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Merits, endless merits. It had been so many years since the last merit had come. It was not comparable with the merit when all Sages were born, but there were really almost the same, of which 80 percent belonged to Wu Tian and 20 percent were divided equally between Minghe and Zhunti, as a result of Minghe helping to speed up the birth of Way of Demon and Zhunti gestated it.

Wu Tian had absorbed many Sage origins from Zhunti, and once after the birth, he owned the cultivation at the early stage of the Sage. Anyhow, it was a Sage after all. What's even more peculiar, Wu Tian and Zhunti enjoyed the same Hong Meng Immortal Qi. Therefore, Wu Tian was a Sage, not a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin.

Wu Tian immediately became significantly more stable among all the Sages once after the golden light of merit entered his body, and the cultivation had also been elevated greatly. For Minghe, he took the merit with a stroke of the wrist. While Zhunti looked more lively, instead of sporting the sickly look, after the merit entered into his body. Now Zhunti's Essential Qi was seriously injured, so he could not be injured further. Otherwise, he might have to fall out of the realm of the Sage.

Zhunti's face was full of hatred and he looked at Minghe, as though he was going to swallow him whole. But he was so weak that he could only use his eyes to express his feelings. However, Minghe did not care about the hatred from Zhunti at all. There was an enmity between them, and Minghe would completely destroy Zhunti beforehand if not for …

In Minghe's view, the immortality of the Sage was a joke. The Sage placed their original spirit to the way of Heaven, therefore, as long as the Way of Heaven was immortal, the Sage could have a rebirth by consuming the power of the Way of Heaven. To wipe out the Sage completely, it was a must to destroy Untainted Land and the Way of Heaven. By then, the Sage would disappear accordingly as a result that they placed their original spirit to the Way of Heaven.

It was not impossible to destroy Untainted Land for Minghe, but the cost to pay would be too great and worthless if it was only for the purpose to exterminate the Sage to Minghe. However, there was a trick to take that Minghe actually planned to have a try last time when he was destroying Zhunti's holy body, but at that time the Way of Heaven appeared indistinctly and he had just become Rakshasa, so he could only give up.

At present, Mighe could have a try. He needed only to destroy Zhunti's holy body and more than half of his original spirit, and then to seal the remaining original spirit into the Way of Heaven. In this way, Zhunti would be not regarded as dead, therefore, there would be no natural rebirth. The Way of Heaven would not use his own strength to make Zhunti recover, and the other Sages would not be able to rescue him at all, since Zhunti's impaired soul would be sealed in the Way of Heaven.

To destroy Zhunti, it was necessary to break Minghe's seal. By that time, Minghe only needed to connect the seal with the Way of Heaven. Breaking the seal would be akin to attacking the Way of Heaven and it could not be relieved with no attack. Naturally, Zhunti would recover. For a Sage, it would be a problem that has no solution. However, it was not worth for Minghe to mess up his plans because of Zhunti.

Watching Wu Tian absorbing merits of heaven, Jieyin looked at Minghe in a chilly manner and said, "Minghe, there was Karma between us and it was natural for you to retaliate, but your actions today were really contemptible. I will definitely come to you in future for it." It was clear that Jieyin was truly angry.

Hearing that, Minghe smiled, "Jieyin, the devil was born from Zhunti's heart as a result of his poor cultivation. It was the general trend of heaven for Wu Tian's birth and re-establishment of Way of Demon. I just sped it up. As for revenge, if it's from me, it would be not so light. Although the Sages are immortals, they are not invincible. If I seal you guys into the Way of Heaven, do you think you still have the opportunity to come out?"

The words were said by Minghe with a smile, but made the Sage's hair stand on end. To seal them into the Way of Heaven? To Minghe, it would be not impossible. If Minghe really did that, it could be said that it would be the end of the sealed Sages, unless the Way of Heaven became merciful to break the seal to release them or make them refined by self-consulting forces, otherwise, there would be little chance of freedom.

At this time, Wu Tian finally absorbed merits of heaven, and the cultivation at the sage level was completely solidified. Compared to the battered Zhunti, Wu Tian was much stronger. Most of the original power of Zhunti was almost equally divided by Wu Tian and Zhunti. While Wu Tian had gained the merits of heaven, making him a little stronger than Zhunti.

After the cultivation was solidified, the devil force in Wu Tian suddenly rose into the sky, and a black pagoda rushed out from the west, with the vital force given off to match it. Demon Tower, Primordial Spiritual Treasure, was Luohou's nother supreme treasure. Unfortunately, when Devil Tribe totally self exploded, this tower disappeared, and it was unexpectedly hidden in the Western underground.

The inexhaustible mist instantly emitted from Demon Tower in Wutian's hand, affecting the neighboring four religions disciples and Human Tribe Realm. Gradually, there were signs of enchantment. All Sages snorted coldly, so the devil energy between heaven and earth dissipated at once, and all the affected people returned to normal, but with fear when they looked to Wu Tian.

Looking at this, Wu Tian smiled evilly. Ignoring the anger of all Sages, he turned to Minghe and said, "You are named Minghe, well, you helped me to be born today, I remember it. I developed the way of Demon to make up the Way of Heaven. Although it is not as good as the Way of Heaven in harmony with Hongjun's body, it is more or less powerful. Your cultivation is not bad. Are you willing to be in my Way of Demon?"

Everyone was shocked by Wu Tian's word. It was really crazy thought to enroll Minghe in the Way of Demon. Minghe had already been in the way of Divine Beings. What's more, his three Separations all had already actualized the Realm of Origin, either of which was stronger than Wu Tian. To want Minghe into the way of Demon as his man? All the people couldn't help but tease Wu Tian. He was either mad or stupid. He really had an exaggerated opinion of his own abilities.

Minghe did not feel angry at all upon hearing Wu Tian's arrogant words. He indifferently looked at Wu Tian with distant and mysterious eyes, which contained a kind look extremely familiar to Zhunti - complete disregard. That was the pain in Zhunti's heart and now Wu Tian also found such a look uncomfortable.

Wu Tian was born from the body of Zhunti. Naturally he also shared part of Zhunti's memory. The eyes of Minghe had already revealed his answer. As the supreme of Way of Demon, how could he be not angry? Wu Tian was arrogant because he was powerful as he had the chance to surpass Laozi and others. It was also because he had cultivated part of the way of Heaven, and Minghe was not comparable to him, in his opinion.

Looking at Wu Tian, Minghe said indifferently, "Oh, the one born from a person with a limited outlook is also one with a limited outlook. Master of Way of Demon? It's really funny. Forget it, I'm too lazy to talk nonsense with you. Let me do business. Although it is only the early stage of the Sage, it is also good to refine you to be a very good Puppet of Blood God."

Hearing Minghe, everyone was shocked. Puppet of Blood God was Minghe's real target. They were just wondering when Minghe became so kind to create such a very threatening thing though made Zhunti entrapped. Although Wu Tian was relatively weak and small among all Sages, as time went by, he might become a big problem.

Hearing this, Wu Tian became furious and exclaimed, "You..." Wu Tian's face showed endless horror and he could not move at all, feeling the supernatural power seemingly disappearing, and even could not mobilize the power of the Way of Heaven. Suddenly, traces of blood appeared on on Wu Tian's body, which were seen by many people on the body of Minghe's Puppet of Origin.

A Taoist seal appeared in Minghe's hands and the blood lines began to speed up and spread across Wu Tian's body. Watching Wu Tian's horror, Minghe shook his head slightly . The black light was indeed the way of Demon Spiritual Inheritance. Minghe just added the seal to seal Blood Law Puppet and his supernatural powers. Wu Tian absorbed way of Demon Spiritual Inheritance and the seal at the same time, which naturally led to his his present situation.

Before long, the original spirit of Wu Tian completely dissipated, being absorbed by the Way of Heaven, and a brand new Puppet of Origin was born under watchful eyes. Wu Tian was no longer a Sage, but Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin. However, the identity as the master of Way of Demon had not disappeared, which was what Minghe wanted.

Minghe didn't care about Puppet of Origin at all. It was just the added one hired thug at the Origin Early Stage to Minghe to refine Wu Tian into Puppet of Origin. What's more, this Puppet of Origin was not as good as his previous one. What Minghe cared about was the luck of the Way of Demon. It went between Tao and Way of Demon in Ramsay rule. Way of Demon could go against Tao, and its luck would be not bad.

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