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Another two Merits fell from Heaven. One went to the Heavenly Court, while the other fell on Luya's head. As the Merit entered his body, Luya's breath floated. He said loudly, "Chop!" Then, a figure came out from the Three Flowers. It was his Good Separation. After the Three Separations were divided, Luya was so excited. He immediately expressed his thanks to Minghe. He knew that he could not catch Minghe's eye, but he had to express his thanks.

Houtu became terribly pale after seeing the change. Her joy in revitalizing the 10 Ancestors of Sorcery had already gone. Now, each of the Six Paths of Reincarnation had its own master. Each master took 10% of the Luck. All of a sudden, Houtu lost 60% of her Luck in the Six Paths of Reincarnation. Such great losses could be made up by the revival of the 10 great Ancestors of Sorcery.

Originally, Houtu set up the Six Paths of Reincarnation to extend the Luck of the Wu Tribe. Now, more than half of the Luck had been damaged. For the Wu Tribe, it was a big blow. Beyond all doubt, Luck was essential to a tribe. Since their Luck had been damaged, the Wu Tribe would spend many years to return to power.

Although the Luck had been damaged, the 10 great Ancestors of Sorcery had been revived. That made Houtu feel some relief. Minghe was still calm after he had successfully taken away 40% of Luck in the Six Paths of Reincarnation. She looked at him and became resentful. But if she was given another chance, she would still do the same. For her, the 10 great Ancestors of Sorcery were more important than the Luck.

Houtu looked at Minghe one last time, and then she turned away. It was useless to stay there because the damage had been done. However, she had to return to Millions of Mountains of Jambudvipa this time. Minghe had taken away the Six Paths of Reincarnation, so there was no room for her in the Nether World. Certainly, she needed to go back to her birthplace. She had family and relatives there.

Since Houtu had gone, Goddess Nvywa would not stay long. She led the Demon Tribe to Wahuang Heaven. Luya became emperor and was then promoted to a Sage-to-be. In this way, he was qualified to put down the Demon tribesmen. However, Bai Ze and Kunpeng were far stronger than Luya. Thus, Goddess Nvywa would have a talk with them. Since the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery had gathered together, the Demon tribesmen could not act independently.

At the sight of this, Minghe withdrew his Three Separations. Taking a glance at Hongjun, he took Liu Er and Emperor Xin to return to the Blood Sea. Minghe had gained an overwhelming victory this time. Not only did Liu Er become the Rakshasa, but Minghe also achieved a lot. Although the Blood Sea suffered great losses, it had 40% of the Luck of the Six Paths of Reincarnation to make up for it, so it still made a fortune.

When Minghe departed, Sect Leader Tongtian also took the surviving disciples of the Tribe of Severity back to Golden Turtle Island. Now the Shang Dynasty was doomed to fail, and the Cultivation Tribulation was also over, so it was meaningless to fight on. Moreover, Sect Leader Tongtian had become a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of the Origin, so he had nothing to talk about with Laozi and the other Sages because the fight had been lost. However, today's failure also gave the hope to the Tribe of Severity to stage a comeback.

Sect Leader Tongtian left without saying anything. It seemed to be somewhat desolate for Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin. Because of the fight for the Luck, the three brothers were already unaffectionate. They had no idea if it was really deserved. Since they had done so, they would have no occasion for regret. At least they won in the Battle of the Gods Investiture. It was a foregone conclusion that Shang would perish but Zhou would prosper.

Hongjun took a look at Laozi and the other three Sages, but he scarcely talked to them. Since he separated himself from the Way of Heaven, they were already no longer master and apprentice. By riding a cloud, Hongjun left for Purvavideha, in which there was Mount Yujing, his previous Ashram. Although he successfully escaped from the Way of Heaven, he was still seriously wounded, so he needed a place to heal the wound.

Watching the people leave, Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, Jieyin, and Zhunti said nothing. After all, they were victorious this time, except that the price of the victory was huge. The Tribe of Severity had big causalities, but the Tribe of Humanity, Clan of Enlightenment and Western Religious Sect also suffered heavy causalities. And Honored Lord of the Origin was distressed when he thought that five of the Twelve Golden Immortals under him were listed on the Investiture of the Gods.

However, he felt a little relief when he saw the Investiture of the Gods and the Gods-hitting Whip fall into Jiang Ziya'a hands. Now the Shang Dynasty was completely defenseless, and even Emperor Xin, King Zhou, had already become an Asura. The army of Western Zhou was overwhelming. In a few days, it took down Zhaoge, the capital of the Shang Dynasty. Since then, the overbearing Shang Dynasty had collapsed.

After the fall of the Shang Dynasty, Ji Chang, King Wen of Zhou, officially became Sovereign of the World. He was hesitant about choosing Bo Yikao or Ji Fa as the successor. Originally, he intended to separate the wheat from the chaff through their battle achievements. Unexpectedly, they invaded Zhaoge together. Thus, it was more difficult for him to make a choice. However, God made the choice for him.

When Zhaoge was seized, Jiang Ziya began to supervise the building of the platform of the God Deification Ceremony and prepare for the relevant matters. This was the most important thing. Among the 365 Gods on the Board, many were disciples of the Clan of Enlightenment. Jiang Ziya certainly wanted to create a promising future for them. This was why Honored Lord of the Origin and Zhunti wanted to take the deific people as apprentices.

It was hard for the people on the Investiture of the Gods due to Veridical Souls to enhance their cultivations. They could only depend on enshrining and worshiping by burning joss sticks on earth. Besides Veridical Souls, some people were listed on the Investiture of the Gods due to their human body—Yang Jian, for example. Not only they could practice the Way of the Deity additionally, but they would also not be limited to the Investiture of the Gods. Only a few people were like this.

To everyone's surprise, Bo Yikao was such a person. He was deified as the Great Emperor of the Middle Heaven North Star, One of the Six Regions of the Heavenly Court. Moreover, it was deemed by the Way of Heaven. Even if Jiang Ziya wanted to change, he would not be capable to do so. Bo Yikao virtually had a sudden rise in life. Zi Wei Emperor was specialized in managing earthly emperors. It was much better than the king of Western Zhou.

After the God Deification Ceremony, the Heavenly Court was full of talents, which made Haotian so delighted.

Some trouble also made him agonize. First, with the presence of Zi Wei Emperor, Haotian's power was weakened. Second, Laozi's Good Separation, Highest Elder Lord, also entered the Heavenly Court. Although he was under Haotian's command, he was only the nominal one.

Besides, some disciples on the Investiture of the Gods from the four religions were proud and arrogant. Haotian could not merely use the Investiture of the Gods and the Gods-hitting Whip to constrain them. If that were the case, even if they were seemingly obedient, they would just be acting in a perfunctory way. If Haotian wanted to situate the Heavenly Court at the supreme position of Untainted Land, he still needed to subdue all the Gods in his own way. It was not an overnight thing, so he had to do it slowly.

Haotian was happy and also agonizing. The Tribe of Humanity, the Clan of Enlightenment, and the Tribe of Severity all withdrew to their own Ashrams. Throughout this battle, all the three religions had suffered heavy casualties. The Western Religious Sect, in particular, spared no effort, but many of its disciples had been killed or wounded. In the end, Ji Fa became the successor of the king, and Jiang Ziya became the man in charge of the God Deification Ceremony. Thus, the Clan of Enlightenment was sure to be thriving in the Human Tribe. Again, how could an outsider be allowed to sleep beside my bed? It was nearly impossible for the Western Religious Sect to preach in Purvavideha.

So, Jieyin and Zhunti took disciples of the Western Religious Sect back to Aparagodaniya. They intended to manage their own territory with all their strength. Meanwhile, they also needed time to recover their impaired Essential Qi. Shen Gongbao certainly returned to Aparagodaniya. He felt somewhat upset. People could have the same manner but totally different lives. This was still the case up till now.

Originally, Shen Gongbao left Square Mountain with very high ambitions. He preceded Jiang Ziya in everything. Unfortunately, Jiang Ziya had become the man in charge of the God Deification Ceremony. So naturally, Shen Gongbao felt upset, not only for himself, but also for his brothers of the same master who died in the battle. They gave Bo Yikao convenience in the Heavenly Court, thus Shen Gongbao felt a little gratified.

Compared with the Western Religious Sect's withdrawal from the Human Tribe, Honored Lord of the Origin was high-spirited and vigorous. Although many of his apprentices had been killed or wounded, even five of the Twelve Golden Immortals also died. However, it saved precious time for the Clan of Enlightenment at least. Now, he was estranged from Laozi, so he would not care about the Tribe of Humanity. He only cared about the thriving of the Clan of Enlightenment.

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