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Minghe did not know how the world was in the Chaos, which might be full of all kinds of danger. Luck was essential for people who wanted to be stronger. Though Minghe's Luck was strong, it was insufficient. He would strengthen his Luck continuously whenever he got the chance to. Only when his Luck was stronger could he go further.

As for the Demon Tower, it was good but meant nothing to Minghe. The Way of Demons had now been established, and it would not dissipate just because of the death of Wu Tian. The Demon Tower was just waiting for someone who had the affinity. Thinking of that, Minghe casually made a crack in the air and threw the Demon Tower into it. No one knew where the Demon Tower would go to.

It did not take long for Wu Tian to become a Puppet of Blood God after he turned up unbridled. All the living beings of Untainted Land were confused. Anyhow, Wu Tian was a Sage. How could he die so easily? Minghe had just casually turned him into the Puppet of Blood God and taken the Luck of the Way of Demons. Seeing Minghe throwing away the Demon Tower, a Primordial Spiritual Treasure, they were about to get mad. It was impossible for them to understand this local tyrant.

Seeing how calm Minghe was, Laozi became serious. Since Minghe had become the Rakshasa, he had changed totally. He had gotten much more casual, crazy, or maybe even more calm. Laozi did not know the reasons for Minghe's changes. Maybe there was a big secret in it.

Unlike Laozi's silent contemplation, Honored Lord of the Origin was obviously a man who could hardly hold his temper. He was green with envy when he saw Minghe easily turn Wu Tian into the Puppet of Blood God and take the Luck of the Way of Demons. He was undoubtedly jealous. Why should he, who was in the Pangu Tribe, have much more inferior Luck than Minghe?

Seeing Minghe put away the Puppet of Blood God, Honored Lord of the Origin questioned him. "Minghe, you helped Wu Tian to withdraw from worldly affairs and turned him into the Puppet of Blood God, just for the purpose of taking the Luck of the Way of Demons. Now the Way of Demons is established. At that time there will be lots of devils in Untainted Land. You've also experienced the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation. Did you forget that totally? You're really frenzied for your own interests regardless of the benefit of all the living beings of Untainted Land."

"The Longhan Cultivation Tribulation?" Many people were amazed to hear Honored Lord of the Origin mention the Cultivation Tribulation. How horrible the Way of Demons, ruled by Luohou, had once been in those days! Nobody knew what turbulence would be caused by the reappearance of the Way of Demons in Untainted Land. But just as Honored Lord of the Origin had said, Wu Tian had died but the Way of Demons had not. The tribulation was inevitable, and Minghe was the source of everything.

Sensing the fear of some people, Minghe said calmly, "Really? Since when did you, Honored Lord of Origin, become a person with sympathy?" The face of Honored Lord of the Origin changed a little after hearing Minghe's words. The Sages were superior and immortal, taking all common people as nonentities. Why would he care about their lives and deaths? His words were just simply aimed at Minghe.

Minghe suddenly snorted, "Humph, do you all hold the view that I'm a nice person because my Selfcentric Separation has greatly helped the Human Tribe? You seem to forget that I'm Ancestor Minghe, lord of the Blood Sea, born with the power of killing. Do you think I pay any attention to all the living beings of Untainted Land? The rise and fall of the Way of Demons isn't a matter that I care about, nor is the life and death of all the living beings of Untainted Land."

Killing intent, endless killing intent! Just a snort from Minghe had changed the color of the clouds. Everyone was frightened. It was true that they had begun to forget how horrible Minghe had been in those years. He was a bully to kill dozens of Sages-to-be in just one move, with the insanity to slaughter Sages. They were now really a bit scared to think of hating Minghe, even just for a little while.

Ignoring everyone, Minghe just went to the top of the Tongguan city wall. With a wave of his hand, a table was set. Sitting on a cushion and tasting Spiritual Fruits, seeing Minghe was like watching a play. At that time, everyone just remembered that it was the day of the final battle between the Tribe of Severity and the Tribe of Humanity, Clan of Enlightenment, and Western Religious Sect. But because of the breathtaking event that had happened just now, they had totally forgotten about that final battle.

Before the battle had begun, the three religions lost a Sage. Now Zhunti was staying to the side to heal his wounds. It was impossible to depend on him to fight at this moment. But by comparison, the three religions had major advantages. After all, they did have three Sages— Honored Lord of the Origin, Jieyin, and Laozi with the Magic Skills of the Three Pure Ones.

The battle between the Immortals Formation and the Tribe of Humanity, Clan of Enlightenment and Western Religious Sect was ready to be triggered at any moment. The three Sages, Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, and Jieyin, went straight at Tongtian. This time, Sect Leader Tongtian used the God-killing Sword Formation as the Eye of the Immortals Formation. If they wanted to destroy the Immortals Formation, they had to destroy the God-killing Sword Formation. But this time, it was not as easy as last time. This would be a fierce battle.

Last time, the reason why Laozi could destroy the God-killing Sword Formation with one strike was not that he had such powerful strength but that Sect Leader Tongtian's State of Mind was distracted because of Laozi's ability of the Three Pure Ones. Laozi had taken that opportunity and destroyed the God-killing Sword Formation. But this time, Sect Leader Tongtian had made full preparations. In addition, the power of the God-killing Sword Formation had been greatly strengthened with the blessing of the Immortals Formation. Who would be the winner this time depended on their own Magic Skills.

Disciples of the three religions, led by Xuandu, Guang Chengzi, Dipamkara, and Medicine Buddha, had launched a violent attack on the disciples of the Tribe of Severity in the Immortals Formation. Disciples of the latter, such as Abundant Treasures and Zhao Gongming, had also taken action. It was as if the doomsday of Heaven and Earth had come. They were all locked in a fierce struggle. People died from time to time and Veridical Souls were listed on the Investiture of the Gods.

On the Earth, the final battle between the armies of the Shang Dynasty and Western Zhou had also begun. The former had the disadvantage in numbers but their soldiers were all veterans. The latter had the advantage in numbers and the instructions of Jiang Ziya, the expert on military tactics and formations. In a moment, the earth was flowing with rivers of blood. In such a disaster, countless Veridical Souls entered the Void, filling the vacancy of the 2,000 Demigods and 84,000 celestial troops and generals of the Investiture of the Gods.

In the Immortals Formation, Jade Heaven stood at the back, holding a six-tailed flag. It was Sect Leader Tongtian's Flag of Six Souls. In the Investiture of the Gods, disciples of the Tribe of Severity had been badly cut up in the battle, so Sect Leader Tongtian had given this flag to the long-eared Light-frozen Immortal. But now, there were lots of elites in the Tribe of Severity. It was impossible for the long-eared Light-frozen Immortal to possess it.

There were six people's names written on the Flag of Six Souls: Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, Jieyin, Zhunti, Taoist Jade Pure One, and Taoist Supreme Pure One. In fact, aside from the four Sages, Sect Leader Tongtian had planned to write two names out of the four people, Bo Yikao, Ji Fa, Jiang Ziya, and Shen Gongbao. But finally, he replaced them with Taoist Jade Pure One and Taoist Supreme Pure One.

Writing these six names, Sect Leader Tongtian held the worshiping ceremony for the Flag of Six Souls on the Purple Ganoderma Cliff on Golden Turtle Island. After the ceremony, he gave the flag to Jade Heaven, who had the worst cultivation among the Ladies of the Three Stars, and asked her to shake it in the Immortals Formation. It might not kill the four Sages and the two Incarnations of Laozi's Three Pure Ones, but it could still hurt them.

Seeing the opportunity presenting itself, Jade Heaven immediately shook the Flag of Six Souls. The Flag of Six Souls suddenly shot a beam of weird black light and turned into ash within Jade Heaven's sight. Then there came six beams of subtle, weird gray light. In Jade Heaven's shock, the six beams of gray light shot at the Eye of Formation.

In the God-killing Sword Formation, Sect Leader Tongtian alone had a bitter struggle against Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, Jieyin, and Laozi's Three Pure Ones Incarnation, with the help of the four swords of Immortal-killing. Even though the God-killing Sword Formation was powerful, facing three Sages and Three Lords of the Origin, Sect Leader Tongtian was about to lose. It was just a matter of time for the God-killing Sword Formation to be destroyed.

Suddenly, Sect Leader Tongtian laughed grimly. It confused Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, and Jieyin. Why would Sect Leader Tongtian laugh when he was going to lose? Before long, the three of them suddenly turned pale. They grunted and arrows of blood shot out of their mouths.

Laozi abruptly changed his complexion. It never occurred to him that Sect Leader Tongtian could be so cruel. Compared with the three Sages, the situation was much worse for Taoist Jade Pure One and Taoist Supreme Pure One in Laozi's Three Pure Ones Incarnation, which was about to collapse. Seeing that, Laozi decisively put the two, along with Taoist Grand Pure One, in his own body.

At that moment, Laozi's power bloomed. The complexion of Sect Leader Tongtian, Honored Lord of the Origin, and Jieyin changed color. Such power was beyond the limitation of the Secondary Stage of a Sage. Unexpectedly, Laozi had such a trick, which they had not known about. Laozi had no choice but to use it because his Magic Skill of the Three Pure Ones was going to collapse.

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