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Minghe looked at Dipamkara kneeling before him and said coldly, "Dipamkara, since you've made up your mind, you are formally my fourth inner disciple now. The Ninth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire marks my second generation disciple. Now I present it to you." Minghe had only cultivated three Ninth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire, thus this one for Dipamkara was refined by the six-grade one from Kunpeng and other two three-grades.

Dipamkara ecstically received the treasure from Minghe. He had never got anything valuable from Honored Lord of the Origin while being his disciple during such a long time, yet he gained a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure just after becoming Minghe's. How ironic the life was. Thus Dipamkara was even more convinced the correctness of his choice, and longed for the Way of Origin promised by Minghe even more.

Minghe glanced at Dipamkara calmly. Honestly speaking, he appreciated Dipamkara pretty much, whose Tao was the Way of Nirvana enlightened by himself. Yet he had chosen to be a disciple of Honored Lord of the Origin and learn the Great Way of "Jade Pure One", and had reached a high Realm. The Great Way of "Jade Pure One", though favorable, somehow conflicted with his own Great Way. Thus he advanced gradually in cultivation.

While it was in such a situation that Dipamkara had separated Good Separation and became a Sage-to-be, which proved his rare comprehension and perseverance. What he lacked of was a just proper chance to fly, while Minghe presented him one. Dipamkara was smart enough to catch it, and that was all.

As for Dipamkara's betrayal of his tribe, Minghe did not care for that. Just as the saying goes, a treacherous emperor alienates his officials and an unkind father estranges his son. Dipamkara had done more than enough for Clan of Enlightenment and Honored Lord of the Origin, while Honored Lord of the Origin had never viewed Dipamkara as his real disciple. Therefore, it was natural for Dipamkara to leave and there should be no right-or-wrong judgement.

Dipamkara collected the Ninth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire, stood behind Minghe with total ignorance towards Honored Lord of the Origin's rage, and showed not a bit shame. There was no absolute right and wrong in Untainted Land. The Three Pure Ones had betrayed each other for Luck, while now Dipamkara had changed his tribe for his own future. No one could blame him for that.

Honored Lord of the Origin glared at Dipamkara furiously, and felt even more outrageous while observing his impassivity. Though the three Manjusri had entered Buddhism, they at least showed some shame when confronting him. How could he stay numb viewing Dipamkara's shamelessness? Yet due to the Way of Heaven's restraint, he could not take action against Untainted Land. And with Minghe was there, it would all be futile efforts.

Honored Lord of the Origin glanced at Minghe and Dipamkara before looking at Jieyin, Zhunti, Manjusri, Samantabhadra and Goddess of Mercy, then his expression turned chill. He said coldly, "Ha! Minghe, Jieyin and Zhunti, you really know how to plot. I'll never forget what happened today and you're gonna pay for this."

He then left. Actually, Honored Lord of the Origin was left with no choice. He could not move due to the Way of Heaven's restraint, and the betrayal of his disciple disgraced him greatly. The Clan of Enlightenment was seriously hurt through this, with only four of the Twelve Golden Immortals remaining and the loss of a Deputy Sect Leader. Though it had won the Battle of Gods Investiture, that could never cover such a loss.

When all was settled, Jieyin and Zhunti led Manjusri the three towards the west. Zhunti stared at Dipamkara before he left, since, compared with Manjusri the three, Dipamkara was the one he actually wanted. It was indeed a pity that Minghe had him. Now that he had to search again for the proper candidate of Buddhas of the past.

Though Buddhism was newly set, it was actually the former Western Religious Sect with some changes. Thus they only needed to elevate the Medicine Buddha as Buddha of Medicine, Buddhas of the present, one of the three supreme Buddhas in Buddhism, and Maitreya to Buddha Maitreya, Buddhas of future, one of the three supreme Buddhas as well. Yet it lacked one Buddha of the past. Now that Dipamkara did not choose Buddhism. It could take a long time for them to find another candidate.

At the same time, Minghe led Dipamkara to Blood Sea. Liu Er, Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise welcomed them once they arrived. Seeing that all the three looking at him, Dipamkara saluted to them said, "Greet to you, brothers." In fact, Dipamkara was older than Liu Er and the rest, but he entered the sect later.

However, he was willing to call the them brothers, since all the three were more powerful than him even though they were younger. Liu Er had already become the Rakshasa, Kong Xuan's Divine Five Colored Light could totally defeat him, while Black Tortoise's Golden Body of Martial Arts and Magic Skill of Martial Arts could suppress him as well. Thus he had nothing to complain about calling the ones stronger than him brothers.

liu Er and the other two felt weird hearing Dipamkara calling them brothers, while they had to accept the fact that Dipamkara was the forth disciple of Minghe. While Black Tortoise was happy that he was not the youngest one anymore.

Minghe was touched somehow looking at the four. Since he was going to leave, it was time to deliver some instructions. Minghe said, "Liu Er, Kong Xuan, Black Tortoise, and Dipamkara, it's time to tell you something. I'm leaving for The Chaos soon after."

The three of them were not too surprised, as Minghe had been to The Chaos once. While Dipamkara did not expect that Minghe should leave Untainted Land and go to The Chaos, could there be something attractive to him in The Chaos?

Minghe ignored their surprise and continued, "I found two small chiliocosms in The Chaos last time, thus there must be other worlds in The Chaos except the fierce Rare Beast of Chaos. I'd like to go there again, while I'm not sure about how long I'd stay here. Therefore, I'd arrange some issues first."

The four became serious while hearing that. Minghe said to Liu Er first, "Liu Er, you've been a True Body of Rakshasa now, while you lack a sound foundation, which would cost a long time to make up for it. Since I'm leaving, from now on, you are in charge of Blood Sea. Hope you won't let me down."

Liu Er became austere while hearing that and nodded heavily. He was sure that Minghe was powerful enough to care for himself, while as he did not know when would Minghe come back, he was somewhat reluctant to let him go. He was no longer the little monkey sticked to Minghe, but a real Rakshasa, he knew fully well about his responsibilty.

Minghe then turned to Kong Xuan and said, "You're the most mature one. I've nothing to instruct you. Since you've found your way of actualization, you should keep going firmly. As for the other Tao you've enlightened, you should remember: Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period, and Hundred Schools of Thought."

Hearing that, Kong Xuan had a feeling that what Minghe had said related to his path of actualization, while the Fated Chance were yet to come. However, he carefully remembered Minghe's words. The heaven was impermanent. When the time came, everything would come to fruition. Kong Xuan was not in a hurry.

As for Black Tortoise, Minghe said to him, "Black Tortoise, you practice Martial Arts. But the Martial Arts of Origin is even harder to actualize than the The Way of Celestial Immortality of Origin. Fortunately, you have a steady flow of Merit for supporting the sky, thus your Golden Body of Martial Arts will continue. You may even be able to reach the realm of human body Origin. However, you should maintain the practice of Martial Arts. I expect that you may give me a surprise when I come back."

Then it should be Dipamkara's turn. Honestly speaking, Dipamkara was pretty nervous. As he had just joined the sect, he was certain that there were no such master-disciple bond or loyalty between Minghe and himself. Though Minghe had promised him the Way of Origin, he had not mentioned the specific time. Besides, he boasted a far more inferior cultivation than Liu Er the three. He did not even sense any possibility of that at present time. Thus he would not surprise if Minghe did not offer him any instruction on this.

While no one could predict Minghe's thoughts. Minghe looked at Dipamkara and said, "Dipamkara, though you just joined our sect, I won't treat you differently for that. Shapeshifted from coffin, you're supposed to enlighten the Way of Nirvana. As Way of 'Jade Pure One' your practice conflicts with that, you should give it up."

Dipamkara was stunned while hearing Minghe's words. Abandon Tao Methods of Jade Pure? That was no difference to cut one of his arms. Viewing Dipamkara's hesitation, Minghe explained to him, "Dipamkara, though the Way of 'Jade Pure One' is good, it is not your Tao. Your basics lies in the Way of Nirvana. Three Pure Ones have distinctive Taos, while they all boast Merits of Fate. Fate and nirvana exist together. Thus you may never reach the Great Way unless you can comprehend and master the two."

Dipamkara then realized why he reached the peak of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal when he had entered Honored Lord of the Origin's sect, elevated to a Sage-to-be with great difficulty after Three Royals and Five Emperors. He thus would not care for the Tao Methods of Jade Pure, which was nothing compared with Way of Origin. He abandoned Tao Methods of Jade Pure for an instant, which was rare.

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