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In contemplation, Minghe looked at Untainted Land, which was gradually breaking. Untainted Land was so large that seven Sages alone could not repair it. Moreover, the power of the Way of Heaven that they utilized seemed to be limited. In particular, Hongjun, combining his body with the Tao, had not appeared. It was obviously abnormal that there was not any movement in the Way of Heaven.

Minghe did not know much about Hongjun, but he had made some judgments from Hongjun's actions. Hongjun, the incarnation of the Rakshasa, was anything but a benevolent person. Therefore, he had to have some intentions in combining his body with the Tao. But Minghe was not sure if Hongjun would swallow the Way of Heaven to replace it. It seemed that Hongjun had moved, otherwise, there would have been some response from the Way of Heaven.

"Swallow the Way of Heaven?" At the thought of this, Minghe frowned. If it were real, that would be a great threat to him. However, given that Hongjun could not forcibly leave the Way of Heaven for a long time, perhaps the Way of Heaven was so strong that Hongjun could not rival it. Even if the Way of Heaven had suffered damages, he could not swallow it. Hence, what on earth did he want to do?

"Break Untainted Land entirely?" It was possible. The greater the degree of fragmentation of Untainted Land, the more the Way of Heaven suffered, which would give a heaven-sent opportunity to Hongjun. Yet, if Hongjun replaced the Way of Heaven, a fragmented Untainted Land would be useless. Moreover, it would give Minghe great benefits for free.

Heaven and Earth Taoist could not consume the entire Untainted Land. What he had swallowed was only pieces of Untainted Land. Some of the pieces were big while others were small; some of them had a lot of Origin while others had only a little. For Heaven and Earth Taoist, all of it was beneficial. Suppose that there were lots of pieces of Untainted Land, then Heaven and Earth Taoist would swallow much more Origin of Untainted Land. By that time, Minghe's strength would be greatly increased, which perhaps was not what Hongjun wanted to see.

Since it was hard to be made clear, Minghe did not want to think about it at the moment, but he would be cautious. Watching Heaven and Earth Taoist enjoying the abundant feast, Minghe certainly would not lag behind. He waved his body, and then the Real Body of the Mazinger that was thousands of feet high appeared, standing upright between Heaven and Earth.

All the living beings of Untainted Land were startled to see that. Liu Er's Real Body of the Mazinger was nothing compared to Minghe's. All were amazed by the terrifying vital force of the Rakshasa, even the Sages. With his Real Body of the Mazinger, Minghe would not be inferior to any other Sages. The moment that his Real Body of the Mazinger appeared, what did Minghe want to do?

While looking at it, Laozi suddenly said, "Minghe, what on earth do you want to do? Are you taking advantage of this opportunity to break Untainted Land completely? So your Good Separation could swallow more Origin of Untainted Land?" Considering Minghe's unexpected insanity, it was natural for Laozi to have such questions. Minghe would not even care a bit even if Untainted Land were to be broken entirely.

Minghe did not pay attention to Laozi. "Destroy Untainted Land?" He did not have any interests in that. Although the Way of Heaven had not appeared, it and Hongjun had to appear if Minghe were to do that. There would be no benefits for Minghe as well if the two sides suffered. Therefore, he would rather seek some real interests.

Untainted Land broke with the Air of Chaos pervading as the endless Air of Destruction appeared. The Air of Chaos, which much of could be seen in Untainted Land, did not matter, but the Air of Destruction was different. Minghe had only seen it five times. It was produced when Treasures World and Beasts World were destroyed in the Chaos the first and second time. At that time, he had not yet become the Rakshasa, so he could not absorb it, but he collected it. He was only able to absorb it when he changed into the Rakshasa.

The last three times, the Air of Destruction was seen in the Divine Punishment in Untainted Land but it was weaker each time, especially the Divine Punishment of Liu Er, in which it almost did not exist at all. However, at the moment, the Air of Destruction produced by the fragmentary Untainted Land seemed to be a sumptuous feast, which greatly attracted Minghe. Moreover, the Air of Destruction caused by it should be very strong.

Given that, the Air of Destruction was classified into four ranks: Highest Grade, Top Grade, Mid Grade, and Lowest Grade. The Air of Destruction in the Divine Punishment of Zhunti and Liu Er was only the Lowest Grade, while it was the Mid Grade in the destruction of Beasts World and Treasures World. The Air of Destruction caused by the breaking of Untainted Land was the Highest Grade. For a Rakshasa, such a kind of Air of Destruction was rare.

"Oh!" With this soft voice, Minghe's body seemed to be a bottomless pit, absorbing the Air of Destruction in the Heaven and Earth to his heart's content. From near to far, it seemed that the Air of Destruction that overwhelmed Untainted Land began to center around Minghe, who absorbed all of it into his body and then converted it to strengthen his human body and Origin.

Looking at Minghe, who was enjoying the Air of Destruction in Untainted Land, Liu Er displayed an expression of admiration. Just now, he had absorbed a great deal of Air of Destruction in the Divine Punishment, which was weaker compared to that in Untainted Land. However, Liu Er licked his lips upon seeing so much Air of Destruction.

As it is said: "Curiosity kills the cat". Liu Er, like a curious cat who tried to steal some fish, stealthily absorbed some of the Air of Destruction. Nevertheless, once the Air of Destruction got into his body, Liu Er changed his expression greatly. The Air of Destruction in Untainted Land was more violent than that in the Divine Punishment. Even if he spared no effort, he could not quickly absorb such violent Air of Destruction.

Helplessly, what he could do was to gradually destroy the Air of Destruction, which raged inside his body. Though it could not threaten Liu Er and would be good for strengthening his Real Body of the Mazinger, it was painful to consume all of the Air of Destruction in his body with such tremendous strength.

"Hu!" Liu Er breathed out heavily. That was the last thing that he would want to try again. Up until this moment, he had not realized how wide the gap was between his strength and Minghe's. Minghe was engaged in swallowing the Air of Destruction, while he could not even consume just a small part of the Air of Destruction. The difference was obvious.

Liu Er changed his expression when he looked at Minghe, who was high up in the air. With his body swinging, his Real Body of the Mazinger also appeared. Compared to Minghe's Mazinger, which was thousands of feet high, his Mazinger was only hundreds of feet. One was big while the other was small; one was the teacher while the other was the disciple. Liu Er gritted his teeth and began to swallow the Air of Destruction and Air of Chaos again. However, he was thousands of times slower than Minghe.

It was somewhat unbearable for Liu Er to feel that kind of soreness and numbness. But he gritted his teeth and insisted on it. At the moment, the only belief in his heart was to insist on it. Minghe was a beacon on his path of actualization. Since he had made it, could he rely on Minghe in the future? And if so, would he really deserve to be a Rakshasa?

"Give up because of its difficulty?" Liu Er thought of Minghe's unremitting efforts and that Minghe never feared anything. Although the Air of Destruction produced by the breaking of Untainted Land was raging, it was more than he could bear. Therefore, why not seize the opportunity to refine his Real Body of the Mazinger that just appeared?

Minghe, who was swallowing the Air of Destruction, was relieved to see that Liu Er had insisted on it. Liu Er had really grown stronger. The Air of Destruction of the Highest Grade was more than he could bear, but he still gritted his teeth and persisted in it, which did not let Minghe down. In the ensuing days without him, Liu Er needed to learn to raise and help all of the tribesmen in the Blood Sea.

All the Sages were relieved when they saw Minghe and Liu Er swallowing the Air of Destruction and the Air of Chaos raging in Untainted Land. Even though they feared that Minghe's strength would increase once again, they were grateful that Minghe did not aggravate the situation. Moreover, without the raging Air of Destruction and Air of Chaos, Untainted Land would break slower. At this time, they just needed to wait for the appearance of the Way of Heaven and their teacher, Ancestor Hongjun.

It was strange that there was not yet any response from the Way of Heaven and Ancestor Hongjun. Was there anything that could be more severe than the breaking of Untainted Land? All the Sages were confused by this, as were all the living beings of Untainted Land. However, Minghe noticed it. Raising his huge head, Minghe looked above Heaven. His view was already beyond the limitless Chaos and fell on a simple and unsophisticated palace.

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