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Hongjun gradually went further into the Chaos. He had already finished reading the Jade Slip given by Minghe. He was a little surprised. His conjecture was confirmed by Minghe. The Heaven and Earth Taoist, Minghe's Good Separation, practiced the Way of World Evolution, which could be seen by him swallowing the Origin of Untainted Land. Last time when Minghe returned to the Chaos, the Heaven and Earth Taoist's strength increased greatly. At that time, Hongjun predicted that the Heaven and Earth Taoist might have swallowed other worlds.

Unexpectedly, the Heaven and Earth Taoist had devoured two small chiliocosms, which were the Treasures World and the Beasts World. Minghe's luck also increased significantly due to this fact. What's more surprising was the Rare Beast of Chaos within the Origin of chaos. Before the creation of Pan Gu, such beasts had been eradicated by the Three Thousand Mazingers.

The Origin of chaos inside those ominous beasts was the best tonic for the Three Thousand Mazingers to strengthen their origin. At the thought of this, Hongjun knitted his brows. "If the extinct ominous beasts appear again. What will happen in the Chaos?"

However, it was good news for Hongjun. As long as he could collect enough Origin of chaos, he would probably restore the True Body of Rakshasa. Of course, his plan was no less than this. After all, he was an incarnation of the residue soul of a Rakshasa, so he was more clear about the Origin of chaos.

Hongjun feared Minghe, his strength increased so swiftly it was somewhat unbelievable. Even if he had reached the Peak of the Origin, he was uncertain if he could defeat Minghe. Otherwise, he had already launched his attack. Instead, he tolerated Minghe to keep on growing. Maybe Minghe would surpass him one day.

Having thought about this, Hongjun smiled with a sliver of sarcasm. He murmured to himself, "Minghe, Minghe, you're too young and too naive. If you're the incarnation of a Rakshasa, you might have surpassed me a long time ago. Regrettably... The secrets I gave to you were true, but I did not tell you all the secrets during the creation of Pan Gu."

On the other side, Minghe had already finished reading the Jade Slip from Hongjun. It recorded much information about the Chaos during the Pan Gu creation. What's useful was an incomplete map of the Chaos. The most difficult thing was to tell the directions while in the Chaos. Of course, there were some methods. For example, there were some special places, including perennial undispersed vortex, raging place of the divine law, and so on. With these comparisons, a simple map of the Chaos could be drawn.

The Chaos was so vast that even the Three Thousand Mazingers could not discover it completely. Thus, this map might be drawn before Hongjun's incarnation. Minghe could probably predict his location based on the fragmentary map and his previous experience in the Chaos. He might find out the locations of the destroyed Treasures World and Beasts World.

With the map, Minghe could handle matters more conveniently in the Chaos. Moreover, as he went across the Chaos, he could continually perfect the fragmentary map. If some medium dichiliocosm or great trichiliocosm in the Chaos could not be utilized now, he could record them in the map for future use.

Hongjun also told Minghe some information about the Three Thousand Mazingers, the Spiritual Treasure of Chaos, as well as the Supreme Treasure of Chaos. Minghe thought the information was almost useless. Since Minghe had already been on the way of Rakshasa, the information on Rakshasa could only actualize his way. Moreover, the information on the Spiritual Treasure of Chaos and the Supreme Treasure of Chaos were not given any details. Besides, the way of refinement had not been informed.

Having finished reading, Minghe suddenly understood. According to his oath to the Great Way, he had predicted earlier that Hongjun would not tell him all information. Actually, Minghe did the same as Hongjun. He never told anyone the biggest secret he found in the Chaos. At the thought of the place, Minghe still looked solemn now.

He did not care. At least, the information on the treasures of Chaos was useful. Based on Hongjun's information, the most primary Origin of Spiritual Treasure of Chaos and Supreme Treasure of Chaos was the Origin of chaos. The limit of the treasures was the limit of the Chaos, which was also different from that of the Primordial Supreme Treasure and the Primordial Spiritual Treasure.

Hongjun did not provide details about the limit of the Chaos. He either did not tell how to turn the Origin of Primordial Supreme Treasure to the Origin of Chaos. He would not tell Minghe such a big secret. If Minghe obtained the Spiritual Treasure of Chaos through refinement, Hongjun would be at great risk. Although they did not completely turn hostile, the chance of Hongjun helping Minghe is even lower than one in a 10,000.

Looking at the direction that Hongjun departed in, Minghe spoke to himself, "Spiritual Treasure of Chaos? Humm! Hongjun, do you think that I have no other way if you don't talk?" With this, Minghe squeezed his hand firmly. The jade slip in his hand turned into powder and scattered in the Chaos. As the Air of Chaos blew, it completely vanished without a trace.

Minghe stretched out his hands, and a bit of feeble vital force appeared above his hands. Looking at the special vital force, Minghe smiled. It was a bit of the vital force of Hongjun's Zixiao Palace taken by Minghe when Hongjun separated himself from the Way of Heaven and fell to the Untainted Land. At that moment, Hongjun did not think that Minghe would do it like this.

At the time when Zixiao Palace fell to the Untainted Land, Minghe had discovered that the Zixiao Palace was a Highest Grade Primordial Supreme Treasure. It was more powerful than Three Treasures of Heaven and Earth Creation, with the vital force of the Three Thousand Great Way. It was similar to the Dharma Wheel of the Way of Heaven refined by Minghe. Most importantly, Minghe found a wisp of vital force in the Zixiao Palace that did not belong to the primordial supreme treasure.

Minghe silently took a bit of Zixiao Palace's vital force while Hongjun had just separated from the Way of Heaven and was uneasy. Hongjun's Zixiao Palace was more than a simple primordial supreme treasure. Hongjun might want to refine Zixiao Palace into a Spiritual Treasure of Chaos. However, it seemed to be difficult.

The special vital force of Zixiao Palace was similar to that of the Origin of chaos, but several times weaker than that. It could be seen that Hongjun just started to refine the Zixiao Palace to Spiritual Treasure of Chaos. The reason why Hongjun went to the Chaos was probably for the refinement of the Zixiao Palace into Spiritual Treasure of Chaos. Minghe had to beware of that.

Although Minghe had never seen a Spiritual Treasure of Chaos, he knew that it was definitely more powerful than a Primordial Supreme Treasure. Once Hongjun owned a Spiritual Treasure of Chaos, he would be at great risk. At the thought of this, Minghe looked solemn. Countless dangers were in the Chaos, so he must speed up. For Hongjun and him, there were also endless fated chances in the Chaos. Now, speed was the top priority for them.

The vital force in Minghe's hand provided him a little hope to explore the Spiritual Treasure of Chaos. With the Magical Tao Mirror, Minghe, and Three Separations, Minghe could predict some secrets of the Zixiao Palace. Of course, there was only one opportunity. The vital force was too weak, so it could not withstand Minghe's second all-out prediction.

After putting away the vital force of Zixiao Palace, Minghe kept moving further into the Chaos. Since there was only one chance for a prediction, Minghe had to be well-prepared. With the Magical Tao Mirror, an individual's understanding would increase by tenfold, which was far below Minghe's expectation. He hoped the amplification was a hundred times; thus he would be more likely to succeed in figuring out the secrets of the Zixiao Palace.

The only way to improve the Magical Tao Mirror by a hundred times was to sacrifice the Origin of chaos in a large quantity. Therefore, Minghe must spend a lot of time in search of the Rare Beast of Chaos and collect the Origin of chaos inside their bodies. Only when he was very sure, Minghe could make a prediction.

Although the Chaos was vast, it was not easy to find enough Rare Beasts of Chaos. Moreover, those beasts had almost been slaughtered last time. To find such beasts, Minghe had to go to places he had never been before. Perhaps he would have some gains there.

On the way, he met some Rare Beasts of Chaos, which totaled several dozens. Compared with his demand, the Origin of chaos that he had accumulated was inadequate and useless. Minghe was uncertain if he could collect enough Origin of chaos at this speed. At the thought of this, Minghe looked hesitant.

There was a place where there were many Rare Beasts of Chaos, and some of them were at the level of the Origin. However, the place was so mysterious that, based on his current cultivation, Minghe still felt slightly scared at the bare idea of the area. Initially, Minghe found the place by accident. He thought he could gain a lot, but he escaped in panic. The place was Minghe's biggest unspoken secret.

Time waited for no man. After Hongjun's presence, Minghe felt a lot of pressure. Though they might not become enemies, Minghe never laid his hope on something uncertain. In his opinion, an individual could take the initiative only when he was strong enough. For example, in the Chaos, Minghe was able to plot against the Sages without fear and seize the Origin of the Untainted Land with boldness. The reason was that he was strong enough so that the Way of Heaven was wary of him. Otherwise, he would have died.

After considering for a long time, Minghe finally made up his mind. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Even if it was dangerous, Minghe wanted to have a try. He always thought that there was a bigger secret in the palace. This time, he would go and check it out. An opportunity came along with danger. Moreover, Minghe demanded the Origin of chaos urgently, so he had to go there.

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