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No one had expected the appearance of King Zhou and his startling words at this time. Besides, he was valiant and aggressive, and not even a bit like the fatuous tyrannical person who had caused such great chaos in the mortal world. Most importantly, his Peak Primordial Unity Golden Immortal cultivation greatly stunned everyone.

There were not many people who could cultivate to the Peak of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal among the living beings of Untainted Land, while King Zhou had realized it dozens of years after he withdrew from worldly affairs. Even the enhancement of the Luck of the Human Tribe should not contribute to such tremendous progress. So how could it be? Everyone was stunned at the thought that King Zhou might be a pawn who was set by someone or was the incarnation of an Almighty.

King Zhou's appearance made the entire battlefield strange immediately, but Tongtian stared at him with great interest. Since no matter who King Zhou was, or whose pawn he was, he was the king of the Shang Dynasty, the ally of the Tribe of Severity. No matter how the situation advanced, at least the Tribe of Severity would not suffer a loss.

Both Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin were taken by surprise, while Jieyin and Zhunti felt gloomy, especially Zhunti, whose face was so dismal that it was a bit terrifying. Glaring at King Zhou in front of him, Zhunti could not sense even a bit of the trick that he had played on King Zhou years before. Nevertheless, he could be sure that this King Zhou was exactly the real Emperor Xin. But what about the one in that year? Who was that?

Thinking of that, Zhunti's face turned even more dismal. He could be certain that he had done something to King Zhou, and it seemed that he had succeeded given that King Zhou had become fatuous and tyrannical. However, now that his self-assumed success had turned into a joke, and the man he viewed as a nonentity should stand in front of him so finely, where had he gone wrong?

Zhunti scanned around. When he saw the calm expressions of the Four Ancestors of Humanity and the Three Royals and Five Emperors, he suddenly realized the reason why Minghe did not use his Selfcentric Separation, the Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe, to react even though he had already known about this. Even the Holy Land of the Human Tribe did not make any movements. They were waiting for today.

While everyone was in confusion, King Zhou said, "Zhunti, is it out of your expectation that I should stand unharmed in front of you? You, regardless of your identity as a Sage, plotted against me when I was praying in Goddess Nvywa's temple that year. Fortunately, I had been rapt in the Way of Celestial Immortality and refined an incarnation to help me deal with the court's affairs, or it could have been I who fell into your trap. It's just a pity that I lost the incarnation."

Everyone was shocked upon hearing that. Zhunti had long been renowned for his impudence. But it did not occur to others that Zhunti dared to plot against the Human Sovereign. Now, the slaughter of Zhunti's Evil Separation and those Mysterious Signs outside of Zhaoge City all made sense. It was not King Zhou who had triggered the chaos in the Human Tribe, but Sage Zhunti. Realizing that, all of the people in the Human Tribe changed their expressions greatly.

Hearing those words, Zhunti rebuked him. "Emperor Xin, you were just an insignificant Human Sovereign. Are you aware of your guilt? Being a member of the Human Tribe, you should have cultivated to the Primordial Unity Golden Immortal, which could not be achieved by others even after hundreds of thousands of years of cultivation. You must be the incarnation of a monster. Your favor of the fox spirit triggered all that turbulence in the Human Tribe. How dare you shift the responsibility to me! You are indeed unforgivable."

Then Zhunti immediately sent a burst of his Sage's coercion directly toward King Zhou, while Tongtian blocked it and said slowly, "Zhunti, don't be in such a rush. I'm interested in the story that Emperor Xin is telling. Why not let him finish it?" Observing Tongtian's movement, Zhunti's face again became dismal.

"The insignificant Human Sovereign?" King Zhou repeated those words in a low voice, and then laughed out loud. "Hahaha... Just as the saying goes, a Sage is unkind: he treats all common people like sacrificial straw dogs. Great! Zhunti, let me show you how the insignificant Human Sovereign that you despised pays you back."

As he waved his sleeve, three figures suddenly appeared on the city wall. They were Nine-Tailed Fox, Jade Pipa Spirit, and another King Zhou. The two demons were quite panicked but they were locked by an Immortal-bundling Rope so that they could not move anymore. Meanwhile, King Zhou struggled and shouted, "I am the Sovereign of the World. Who dares to tie me up?"

King Zhou could not help shaking his head while looking at his completely discarded incarnation, which was uncontrollable even with Minghe's secret technique. With a long sword in his hand, he then prayed to Heaven. "Way of Heaven above, the Shang Dynasty is in turmoil and the masses suffer from it immensely. Though I didn't contribute to the disorder directly, somehow it's still my fault. Today I'm going to kill the two demons and my incarnation to send my apologies to all the civilians and Sacred Lady Goddess Nvywa."

He had been the Sacred Demon Wu Zhiqi in his preexistence, while in this life, he turned into a human and his incarnation had profaned Goddess Nvywa. Although he had never intended to do that, he still had to atone for his sin. With a wave of his sword, three heads shot into the sky. The two demons showed their original forms after death and their Original Spirits were annihilated, while his incarnation vanished and became numerous specks of dust, returning to the Heaven and Earth.

And he was not finished. He suddenly kneeled down and saluted toward Heaven, saying, "Way of Heaven above, the Sages are unkind. They should plot against the Human Sovereign out of their own interests, which contributed to the great disorders in the Human Tribe. Now, I myself, Emperor Xin, in the name of the Sovereign of the Human Tribe, pray to Heaven to drop Divine Punishment on the Sages to give the Human Tribe justice." King Zhou abruptly looked up and said through gritted teeth, "If Heaven were to be unjust, we humans would not respect it anymore."

King Zhou's prayer echoed in Heaven, and all the humans of the Human Tribe heard it. They could have never imagined that all their suffering throughout all these years could have come from the Sages. Suddenly, streams of resentment rose to Heaven, along with King Zhou's words: "If Heaven were to be unjust, we humans would not respect it anymore", resounding through Untainted Land. Though a human alone might be insignificant, when humans gathered together, they could be so powerful that even the Way of Heaven could not ignore them.

How ironic it was that the Human Tribe, the main character of the universe of Honghuang, should question the Way of Heaven. If humans did not respect Heaven anymore, the Way of Heaven would definitely suffer a great loss. Confronting the Human Tribe's query, the Way of Heaven would naturally respond to it. Along with the Human Tribe's shouting, black clouds rolled up between Heaven and Earth, thunder growled, and the second Divine Punishment was dropped on living beings of Untainted Land.

The entire Untainted Land was shocked when the Divine Punishment dropped. Last time, it had turned up when Minghe transformed the Real Body of Rakshasa, while this time, it appeared because of the rage of the Human Tribe and was directed at the Sages, which was quite dramatic. However, thanks to this, varying powers in Untainted Land realized that the reason why the Human Tribe was strong was not only due to the existence of the Holy Land of the Human Tribe, but also that the Way of Heaven had picked it as the ruler of Heaven and Earth.

The Sages had considered themselves superior during this entire time. Just as the saying went, everyone under a Sage was a nonentity. Therefore, all the living beings of Untainted Land treated the Sages with supreme respect. Nevertheless, they realized the fact that the Sages might not always be superior to them, or the Way of Heaven could not have dropped the Divine Punishment on them due to the Human Tribe's rage.

Facing the oncoming Divine Punishment, all the Sages were deep in thought—compared with the Human Tribe, who was the ruler of Heaven and Earth, the Sages were not so important. Their former ecstasy of obtaining the Hong Meng Immortal Qi and the sense of achievement out of becoming Sages suddenly seemed ironic at the moment. They had actually put shackles on themselves the moment that they gained power.

People had to make a choice while weighing the pros and cons, while Zhunti did not have time to think about that. The Divine Punishment went directly toward him. He glared at King Zhou, Emperor Xin, with hatred, then fled to Heaven to accept the punishment in Tongguan. Most people might not escape from the punishment, and he would be trapped by Karma at that time.

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