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Everyone looked up into the sky. Terrifying thunder flashed among the rolling black clouds that gathered over Zhunti's head. However, it seemed that this Divine Punishment could not compare at all with the one that was dropped when Minghe was passing tribulation. Given that the Way of Heaven would be affected once a Sage was impaired, the power of the Divine Punishment dropped on Zhunti, who happened to be a Sage, was at its minimum. Yet, even so, Zhunti might not pass it safe and sound.

Looking at the Sages waiting for the Divine Punishment, King Zhou could not help feeling pleased. In his preexistence, he was forced by the Sages to sack the Human Sovereign's daughter, Jingbae, thus, he had to enter reincarnation. Yet in this life, he could punish a Sage with the Way of Heaven. However, he still had a sense of it not actually being real, even though he had successfully done it.

The Sages, the supreme beings in Untainted Land, ruled Heaven and Earth and the universe. They would not disappear even after incalculable calamities, and neither would they suffer from Karma. They stayed with the Way of Heaven. But nowadays, they were gradually being pulled down off of the altar. Though Zhunti had always been the hapless one, all the Sages suffered from challenges to their coercion as well. And the origin of those challenges came from Minghe.

Watching Zhunti being showered in thunder, King Zhou's unwillingness vanished. He had fortunately gotten Minghe's incarnation technique in the past, or he would already have died. He had died for Minghe in his preexistence, while he survived in this life due to Minghe. Since Fate naturally flowed between life and death, being a nonentity, he had no particular pursuit but survival. Only if he were alive would he have a future.

While observing that Zhunti, who used to be unattainable, suffered a huge embarrassment and disgrace under the Divine Punishment because of the Human Tribe, who were viewed as nonentities, all the living beings of Untainted Land realized that the Sages were not invincible. Once the Human Tribe united, they could confront the Sages fearlessly.

In the Void, looking at Zhunti and the Human Tribe in the nine provinces, Minghe smiled whole-heartedly. After so many years, he had never smiled so happily even when he had gained numerous rewards during his trip in the Chaos. He had long been indifferent, while these days he felt truly pleased upon recognizing the awakened spirit of the Human Tribe. At this time, he could have done nothing more. The Human Tribe would have to rely on themselves from now on.

The Human Tribe, a tribe with only thousands of years of history, developed from nothing to the present prosperous nine provinces, rose from humility to the strongest tribe in Untainted Land, and eventually became the rulers of Heaven and Earth from a former dying tribe. Their advancement was a miracle. Minghe had presented the origin of power to them, while they themselves had made full use of it.

Now that Minghe had finished his job, the Human Tribe had to rely on themselves, no matter whether it was on this day or in the future. Yet on this day, Minghe proved one thing to the Human Tribe through King Zhou—even a Sage could not interfere in the Human Tribe's development. Once united, they would be invincible, while on the contrary, they would submit to anyone's order. They should strive unceasingly to improve themselves in the following years.

Sect Leader Tongtian looked at the Divine Punishment, recalling the deal that he had made with Minghe. At that time, he had already come up with a crazy idea when he knew that there should be such a secret in the Chaos. He became firm and made up his mind while observing Zhunti's miserable and helpless situation.

Compared with Sect Leader Tongtian, Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, and Jieyin were much more serious. They did not care about whether Zhunti would be injured or not. Instead, they were thinking about their odds while confronting Sect Leader Tongtian. Given that they had lost a person even before the final battle had begun, their combat power suffered a huge loss, thus, they might be at a disadvantage in the battle.

Yet Jieyin truly worried about Zhunti, who was less powerful than before. Watching Zhunti struggling in the Divine Punishment, Jieyin was helpless. Even if he dared to break in and shoulder the Divine Punishment together with Zhunti at the risk of triggering an even more severe punishment, he might not do that. Because being a Sage, doing that would only enrage the Way of Heaven, which could lead to a consequence that no one could imagine.

In the Divine Punishment, confronting the falling thunder, Zhunti was leaning on the Emerald Lotus Flag and he activated the Ninety Foot Golden Body and all his Magic Weapons, while he could not block the punishment anymore. With the end of several rounds of punishment, their total power was compounded as well. And considering that Zhunti was covered in blood, he must have been seriously injured. Therefore, even if he were to survive the punishment, he might be incapable of fighting against Sect Leader Tongtian.

Showered in thunder, Zhunti's Ninety Foot Golden Body suffered much damage. But the most startling thing was the face of the Ninety Foot Golden Body, which was similar to a furious Guardian Buddha. Hate and anger filled up Zhunti's glaring eyes. He seemed to be mad at King Zhou and Minghe, or he was possessed by the devil somehow.

Deep inside Zhunti, a devil aura was continuously drawing his Origin and power, and it was growing. The thunder in the Divine Punishment was actually the utmost masculine and yang essence, which happened to be the nemesis of the devil aura. Nevertheless, Zhunti, in contrast to Minghe, would not let the Divine Punishment enter his body. Due to that, his injuries were getting increasingly more severe and the devil aura took that opportunity to grow.

When the 81 Divine Punishments had finished, Zhunti's damaged Ninety Foot Golden Body disappeared immediately and Zhunti appeared in his ordinary form. Though he looked well, his particularly pale face and unstable vital force revealed the truth that he must have been seriously injured. His unharmed appearance only helped to sustain his last bit of dignity as a Sage.

Jieyin promptly held Zhunti when he fell beside him and continuously infused supernatural power into him to cure him and promote his recovery, which made Zhunti look better. However, it was inadequate and useless. Since Zhunti had not recovered from the destruction of his Holy Body, he suffered the Divine Punishment again so that it was fortunate enough for him to sustain his Holy Seat.

Suddenly, Minghe came out from the Void, which surprised all the Sages and made Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, and Jieyin frown. As for Zhunti, it seemed that he would like to tear Minghe to pieces. Since it could be said that Minghe directly contributed to his miserable situation, Zhunti felt only hatred toward him. He called Minghe through his gritted teeth, "Ming... He..."

King Zhou kneeled down immediately when he saw Minghe. Noticing that, Minghe said, "You have done a good job. You didn't let me down. This will be your last fight as a human. After this, you'll be the fifth Asura King of our Asura Tribe." Upon hearing that, King Zhou was thrilled. Now that he had finally become a member of the Blood Sea, it would not be hard for him to survive.

All the Sages and many Almighties showed an expression of understanding. As expected, King Zhou was a pawn set by Minghe and Minghe even introduced him into the Asura Tribe so the tribe could share the Luck of the Human Tribe. What a wise plot! Many started to feel pity for Zhunti because he was the enemy of a person like Minghe.

Minghe turned around, looked at Zhunti weirdly, and said, "Given that, let me help you!" His words were quite inexplicable, which confused everyone. Suddenly, a black light appeared in Minghe's hand and fled directly toward Zhunti. It was at such a fast speed that no one could follow it.

Observing that, Jieyin changed his expression. Though he did not know what the black light was, it seemed to be ominous. Besides, a weird vital force was intertwined on the light, which reminded Jieyin of the Lord of Devils Luohou. Then, he waved his hand and a golden light rampart emerged in front of the black light to block it. However, the light passed through it and disappeared into Zhunti's body.

"Oh!" A wail burst out from Zhunti. Chunks of black aura came out of Zhunti and finally formed into a black cloud in the sky. When the cloud vanished, a figure showed up. Catching sight of that figure, everyone was stunned. This person looked very similar to Zhunti, but he seemed much more evil. He was surrounded by devil auras and boasted a Sage's cultivation as well.

He looked up and burst out laughing, "Haha... I've finally come out. Haha... I'm the lord of the Way of Demons, Supreme Lord Wu Tian. Way of Heaven above, I, Wu Tian, have set the Way of Demons today and will take control of the entire Way of Demons. From now on, the Tao perishes but Demons prosper, and Taoists prosper but Demons perish." Then, thunder growled in the sky, and numerous Merits fell down. Obviously, Wu Tian's words had been acknowledged.

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