was the person who started it. How would he be willing to place himself under the two of us? It will be better for you and me to achieve enlightenment in The Foundation of the Great Way as quickly as possible so that we can quickly become The Sage. Regarding this matter, we'll discuss it again in the future. "

As for Heavenly Court, when Emperor Jun returned, he blazed with wrath when he found out about the Human Tribe. But it wasn't surprising. In his eyes, the Human Tribe was the creation of Goddess Nvywa, the Sage of the Demon Tribe. For him it meant they were a subsidiary tribe of the Demon Tribe. Yet against all reason, not only was the Human Tribe quite close with the Wu Tribe, but they also frequently beheaded the Demon Tribe in the Untainted Land. This was simply a rebellion!

Unfortunately, Ancestor of Hongjun had decreed: demons govern the Heaven, sorcerers rule the Earth. To avoid giving a pretext to the Wu Tribe, Emperor Jun couldn't brazenly go to the Untainted Land. As for the matter about the Human Tribe, he could only tolerate them for the time being. Once he put an end to the Wu Tribe, he would find the Human Tribe and settle this account.

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